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Australia Hardware's Vision and Mission

You have been the General Manager of Australian Hardware successful import/export business centre In Sydney for the past two years. You have been asked by the Board to assist In the development of a strategic plan by initially conducting a review of the vision, mission and values of the organisation.
You review the annual report for the previous year, and note the following statement by the Chair of the Board:

'Within the next five years. Australian Hardware will become a national brand, and will be accepted as an integral part of the hospitality industry, perceived as a key component in the success of homeware and hardware stores, both large and small.' 'Australian Hardware is in business to homeware and hardware that meet the efficiency, reliability and sustainability needs of our Australian Hardware customers who, in turn, reward us with profits that will allow our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate to prosper.' Being part of the management that assisted in upholding the values of the organisation, you have been made very aware of the Chair and Board's views on the following values and, after reviewing your papers and reports, you speak with the CEO, who replies: Australian Hardware values have been the same for as long as the organisation has existed. for our stakeholders, it has always been about stewardship and about adhering to professional and moral standards of conduct in all that we do. For our people, we are committed to encouraging self directed teams, we cultivate leadership and we maintain high levels of safety. Externally, we are committed to wise environmental practices and offering meaningful value lo our customers.' Later in the review process, you are presented with an opportunity to discuss the application of the vision, mission and values with the CEO again. This time, you are more Interested in researching what had changed since the last strategic vision was formulated.

The CEO explains: 'In the past few years, since the last strategic plan was formulated, there have been developments in new areas that were not dearly recognised when developing the last plan. These changes are becoming an important part of our operations on a daily basis, and should be reflected in our vision, mission and values.' 'There Is a real need to Incorporate innovation Into our mission because it has been an outcome from the selftlirected team's directive. Finding new ways to improve the efficiency of processes and effectiveness of customer solutions has become a priority. There has always been a need to evaluate what we were doing, to continually challenge our methods and ask how we can simplify and Improve our business. We should never rest on our laurels, but instead constantly innovate and raise our standards, because we are not afraid to try new ideas and concepts. The organisation needs to embrace strategic alliances and to seek out new partnerships that support and promote our mission, desired outcomes, and strategies.'

When prompted for further changes that had taken place, the CEO stated: Australian Hardware needs to Identify more closely with the community It serves. We need to be a good corporate citizen that recognises our responsibility to be active participants in our local communities, and even donate a percentage of profits every year to a wide variety of community and non-profit organisations

• your emait is titled 'Mission/Vision review'

• your report is In order, with attachments (notes from your meeting) at the back of your report

• your report is submitted as recburod by your organisation (your training provider).

In this assessment, you are required to complete analyses of the organisational environment to develop an understanding of potential competitors and allies, and the associated risks and benefits. Assessment description Complete a value chain analysis, PEST and SWOT for your organisation, plus analyses of the potential competitors and allies supplied in the case study.

Procedure For the provided case study, you are required to complete for your organisation:

1. PEST analysis (including a review of legislation impacting on Australian Hardware )

2. SWOT analysis (including an evaluation of the value-chain).

You are also required to review competitors/allies to Australian Hardware, as described in the case study, and:

• Identify and describe existing and potential competitors/allies, then summarise the strengths and weaknesses of each

• Develop a separate summary statement for each potential ally for a cooperative venture that describes their alignment with Australian Hardware vision, mission, values and attributes, as identified on the tender document.

Once you have developed these materials, you need to meet with your supervisor to discuss and confirm the analyses you have completed, together with the summary of potential cooperative venture allies.

Australia Hardware's Vision and Mission

The vision and the mission of Australia Hardware are to ensure that all its participants, that is the stakeholders, the staff members and the community at large are satisfied and that they benefit from the organization.

Australian hardware highly values its staff members and ensures that they can lead themselves in accomplishing tasks by being independent. With independence, the members can work effectively without management. Their mission is also to ensure that their staff is innovative in ways that can benefit the company which in turn benefits the stakeholders. This is by providing efficiency as well as effectiveness in the organization.

Australian hardware also wants to ensure that the community around it is part of the company. The company is aware that the community around them is essential to the overall success of the company and therefore wants to ensure that they are not left out. This is by involving in community activities such as funding a non-profit organization or being active participants in it. With all these, the stakeholders can benefit from the surplus profits made.

The revised vision of Australia hardware is to provide sufficient and effective services to all that is its community, its members, and its stakeholders.

The revised mission of Australian hardware is to ensure that its community, members, and stakeholders are satisfied with the services they receive and that they are able to benefit leading to prosperity of everyone.

