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Behaviour of internal stakeholders in project portfolio management and its impact on success.

The integration of project management and organizational change management is now a necessity.

Relationships between a project management methodology and project success in different project governance contexts.

Project management office a knowledge broker in project-based organisations. 

Project Portfolio Management and Organizational Change Management

The roles of a project manager in LMN Limited have invoked the requirements of planning and developing training resources that could help employees to understand the appropriate usage of templates of business documents. The training resources highlighted in this report for LMN Limited have been vested in the background of the company’s formidable expansion through takeovers of smaller competitors.

The company’s long-standing reputation in the domain of printed and online publication requires the formulation of standard document templates that facilitate a clear infrastructure for communication and reporting in the professional domain. Furthermore, the report also aims to derive feedback from employees regarding the use of business document templates with references to the specific areas such as ease of use and potential areas of conflict thereby leading to identification of possible areas of improvement of the design of templates. 

Macros could be defined as the set of instructions and commands that are grouped together for accomplishing automatic completion of a BSBADM506 assessment task. Employees of LMN limited must understand the significance of macros in reducing the time required for completion of business processes. The example of using macros in MS Word could be observed in the integration of selecting all text material with the use of ‘Ctrl+A’, conversion of the text into italics through ‘Ctrl+I’ and colouring the text in blue colour with font formatting options. These commands can be integrated into a single command that is known as a macro and can be used in the future to accomplish the outcome of combined usage of the three instructions with the execution of a single macro.

Employees of LMN Limited must understand the processes for recording and saving macros in MS Word to enhance their ease of use of business documents. The recording process in a macro is followed by running the macro through a single button accessible from the Quick Access Toolbar on MS Word or through a combination of keys assigned to the macro.

The recording of macros in the form of a single button can be initiated by selecting the ‘View’ option and the ‘Macros’ option. Then users can select ‘Record Macros’ option to start the process by naming the macro. Users should also look to the fact that the macro can be utilized subsequently in response to creation of new documents. For this, it is imperative to set the option for ‘All Documents (Normal.dotm)’ in the box of ‘Store Macro in’. The recording of macro through clicking on a button could be realized through selecting the ‘Button’ options. Then the macros have been created for recording which has to be accessed through identifying the filename of the macros.

Relationship between Project Management Methodology and Project Success

After the identification it is imperative to select the ‘Add’ option. After selecting the ‘Add’ option, the ‘Modify’ option can be selected to change the set of commands and instructions in the macros. The ‘Modify’ option allows the selection of an appropriate button image and modification of the button name for the macros. Once the button image and name have been established it is imperative to consider the recording of the individual steps in the macro description. The commands must be clicked alongside pressing the keys required for each step in the concerned task which would be recorded by Words through keystrokes and clicks.

It is also essential for users to understand that selection of text with the help of a mouse is not considered for recording in macros. After completing the description of the macros, it is imperative to select the option to ‘Stop Recording’ that can be accessed through clicking on ‘View’ and then ‘Macros’. Finally, the button for the macros is displayed on the Quick Access Toolbar which can be clicked to execute the associated instruction.

Users of macro for printing a current page of the document could be ensured through following the above-mentioned procedure and implementing the following command as description in the recording of the macros. The macro recording could be ensured through mouse without any requirement for text selection with a mouse. The cursor must be moved to the page to be printed and then the ‘File’ tab option must be clicked followed by clicking on ‘Print’ that can be identified in the left column of the ‘File’ tab.

The number of copies must be entered in the following stage followed by selection of a printer and then clicking on the dropdown box for selecting the option of the ‘Print Current Page’. Finally, the ‘Print’ button at the top of the column must be included as the final command in the macros for printing current page of a document. The sources of guidance for the use of macros could be accessed from the official support documents facilitated by Microsoft. These resources facilitate a step by step pictorial depiction of the processes for recording and saving macros that can be utilized by employees to improve their document managing competences. 

The employees of LMN Limited should also be acquainted with the use of online forms, invoice and PowerPoint documents in the professional context. Online forms could be implemented primarily in market research for survey purposes that involve primary references to the questionnaire form. The use of online forms within an organizational context could be realized by employees to obtain benefits such as recognition of relevant insights pertaining to occupational aspect of LMN Limited.

