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This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to develop and monitor implementation of the operational plan to provide efficient and effective workplace practices within the organisation's productivity and profitability plans. Management at a strategic level requires systems and procedures to be developed and implemented to facilitate the organisation's operational plan. This unit applies to individuals who manage the work of others and operate within the parameters of a broader strategic and/or business plan. No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

To achieve competency in this unit, a person must be able to demonstrate how to :

• Develop operational plan

• Plan and manage resource acquisition

• Monitor and review operational performance.


This section of the paper looks to recognise the goals and the aspirations of the company and thereby construct an operational plan that would be helpful for the development of the operational activities for The Naja Group of Colleges. Being the employer of the company, it is essential to construct an operational plan with the help of which the college would be able to function smoothly.

The operational plan is inclusive of the plans and strategies that would be taken into consideration by the college in order to take the college forward and discover the actual result of the plans that would be incorporated.

The vision of the college is to become the leader in the area of high quality educational events and programs that would influence intelligence and excellence, promote critical thinking and construct autonomous skills related to the studies and encourage lifelong learning for the students who have been tertiary bound.

The purpose of the college has been to provide an extensive range of the opportunities that are flexible in nature for the international and the domestic students. The unique and precise curriculum is generated through a difficult review process and development and is generally undertaken in partnership with the other Australian universities. The programs that have been delivered are in a supportive environment with the help of the dedicated employees making use of the global level facilities and learning technologies that would provide wide range of paths for additional employment and education.     

A positive method to the process of learning that would be lifelong knowledge and the understanding that all the students have the ability to attain knowledge and the skills and even enjoy learning. The obligation towards excellence in the social and academic is accomplished by the students and the employees. The expectations that is high for the employees and the students to conduct learning that is inclusive of trustworthiness and honesty in all the operations.

The company has two core roles and the each one of them is inclusive of providing sustainable education and re-entry to the educational options for the domestic students who have completed compulsory schooling. The college even looks to provide the university with the entrance programs for the international students.

There are several strategies that can be constructed with the help of which the college can improve their operational plans and would be able to reach out to a much greater student base. The strategies can be classified into various segments and they are

  • Priorities
  • Research
  • Education
  • Expansion of Engagement
  • Personnel
  • Enabling the strategies  
  • Outstanding Student Experience
  • Strong Industry Relationships and Partnerships
  • Capacity, Capability and Sustainability
  • Social Responsibility and Community
  • Growing their business     



There has been identification that there are two significant developmental priorities and these priorities span their core strategies and create the potential for enhanced and new operations on the part of the employees and the students in the college and their departments. The university is active globally and has extensive range of disciplines and the worldwide involvement in the education that is seen in the pre-school level puts in a more unique scenario in order to have an influence and thereby engage with the world. This worldwide outlook therefore attracts students and employees of the highest skills and qualities thereby taking Naja’s process of engaging the world with them. The university should look top seek the benefits in order to co-ordinate the functions of the universities more efficiently and to construct on the excellence of Naja for the deliverance of education.

A university that is effective conveys the knowledge that is generated by their society and is even open to the innovative ideas that is created anywhere else. The university should look to maintain the independence for the research groups and the individuals in order to decide on the topic on which research would be taken by taking assistance of the access of the expertise of Naja College. The college even needs to take external collaborations in the aspects that may be effective in the areas where the teaching strengths and research are complementary while assisting interlinks among the research groups that are at the level of the individual projects. The development of the online presence and availability of the college will even form a part of the strategy. The digital technology is improving in accordance to the knowledge that is created, gathered and communicated all over the globe. The college would look to position themselves so that it can engage effectively and speedily with the digital initiatives created by the employees, students, alumni and the others who are outside the college. The college would even construct the teaching resources that are available globally and the collections for their own society for the students who are taking distant education across the globe and for the learners who are everywhere. It is essential for the college for the develop networking and communications and interdisciplinary measures with the help the college can improve their operations and develop better relations with their peer members and the students who will be participating in the educational courses in the college. This can lead to the construction of the multidisciplinary strengths and thereby enable partnerships and collaborations in the new and developing areas.