The organization values ethics and morals when conducting business. They ensure that their stakeholders are ethical and uphold the morals that are required to offer excellent services. Australian hardware also values leadership and independence of its staff members as well as their safety. The organization ensures that everyone is a team leader and that the work environment does not pose any risk to the parties involved.

The organization also values its environment and ensures that their practices are eco-friendly. They ensure that the environment is safe for those living around it and that it is of value to those people that live around it.

The revised vision of the organization is to provide sufficient and effective services to all that is its community, its members, and its stakeholders. This vision ensures that all that is involved in the organization from the customers to the stakeholders are taken care of. It is crucial for the organization to ensure that not only one of its participant's benefit but for all. This will lead to prosperity of the company in the coming years as well.

Staff Independence and Innovation

As for the revised mission, it ensures that all involved participants are satisfied. For instance, the stakeholders cannot profit, when the environment is not safe for people to live in. Therefore, the organization needs to ensure that it provides a safe environment both internally and externally for prosperity. If the environment is not secure, then the company loses its customers, and this causes a loss in profits. The stakeholders agreed with this and said that it is essential for the organization to balance all its members.

The organization wants to ensure that their staff members possess leadership and can be independent. This is a good strategy for the company as it ensures the employees can work efficiently without supervision. By encouraging innovation as well, the employees can come up with new ideas that increase efficiency leading to prosperity of the organization. The stakeholders agreed with this as well and saw that innovation would be of great help to the organization.

Lastly, Australian hardware being a community citizen will significantly benefit it. The community is an essential part of any organization and as the company grows it also needs to ensure that the community grows. This is because the company needs the support of the organization as well through customers and employees. Therefore the organization needs to partake in community activities. The stakeholders agreed with this as well and so that investing in the community will benefit the company.

Analyses PEST and SWOT



The government has introduced the new trade policy

A carbon tax may be introduced to monitor all process that involves energy consumption for commercial use.


There may be high economic growth in the future that is not expected.

There is a possible strengthening of the Australian Dollar over the next few years.

All tariffs on goods that are imported will be removed.

The new Sydney market offers an adverse market for the organization.


There is a predicted growth in population in the country from 22 million to 36 million.

The emergent of the home consumer market that is growing.

There is lack of experienced personnel in the area of both inbound and outbound logistics.


The Australian hardware is using social media as a marketing tool.

The organization has a strong Management Information System which allows for strategic planning as well as internal control and finance.

Technological development helps the organization in reducing costs.



The services offered are excellent from the after sale services, handling customers as well as their complaints and any installation.

The marketing done is strong as well as the sales. Social marketing especially is great.

The technology used for operations is effective as it allows for effective internal control and accounting.


The personnel at the inbound and outbound logistics are not experienced thus causing a lot of delays.


The new Sydney market offers a new market for the products of the company.

Forming alliances with other homeware or hardware suppliers.

The home consumer market is experiencing growth.


The rise in the Australian dollar is a threat to the market at the organization as tourists will reduce, and they are the largest customers of homeware.

Competition from other home ware and hardware suppliers such as Masters

The company has not achieved global corporation such as a company like Bunnings.

Development of new hardware that uses 30%less energy


This is a global corporation something that Australian hardware seeks to achieve. It is a one-stop shop, and they have resources that are at their disposal that can be a threat to Australian hardware plans. However, they will find it difficult to adapt to the niche of buyers.

This is a competitor for Australian hardware ever since it started importing products for its customers. They have access to easy markets, and people say that they sell their products in the wholesale. However, they do not have excellent service for helping consumers in maintaining products.

Master Traders

This is an organization that sells both homeware and hardware products in Sydney alone. Its target audience is the home market, and it also has other digital home entertainment products. The venture is to share space in four trade shows in one year. The organization can cover the consumer market for its products which supplements the commercial market. However, they are not solely focused on the industry, and this might be a problem.

Community Involvement and Ethical Practices

This is a risk to Australian hardware by partnering with a company that is a non-industry player. Another risk is that master Traders will have all the trade secrets of Australian Hardware. Australian hardware will be able to profit from this venture, and they agreed to provide access to all due diligence materials.

The company sells both homeware and hardware to supermarkets in Australia as well as other homeware and hardware outlets.  The venture is to share the cost of outdoor advertising of products. The strength of this venture is that the company is an industry player and is committed to it. The weakness is that the company is concerned about the sharing of information and citing their intellectual property. Also, their product image is commodity based and not quality based.

The risks of this venture are a poor brand association and long-term commitment to signage. The returns of profits are good after a year, but the company did not provide any financial statements. The company only allowed to provide one document and that was the copies of the alliance agreements.

