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1. Write a blog post about a topic Plastic Surgery.

2. Write the blurb for the cover of New Treehouses of the world by Pete Nelson.

3. Write a critical review of on the TV series “orange is the new Black” (season 2).


1. Blog Title:  Plastic Surgery:

 Plastic surgery is a particular type of surgery that can be concerned by both person’s manifestation and capability to purpose. Plastic surgery strives to get better, patients manifestation and personality from beginning to end of reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. Reconstructive means defects in face or body part, which include bodily origin like cleft lips and palate etc, distressing injuries from dog bites, fire burn. On the other hand cosmetic proceeding means change the part of that body which person don’t like which include reshape the nose, extra fat surgery.

Part of the Face treatment by inject able, as skin become more inclined to wrinkles and floppy. In facial fillers is also known as “dermal fillers” and “inject able”, they are used to fat skinny lips, make softer facial crease  and also it is a kind of injection which keep face area surgery long lasting to temporary. Many kind of facial filler are existing in US and each and every part are intended for numerous reason like lip expansion, wrinkle etc.

Minimally invasive cosmetic surgery is a kind of surgery which is done with the help of a performancerange and particularlyplanned surgical device. In this kind of surgery they result in a smaller amount of caution, a smaller amount scar and an earlier revival for the patient as well as condensed health care expenses. In the cosmetic surgery, the minimally invasive takings use of newer equipment such as laser, to carry out actions that once required wide surgery and healing time. Now a day’s cosmetic surgeons and plastic surgeons have a range of apparatus and procedure that make facelifts and eye lifts more easy to get to and reasonable.

Many Hollywood stars had done this kind of surgery to look good, and it’s the essentials truth that as point in time make human change. On the other hand some of the Hollywood stars are there who change themselves unexpectedly and it’s clear that they went to get into under table. After doing the surgeries they feel so shy to say that they did the plastic surgeries, they say that it is because of makeup etc but real truth is that the plastic surgeries that make their lip thin, faces slighter etc. there are some examples which gaze before and after looks of the stars.

In year 2002 and 2008 Anna Faris did her lip surgery.

3. Blurb: New Treehouses of the world by Pete Nelson

A particular story is all about the people of tree house builders who have grown-up considerably in numerous ways. Basically they are attractively leader (THAKUR, 2013). Tree houses have been building more or less in the world, and they are mostly from Asia to North America and numerous areas areconnecting. In millennium period of time the major challenge are world shifting and sustainable existing things. Tree house represent the concept of encouraging control, environmental awareness and helpfulness and they come only when all are in danger. At some time they all can’t think on regarding these kinds of environmental things. “New Tree houses of the world” is an extension part of “Tree houses of the World”(Nelson, 2009). “Journal style travelogue” & Pete Nelson is the known as the world best tree house stylish and designer. Pete Nelson decided that in Spain he will build a tree house from his individual venture(Grønnow, 2010). This book says that Pete Nelson started his trip from Spain to Seattle were he establish a point of tree house. From the introduction part of tree house this book shift to the theme of conversation, state-of-the-art tree-connection technology which gave a short conversation about how to construct a tree house(Jones, 2009).


3. Critical review on the TV series “orange is the new Black” (season 2)

Many people are there who already watch half of this series “Orange is the new black”(Verboord, 2009). In this series there is a part in season one were kohan is a character name and she is more confident about storytelling because she laid the basics of the varied typescript. In season 2 kohan gave more intensity in worldwide appraisal, and it is one of the most exciting, amazing drama which had been yet finished. This season is full of comedy and based on drama. It deals with the re establishment of guard and inmate. In this Kohan is a unforgettable character with a good-looking quality and slight examination of society, here the character is more classified and the work done by Taylor Schilling in the first season(Transnationalism and American serial fiction, 2012). In this series producer took an original move toward by focus on the range of the character. Writer used flashback for understand the qualityimproved for each individual. Realistic picture is produce by the writer for the great location and for the editing part. The most impressive part about this series is the character is stereotypes. Now this series is so beautiful because here every individual character express them. Every moment of connection in the world is slightly better.

One of the major parts of the TV series is not too justify the right and wrong set of behavior of characters. The TV series very much connect to the adult audience rather than family audience because of   too much of violence and shadycharacter present within the series.  The TV series does not signify wrong or right character rather that it gives every one point of view.  Orange is new Back is very much different from the general TV shows which family drama or the comedy show. Every character and roles played by the actor are very much are judgmental and bring various shades of the other character.  The story line does not have any kind of bureaucracy and every character played by the actors isemotionallyattaching with the TV series.  However, the story line is very much engaging and sketchy characters are very much loved by the audience.



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