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BSBMGT605 Leadership And Management

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Which of the following is not a technique for effective time management?
What are the benefits of business networking?
Which of the following statement DOES NOT hold true in terms of effect of ethics on business?


Organizational Values and Objectives in Accordance with Strategic Planning

Values and objectives are key elements in strategic planning. The objectives or the vision and mission statement of an organization is the demonstration of the aims that the organization wants to attain which helps in inspiring and motivating the employees, the members and the supporters of the organization. Objectives statement or the vision statement usually describe the unique activities that the organization wishes to pursue and the manner in which the organization represents itself from the public point of view. Good and unique objectives are mostly aspirational in nature. While some organizational objectives appear to be a hard deal, some are modest and attainable in the future. In both the cases, the objectives or vision statement helps the organization to structure a framework of their contribution to the society (Hill, Jones and Schilling 2014). In short, the objectives demonstrate the organization’s purpose of existence which is an essential part of the strategic management system.

Values of an organization influence every action of an organization along with their reputation and stakeholder relationships. The values of an organization state the beliefs, rules and regulations, and the code of conduct of an organization (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). The values statement offers guidance to the organization during tough times and provides a path of direction for the organization to attain its objectives.

Link between Organizational Objectives and Values

The values and objectives of an organization come together to form the corporate culture. While objectives describe the firm’s aims and purpose, the values are qualities that should be incorporated to attain the particular aim. The organizational values define the work environment and work culture that is important to maintain organizational relationships with stakeholders and to retain organizational reputation (Scott and Davis 2015). This in turn would increase the chances of the organization to reach its aim and attain its goals and objectives. It can, therefore, be said that the organizational values serve as essential guidelines for the organization to achieve its objectives.


Impact of Legislation

Leadership is referred to the imperative capabilitywithin private venture. An organization’s administration and initiative refer to two completely different business ideologies (Weaver 2015). Authority, in the general business context, refers to the construction of a vision, the investigation of the vision and the settlement of the conflicts between the people in charge of giving a shape to the vision (Walia, Bansal and Mittal 2015). Administration is the collaboration of the monetary assets functioning in a business. Authority can have an effective impact on the association’s performance.

Responsibilities of Individuals

General Manager

  • Overseeing all business administrative operation.
  • Acting as a leader and directing the employees.
  • Delegating operational tasks like accounting, payroll and paperwork.
  • Ensuring administrative efficiency, proper policy implementation and employee conduct.

Human Resource Manager

  • Providing direction and guidance to the benefits and compensation specialists.
  • Strategic development of compensation plans.
  • Offering training and development to the employees in matters of skills and leadership.
  • Recruiting and selecting the workforce.
  • Creating favorable work environments for the employees.

Accounts Manager

  • Serving as the company’s face, especially in carrying out client communication
  • Communicating sales quotas to the sales manager.
  • Preparing reports on sales results, annual forecasts, and account status.

Warehouse Manager

  • Supervising and participating in warehouse operations.
  • Approving requisitions and analyzing work orders.
  • Supervising computer operations.
  • Initiating requests for stock replenishment.
  • Briefing staff on materials to be prepared.
  • Reviewing delivery paperwork.

Maintenance Manager

  • Installing, repairing and keeping up the properties of the employees, machinery and other mechanical systems.
  • Delegating tasks to the subordinates like painting and repairing drywalls.

Mishaps in the Office

Any mishap may occur in the office which is a Workplace Health and Safety issue. It may happen that an employee gets injured or falls sick within the office premises. It is the responsibility of the employer to take care of the employee in situations like these. The officials must investigate into the perform research for eliminating and reducing the related issues. The employer must also communicate the concerns and ways of preventions to the employees to prevent any such mishaps further in the future. These issues can be eliminated if the safety rules are clearly mentioned in the office and also, there is a first kid box readily available in the office. These incidents should be discussed with the employees so that they can maintain safety.


Positive Role Model

Businesses are nothing but the people carrying ideas. There is no need of portraying any superhuman behavior from the role models of the organization. There are many things that a role model should portray (Brown and Trevino 2014). A role model is expected to be calm, positive and confident with themselves. No employees would like to work with a leader who is bent on bringing a person down. Leaders should also be very unique and they should not portray themselves as someone who they are not (Armstrong and Taylor 2014). Leaders should also make sure that they communicate with all people as it helps in providing energy to the employees. Leaders should also make sure that they respect all the employees in order to get the respect back.

Maintaining a Positive Reinforcement

In order to keep the employees in the organization, they should be constantly given a positive reinforcement so that they can work with positivity and enthusiasm. Showing gratitude is a great way to appreciate someone’s work. It should be mentioned as to why the employees are being praised and which part of their work deserves recognition. This helps in boosting the work spirit of the employees. Just because one employee is being praised, it does not mean that the others will not be praised (Burke and Nomair 2015). A company may achieve certain targets and it is the duty of the leader to encourage not just the employee who was the reason behind this, but all the other employees as well. This helps in motivating the other employees for working better. There should also be occasions to celebrate with the employees for the purpose employee motivation in order to fulfill the objective of employee retention.