The Role of Project Management Office in Project-based Organizations

The utilization of online forms facilitates viable opportunities for validating the accuracy of information facilitated by respondents alongside improving the response rates as well as punctuality in delivery of results. Online forms could also be subject to the options of ‘Edit and Modify’ which implies that users could induce necessary changes in the online form such as reforms in the instructions and explanation text for the form. The users involved with LMN Limited should also be able to implement feasible measures for using the invoice template and they should be adequately informed regarding the use of an invoice template for their business activities. The invoice could be assumed as representation of the sender’s intention to obtain due payments from clients or customers and in the case of LMN Limited the invoice template must address the concerns of payment from clients and customers. Users of the invoice template must ensure that the name of the organization alongside the contact information of the organization is included in the header section of the invoice.

Furthermore, it is essential to include the logo of LMN Limited in all invoice formats. Then users of invoice template must address the requirements for highlighting invoice information and details of the recipient such as email address, physical address and phone number. The user should also emphasize specifically on the provision of due date of the invoice and the invoice date alongside other information pertaining to the invoice. The invoice should be complemented with a description of the terms for payment which includes the illustration of whether the invoice payments would be accepted through credit cards, cash, PayPal or checks as preferred forms of payment. The payment terms would also include profound references to the mention of tax identification number and the precedents for late fee that could be applied for delay in payment of the invoice amount. Users must ensure that the invoice template format comprises of a chart that outlines the crucial highlights of an invoice such as services, quantity, and date of delivery, unit pricing or rate of the services, hourly pricing and the final subtotal of the amount charged for the services of LMN Limited. The utilization of PowerPoint templates should also be emphasized by users in LMN Limited to address the requirements of agenda templates to organize novel business initiatives and meetings. The users should be able to access appropriate support material from online sources that can be identified in the examples of websites such as official support website of Microsoft to obtain guidance regarding the use of PowerPoint files. The design of presentations and the scope of flexibility in the content presented through PowerPoint business document templates should also be accounted as crucial factors by users.

Utilization of Macro Templates in LMN Limited

The training resources for the employees to understand appropriate utilization and storage of templates should be supported by further critical reflection and illustration of the design factors associated with the use of Macro templates in Word. Employees should understand the necessity of the outcomes of flexibility that are obtained from the use of templates especially in terms of saving of time. The use of templates is not only required for reducing the amount of time but also for improving the precision in reporting and documentation. The different templates which can be perceived in case of the organization include comprehensive references towards macros in Ms Word and online forms, invoice and PowerPoint. A detailed reflection on the individual aspects of the assessment would be liable for providing prolific outcomes for the training of employees regarding the style guidelines and usage of template. The concerns of monitoring are also known as particular influences on training resources on the competence development of employees.

Another detailed reflection on research study literature and available definitions of macros indicate that it is a series of instructions and commands that are grouped together and are liable for automatic execution of multiple and complex tasks. The use of Macros in MS word or other software applications is meant for specific repetitive tasks and tasks which comprise of several steps. It is essential for employees to understand that Word is a crucial software application used in accomplishing the reporting and documentation objectives of an organization. Therefore, frequent service demands could be addressed effectively through emphasizing on the use of notable facilities such as routine formatting and editing activities, combination of multiple commands and the automation for a complex series of tasks. There are two specific ways for creation of a macro in MS Word. The Macro recorder is considered as a viable tool for recording the actions that need to be executed in MS Word. The recording of Macros limits the requirement for manual effort and time in execution of complex tasks that could be accomplished through limiting the requirement of any complex processing. The specific references in this case could be directed towards the steps involved in creation of the macro. As compared to the prior technical illustration of the processes for recording and saving Macros in Word, it is essential to perceive the generic aspects associated with the process in order to improvise the training resources. The concerns for setting and changing shortcut keys as well as copying Macros documents to other document or templates could also be included as notable highlights of the training resources for employees of LMN limited.

Recording and Saving Macros in MS Word at LMN Limited

Another important concern to be addressed with respect to the provision of training resources for the employees of LMN Limited is the provision of appropriate online sources for employees in order to work with the macros templates in Word documents. The online sources which can be primarily referred to by employees while working in Macros in the Word documents include the official website of Microsoft where step by step instruction for creation, recording and saving of Macros is provided alongside provision of visual aids that can help in understanding the individual steps of the process. Other notable online resources that can be utilized for training of employees in working with macros in Word documents could be identified in the form of online communities and video sharing platforms that provide suitable opportunities for ascertaining the differences between practical and actual implementation of the processes for recording, creation and storage of macros in MS Word. The particular indications towards other facilities that are observed in MS Word for creation of Macro, Running a Macro, Editing in a Macro, set or change the shortcut keys, making copies of macros to other documents or templates and understanding the security implications associated with the utilization and storage of a Macro.     

