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BSBLDR501 Develop And Use Emotional Intelligence

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Activity 1

1. Make a list of at least three of your emotional strengths. Choose one strength and explain why it is important for leaders to have competence in that area.

2. Make a list of at least three of your emotional weaknesses. Choose one weakness and explain how it might affect your ability to be a good leader.

3. Think about the best leader you have met at work or in your personal life. What EI strengths gave them the ability to lead others successfully?Provide at least five examples.

Activity 2

1. Make a list of at least five stressors in your personal life and five stressors in your work life.

2. Go back through your list of stressors and mark an E for each item you can eliminate, an R for each stressor you can reduce the strength of, and a C for each item you can learn to cope with.

3. For the stressor marked with an E or an R, record any ideas you have on how to eliminate or reduce them in a short sentence.

Activity 3

1. Make a list of at least three of your emotional triggers.

2. Choose one of those triggers and outline how you responded emotionally when that trigger has arisen in the past. 
3. Why do you think the trigger set off this emotional response?
4. What would a more constructive emotional response have been?
5. Provide a description of behaviour that is inappropriate for a leader who acts as a role model to a team of employees. 

Activity 4

1. Make a list of at least 10 questions you could ask colleagues to gain feedback about your EI skills.

2. To develop your EI in the area of self-awareness write down:

a. The strongest feeling you felt today/ this week.
b. What caused the feeling?
c. How did the feeling make you act/ react? 
d. Whether the reaction was reasonable and appropriate. 

Activity 5

1. You reprimand a worker for turning up late to work on a number of occasions. The worker bursts into tears. How should you respond to this emotional state?
2. After talking to the worker they tell you that the cause of their emotional state and the reason for them running late repeatedly is that their elderly and terminally ill mother is living with them. The in-home care nurse who is supposed to look after them when the employee is at work frequently shows up late and the worker cannot leave the home until they arrive. What could you do? 

Activity 6

What decision-making style do you think would be most appropriate in the following circumstances? Take into consideration the degree to which the feelings of others should be taken into account. Justify your choice in each case.

1. What form bonuses should take (eg money, shares in the business etc).

2. Who should be promoted to a team leader position.
3. Whether an employee should be terminated.
4. Whether to work longer hours over the Christmas period.
5. Whether a set of procedures should be changed.

Activity 7

1. You think that an employee is experiencing some negative thoughts and emotions as a result of another team member who has acted quite aggressively towards them. You have stressed that you have an open door policy and that you are interested in hearing about any issues workers might be experiencing. The employee has not made use of such opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings. What would you do?

2. An employee has taken up an opportunity to talk to their leader about their thoughts and feelings. The leader listens to them and tells them that they will keep what they have said confidential. The next day the employee overhears the leader talking and laughing about what they told them. What effect would this have?

3. An employee has taken up an opportunity to talk to their leader about their thoughts and feelings. The leader tells the worker that their feelings are silly and trivial and that they do not have time to deal with them. What should the leader have done instead? 

Activity 8

1. Provide an example of a time someone else’s behaviour has affected your emotions in a positive or a negative way.
2. Provide three examples of I messages that might be used when demonstrating the management of emotions.
3. Make a bullet point list of at least three ways you can manage your emotions when you get angry that have not been mentioned in the text.

Activity 9

1.Think about a relationship you have with someone (preferably at work). What are three things you are not doing that could build a more productive relationship with them?
2. You have accidentally deleted a file created by a colleague and it cannot be retrieved. It took them a long time to create the file and they will now need to spend hours replicating the file. How could you use EI in this situation to ensure that a productive relationship is sustained?
3. You witness another worker trying to manipulate one of their colleagues. They know that if they complain about how tired they are and how difficult a work task is, their colleague will complete the work for them. Is this kind of behaviour likely to build a productive relationship? Explain.

Activity 10

1. A worker has encountered a problem. They are required to write a report but they do not understand some of the data that has been provided. They are unsure of how to overcome this problem and, as a result of the stress they are experiencing become quite emotional. What would happen in an instance such as this in a workplace where there is a positive emotional climate? Provide at least three examples.

2. Identify at least three of your strengths and explain how they might be used to achieve workplace outcomes. 

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