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BIZ101: Business Communications Academic Report

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  • Course Code: BIZ101
  • University: Laureate International Universities
  • Country: United States


Assessment 1 is designed to demonstrate research and referencing skills that should be applied to academic studies and in business communication scenarios. This requires students to use information seeking, reading and critical thinking skills to identify, analyse and synthesise information from various sources. It assumes students will apply the principles of academic integrity, and use APA 6th edition referencing style.

Assessment Instructions


  • Read the extract taken from an eBook resource (provided) on the topic of business communication technology.
  • Write a summary of the extract, identifying the main points and reference in-text as appropriate (approximately 150-200 words).

This Assessment Addresses The Following Subject Learning Outcomes:

  1. a) Demonstrate research skills and referencing appropriate to the level of study
  1. b) Critically analyse texts and/or multi- modal material in both a business and academic context
  1. c) Identify and apply effective communication methods within a business and academic environment.



In recent years Telstra Company has always been in motion and ever changing to adapt to changes in the global markets.   Internal communication plays a significant role in an organization especially when a company is in transition (Benson, 2014). However, with the increasing globalization and increase in millennial workforce, this has caused internal communication challenges in Telstra (Popper, 2011). Globalization increases diversity in the workforce which is more visible with the presence of different language backgrounds which are demonstrated in a multilingual workforce this may in return affect internal communication an organization (Brighton, 2013).  On the other hand globalization cause difference in time and this has dramatically altered communication in Telstra. Other factors thought to have caused poor internal communication in Telstra Corporation is the increase in the millennial workforce. Millennials are people born between 1979-1994.  They are considered to be technologically creative, have a robust informal network, fresh perspective and a lot of energy. They can be great employees in an organization. However, the older generation terms them as unmotivated, disrespectful, disloyal and self-centered (Mazzei & Ravazzani, 2015).  Therefore there is a significant difference between the old workforce and the modern workforce. This raises worries on the effectiveness of communication in an organization. This is because an organization entails working together in teams. This is a significant barrier to internal communication in Telstra Corporation.


How the increase in diversity brought about by globalization have affected internal communication in Telstra

One of the significant disadvantages of having a diverse workforce is discrimination for both employees and managers (Hall, 2006). When a worker gets to be discriminated it affects his perception of equity and also it affects his ability to perform (Falkheimer, & Heide, 2008). This in return may change the communication ability of the said employee which later causes a decrease in production and lack of cohesiveness. However, spending time with employees and having to know the issues they are facing helps in eradicating communication barriers. However, this does not work in all instances. Another way internal communication is being affected by globalization is the presence of many languages thus leading to language barriers (Fletcher, 2009). When Telstra invested in some countries, it was difficult to communicate with both the employee and the customers because of the lack of a commo0n language. Thus the company hand to come up with different ways in which they could ensure effectiveness in communication (Fletcher, 2009). Some of this approaches included hiring translators or engaging the workforce in training programmes (Brighton, 2013). Language is a significant barrier to internal communication thus making companies not to reach their employees effectively (Oliveira, 2013). The tone of one language can be understood differently by people speaking in a different language. If a corporation does not handle language issues effectively, the problem may affect the economic performance of the said organization (Oliveira, 2013). Thus language policies are necessary to help shape the future language practice of a company and its employees.

The difference in geographical locations Caused by globalization is another factor that affects communication in an organization

Differences in geographical locations bring about time differences and management differences which in return affect communication in an organization. Telstra Mother Company is not managed as its other branches located in the different parts of the world. The communication made by the mother corporation to other branches may take quite a long time. This may cause barriers especially when it's an emergency. Moreover, the message may be misinterpreted. On the other hand companies in different locations face different issues this may translate to the issues of communications. People have different perceptions based on where they are located therefore this translates to communication. Communicating with people in different locations might be difficult as well. This is one of the significant issues that Telstra Corporation is facing with its branches. This, in turn, affects the employees and the management ability to work, thus affecting productivity.


The attitude held by the millennial generation may also cause barriers to internal communication

The millennial generation is said to be made of people who are self-confident, they believe in themselves, and sometimes they can be authoritative.    However, some of these qualities held by people of the millennial generation are beneficial to the organization (Draft Meeting Report, 2012). Since they make the organization to become lively and also bring a lot of innovations as compared to the old workforce (Falkheimer, & Heide, 2008). On the other hand, this may cause conflict between the new generation and the old generation. This is because the new generation has a different perspective compared to the old generation.

How balancing old communication methods with the millennials generations effects a company's communication with its employees

Millennial workforce is technologically creative, strong informal network, fresh perspective and a lot of energy (Popper, 2011)). They can be great employees in an organization. Technology is evolving every day; the needs for the millennial generations are also advancing every day while Telstra company internal communication tries to keep pace (Najafbagy, 2008). Years back office communication was made through the email. However, in recent years, there are many internet platforms in which information can be shared. However, locating the best platform for the company is a significant problem because of the tech-savvy millennial presence. Emails are still considered as a better means of internal communication, and it does not seem like they will be phased out any time soon. However, their effectiveness as a means of communication is something worrying. Internal communicators also find it challenging to keep overwhelming employees with a lot of emails, yet they must keep communicating on a daily basis. Millennials are said to prefer mobile applications and social media platforms as a means of communication to them. Studies have revealed that few of them try to have a look at their emails on a daily basis, thus this has created communication barriers in an organization (Najafbagy, 2008). Thus companies have not been able to reach their employees effectively. There is a need for a balance between the modes of communications in an organization to avoid this kind of situations.  Honestly, this is two very different generations that don't tend to agree on some issues. This has caused communication barriers.



Companies need to come with language policies that will help in solving the issues of diversity. Some language policies include hiring translators or making it mandatory that before someone can be a member of their workforce, he has to understand a particular language effectively (Draft Meeting Report, 2012). These will make sure that the language spoken in all organization is the same. Therefore the company will be able to communicate effectively to all the people in the organization without hindrances. A company also need to hold some training programmes for all the people in the organization and teach them the importance of diversity this will help in mitigating cases of discrimination which also create barriers in the organization.

Companies also need to combine both the old means of communications such as emails with the new modes of communications such as the social media platform (Helvac?o?lu, & Özutku, 2010). This will ensure effective communication in the organization. On the other hand, because the old generation cannot take a lot of information at once as compared the new generation in the company, the company should learn how to dispatch information in bits using different platforms (Benson, 2014). This will make it easier to understand and to get the content. The company should consider using short articles, news feeds and electronic means such as videos since they might appear attractive to everyone in the organization.

On the other hand, companies need to come up with initiatives to promote good relationships between the old workforce and the new workforce it will help avoid some of the misunderstandings that arise between the older generation and the new generation. They should learn how to harmonize these generations to ensure the success of a company (Helvac?o?lu, & Özutku, 2010). A company should look for means they can balance between the old people and the new workforce to ensure cohesiveness. When there is a good relationship in an organization communication will always be useful but when there is no reasonable relationship in organizations communication is always a problem. Thus companies need to do their best in ensuring a balance between this two generations.



In conclusion globalization and the differences in generations has significantly affected internal communication which in turn affects how a company relates with its employees.  However, if this factors can be managed effectively, the can assist the organization in having a competitive edge. Thus companies should learn how to manage this issues effectively to avoid barriers which in turn affects the productivity of a company.



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