Research is an essential strategy for Naja Group of College and the college looks to maintain significance and originality and strictness in the research within a model of the increased standards of the training, infrastructure and integrity. The college should even empower the creative autonomy of the entities in order to highlight and address the fundamental questions of the actual significance and the questions that have been applied with the probable transformations in the world. The college needs to develop and maintain resources and to undertake investment in the subject areas that is for the long term worth.


The strategies related to the education can be undertaken with the help of which Naja college can ensure that their undergraduate and the graduate systems in order to recognise the students who have academic potentials and the capability to gain benefit from the Naja courses irrespective of their background. It is even essential to make sure that the best experience of Naja Group of College is the distinct experience for all the post graduate and the under graduate students and that the college is equipped fully for the effectiveness of the diverse range of the opportunities for the examination and the employment that are available to them. The college looks to make sure that the unique richness of the academic environment of the college that have been refreshed and retained.

Expanding Engagement

The college would look to serve the community by contributing and promoting to the economic, social and cultural advances through the accessibility of the skills, ideas and expertise of Naja College. The college would look to share their benefits of the research that has been undertaken as extensively as possible. The college looks to generate constructive and strong relationship with the extensive communities of the college by contributing to the health, culture, economic and social wellbeing of the regional and local society.   


The strategy related to the personnel involves the recruitment and retaining of highly qualified employees from all over the world. The college would look to work towards a rising classified employee profile. The college even looks to train and enhance their employees in order to improve their efficiency and the contribution of the goals of the college.

Enabling Strategies

The college needs to generate adequate recurrent additional to preserve the infrastructure of the college, academic operations and collections. The college needs to allocate the income that is unrestricted in order to reflect the collegiate strategic commitments and priorities of the college. The college even needs to invest in the real estate where this would facilitate improved and new processes of working, rise in the level of effectiveness, enhanced opportunities for the purpose of interdisciplinary functioning and even decommissioning or the changes in the spaces that have been inappropriate or have not been used in an effective manner. The college should even invest in the technologies that would improve the capability of the academic societies of the college in order to team up with each other and with the partners who are available globally and this would assist the experience of the students. The college needs to understand the campaigns associated with the educational courses in order to assist the academic strategies of the college in an effective manner.

Expanding Engagement

This strategy looks to place their studies based on the cities where they function. Numeracy and literacy is a vital aspect in the delivery and is available for all the students. The pathways for articulation are seen that is helpful in the progression for the individual to increased levels of training. It improves the retention and the rates of completion for the apprentices. The college looks to increase the number of the Certificate IV and the other Diploma and Advanced level courses that have been offered. It looks to build and promote a quality of the system of apprenticeship that is flexible in nature and is accountable to the requirements of the apprentices and the industry. The delivery quality and the evaluation will be taken into account the impact on the extensive social and health issues that enhances the rate of retention and the rate of participation of the students. An approach that is customer based is existent in order to assist development of the expectations of the students. The rising flexibility and the blended delivery and the evaluation of the options that includes the learning and e-learning has improved the operations of the college. The training even needs to be linked with the employment.

Enhanced Industry Relationship and Partnership

In this scenario, the college identifies a leader in providing training. The community and the industrial partnerships are sustained and developed in order to align the delivery to the local international and strategic priorities. This even looks to strengthen the relationship by taking assistance of reliability, trust, consistency and shared accountability. The training services and the products are of enhanced quality and thereby meeting the industry and student needs. This strategy looks to align the scope of the college with the shortage in the industrial skills in the area of employment.