Organizations such as LMN Limited have also indicated towards the significance of online forms as viable sources of documentation for their business performance. The design of online form templates is primarily observed as a necessity for specific business activities such as recruitment and selection, marketing purposes such as market research and surveys. The response of customers regarding specific products could be accessed through online forms and following a single template for all online forms can provide flexibility in accomplishing the required business objectives. The use of prolific and accessible resources for generation of online forms could be considered as a major opportunity for organizations to design and frame online forms within limited time.

The design of invoice should be consisting of a standard format which is generally framed using the MS Excel application. The use of Excel for designing invoice template also allows the automation of the invoice that can be considered as a major advantage for the reduction in time required for manual entry of financial information. Online templates available for designing invoices are also considered as particular advantages for organizations albeit with the credible pitfalls of difference in the template designs. It is particularly essential to consider the importance of invoice formats in the case of an organization since these templates are responsible for providing major source of streamlined information to organizations regarding their accounting operations and management.

The Use of Online Forms, Invoice and PowerPoint Templates in LMN Limited

The use of PowerPoint templates is considered as the next significant factor in the training resources that should be implemented for the employees of LMN Limited. PowerPoint is a flexible application intended to accomplish feasible objectives in terms of presentations of new business plans and new strategies. The PowerPoint templates could serve as a vital resource for reducing the requirements of time for executing presentations due to familiarity of employees with the template and the underlying elements. The employees should also understand that PowerPoint is a viable source for projecting content and ideas with rich and innovative multimedia. The continuous advancements in the features of PowerPoint have been responsible for its growth and the introduction of benchmarks such as timer for transition of slides and integrating predefined transition effects in the design. Therefore, employees have to understand the necessity for continuous learning in order to keep up with the reforms in the applications of MS PowerPoint templates.

The instruction and training for employees to operate the distinct business templates and apply them for specific business processes and objectives in case of LMN Limited must be supported with the collection of feedback. The reforms in the conventional document management framework adopted by the organization to realize a new corporate image can be ensured through feedback of users. The feedback should comprise of explicit references to the specific aspects such as ease of use of the templates, major areas of disturbance and suggestions for potential improvement of the issue. The feedback regarding the ease of use was associated with negative outcomes in the case of invoice as the users were not able to introduce valid changes in the invoice regarding billing information which are secured by protected or locked cells.

The ease of use of online forms, business letters and PowerPoint presentation were based on the acquaintance of the employees with these platforms. The problems experienced by the users of business document templates in case of online forms are identified in the categorization of information to be included in the checkboxes and dropdown menus. The invoice design also includes references to problems such as changes in hourly pricing of services and the unit price of the services that could imply discrepancies in the outcome presented by the invoice. The areas of problems that could be observed in the case of LMN Limited’s PowerPoint template format are in the form of discrepancies in the formatting of the PowerPoint files to the requirements of the organization. The review of the feedback pertaining to the implementation of business document templates could facilitate substantially prolific insights into the potential areas where improvement can be made for facilitating effective document management. The implication for potential areas where improvement is required in case of online forms is the revision of content to be added in the textboxes. The use of online forms for survey purposes suggests the inclusion of objective options that are considered as precedents and could be easily remembered by the staff for reference. The use of invoice must be addressed through removing the safeguards on the fields which depict the subtotal sum of the billing amount derived from individual service and product transactions.

Training Resources for Employees at LMN Limited

The use of protected cells should be implemented in the case of information pertaining to the sender i.e. LMN Limited and the recipient information which should not be subject to variations in the case of an invoice. The feedback form designed for the case of LMN Limited should include initial questions regarding the position of the respondent in the organizational structure of LMN Limited, age and gender of the respondent as well as technical competences. Thereafter, the feedback form reflects on the distinct aspects of the use of business templates by staff of LMN Limited which can facilitate a coherent impression of the ease of use of the template, perceived sources of conflict in the utilization of the templates and the possible suggestions that could resolve the identified issues. Furthermore, the feedback form should also include options for respondents to present their personal comments on the use of different business document templates in LMN Limited.

