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BIZ301 Organisational Creativity And Innovation

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  • Course Code: BIZ301
  • University: Laureate International Universities
  • Country: United States


a) Identify organisations that develop and foster the processes, practices and attributes for creativity and innovation
b) Compare and contrast new venture creation using either business model generation or lean start up approaches
c) Explain the implications for organisational strategy when developing a culture of creativity and/or innovation
d) Assess the suitability of innovators as agents of change



The global growth in business has taken a swift turn towards the use of information technology that is getting advance with everyday innovations. As a result, businesses must cope with this trend to take advantage of every offer in the globalized world that they can. The fact is that, within the competitive struggles of the industrial companies and rivalries, competitive edges that outmatch others provide a strategic position that cannot be denied (Sun & Zhang, 2015). Therefore, it is important for every company to enhance their competitiveness in regards to the trends and emerging issues of the products and services that they offer.

According to the analysis of Sharma & Gutiérrez (2010), various challenges accrue to an e-commerce business that is international. Some of the challenges include shipping the products all over the world, inventory, multi-store capabilities, multi-language, as well as providing the inventories, especially in the United States. Among other challenges in the eCommerce, it is necessary to acquire critical eCommerce international strategies that will be significant in enhancing the company’s competitive capabilities (Bamiatzi, Bozos, Cavusgil, & Hult, 2016). The following are some of the competitive strategies that the company aims to adapt to enhance its positioning in the international eCommerce market.

Acquiring Traffic:  The relevance of having massive traffic in the online platform is the basic engine to drive an online business and strategically take a good position that cannot be ignored. Based on the arguments of Sun & Zhang (2015), acquiring traffic requires a multi-faceted approach. Focusing on the multi-faceted traffic is very strategic, especially when focusing on establishing or building traffic, especially in all the main traffic channels, email marketing, referrals, the SEO, the Direct, as well as the Social traffic channels. When this is done, sustainable and strong traffic is acquired that can feed off each other to provide for backlinks because they are interlinked, for instance when both the referral traffic has backlinks with SEO (Turban, King, Lee, Liang, & Turban, 2015).

Optimization of Conversion: In every business, the core target is to maximize on the revenues generated through the business operations. While the enhancements that increase the traffic ensures more connectivity with the customers and the market. However, if the rate of conversion is not efficiently high enough, getting the expected revenues and sales may not be the position. Under normal circumstances, an eCommerce website that is average should have an effective conversion rate ranging from 2 percent to 4 percent based on the dictates of the industrial operations (Bamiatzi, Bozos, Cavusgil, & Hult, 2016).  Conversion rate improvements are to be done, in this company, using various ways. They include ways such as having access to a mobile-friendly that is very responsive to customers, having a split different testing designs, as well as offering unique promotions among others (Laudon & Traver, 2013). Also, there will be a need for having a robust just as well as an informative product page that will be suited for a strong rate of conversion that is unique. Testing different strategies is also effective since trying all the available strategies will land the company at the ultimate rate of conversion that is profitable to the company.

There are some platforms to be always tried for the company such as Google analytics universal, visual website optimizer, kissmetrics, among others. These platforms will test key areas like the methods of payments, the product page, and the methods of shipping, the methods of checkouts, the banner Ads, as well as the home page of the company (Sharma & Gutiérrez, p.34).

Increasing the sales in the company’s eCommerce website involves increasing the traffic of the company, increasing the rate of conversion, as well as increasing the average order value. Normally, when trying to acquire more traffic and improving the rates of conversion, sometimes marketers and developers tend to forget the average order value (Johnson & Whang, 2002). The company will ensure that the available ways to convince people or customers to pay more are enhanced, such as upsells, running the right free shipping that is over a specific amount of dollars, loyalty, and rewards, retention marketing, cross-sells, the promotions at checkouts among others. These are some of the ways and tactics that the company will effectively use to help in achieving a higher and sustainable AOV.