Improving Organizational Culture

The Organizational culture relates to the various behaviors of the employees who are working within the same environment (Mills 2017). The path to improving organizational culture in a work place includes listening to the employees. The employees should be provided with a good environment so that they speak out their opinions. Ideas should be exchanged in between the low level employees and the management.

Communicating about the mission, vision and the values of the organization is extremely important (Hill, Jones and Schilling 2014). When the employees are aware of the views and the goals of an organization, they tend to remain actively engaged in comparison to the employees who hardly have any idea about the objectives.

Demonstrating the Understanding of the Global Environment

The trending business expression in the 1990s was globalization, and even now in the present century, there is no sign of any reduction in the rate of globalization (Hirst, Thompson and Bromley 2015). Globalization refers to the rise of speculation and discussion, associated with the rise and growth in organizations all over the world, and the coordination of worldwide financial groups.The concept of Globalization relies on the following factors:

  • Mechanical improvements have led to the development of the simplicity as well as speed of worldwide travel and correspondence.
  • Developed travel and correspondence have resulted in a world that is small and concise.
  • A smaller world demonstrates that individuals have become more rational and mindful outside their nationality.
  • Developed rationality has resulted in a better understanding of outside circumstances.
  • A better understanding of opportunities promotes increase in the global exchange venture, as well as the number of firms working in the grid over national areas.
  • These developments demonstrate that the global financial groups are incorporated and implemented in a manner that is more firm.

It must be understood that workplaces benefit a lot from development and implementation of global and recent technologies. New technologies must be implemented for better and efficient organization of the work environment. This can be made possible by the incorporation of well-designed software into the office systems. Electronic and informative readers can also help in the enhancement of knowledge among the workforce. New and flexible technologies such as developed electronic devices can also increase and improve accessibility.

Approaches that Should Be Taken During Consultation

The employers should take care that before they make any final decisions they should consult with all the other employees as they are an important part of the organization as well. In case if the employees are not consulted with about the changes that they are making, the employees may start feeling that they are not a part of the organization or are not eligible enough to take part in all discussions. The challenges involved in consultation process is that there might not be effective summarization of information with respect to the ideas. Furthermore, there is also the challenge that consulting with the employees may sometimes create a lack in coordination.

General Manager

A GM's obligations and duties make a considerable measure of progress, yet these are the absolute most normal. He should ordinarily:

  • Observe regularly the daily operations of the unit of specialty.
  • Provide guarantee for the introduction and implementation of a process for business development.
  • Facilitate the enhancement of essential objectives of execution for direct and performance reports.
  • Provide effective administration to important leaders and officials of the specialty unit.
  • Provide guarantee for the development of innovative projects to attain the sought for goals.
  • Provide guarantee for the conveyance as well as the quality of the unit’s deliverables to the clients.

Human Resource Manager

HR administration ought to be required from the primary discussion about working environment arrangements to the last production of worker handbooks (Sammara et al. 2017). The HR drives the correspondence and showcasing plans that help the uncovering of faculty approaches. Vital arranging, advancement, execution and understanding are inside HR administration's domain to guarantee that the organization's strategies reflect sound business standards.


The accountant is responsible for giving budgetary data to the administration by examining and breaking down bookkeeping information; planning reports.

  • Plans and manages risk, capital record sections and resources through the assembling and dissecting of account data.
  • Reports money related transactions by maintaining data accounts.
  • Prescribes monetary steps by expanding choices about bookkeeping.
  • Abridges present monetary status by data collection; prepares monetary record, analyzes benefit and risk claims, and other various reports.
  • Provides for budget transactions by investigating recorded data.
  • Updates bookkeeping actions by planning and recommending better approaches and methods.

Warehouse Manager

The warehouse manager gives materials, hardware, and supplies by coordinating accepting, warehousing, and dissemination administrations and regulating the staff.

  • Looks after warehouse and appropriation functions by initiating, planning and promoting programs and operational strategies and plans.
  • Consents to government, state, and neighborhood warehousing, material taking care of, and shipping essentials through better and updated enactments; implementing associations with required administration on necessary activities.
  • Shields distribution center operations and substance by building up and observing security methodology and conventions.

Maintenance Manager


The duties of the maintenance manager are as follows:

  • Creating support methods and guaranteeing usage.
  • Doing assessments of the offices to distinguish and resolve issues.
  • Checking electrical and water powered frameworks of structures to guarantee usefulness.

Motivating the Employees

Everybody faces a dunk in inspiration from time to time, and reliably keeping up the states of inspiration in the working environment can be testing.A unique mention among the most important factors in organizational motivation is the way in which an employee’s diligence is perceived. What makes the implementation of small and reckonable objectives so important is that it offers enough opportunities to promote and encourage the after results of the diligent services rendered by the team.

Ethical Principles

Moral treatment of representatives covers everything from paying them decently to giving work conditions that don't hurt them physically or rationally.Representatives also have an obligation to act morally in the working environment. Trust between a business and his representatives rely upon the eagerness of representatives to do work that is equivalent with their level of pay. They ought to likewise keep doing top notch work, notwithstanding when they are not being nearly viewed. Moral representative conduct likewise includes ceasing from taking, either by stashing cash or items, or by guaranteeing to work hours when they were really doing nothing.


