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BSBMKG506 Plan Market Research

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  • Course Code: BSBMKG506
  • University: University Of Warwick

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  • Country: United Kingdom


It is mandatory that you do 25% (at least 5 hours per week) of course study online outside the
scheduled class time. For this purpose numbers of study materials including a list of online
study resources links have been uploaded on the WIA e-learning site.
? Please use your online study time and uploaded study materials to answer following questions.
? You must achieve “Satisfactory” (at least 20 out of 25) result for this activity to be overall
“Competent” for the unit/subject.
? Upload your answer sheet on the e-learning site and also submit a printed copy to your Trainer
with the “Assessment Cover Sheet”
Multiple-Choice Questions: (Choose one)
1. When market research needs have been identified, it is necessary to consult with relevant
personnel to determine research needs. Which of the following can NOT be defined as relevant
personnel here?
A. Customers
B. Owners of the enterprise
C. Industry competitors
D. Marketing manger
2. The purpose of carrying out marketing research is to …
A. provide employment opportunities for researchers
B. assist managers to make better marketing decisions
C. analyse all sorts of information about the customer
D. Both B and C
3. Identifying marketing research needs is the base for designing and conducting the research,
which of the following cannot be defined as the need of market research?
A. Alerting customers to new products.
B. Comparing consumer attitudes to an organisation’s services and those of competitors.
BSBMKG506 Plan Marketing Research – Assessment 4 Last Updated: October 2016, Version No. 1.1
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C. Finding out the causes of falling sales and what might be done to reverse the trend.
D. Measuring advertising and promotion effectiveness.
4. The first step in the marketing research process is to:
A. develop research approach to the problem
B. report the main findings of the research
C. define the problem and research objectives
D. implement the research plan, and collect and analyse the data
5. Market research should be carried out…
A. The timing of market research is not important.
B. Before the product is launched, to find out whether customers would buy it or not.
C. Market research should not be carried out when it costs too much.
D. After the product had been launched, to see whether it meets the customer’s expectations or
E. Both B and D
6. The market research objective should be…which of the following is NOT correct?
A. relevant to the problem or issue
B. reliable
C. accurate
D. developed by manager’s preference without considering current issues
7. _____________ is marketing research to gather preliminary information which helps to define
problems and suggest hypotheses.
A. Causal research
B. Exploratory research
C. Exploratory research
D. Conclusive research 
BSBMKG506 Plan Marketing Research – Assessment 4 Last Updated: October 2016, Version No. 1.1
Page 3 of 6
8. The purpose for conducting exploratory research is …
A. to gain a better understanding of the problem
B. to generate new value-offering ideas
C. to determine the best alternatives
D. Both A and C.
E. All of the above
9. In order to define market research objectives, it is necessary to undertake preliminary project
scoping. Which of the following is statement is NOT correct?
A. Project scoping is to give managers opportunities to look at and assess the project before
actually take the market research
B. Project scoping is a waste of time as it does not contribute anything to the market research in
C. Project scoping is check whether there is a need for external market research assistance
D. Project scoping to identify possible research locations and sample size
10. What is meant by data?
A. Data refers to the raw information that has been collect, which includes both numerical
information and qualitative information
B. The information that has been analysed and interpreted ready for decision making
C. The questions being asked
D. Answers given by customers via survey
11. Key sources of information available to marketing managers include…
A. Customer information
B. Market intelligence
C. Market research
D. All of the above
12. Market research data that explores the attitudes and opinions of customer is known as:
BSBMKG506 Plan Marketing Research – Assessment 4 Last Updated: October 2016, Version No. 1.1
Page 4 of 6
A. Quantitative research
B. Qualitative research
C. Focus group data
D. Psychological research
13. What does quantitative research measures?
A. Numbers and opinions
B. Numbers and figures
C. Feelings and numbers
D. Figures and feelings
14. ______________ data/information that has been already been collected or published.
A. External information
B. Primary data
C. Secondary data
D. Experimental information
15. Which one of the following is a source of primary data?
A. Online journal databases
B. Surveys or questionnaires
C. A company’s own sales statistics and records
D. The Australian bureau of statistics
16. An advantage of secondary market research is…
A. Available to competitors
B. Cheap and accessible
C. Too general
D. Often out-of-date 
BSBMKG506 Plan Marketing Research – Assessment 4 Last Updated: October 2016, Version No. 1.1
Page 5 of 6
17. A disadvantage of primary market research is…
A. Expensive to collect
B. Focused
C. Up-to-date
D. Exclusive
18. All of the following are advantages of telephone interviews except…
A. Ease of supervision
B. Low cost
C. Quick data collection
D. Easy to collect in-depth information relevant to all types of research concerns.
19. ______________ is marketing research to obtain evidence regarding to cause-and-effect
A. Causal research
B. Descriptive research
C. Experimental research
D. Exploratory research
20. Which one of the following research methods is most likely to be quantitative in nature?
A. Projective techniques
B. Participant observation
C. Surveys
D. In-depth conversations with customers
21. Which of the following common survey methods is rated "poor" in terms of speed of data
A. Personal interviewing
B. Telephone interviewing
C. Postal questionnaires
D. Online survey 
BSBMKG506 Plan Marketing Research – Assessment 4 Last Updated: October 2016, Version No. 1.1
Page 6 of 6
22. When designing a questionnaire you should follow all the following guidelines in order to gather
your data, except:
A. Make sure the questions are easy to understand
B. Use a cover letter, introducing the questionnaire to the respondent
C. Make the questionnaire as long as possible, so the respondent will understand the need for the
D. Demographic questions must go at the end
23. In order to behave ethically in the marketing research process, stakeholders have to…
A. Clients have to supply complete and accurate information to the research supplier.
B. Respondent do not must answer all questions honestly and completely.
C. Suppliers have to adequately inform the respondent as to the nature of the research and the
requirements imposed on them.
D. Researchers just need to report the good side of the findings to the clients.
E. Both A and C
24. Select the right order in which to carry out market research activities.
A. Gather the data – determine what data is needed – determine how to collect the data – analyse
the data – report the findings and make a recommendation based on the data.
B. Determine what data is needed - gather the data - determine how to collect the data - analyse
the data – report the findings and make a recommendation based on the data.
C. Determine what data is needed - determine how to collect the data - gather the data - analyse
the data – report the findings and make a recommendation based on the data.
D. Gather the data – determine how to collect the data - determine what data is needed – analyse
the data – report the findings and make a recommendation based on the data.
25. The limitation of marketing research is…
A. It is time consuming.
B. It could be very costly.
C. It solves nothing by itself as it is only valuable if it helps in marking effective decisions.
D. All of the above.
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