Excellent Customer service: The Company acknowledges the dynamism of the customer experiences and behaviors. This knowledge comes from the differences that exist between potential and actual customers. For this reason, the company will devise strategies to retain existing customers as well as acquire new and potential customers. The Company, to ensure the strategy above, is effectively accomplished; the company will develop contact centers that will help in gaining a competitive edge in the market (Sharma & Gutiérrez, p.33-4). Through an efficient and excellent customer services, the company will aim to achieve higher satisfaction for the customers and to increase revenues as well as maximizing the satisfaction of the employees too.  Through the customer services strategies, excellent customer experience will be delivered.

The strategies to be employed include designing and delivery of value propositions to customers, the definition of the customer experience, having a connection with the needs of the customer and their experiences, creation of a human to human experience with the customers, and always aiming to improve the experiences of the customers using technology (Spieth, Schneckenberg, & Ricart, 2014). The above is illustrated in the pillars of the e-business model below. The pillars of the eCommerce model are founded on the financial aspects having three important factors: infrastructure management, product innovation, and customer relationship. Product innovation involves two reasonable factors; capabilities and resources that are mixed to form a value configuration (Gregory, Ngo,  & Karavdic, 2017). The value configuration creates a value proposition that meets the customers when they are served using the available information strategy in customer relations segments. The above pattern is developed through the structures of cost and revenue model through which a profit and loss is established for the company. When the financial capabilities are evaluated in this format, the financial aspects of the company meets the two other factors, product innovation and customer relationship, at the point where the value configuration meet the financial partner network and the trust and loyalty for the target customers.  This model is well explained in the figure below.


Financial Viability

The ability or the level of an eCommerce business to be viable financially is determined by some factors. However, even after its determination, the financial viability of any business is critical for the management as well as the stakeholders of the same business (Wang, Wang, & Liu, 2016). For this reason, the financial viability of the company is very critical for it is the fruit of the business tree, without which there is no need for the project.

A clear path to profitability: with a clear financial vision, the company has a strict financial principle that governs its expenses and incomes effectively. Funds will be allocated for functions that are directly monitored for their objectives. For instance, high amounts will be dedicated to marketing, and the outreach efforts together with the expected return on investment (ROI) matched based on the research that has been carried out (Sharma & Gutiérrez, p.35. Through the involvement of the investors, the company aims at showcasing its financial maturity and vision to make a profit. In ensuring this vision stays on course, the company has remained imperative in implementing duties of segregations, processes of work, as well as controlling the supports that are key performance indicators and drivers of success (Al-Debi, El-Haddadeh, & Avison, 2008).

Using investors to increase financial viability: Through the involvement of the partners and investors in the financial management of the company by staying transparent and projective, the company aims higher to have their backups in the financial growth. Making a business decision on their behalf will be in their good faith that is critical in stretching the capital higher and gaining the trust of business partners such as suppliers (Johnson & Whang, 2002). Through this strategy, it will be easier for the company to negotiate for discounted supply chain costs that have an ultimately positive effect on the cash flow of the company and building in the investors’ trust for more capital investment in the company’s interest.

Sound hiring decisions: The financial viability of any company is highly dependent on the contributions of the employees. Skilled and experienced workers contribute highly as far as the financial viability of the company is concerned through their expertise and experience in the e-business (Chaffey, 2015). Having the right idea in eCommerce that adds to the new technological existence to stay smarter and ahead of other rival companies in the industry is the type of the workers that the company targets.

The financial viability of the eCommerce business involves weighing on the customer acquisition costs to a more reasonable lifetime of value (Veit, Clemons, Benlian, Buxmann, Hess, Kundisch, & Spann, 2014). This value is determined when considering when the costs that are high. As the business matures steadily o the online platform as far as their brands, product selection, and customer experience, the company may not afford negative margins. It is also important to note that the financial viability of the business is pillared on both capital and labor intensive because of inventories and infrastructural requirements (Lee, 2001). It is, therefore, the company has a clear perspective of the basic facts of online operations for gearing a competitive strategy and competitive positioning as well as financial viability. The business has critical strategic adoptions with knowledge, resources, roadmap, and financial viability on sight.



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