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BSB51918 Diploma Of Leadership And Management Work

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  • Course Code: BSB51918
  • University: University Of Technology Sydney
  • Country: Australia


1.1 Access project scope and other relevant documentation
1.2 Define project stakeholders
1.3 Seek clarification from delegating authority of issues related to project and project parameters
1.4 Identify limits of own responsibility and reporting requirements
1.5 Clarify relationship of project to other projects and to the organisation's objectives
1.6 Determine and access available resources to undertake project
2.1 Develop project plan in line with the project parameters
2.2 Identify and access appropriate project management tools
2.3 Formulate risk management plan for project, including Work Health and Safety (WHS)
2.4 Develop and approve project budget
2.5 Consult team members and take their views into account in planning the project
2.6 Finalise project plan and gain necessary approvals to commence project according to documented plan
3.1 Take action to ensure project team members are clear about their responsibilities and the project requirements
3.2 Provide support for project team members, especially with regard to specific needs, to ensure that the quality of the expected outcomes of the project and documented time lines are met
3.3 Establish and maintain required recordkeeping systems throughout the project
3.4 Implement and monitor plans for managing project finances, resources and quality
3.5 Complete and forward project reports as required to stakeholders
3.6 Undertake risk management as required to ensure project outcomes are met
3.7 Achieve project deliverables
4.1 Complete financial recordkeeping associated with project and check for accuracy
4.2 Ensure transition of staff involved in project to new roles or reassignment to previous roles
4.3 Complete project documentation and obtain necessary sign-offs for concluding project
5.1 Review project outcomes and processes against the project scope &  plan
5.2 Involve team members in the project review
5.3 Document lessons learned from the project and report within the organisation


1.1 Difference between project plans and operational plans

A project plan is mainly defined as one of the essential document that is used in order to keep the entire project on track. Within the entire project plan, It is quite necessary to determine the goals, scope, deliverables as well as deadlines of the project (Kerzner and Kerzner 2017). On the other hand, operational plan is mainly defined as one of the procedure that helps in planning the strategic goals and objectives. It further helps in giving proper clear picture of how a team, section as well as department helps in contributing to the achievement as per the goals of the organization.

1.2 Different phases of PMOK that are outlined

The five phases of the project that are generally outlined in PMBOK are mainly listed below:

  • Initiation phase
  • Planning phase
  • Execution phase
  • Monitoring and controlling phase
  • Closing

1.3 Policies, procedures and guidelines that are used by the organization

The policies, procedures as well as guidelines that are used by the organization within the project are generally listed below:

Workplace safety policies:  The organization generally utilizes workplace safety policies in order to mitigate the damage of the lawsuits but generally helps in providing proper guidance to the employees which general act as proper preventive measures.

Disciplinary policies: This policy is generally utilized in order to protect the company against the unfair dismissal or the various types of damage that is generally inflicted on the business

Work hours and turnaround time: This policy is utilized by the organization within the project in order to properly fostering a better culture within the company for developing better relations with the client (Hornstein 2015).

Utilization of strategic direction: The procedures are applied by the organization within the project for making sure that the daily activities of the project are inline and are appropriate for the strategic goals of the organization. It is found that that it does not helps in improving the practices of the project but also helps in creating proper culture within the company.

Utilization of processes for aligning with the resources of the company: It is found that proper processes are generally utilized within the project in order to align the resources of the project properly with the project resources for completing the project on time (Svejvig and Andersen 2015).


1.4 Questions that are asked to the sponsor for clarifying objectives

 The questions that are asked to the project sponsor as well as project customers for clarifying the objectives and scope of the project are generally listed below:

  • What are the requirements that are needed to be achieved for meeting project objectives?
  • How much time and money is generally required for completing the project work?
  • What are the resources that are required for finishing the project?

1.5 Reason behind consulting stakeholders such as the customer, project sponsor and project team

Yes,  in the project planning phase, one needs to consult with the project stakeholders including the customers, project sponsor as well as the project team members in order to get proper information about the entire procedure of gathering data as well as information of the project. Consultation with the stakeholders is generally required for properly planning as well as designing the project in order to achieve the goals and project objectives effectively (Kaiser, M.G., El Arbi and Ahlemann 2015).

1.6 Steps of ensuring that colleagues and team members who are associated with the project

The steps that helps in reflecting that the stakeholders who are involved with the project are clear about their responsibilities and roles of the project are generally listed below:

  • The project stakeholders perform their roles and responsibilities effectively within the project for completing the project work
  • The stakeholders can be able to properly execute the project activities as per the initial plan of the project (De Carvalho et al. 2015).
  • The work that is performed by the project stakeholders helps in reflecting that that project goals can be achieved successfully.

1.7 Gaining approval from the customer and project sponsor to commence project 

The steps that are required to be performed by the project sponsor as well as the customers of the project for successfully commencing the work of the project:

Determining as well as analyzing the needs as well as requirements of the customers

  • Identifying the key influencers and their needs and requirements
  • Analyzing the business requirements and alternatives
  • Developing proper business case as well as proper investment story
  • Developing proper objectives and aim of the project

Task 1: Project plan

a.) Project charter

Project Name: Development of ERP System for Blach construction company

Prepared by: Project manager (Name: Please fill)

Date: 05-03-2019


 The name of the project is development of ERP system in Blach Construction company which is mainly developed by the project manager within the assumed budget and time.