Leadership Styles to Adopt

The sales member of a particular team may have a dispute which is related to territory sharing. The types of leadership style that can be adopted are as follows. Regularly, chiefs feel that they must choose the option to keep up the most impenetrable level of control conceivable over individuals and spending plans to guarantee that no penny is squandered and no advantages are lost, particularly to different divisions. Thus, these directors make much thicker obstructions to ensure their turf. It can be said that in this case transformational leadership must be adopted. This is because, transformational leadership involves high communication levels to increase and improve employee efficiency and conduct. This requires a deep engagement of the management with the employees, which might be beneficial in this context.

Question 1: Select the option which does not reflect to a positive role model in the workplace.

(c) Autocratic Behaviour

Question 2: What are the benefits of business networking?

(c) Cost efficiency

Question 3: Define the term SWOT Analysis.

(b) S=Strength; W=Weakness; O=Opportunities; T=Threats

Question 4: Why is SWOT analysis useful? This question has MORE THAN ONE correct answer

(d) It steer you towards those areas where your greatest opportunities lie and highlight the areas where changes need to be made to make the most of your business capabilities.

Question 5: Select the best option which defines the appropriate explanation

Specific: (b) Who is involved: What do I want to accomplish: Identify a Location; Establish a time frame; Identify requirements and constraints; Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal.

Measurable: (a) How much? How many? How will I know when it is accomplished?

Attainable: (b) When you identify goals that are most important to you, you begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capability to reach them. You begin seeing previously overlooked opportunities to bring yourself closer to the achievement of your goals.

Realistic: (d) A goal must represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work.

Timely: (c) A goal should be grounded within a time frame. With no time frame tied to it there’s no sense of urgency.

Question 6: Select the legislation which may affect you with your personal work priorities

  • Disability Legislation

Question 7: Which of the following is not a technique for effective time management?

  • Not Prioritizing To-Do Lists

Question 8: Select the best option which describes the corresponding leadership style

Bureaucratic: (b) Manager seeks to make as many decisions as possible. Manager seeks to have the most authority and control in decision making. Manager seeks to retain responsibility rather than complete the delegation. Consultation with other colleagues in minimal and decision making becomes a solitary process.

Autocratic: (d) Managers gain instant authority with their position, because rules demand that employees pay them certain privileges, such as being able to sign off on all major decisions. As a result, leaders suffer from ‘position power’. Leadership development becomes pointless, because only titles and roles provide any real control or power.

Democratic: (c) Managers seek consultation on all major issues and decisions. Manager effectively delegates task to subordinates and give them full control and responsibility for those tasks. Managers welcome feedbacks on the results of initiative and the work environment. Manager encourages others to become leaders and be involved in leadership development.

Transformational: (a) Leaders motivate employees and enhance productivity and efficiency through communication and high visibility. This style of leadership requires the involvement of management to meet goals. Leaders focus on the big picture within an organization and delegate smaller tasks to the team to accomplish goals.

Question 9: Select the best option which describes the corresponding leadership theories

Trait Theory: (d) This theory postulates that people are either born or not born with the qualities that predispose them to success in leadership roles.

Skills Theory: (c) This theory states that learned knowledge and acquired skills/abilities are significant factors in the practice of effective leadership.

Situational Theory: (b) This theory suggests that different situations require different styles of leadership. That is, to be effective in leadership requires the ability to adapt or adjust one’s style to the circumstances of the situation.

Contingency Theory: (a) This theory states that a leader’s effectiveness is contingent on how well the leader’s style matches a specific setting or situation.

Question 10: Select the options that describe the traits of a leader

  • Ability to Focus; Leveraging Experience.

Question 11: Why might people resist change? (It may have MORE THAN ONE correct answer)

  • Feeling threatened and lack of faith in those making the change.

Question 12: Select the best option that explains different ways people may react differently to change. Circle all the correct answers.

  • Level of trust; Timing; Age and Values.

Question 13: Select the best option that explains different ways people may not react to change

Not me: (b) When employees are asked to do a different job or change the way they currently do a particular job.

What will this do to my job security: (d) It is natural for employees to view change first from the perspective of their own job security, and second from the needs of the organization.

This is a challenge: (c) Some employees view change as a challenge, but are sure they can rise to the occasion, since they feel they have what it takes to be contributing team players when the change affects their work world.

Anger: (a) Some employees are so resistant to change that they become frustrated and angry.

Gossip: (b) Employees who feel a loss of power and control may respond with frustration, anger and disbelief.

Who’s in charge here: (c) Employees who will be working for a new supervisor when the change is implemented may experience difficulty changing their allegiance from one leader to another.

Enthusiasm: (c) Some employees naturally approach life and challenges more enthusiastically than others.

Question 14: Select the option which does not reflect that organization is represented positively in the media and the community

(b.) Having all advertising/ information approved prior to release.

Question 15: Which of the following statement DOES NOT hold true in terms of effect of ethics on business?

  • If a lack of ethics in a business becomes public knowledge, the business loses credibility.

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