Sustainability, Capacity and Capability

The college has the reputation of having a greater working place to work. The training facilities and the tools assist the quality in the learning environment. The implementation and the development of a plan are related to Workforce Development and Diversity Plan. The strategy looks to ensure the business process of the college and the operating process that are contemporary. The update and review of the policy and the rules related to the business and thereby prioritise the human resource management, process of enrolment, finance and IT in order to ensure that enhanced efficiency and effectiveness. The safety and health in the workplace are essential for the employees, management and the students. There has been a focus on the financial sustainability with the help of sustained quality and effectiveness in the operations. The sustainable improvement in the quality is embedded among the activities of the college. The college will even look to invest in strategies that are long term in nature as a part of their commitment. The framework of the college assists the training and requirement of the evaluation in the current period and even in the coming future.


Community and Social Responsibility

The college looks to construct a Local Workforce Development Plan which enhances the career opportunities among the various areas of the college. The college would look to provide youth engagement programs that assist the readiness of the work and the programs that are related to vocational training. The development and consultation of the innovative training frameworks in order to suit the extensive styles of learning that enhances the retention, participation and rates of completion. The college looks to provide the pathways in order to strengthen participation of the training for the youth and the individuals with disabilities and the individuals from the backgrounds that are culturally diverse. The college will assist the society with training in order to assist their economic and social aspirations. The rise in the access of English as the second language programs and the vocational support and training is a strategy for the college. The college looks to deliver the culturally suitable and logical training that satisfies the social and the healthy requirements and align the training to the regional enhancement priorities.

Growing of the business

The new opportunities of business are recognised, maintained and developed as an outcome of the strategic industrial partnerships. The incorporation of the strategic marketing and the approaches related to communication in order to target the distinct segments of the market. The development of the deliverance of the career data to the teachers of high school, parents and students is given in order to permit the smooth transitional ways for the college. The strategy looks to raise the commercial profit with the help of strategic targeting of the training markets. It even looks to attract and assist the multi-jurisdictional and international students. The college should even assess the model of the business for the commercial approach.  

The performance criteria are associated to the criteria that are related to the actual performance of the candidates that are acceptable in assessing the candidate for tenure or a promotion. Out of these criteria which are not precise or are not acceptable in the tenure and promotional assessments like the race, sex, age, gender.

The employees and the candidates need to fulfil the accountabilities of their appointments in a process that would be supportive to the mission of the college and remain consistent with the goals explained by the college. The statement that is provided by the college explains that the college exists for the purpose of knowledge transmission; search for the truth and to assist in providing the development of the students and the effectiveness and wellbeing of the community. These are the basic ideas and concepts that are at the core of the goal of the college and thereby underlie the criteria of performance that is generated for the employees and the students for the tenure and promotion.

Enabling Strategies

The accountabilities of the professors and the employees from the entire goals and mission of the college and therefore share the general components and priorities. Each of the position of the faculty and the employees is additionally explained by their locations within a distinct department and by the demands, allocated responsibilities and the features distinct to that scenario.

The college has the pride in them of being an educational institution where the learning and the teaching occur more efficiently than in the extensive and more depersonalised atmosphere. The employees look to stimulate and facilitate the intellectual and individual growth of the students in numerous informal and formal settings that are seen beyond the knowledge room.

The performance in the classroom is inclusive of an extensive range of operations that are associated with the interaction among the students and the employees in the learning process. The candidates for the tenure and promotion that will be projected to explain the enthusiasm and knowledge for their subject matter and to influence active, learning that is student centred, efficient level of communication, problem solving capabilities and the awareness related to ethics. The employees and the student needs to utilise various suitable efficient learning mechanisms and even adds in the clear statements of the objectives and goals. The candidates can effectively and carefully construct the syllabus of the course and even in the class sessions. The students would be provided suitable assignments and thereby receive prompt, fair assessment of their work. The candidates would be able to explain the learning of the student and thereby make themselves available reasonably to their students.

When suitable, the employees and the faculties will contribute to these academic initiatives as the initial year experience and the intersections that is among the curriculum groups and the curriculum efforts that are core.

In the classroom, the members of the faculty are coursed by the following principles of guiding that seeks actively to make sure that the interests of the men and women along with their values are identified and have been validated throughout the curriculum of the college. The learning opportunities are given equally to the men and women.