The project mainly reflects on the Blach construction company that is one of the commercial builder who generally helps in providing reimbursement for approved certifications and coursework. It is found that the organization manages its operations with the help of paper based system and due to which the organization faces number of problems as well as issues including misinterpretation, human error, inconsistency in data entry, reduction in sharing information, improper security as well as chances of data duplication. In order to resolve this issue, the organization wants to develop ERP system for the organization. The main purpose of the organization to manage its operations with the help of ERP system so that the problems that are faced by the construction company can be resolved easily. It is found that the development of ERP system will get completed in 2 months by utilizing budget of around $60,000. The resources that are generally utilized within the project include technical resources, human resources as well as financial resources for completing the  project work within the assumed time and budget.

Purpose/Business Need

The main purpose of the project is to develop an ERP system for the organization “Blach construction company”. It is found that the organization mainly uses manual system for successfully managing the operations however due to the utilization of manual system, it faces number of problems like misinterpretation, inconsistency, duplication and more. For minimizing the issues and for properly managing the operations, the organization aims to develop an ERP system.

Product Description and Deliverables

The deliverables of the project are elaborated below:

· Development of ERP system

· Proper change management plan

· Proper project plan

· End user training document

Project Management

It is found that agile project management methodology is mainly utilized in order to manage the development of ERP system successfully. It is found that agile development is generally integrated during the testing cycle that helps in reflecting that development of ERP is tracked regularly for making sure that all activities are executed properly. Moreover, the paper also helps in eliminating the chances of project failure as agile methodology helps in eliminating the risks and challenges.

Assumptions, Constraints, Risks


The assumptions include:

· Completion of project within 2 months

· All the team members will work actively for completing the work

· The project team will follow the scope of the project properly


The constraints of the project include:

· Inappropriate availability of time for project

· Inappropriate presence of project budget

· Chances of scope creep

· Improper management due to which rising number of project risks


The risks that are associated with the project mainly include:

· Improper scheduling of project budget

· Lack of project budget for completing the project

· Improper management of the project

· Inexperienced team members of the project

· Improper testing after the development of the project


Financial resources: It is found that $60,000 is needed for developing the ERP system for the organization.

Material resources: The material resources that are needed include:

· Equipment

· Supplies

· Other materials

Personnel resources: The human resources who are involved with the project are listed below:

· Project manager

· Project planner

· IT manager

· Developer

· Risk manager

· HR manager

b) Project team structure

The project team structure is generally reflected below:

e) Communication plan






Project manager

The project team member discusses the issues and problem that they face while involving with the project so that the problems can be resolved effectively.

Whenever necessary

 Email, Face to face

Project team members

Project team members

The project manager discusses the scope and objectives of the project so that they can be able to work effectively on the project.

 Before the project initiation

Email, Face to face

Project manager

Financial managers

The team leaders generally discusses the financial issues that they face while completing the work of the project.

Whenever required

Email, Face to face

Team leaders

Project manager

The project planner discusses the project status with the project managers so that they can be able to keep track on the project


Email, Face to face

Project planner

f) Risk management plan







Schedule slippage

 If the schedule of the project is not managed properly then it will be quite difficult to finish the project.



Project planner

If the schedule of the project is properly managed then the problem of schedule slippage can be avoided.

Lack of budget

Due to lack of budget, it will be quite difficult to develop the ERP system effectively on time.



Financial manager

 It is quite necessary to manage the budget of the project properly for avoiding financial issues.

Technical issue

If testing is not done properly then it will be quite difficult to finish the project successfully.




It is quite necessary to conduct testing properly for avoiding technical issues and challenges.

Inexperienced team members

 If the project team staffs are inexperienced then they face lot of challenges in finishing the work.



Project manager

It is quite important to hire experienced team members within the project for avoiding challenges

Improper management

If proper management is not done then it will be very much difficult to manage the project work successfully.



Human resource manager

It is necessary to use proper management strategies for developing the ERP system properly.

Monitoring and managing your project

a) Monitor project performance

 The methods that are mainly utilized for monitoring the performance of the project in context to finances, resources as well as quality of the project are mainly listed below:

Tracking schedule: After the project commencement, it is the responsibility of the project team to track the project progress on a weekly basis for making sure that the expenditure that is mainly incurred or the time that is needed for completing the project can be monitored quite easily (Bucero and Englund 2015).

Cost-schedule-milestone graph: It generally helps in representing the planned cost of various project milestones. It generally helps in reflecting the actual cost that is generally needed for achieving the milestone. By comparing the cost that is planned to the cost that is estimated for tracking the project progress.

