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Macro environment

Dsicuss about the Biggest Network Operators Worldwide.

2Tel is well known biggest network operators worldwide. The company is alert that the licenses for offering the mobile networks in TFS are due for the renewal in the 3 years’ time. The Federated States is a country that is densely populated with approx. 70 million people. It is presently assessing that either it desires to bid for licenses or by the preceding of one the present licenses.

The company has commissioned this conference paper to evaluate the corporate environment which the existing licenses work in. Moreover, this paper will evaluate the wider macro-environment of the industry with the help of PESTLE analysis. The paper also includes the competitors forced that create an impact on the industry with the use of Porter's five forces framework. In the end, it can be concluded that this paper will provide the summary of the opportunities and threats which is required to be considered by the company before entering into the market.

The government of TFS has granted the licenses for the 8 years and this appears that license allocation is one of the crucial political factors in the industry of mobile networking. However, the earlier administration effectively de-politicises presenting of authorizations by describing selection rules grounded on particular least possible standards (For instance; environment and financial criteria) and scope of bid. The government provides the licenses to the 4 highest bidders who accomplish the least possible criteria. Therefore, this reflects that the present performance of the licenses is not considered in bidding procedure. Thus, this reflects the implementation for 2Tel Company. Considering the political factor, there is no advantage that the company will gain if they will be bidding as existing licensee. Approval of gratitude and Ofnet of administration for operators’ of network message information and phone are essential to old lag criminals in the current disturbances count for nil in the selection procedure. Considering the present-day scenario, under the present rules, 2Tel Company has as ample opportunities of winning a permit in its own right. Without a doubt, it is revealed in the Professor Tan’s research and his recommendation bid success possibilities.

Nevertheless, it is important to identify that selection standards are administratively definite. Thus, there is an opportunity that present administration will make changes in the selection guidelines before permit come up for renewal. The problems with the present schemes have been acknowledged. In addition, it has been approved that the organizations that are not able to retain their permit will be compensated a walking out payment of $100m. This reflects, for instance; If 2Tel victories one the permit in the The Federated States then company will pay the amount to business who missed the permit. There will be a $100m charge for the new competitors in the market that is known as an extra bid for the permit. Moreover, the expected fluctuation in the selection rules brings a rise of 2 problems.

Political perspectives

Firstly, the administration of the company could bring variations in the guidelines so that the mandatory licenses were chosen and an advantage to be earned from purchasing present licensee. In addition, this has been identified in Professor Tan’s research and probabilities related to the allocation of the bid success. One, the administration minister of The Federated States has recommended that assistance which was delivered to use throughout current riots by the network operators need to be recognized.

Secondly, in an effort to increase additional amount to acknowledge the TFS state obligation, administration could finalize that other than 4 businesses should get license for the mobile operators in the near future, the rise in the rivalry in the segment and rise in the additional profits for administration. Thus, this might create effect on the revenue of the present licenses.

A most important administrative problem is the existence of a controller (Ofnet) in the current segment with the specific emphasis on the pricing services available along with the service transfer. These prices of 4 licensees are negotiated with the Ofnet regulator. Along with this, these prices of entire networks are alike. Ofnet needs that all these licenses get an arrangement in place so that the customers can easily permit the transmission from one network to another. The present regulator has always appreciated the activities of the 4 licensees excluding the last area. It has recommended, it is too challenging for the clients to change provider of network and it proposes to convey rules and guidelines that makes it informal. The government will impose the fines on the networks that don’t implement specific guidelines. This reflects that 2Tel importance is because of the powerful role of the regulator in TFS. The company has previously operated their operation in the countries where they found little or no administration rules and regulation of network operators. This allows the company to determine the prices as they get free form the external influences.

In TFS, the two aspects of the technology play a significant role in licenses operating. 

  • Innovation in the mobile technology is one of them which are essential for the network licensee because this has been found that new products are high in demand by those networks in relation to the rapidity and bandwidth. In addition, there is necessity of the repeated investment in network.
  • This investment comprises of the requirement of the repeated review of the technology and the configurations that are accessible for the supporting and constructing the network itself. In addition, there is a requirement to invest in the advanced technologies that can provide the greater reliability, speed and if likely inferior prices.

However, it is required to identify technical issues which are discussed are common to The federated States and important in marketplaces in which 2Tel Company is presently operating its business.

TFS people are more conspicuous towards the status symbol which is still remaining in their status symbol. The network providers upgrade the latest features and applications because this is important for people. The network operators faced dilemma due to the organized crime and civil disobedience. On another hand, these mobile phones networks have been appreciated because of the good citizenship in sharing the information with the police. Though, they also got disapproved by public authorizations forms for creating the details accessible. Moreover, in TFS newspaper, the issue was raised in which they determined the support of networks in arresting criminals, also disapproved them for not removing networks at the height of disturbances. 2Tel need to be aware of TFS which is a rising publically fragmented country along with the lesser group’s representative an extensive variety of pressure groups.


The people in TFS are taking legal action against the company for discharging info to the administration. The company and its statistics are the focus matter to the Data Protection Act that safeguards the data support and the discovery of misconduct. Though, lawyers of both companies and offenders are sure of success when the case comes to court.

