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Boundless To Thoughts Of Leadership: Organisation Add in library

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Describe about the Boundless to Thoughts of Leadership, Ethical Problems of Leadership, Motivation and Leadership Styles ?



Article 1:

The writer, Lilienfeld et al. (2012) briefly describe about the objective power, fearlessness and the leadership excellence. The fearlessness power displays the boldness about the psychopath of the presentation of the president, crisis organization, persuasiveness, congressional relative, allied mutable and the leadership quality. The historic expert brings together into the data about the performance of the president. The writer also gathers than the data about the leadership value of the independent president, the exhibition of the concert of the leader.

Article 2:

The Van Eeden et al. (2008) talk about the various types of leadership, transactional, transformational, and reflexive leadership. With the kind of each leadership styles, they usually off to make a full range model to see how the dissimilar leadership styles can move the work habitation. The sample groups included to the management level staffs After all testing was complete the outcomes showed that “a clear difference between the two collections in terms of universal adjustment was not probable, the movements support the outlooks in positions of leadership styles (Van Eeden, Cilliers and Van Deventer 2008 p.261)”.

Article 3:

In this article the writers, Odom & Williams, (2012) discuss outcomes from a qualitative research education which is connecting the inquiry of Personal Growth Project (PGP) tasks in an individual leadership teaching collegiate course. “This was complete by using the Leadership Identity Development model (as citied in Odom and Williams 2012)”. This research was complete at “the inhabitants for this study are learner students registered in an individual leadership education course at Texas A&M University (Odom & Williams 2012 p.54)”.

Theme 1

Providing articles are determined to study the leadership styles and approach. This thing is vital for creation a positive leader. Without a possible leader, a society cannot do well, if the society has all the essential incomes.

According to Lilienfeld et al. (2012), the fearlessness power suggested structures of psychopathy and tried to positive relational. The U.S. president uses the plan to check the excellence of the leadership.

While Van Eeden et al. (2008) clearly exposed that whether it is the armed society, the goal-orientated style is most active for positively applying to the structural changes.

Odom et al. (2012) assessed that the motivation of the president effect personal development of an individual in generally. All articles have maintained the status of leadership styles and behaviors.


Theme 2

Most of the societies have create that it is vital to grow the leadership styles through various programs and events; Leadership means a readiness to stand as an sample, as well as to controller and affect others in reaching a goal. Leadership style and traits are essential for organizational success, personal growth and conceptualization of transactional and transformational leadership (Bryman, 2013).

Article 1 want repeat proper home in psychology of the character and brings alteration   equal to significance with trial and relating with the skill of psychology. Psychopathic personality behaviors help rising both positive and negative political leadership (Day et al. 2014).

Article 2 discusses that efficiency of leadership style transformational and transactional leadership is linked with personal behaviors and leadership style. Leadership Style is often the important characteristic of behavior observed as exact to leaders.

According to Article 3 Personal development projects have marvelous growth prospects for evolving leadership abilities. The capabilities of positive leaders are understood to be adaptive managing replies controlled across many unlike compasses of individual working, cognitive principles and prospects, emotional responses, as well as aims that may delay goal accomplishment whether it is for themselves otherwise for others (Chemers, 2014).

Theme 3

Leadership style frequently depends upon character behaviors. So, it is also potential that a separate may receive leadership skills and styles while culture and feeling the enclosed situation.

Every collection has leaders, developing leaders, as well as followers (Derue et al. 2011). As we advanced into the semester dissimilar team associates took creativity and principal the collection when it was their go in city association. The city association knowledge certified all associate of the team take goes in the part of a leader.

Associates of a structural management group are basically assesses in terms of their favorite leadership styles. Various structural managers trust upon both active transactional as well as transformational performances. It is very significant for the societies to know the leadership styles and approach that are observing for (Metcalf & Benn, 2013).


Themes that produced the writer’s interests, as well as curiosity, and showed quite helpful to the writer’s skilled improvement take in other than are Boundless To Thoughts Of Leadership, Ethical Problems Of Leadership, Motivation And Leadership Styles. Requirement of leadership is universally, whether to succeed a society otherwise a whole nation. The knowledge picked up during this leadership progress has helped to growing the writer’s alertness of what actual leadership involves. The statistics was collect and examined with the final result to that the PGP appears to be very actual in the development and helping students to leadership individuality.

There are many developing leadership identity are required. Most of the societies are capitalizing decisively towards the individual development as well as events. It is examined that there is high effect of personal development projects on leadership individuality progress.

The act of the president connected to the feature of psychopathic, which is unassociated. The objective of the pointers is tolerance of the wrong behaviors of the leaders and negative characters. The presentation of the U.S. president involves bad result that reflects FD change at dangerous end of U.S. Leader. The character seeks to describe the reasons of major causes of the individual’s change. The fearlessness power displays the confidence about the psychopath of the presentation of the leader, persuasiveness, crisis controlling, congressional relative, allied flexible as well as the leadership feature. The leadership styles and related character behaviors for supporting the conceptualization of transactional as well as transformational leadership.

The study shows the position of understanding leadership styles and personality approach using the consequences of all the articles. They were decided into two groups. To quantity of the dissimilar styles of leadership as well as personality in behaviors, surveys were given out and evaluated.



Article 1:Lilienfeld, S. O., Waldman, I. D., Landfield, K., Watts, A. L., Rubenzer, S., & Faschingbauer, T. R. (2012). Fearless dominance and the U.S. presidency: Implications of psychopathic personality traits for successful and unsuccessful political leadership. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 103(3), 489-505 

Article 2:van Eeden, R., Cilliers, F., & van Deventer, V. (2008). Leadership styles and associated personality traits: Support for the conceptualisation of transactional and transformational leadership. South African Journal of Psychology, 38(2), 253-267. 

Article 3: Odom, S. F., Boyd, B. L., & Williams, J. (2012). Impact of Personal Growth Projects on Leadership Identity Development. Journal of Leadership Education, 11(1), 49-63. 

Bryman, A. (2013). Leadership and organizations. Routledge.

Chemers, M. (2014). An integrative theory of leadership. Psychology Press.

Day, D. V., Fleenor, J. W., Atwater, L. E., Sturm, R. E., & McKee, R. A. (2014). Advances in leader and leadership development: A review of 25years of research and theory. The Leadership Quarterly, 25(1), 63-82.

Derue, D. S., Nahrgang, J. D., Wellman, N. E. D., & Humphrey, S. E. (2011). Trait and behavioral theories of leadership: An integration and meta‐analytic test of their relative validity. Personnel Psychology, 64(1), 7-52.

Metcalf, L., & Benn, S. (2013). Leadership for sustainability: An evolution of leadership ability. Journal of Business Ethics, 112(3), 369-384.


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