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Brand Relationship: Cadbury And Nestle Add in library

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We discussed brand personality. I would like you to conduct short interviews. Please read the guideline below.

Pick two popular/competing brands in a product category (e.g., Coke vs. Pepsi) and find two people you know for this assignment. Please do not use the example I discussed in class (Apple vs. IBM). As we discussed in class, ask them four basic questions for the two brands (in person or on the phone): (1) Is the brand, male, female, or neither? (2) Is the brand, young, middle-aged, old, or for all ages? (3) Is the brand sophisticated, mainstream, or something else? (4) Is the brand local, regional, national, or global? In addition, ask an open-ended question: “If this brand was to turn into a person, what sort of a person would you imagine and how might he or she behave?” Ask why they think that way. Write down their responses. You can ask other relevant questions such as their brand preference and use, etc. Each interview will take about 5+ minutes.

Based on the interview results and your personal experiences/observations, do you think brand advertising plays a significant role in creating brand personality in consumer’s mind? And, do you think all brands need to build strong brand personality?


Do you think brand advertising plays a significant role in creating brand personality in consumer’s mind?

By conducting 5 minutes interview with two different people preferring Cadbury and Nestle as their brands, it was quite clear that advertisements of these two brands have a strong impact in their minds. While discussion, it was found that Cadbury is a mainstream brand that emphasizes on all ages right from kid to old age. Their advertising strategies mainly emphasizes on the emotions of the people with the chocolates. Cadbury emphasizes on the family bonding or relationship of the human life. Thus, they want if brand would have been a person, they want to see Cadbury, either as an old person, child, mother, youngster or father, any person of any age. Conversely, Nestle mainly targets the children. It is also a mainstream brand but mainly emphasizes on the energy aspects. Thus, they mainly want to see Child in Nestle.

This shows that advertising helps the consumers to self-define their use process and which brand they belong to. This helps the customer to associate with the brand. Advertising helps to deliver the brand as a human in front of the customers. This reinforces the personality of brand and the customers remember through this aspect (Blythe, 2007). Advertising creates an image, colour, gender etc that helps the consumers to recognize and remember the brand. Further, advertising also gives various value added information, perceptions, attitude which helps to create emotional stimulation in the mind of the customers. This way advertising helps to establish relationship between the consumer and the brand (Rajagopal, 2006). Thus, advertising helps to create brand personality in the mind of the customers.


Do you think all brands need to build strong brand personality?

From, the interview, it is observed that every brand should emphasize on building strong brand personality. Like both Cadbury and Nestle are the two leading brands in the confectionary sector due to their strong brand personality, every other brands can create such position in their market (Rajagopal, 2006). Developing strong brand actually gives various financial rewards to the firms like Cadbury and Nestle shown below in the figure:

Source: (Statista, 2015)

Further, this brand personality helps to establish deep depth and breadth of brand awareness. It creates a strong, unique and favourable association between customer and brand. Along with advertising, the brand personality holds the belief of their customers about a brand that leads to increase in the customer base. Building strong brand identity serve as a certification of reliability and quality and diminish any dangers buyers may see in purchasing an item furthermore spares time while acquiring items. It can impact buyer conduct, win faithfulness and duty from the clients and help conquer any deficiency that the items may have (Lee, and Kang, 2013). A strong brand can even be sold as a revenue source. Strong brand personality also helps to deliver the 3C’s of marketing that are the Connection, confidence and communication (, 2015). Thus, it is very important for every organization to emphasize on building a strong brand personality.



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