Earned value method: It is generally used to track the schedule as well as cost of the project quite properly. During the project progress, the progress of the overall project can be monitored quite easily (Conforto et al. 2016).


b) Report project progress

  The method that is utilized for reporting the progress of the project to the relevant stakeholders are generally elaborated below:

Monthly progress report: The monthly progress report is used by the project planner for reflecting the progress of the schedule and for reflecting that the entire schedule in on track and it will be completed on proper time (Kivila, Martinsuo and Vuorinen 2017).

Weekly progress report: The weekly progress report is mainly used for reflecting the financial progress of the project and further it helps in showing that the budget that is mainly assigned for the project is appropriate for finishing the project.

c) Potential or actual risks

The methods that are used for managing as well as monitoring the potential as well as actual risk that may arise in the project are generally elaborated below:

Budget overspend: If the budget of the project is not managed properly by the financial manager of the project then the budget that is generally needed for the project increases which further enhances number of issues and challenges in the project (Samset and Volden 2016).

Missed deadline: If the project managers are unable to track the schedule of the project properly then the chances of missed deadline within the project increases.

Unacceptable outcomes: If the project is not managed properly due to lack of proper management strategies, then the outcome of the project will be unacceptable as it will be quite difficult to achieve the goals and objectives of the project (Andersen 2016).

Inappropriate training facility: If proper facility of training is not provided to the team members, then it will be quite difficult to manage the project activities properly.

d) Making changes and adjustment to resources

The methods that are mainly utilized for making changes as well as for making adjustments in context to the resources are generally elaborated below:

Tracking: Tracking is considered as one of the important step that is needed to be utilized by the manger in order to deliver the project effectively even some adjustments or changes are done in context to allocated budget and time.

Proper scheduling: Proper scheduling is considered as one of the important methods for making sure that the project schedule is on track and it will be finished as per the initial project plan (Fleming 2019).

Weekly progress update: Weekly progress update is found to be necessary for updating the details as well as progress of project in order to make sure that the entire project is on track and it will be completed on time.


 e) Project records

The various types of project records that is needed for retaining the reference purpose are generally elaborated below:

 Records of customer communication: The communication that is done with the customers are documented as well as recorded so that it can be used in the future if any need arises.

Project issues: It is found that issues that are faced during the progress of the project must be properly documented in the form of record (Meng and Boyd 2017).This is generally necessary as it mainly helps in providing proper idea about the risks that generally occur within the project so that the problems can be resolved in the initial stage of the project.

Progress update: It is quite necessary to record the weekly progress of the project properly for using the idea in future projects for avoiding issues that mainly occur due to schedule slippage and lack of budget management.

f) Close out

The methods that are utilized for closing out the project properly including the project documentation as well as sign off of the project are reflected below:

Customer meeting: In order to close out the project properly including documentation and sign off the project, it is quite necessary to undertake customer meeting in order to review the outcomes of the project. This step is generally needed for making sure that the project objectives and goals are met successfully (Zheng et al. 2016).

Confirms acceptance: This step is generally undertaken for making sure that the project goals as well as objectives are successfully achieved such that project documentation as well as sign off the project is performed effectively.

a) Finalize the project

  The actions which are needed to be used for finalizing the entire project are mainly elaborated below:

Reconciliation of project budget: Cost budgeting is considered as one of the important step in project management that generally helps the stakeholders in determining the cost of the project. There are number of tools that must be used by the project managers to do the cost budgeting properly so that the project can be finalized easily.

Final project report:  Final project report is generally necessary for making sure that the entire project is properly finalized so that goals and objectives of the project can be achieved effectively (Niazi et al. 2016).

Archiving project records: Archiving project records are necessary in order to finalize the project effectively. This step is generally necessary for keeping track on the project effectively.

b) Outcomes compared with actual project

 The actual project outcomes are different with planned project outcomes. It is found that the actual project outcome differs from the planned project outcome due to number of challenges or issues that arises while executing the project including inappropriate project planning, improper management, lack of resources and more.

It helps in providing appropriate insight in relation to budgeting, resource allocation as well as risks of the project. The budget, resource allocation as well as project risks may vary in the actual project when it is compared with the planned project and this inaccuracy occurs due to inappropriate estimation and lack of experience of the project team members (Sunder 2016).


c) Evaluation of the project success

The success of the project can be evaluated with the help of the steps that are generally elaborated below:

Meeting project objectives: If the objectives of the project are met by the tea, for making sure that the undertaken project is quite successful.

Meeting the project scope: If the scope of the project is met by the project team members then it can be ensured that the undertaken project will be successful (Bjorvatn and Wald 2018).

 The project that is undertaken helps in reflecting that it is quite essential to complete the project in the assumed deadline and budget for meeting the project objectives successfully. Moreover, it is the responsibility of the project manager to hire experienced team members so that they can be able to complete the work of the project effectively on time. In addition to this, the information as well as knowledge that is achieved from the project will guide me in my future projects.

d) Strategies to ensure for transitioning new project

The strategies that is used for ensuring the transition of the new project are generally elaborated below:

 Proper actions: It is quite necessary to take proper actions in order to make sure that the business is quite confident to utilize the procedure so that the transition of the new project can be done quite easily (Conforto and Amaral 2016).

Proper support: Proper support is quite necessary for transitioning the new project effectively.



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