The primary characteristics that must be integrated in the design of the feedback form would refer to the ease of use of the templates, specific areas of improvement, problems experienced by users with the utilization of templates and the perspectives of employees of LMN limited regarding the use of the different templates such as Macros, invoice formats, PowerPoint presentation templates and Online form templates. The primary emphasis of the feedback process would be aligned towards categorizing the users of different templates thereby obtaining a viable impression of the usage of different types of template and the relevant frequency in order to define the areas of improvement. The areas of improvement could be ascertained from the feedback form only through obtaining a perception of the users regarding the use of different templates. The areas of improvement could be ascertained by collating the findings of frequently used templates with that pertaining to the flexibility perceived by users i.e. employees of LMN Limited. The emphasis of the feedback form should be extended forward to the specific elements in the templates which affect the flexibility of utilization of individual templates. The specific limitations in different templates such as dropdown boxes, image controls and textboxes have to be identified through the use of feedback form. It is essential to observe the significance of observing complicacies of invoicing such as formula used for calculation of total amount and net amount in different business activities with the use of a common invoice format. Furthermore, it is also essential to observe the complicacies associated with restricted filling boxes which are responsible for limitations in terms of flexibility for employees to alter information in urgent scenarios. The feedback form should also include the questions for identifying the problems associated with the use of macros. The problems that are commonly identified in the case of the use and storage of Macros are identified in the areas of recording, data inconsistency and execution. These scenarios have to be considered in the use of macros since the frequency of usage of particular macros could present detrimental consequences such as increase in the frequency of errors. The specific indications towards identifying the areas of improvement in a macros template are to anticipate the error at the stage of creation and recording of the macros. The creation and recording stage are generally liable to be associated with considerable mistakes owing to the limitations in the typing of the macros formula or some form of unacceptable entry in the macros. The recording stage is considered simple only if the creation phase is addressed effectively. The suggestions for areas of development in Macros are also identified in the execution phase that can be subject to pitfalls especially in terms of errors in placing shortcut key on the toolbar or inappropriate parameters provided in the shortcut key. Subsequently, the safeguarding of macros key is a considerable ambiguity that can lead to issues with the exchange of macros key information thereby leading to inappropriate processing outcomes. The feedback form would also emphasize on the setbacks presented by the macros template with respect to the variable of data inconsistency. The problem of data inconsistency can be detrimental for obtaining relevant outcomes from the application of the macros and unwanted redundancy in business activities would be observed explicitly. Therefore, data inconsistency could be addressed in the design of the macros through exclusion of specific parameters and criteria for validating the data entered for macros calculation.          


These factors should be complemented with a critical reflection on the problems experienced largely by employees and their perception regarding the areas of improvement. The majority of problems experienced by users in the utilization of Macros suggest the problems in the recording stage and is largely observed in case of beginners with limited knowledge of word processing. However, minimal training and practice with the creation and recording of standard template macros could contribute to development of suitable competences thereby resolving the issues with the recording of macros. The notable issues that are experienced by users in case of invoice template can be identified in the restricted filling boxes which are liable to create restrictions for users to enter information that can lead to subsequent problems of data mismatch. The areas of improvement that can be apprehended from the comments of employees in the feedback form should be reflective of the formidable concerns of image control identified in online form templates. The online form templates should be tailored to facilitate flexible opportunities for image control in order to ensure appropriate placement of the logo of the organization and appropriate infographics in place to obtain productive outcomes in the form design.

Other mandatory characteristics of a feedback form should also extend towards the subjective aspect of inquiry where the participant could be asked to present some examples of their experience in utilizing the different templates. The open ended questions would enable employees to present specific insights into insufficiencies in template design or reframing the training process to suit the employee needs. The application of a feedback form is considered significant for development of a two way communication channel between the employee and company. The participative approach followed in the feedback form can be reflective of viable outcomes related to the underlying issues causing depreciation of performance in use of different templates for business activities. It is imperative for employees to understand the significance of consultation in order to develop an apprehension of the requirements for training in the use of templates thereby obtaining business outcomes of cost and resource effectiveness. The perception of employees is a formidable factor that contributes to the effectiveness of a template that can be used for business activities. The notable factors that can be responsible for influencing the perception of employees include notable references towards basic training in the use of the software applications thereby contributing to the flexibility of users to utilize the templates. The inferences suggest that the competences for effective training and use of macros in MS Word could be improved only through prior competences in the utilization of the MS Word software application. 

The feedback regarding the PowerPoint template must be reviewed in this stage to derive insights into the potential changes that can be implemented in the master PowerPoint slide. The primary setbacks in the template were identified in the formatting and control implications related to the template. Therefore, the changes which must be implemented in the case of the PowerPoint template include the integration of version control in the footer depicting the type of the document.

The formatting requisites can be addressed through implementation of a date style in the form of DD/MM/YY that has to be presented in the footer section. Another formatting reform that must be implemented as a response to the outcomes of feedback pertaining to the PowerPoint template is to reform the colour, type and size of the font for main headings and subheadings. The headings should have the font size of 48 in Purple colour and Cambria font style while the subheadings must be 28pts in size with the style of Calibri and Grey color.