The selection of the present administration was encouraged by an acceptance that all its rules would identify 5 years of economic weakening controlled by earlier government. The federated States are dealing with joblessness, low pays, increased taxes and others imposed by TFS government. Though, these problems don’t impact the use of mobile devices. Throughout 5 year age of weakening, the demand for networks of mobile has raised. Therefore, this reflects the importance of mobile phones in TFS and it is a requirement instead of an amenity.

The details related to regulation from Ofnet (political) and Data Protection Act (sociocultural) which are already discussed. There are numerous laws implemented by TFS which endorse within the expensive and complex legal system. Hiring employees is costly and difficult to dismiss. Moreover, legal results are harder to predict because of the unpredictable conduct of judges. All the companies who operate their business activities in TFS are predicted to follow the environmental regulations. Though, the environmentally-friendly disposal of the mobile phone is one of the leading problems for the manufacturers.

A threat of new entrant

There is no threat of new entrants is available at time of permit period. Though, by the end of permit period, any company who encounters the bidding guidelines can the market. Therefore, license is an actual obstacle to entry of the company. Along with this, at bidding the company need large capital which is a barrier to entry such as company need to pay $100m entry premium.

Bargaining power of customers

The policy of Ofnet makes the easy network transfer for customers which lead to the high bargaining power of customers. Though, this leads to burden on the prices. The clients are knotted into the yearly agreements but still, they can switch without any switching cost. At present, this has been found that some customers actually switch because of price benefit and due to poor services.

Competitive rivalry

The competitive rivalry within the industry is vigorous due to the similar mobile charges of four rival companies. Moreover, undifferentiated products and low switching costs also lead to a competitive rivalry. Though, competition in the market is inadequate to 4 similar size businesses in developing market.

Bargaining power of suppliers

The bargaining power is less as the government of TFS wants no supplier to dominate the market. If any supplier is found then controller would levy guidelines to re-balance rivalry.

Threat to substitute

At current-day, it is hard to predict threat of substitute products to the mobile networks.


The conclusion can be done with the help of summary of threats and opportunities that are liked within the market.

The reasonably coming up re-licensing of networks of mobile offers an important corporate opportunity and this corporate is secure for 8 years. The permits offer a barrier to entry. Though there is an economic decline still, there are sociocultural trends that reflect the demand for network services. Moreover, it is predicted that demand will rise in future. Little threat of substitutes is present in the market. The present licensees reflect that technology is required to be updated continuously. Along with this, 2Tel is technology leader with expertise in markets.

The government of TFS will modify the licensing bidding standards to support obligatory licensees, before the next giving way of permits. This is a threat for 2Tel's opportunity of entering the market. The market is extremely controlled and value has to be decided by a controller. 2Tel is inexpert in operational working in these surroundings. This is a threat to 2Tel’s to long-term revenue and independence. TFS legal outline is troublesome and unpredictable which is a threat. Moreover, the threats of social disruption and legal action reflect that TFS is not a particular marketplace to enter. In addition, these fears are linked with public criticism, legal action, political interference and others.

The given case study scenarios are subject to two important environmental factors.

  • Rules of Bidding: - Rules for technology of mobile licences are imposed by the TFS administration and these rules don’t support present licensees. This reflects that government is contributing to improving its position and for which they have already introduced one measure which is payment of $100m as an exit fee by licensees who won.
  • Price: - This includes the price that the competing organizations are agreed to compensate for licenses.

2Tel desires to assess 2 choices of bidding for a permit that is acquired T-Me, which is a present licensees and bid directly for a licence.

  • Purchase T-Me Company and then weakening to get a licence.
  • Purchase T-Me Company and then attaining a licence.
  • Bid straight for a licence as 2Tel Company and weakening to get a licence.
  • Bid straight for a licence as 2Tel Company and then attaining a licence.

Benefits of Purchasing T-Me Company

  • If bidding guidelines get transformed to support present licensees then 2Tel (through T-Me) company has an improved opportunity of being approved an authorization. According to Research by Professor Tan demonstrations that nations where present licensees are preferred, then a present licensee has 0·6 possibility of approval of a authorization as associated along with the possibility of 0·2 for fresh purchasers.
  • T-Me Company has understanding of bidding procedure in TFS.
  • T-Me is knowledgeable in operational in the TFS culture and with the individuals of TFS. The country is highly regulated and the company is working with industry controller over the period of this authorization. 2Tel doesn’t have knowledge as the company has worked in countries where weak regulations are available.
  • The presence of Short-term opportunities for enhancing the monetary performance of T-Me. 2Tel has recommended increasing revenue to $100m per year in the 2 years of a contract. Therefore, the company is a realistic target. The figures in Table one of case study recommend T-Me’s net profit margin is presently 11·42% which is less from other companies. A net profit of $100m would take the net profit margin up to 14·29% which is quiet less than the average industry performance of 14·7%.

2Tel Company has been learned that they might be able to obtain T-Me for $400m. The 8-year contract can be gained for $550m with revenue of $120m. Below is a study of 2 scenarios which need the acquisition of T-Me Company.

Buy T-Me and fail

Outflows ($million)

Inflows ($million)

Purchase of T-Me


Bid cost


Net profit (2 years)


Exit income





Net gain (loss)


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