This company's vision is to sell quality homeware and hardware products. The venture is for YYY to pay Australian hardware cost price for delivering and installing a machine then paying the remainder in a 12-month program. The strength of this venture is that it is fully committed to hardware and homeware product. The weakness is that other suppliers may not agree with the alliance for Australian hardware products. The risks of this venture are that there is a concern about the amount of money outstanding. The financials are not available for this alliance.

The Australian hardware needs to assess its ventures to see those which the risks are minimal and those that will not affect the returns on investment. The company also needs to consider alliances with its strongest competitors that is Bunnings and Masters as they can help boost it into the global market.

Some of the organizational objectives of the organization are

The first objective is to sell and service all hardware products in Australia. One way of achieving this strategy is through the alliance with the company YYY.  This alliance would allow Australian hardware to open warehouses in all of Australia apart from the Sydney one. Therefore to accomplish this, it is crucial that the YYY alliance is managed at the highest level.

The second objective is that in the next five years, the profit margins to increase by 5 percent. This strategy can be achieved by increasing sales through alliances with other companies as well as increasing the demand for Australian products and services, for example, importing machines for consumers. This will allow for better price negotiations with suppliers.

Market Analysis: PEST and SWOT

The third objective is to ensure that the Australian hardware brand is established in important markets. This is so as to create awareness of our brand. This objective can be achieved by using new technologies to build brand awareness, for example using social media to market the Australian hardware brand through the new apps that are commonly used. The recognition will allow for the success of the company, and this is to be done in the next five years.

The last objective is that in the next five years, the company needs to have reduced its waste and energy use by 10%. This was prompted by the development of hardware that uses less than 30% energy. This strategy can be achieved by creating education programmes for the company. Also, staff members that come up with innovations will be rewarded for this.

The objectives of the organization are based on the PEST and SWOT analysis, and they aim at ensuring that the threats and the weaknesses of the organization are eliminated for prosperity. With the objectives and the strategic plans, the organization will be able to achieve its vision and mission. The objectives aim to improve efficiency, create large profits for the stakeholders and provide competition for other homeware and hardware suppliers.

All employees are required to partake in the strategic plans and any staff member that does not will be considered irresponsible and action taken against them. The marketing department is expected to come up with new ways to create a branding of the company with the help of the technology department. The accounting department will go over all the information on the companies that are competitive and come up with a draft of those we can ally with.

All staff members are required to attend the education program that is scheduled every week on Friday after working hours. It is compulsory too, and employees are required to sign an attendance list. The employees are encouraged to innovate ways in which we can reduce our waste and energy use and those with brilliant working innovations will be highly rewarded. All the employees are required to adhere to these rules for the strategic plans and act accordingly.

The KPI progress is that only 180 products have been installed by the YYY Company in the last year apart from the 200 agreed in the signed contract. This is a milestone as only 20 were not installed however in overall it was not enough.

Another KPI progress is that the Melbourne warehouse is not open and is being run on a more expensive model. Lastly was to outsource the maintenance contractors and this has not been done in the northern territory. The milestone is that it has been done in other states all though they were expensive. The overall progress is that only part of the strategic plan was met. An improvement is to set aside money for opening the Melbourne warehouse.

The KPI progress is that the volumes have increased in that orders fill a container. The milestone is that this was achieved at a quicker time.

The KPI progress is that the wages to turnover ratio are at 13.8% with some states still underperforming. The milestone is that the strategy is still in line with the timetable.

In overall, the strategies were achieved, and no improvements need to be made.

The KPI progress is that the organization has 12000 clicks per day. This is a milestone from the set plan of 10000, and they achieved it in half the time.

The KPI progress is that there is only 50 percent uptake in products in stores. The milestone is that the strategy was introduced in the correct timeframe.

In overall, the organization was not able to fulfill its co-branding with YYY as well as increase the uptake in the stores. Improvements that need to be made are to make the package design and the colors more attractive.

The KPI progress is that there were 30 suggestions and eight innovations for the reduction in waste use. The milestone is that there was a significant reduction in waste use.

The KPI progress is that the energy use per person was 12KW. There was no milestone as the plan was for 10KW use per person.

In overall, the strategic plans were implemented. However, improvements need to be made in the energy use by introducing it on time and to the whole organization as well.

The audience for this report is the Board members, employees, and the assessor. The resources that will be needed for this report are funding and conference rooms and computers. The timeframe for the delivery is before the beginning of the next financial year. The content of the presentation is a power presentation outlining the progress of the strategic plan and the improvements to be made to ensure the plans are met.

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