The feedback received with respect to the design of the PowerPoint template i.e. Master Slide could be considered as a major source for introducing viable changes to the master slide. However, it is essential to observe the modification process comprehensively and obtain critical inferences that can serve as viable additions to the training resources for employees to understand the use of templates and making necessary changes in event of error. The appearance of the PowerPoint template is essential for the creation thereby emphasizing on the integration of version control to the footer, change in date entry style and the font used in the title slide. The version control is considered as a challenge for integrating in the powerpoint documents that is observed even in trivial projects. The large quantity of audience of PowerPoint templates creates certain complexities for estimating approaches for version control. The addition of version control is intended for understanding the extent to which the particular template is updated. The use of centralized version control as well as automatic solutions for updating the PowerPoint presentation management solutions alongside feasible prospects for extending out to the presentation files of an individual. The slide updates could be reflected in the individual slide changes thereby providing flexibility in changing the version control in the footer. The changes in all slides would be ensured through adding version control that would also ensure consistency of information being delivered in the presentation. Technical information sources suggest that the changes in the master slide would be reflected in all slides which is observed in the top of the left side thumbnail pane seen in MS PowerPoint. The editing in the slide master would be reflective of changes in all the following slides thereby ensuring the outcomes of data consistency in the different slides related to a single presentation. The slide updates could be reflected in different presentation files that reduces the concerns for redundancy and the lack of access to recent versions of the PowerPoint presentation template. The slide layout comprises of the footer section that would be displayed in the master slide edit screen of MS PowerPoint. The editing of the slide layout can be associated with a prior requisite of different layouts in various themes.

The other notable concern that has been identified from the feedback form is vested in formatting the text in the master slide through creation of a text box for heading followed by another for subheading. The addition of the heading and subheading can be identified in the basic layout of the PowerPoint application in which the text and the master slide heading is entered alongside ensuring the change in the formatting of the font size to 48 pts along with a font type of Cambria and font colour Purple. Then the subtitle heading has to be given in order to format it by clicking on the text formatting box that appears on clicking Home where text size, colour and font type can be changed that would be reflected in all other slides. The modifications that would have to be introduced in the case of the PowerPoint template of LMN Limited include the subheadings that can be formatted through the text formatting box or through the toolbar to change the font colour to grey and size to 28 pts. The changes in the master slide subheading would also include a change in the font type which has to be set as Calibri. Noticeable factors that should be perceived by employees in the case of the amendments of the template include the efficiency of use and uniformity of templates that would lead to limited insufficiencies in representation and processing of information.

The inherent benefits of adding version control to the master slide footer is liable for introducing flexibility for access and storage of the template. While version control could be added to the footer in the PowerPoint master slide in the templates, tools for automated updates of version control can be considered as major resources for increasing the flexibility of the use of templates. The addition of version control ensures limited ambiguity among employees and departmental codes could also serve as major characteristics of the version control process thereby helping in awareness of employees regarding the specific version of the template and its applicability in concerned business activities. The changes in the text format of the headings and subheadings in the master slide could also be considered as a major aspect of the training resources for employees since it forms a part of basic training in the use of MS PowerPoint. The access to version control characteristics also ensures that the slides pertaining to different departments would reflect changes imposed on the master slides irrespective of the location of storage. This could be accomplished through automation largely facilitated through online sources. The improvement of training of employees in utilization and storage of templates for business activities can be associated with the mandatory factor of providing resources and motivation for undertaking basic training activities. The reflection on various blogs and communities related to promotion of training on MS PowerPoint can be helpful for employees at LMN Limited to obtain first hand impression of the application software and relevant processes required for basic utilization of templates. The significance of templates in increasing productivity and user efficiency in various business activities is considered as a major rationale for increasing the competences of employees through adopting viable change management approaches that would monitor the performance of employees in adapting to the training objectives. The benefits of streamlining organizational information and reduction of the constraints related to processing of information can be observed in the case of using templates. The evolution of the PowerPoint features and designs are liable to present flexible support to change the formatting of the slides and appearance of the following slides. Certain indications towards the credibility of the presentation templates is vested in appropriate design of the master slide and relevant formatting that could be improved considerably through referring to the basic formatting and editing functions in the MS PowerPoint software application. This rationale is equally applicable for training purposes in the use of other templates such as invoices that utilize MS Excel and Macros used in MS Word.       


The report presented above as a project manager for LMN Limited includes references to the creation of training resources for LMN staff to utilize Macro in MS Word, invoice, online forms and PowerPoint template. Other significant highlights of the report included references to collection of feedback from template users and the process for amendment of the PowerPoint template.


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