The educational methods that advices the style and the content and the instructional methodologies are constructed in order to promote the rational development of the men and women in an equal manner.

The leadership opportunities and the opportunities that are associated to career development are given equivalently to the students who are men and women. The co-curricular events of the college satisfy the demands of both the male and the female students. There have been specific efforts that have been made to make sure that the co-curricular atmosphere is free from any kind of harassment and is even hospitable to the men and women.

The learning and the teaching process is even inclusive of the efficient advising. The members of the faculty has time out of class time with the students who are in need of additional assistance and virtually everyone is accountable for assisting the plan of the students with their academic schedules.

The role of the adviser even goes beyond assisting the students to construct the class schedules and meet the requirements of graduation. It is generally inclusive of the professional and career advising and post-graduation educational advising.  Furthermore, the faculty can even anticipate of becoming one of the sources with whom the students comes to share their personal issues and problems. Even though every faculty cannot become an expert adviser but familiarity with the student assistance services and gaining knowledge when it is suitable for referring the students to these services is even anticipated.    

The efficient level of teaching is the key component of the performance of the candidates. The other components of the performance is associated either indirectly or directly to the key accountability of teaching and therefore must be looked upon as a complementary to and assistance to the initial accountability. The effective level of contribution and the performance in the other aspects may not be substituted for teaching efficiency.

The candidates for the tenure and promotion are anticipated to be active professionally. The scholarships that are ongoing and creative activities is the integral to the quality teaching and is even the contribution to the academic society. There are certain professional operations that may lead to a product that is ideal for the review of the peers that is outside the college like the conference presentations and the works that have been submitted for the purpose of publication.

The faculty members have the contributions to undertake the ongoing effectiveness and vitality of the academic life and the society to the college. The opportunities for the college services are diverse and numerous. The candidates for tenure and promotion are anticipated to participate in the governance of the college. These are the performance criteria that can be implemented by the college in order to improve their operational plan and thereby expand their learning courses and their student base. 

The timeframe is the time that would be set for the implementation of the various set of strategies that would be useful for the implementing the policies and the plans in an effective manner. The plan and the policies that need to be incorporated by Naja Group of College will be the time span of 1 year.  The timeframe has been set for 1 year due to the fact that Naja Group of College has the intention of expanding their business in order to maintain competitive edge. Within this time period all the policies and the strategies that have been constructed are incorporated so that the college can expand their business activities. The timeframe is as follows:


Time Frame


2 months


5 months


8 months

Expansion of Engagement Personnel

1 month

Enabling the strategies  

11 months

Outstanding Student Experience

4 months

Strong Industry Relationships and Partnerships

6 months

Sustainability, Capacity and Capability

2 months

Social Responsibility and Community

8 months

Growing our Business

9 months

An effective level of budget needs to be framed with the help of which the strategies and the operational plan that has been taken into consideration can be framed. An annual resource allocation for the professional development of employees is taken as $27,000, while $9000 has been used for the purpose of operations of the area of the Student Service. $5600 for the provision of recreational operations and equipment has been taken into consideration. A budget is even framed for the purpose of international funds that can be used for international marketing program. $100,000 has been used for local advertising and $48,000 has been taken for local promotions. The revenue for the company will be used for all the operational functions and thereby the college will be able to function their business in an effective manner.

The progress in relation to the responsibilities is associated with the actions and the accountabilities that the management of the college needs to undertake with the help of which the college can improve their operations and thereby is able expand their business and maintain their student base. The responsibilities are inclusive of developing effective level of communication that can improve the relationship among all the peers. The strategies that have been created needs to be monitored and reviewed in order to have found out any discrepancies that is present in the operational activities of the college. The intellectual strategy of the operational plan needs to be assessed and gain feedback for the students and the faculty members so that effective level of activities can be given. It is the responsibility of the management of the college to keep their employees, faculty members and students happy and satisfied. Therefore, the management can arrange various events and programs where the employees, faculty members and the students and interact each other and thereby maintain a cordial and healthy relationship. The college even needs to arrange various social programs in which the students can have a life outside the studies which would motivate them to work harder and keep them out of the stress they face in their educational courses. Rewards and recognition is even another responsibility of the college where the management can reward the most meritorious student. Rewards should even be given to the employees and the faculty members who have been performing efficiently and have been influential for the development of the college. The maintenance of the responsibilities on the part of the college will influence the students, faculty members and the employees to give out their best performance that can lead to the development of the brand image and goodwill of the college throughout the nation.      

There are several resources that need to be incorporated in order to introduce the operational plan. The resources are mainly inclusive of the financial resources that have been used with the help of which the cost associated with business functions can be paid off. The other resources are inclusive of the feedback of the management and the students that can be used to improve the operational functions. The other resources include the information that is available from the other colleges and the plans and actions that have been executed by them in order to improve the current operational plan for Naja Group of College.

The policies and the procedures in accordance to which the plans are prepared are the anti-discrimination legislation, the ethical standards and the Corporations Act of 2001. It is essential for the college to maintain these policies in order to function effectively in the economy and aiding the prospective students in completing their educational courses. By abiding to these policies the operational plan for Naja Group of College can be effective.

This section of the paper would look to explain the recruitment, induction and the process with the help of which physical resources and services are acquired. The safeguarding of the organizational intellectual property is explained in this section of the paper.

The process of recruitment is inclusive of the processes of screening the applicants who have applied for the job. The policy of recruitment provides the data about advertising and the protocols associated for the vacant jobs. The recruitment policy lists all the precise legislations that need to be adhered. The policies that have been constructed by the company needs to be put forth by the company with the help of which the recruitment process is undertaken. The recruitment policy is undertaken by discovering the vacant positions that are seen in the company and accordingly advertisements are given for these positions. The recruitment policy must be inclusive of the legislations like the Corporation Act of 2001 and the Equality Act that is seen in Australia. The job roles are advertised by taking help of the various sources like the job portals and the employment journals and with the help of which potential employees can apply for the job. The faculty members of the college are chosen by taking help of the distinct process in order to understand their experience and knowledge about teaching and the educational sector. The candidates who have applied for the job would be screened and the thereafter the potential candidates would be short listed for the position of the job.

The selection process is undertaken after the shortlisted candidates have been chosen. These candidates are gone through the interview process during which face to face question answer session is undertaken. The interview process is dependent on company to company and it is on the management of the company to select the suitable interview process. The post interview process is entirely on the hand on the management in deciding the candidates who have been chosen to the precise and correct candidate for the job.  A reference check of the candidates is undertaken in order to have an idea about the background of the candidate so that all the information about them can be known. The reference of the candidates has been examined in order to have an idea about the authenticity of the candidate and the validity of the reference given by an employee of the company. After all these aspects have been examined, the selected candidate can be offered for the post.

The induction policy explains the process that would be taken into consideration with the help of which proper training process will be offered to the employees and the employees would be given a formal welcome to the employees. The training process constitutes according to the job position and employees in different positions would be given different training. The rules regulations, objectives and the goal of the company can be put forth in front of the new employees with the help of which they can understand the same and follow accordingly. The orientation process includes providing insight to the employees about the company. The induction process is a significant part for the college as it would determine the effectiveness and the quality of work that would be given the employees towards the college.

The physical resources and the services are acquired by the college with the help of extensive advertising and maintaining cordial relationship with the peers who are related to the business functions of the college. The college has various suppliers who supply materialistic items to the college and the skilled and the competent faculty members are selected from various other universities and colleges. They are selected according to the requirement of the college and the courses that have been offered by the college and therefore accordingly the faculty members can be chosen.

The intellectual property of the college is safeguarded by purchasing insurance for the company so that in case of any unprecedented events the property can be safeguarded. The faculty members are the intellectual property and effective level of rewards and recognitions to them so that they would feel motivated and would provide quality teaching knowledge to their students. The college even looks to undertake motivational programmes with the help of which faculty members can remain motivated and provide proficient services.

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