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Assessment Task 1

Kyoto Protocol

Kyoto Protocol is operationalizing the United Nations Convention governing climate change through the commitment of industrialized countries and the economies which are in transition so that it could lead to limitation and reduction of greenhouse gases which are emitted and following the targets agreed by individuals.

Asia-Pacific Partnership

It is bringing together various countries including India and South Korea. It addresses the problems resulting from climate change, air pollution, and energy security to encourage economic development and the reduction of poverty (Alshbili, Elamer, and Moustafa, 2021).

Biodiversity Conservation and Environment Protection Act 1999 (EPBC Act)

This is the Australian government's environmental legislation.  It is covering the assessment of the environment and also approvals. It protects a lot of biodiversities and it is integrating the management of cultural and natural places.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act Regulations

The main aim is to ensure that there is a balance in protecting important cultural and environmental values by using the society's social and economic needs through the creation of a decision-making process and legal framework by basing it on the guiding principles dealing with sustainable development on ecology.

Energy Reporting Scheme and National Greenhouse

They contribute a lot to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by publishing the company information.

Australian Packaging Covenant Voluntary Code of Practice

The main objective is to reduce environmental impacts caused by packaging through the use of efficient design and recycling techniques.

Australian Ecolabel Program Voluntary Code of Practice

Its main purpose is the provision of various incentives to suppliers so that they can help in reducing the impacts on the environment by the products sold.

Company’s Sustainability Policy

Supervisors are the internal source and they participate in ensuring that the goals and objectives are achieved.

 On external sources, supply chain partners are considered to be the ones as they provide useful information because of their closeness to the customers.

Key Steps in a Policy Development Process

The Setting of Agenda and Problem Identification. What is happening is being addressed and why it is an issue.

Formulating and Adopting. This is the second stage and the policy is adopted.

Policy Implementation. The action is taken and money is spent.

Evaluation. Under this stage, policy efficacy is examined.

Policy Document Components

Moderating the Policy Task. Procedures and policies are periodically reviewed.

Oversight and Reporting Policies and Procedures. They should be always generated when needed.

Policy Development Practices

Employees should be trained and coached, proper communication should be made and all employees should be involved.

Environmental Management System

The system is very important in protecting the environment and also the health of employees and the community.

Components of the Environmental Management System

Responsibilities, resources, and authority.

Environmental Sustainability Indicators

They are used in measuring one organization's performance against the other. Examples are water, energy, and methane.

Life Cycle Management Procedures

The approach can be used by all businesses to improve sustainability performance. It ensures that value chain management is well sustained.

Barriers when Introducing Policies and Procedures

Kyoto Protocol

The barriers include lack of effective communication and the organization's complexity.

To solve these problems, good communication and understanding should be used as strategies. 

Briefing Report

Grow Consultants Company is specializing in leadership consultancy and it has been carrying out its operations for the last five years. The company has been going from one company into another as it assess the leadership behavior of managers and also their performance. Managers play a key role to the success of organization and they must therefore have a good leadership skills.

Sustainability and Legal Requirements with Policies and Procedures

Under sustainability and environmental legislation, article 42 is guaranteeing all individuals have an environment that is clean, healthy for the sake of future generations. Article 69 is providing sustainable use, conservation, and managing natural resources to ensure that the accrued benefits are equally shared. Grow Consultants is playing a significant role in ensuring that all organizations are doing that which is expected from them so that they can promote environmental sustainability.

 Proposed Scope and Policy

 Lack of formal energy usage procedure for staff is one of the issues which they have to be fixed.  Proper policies and procedures must be laid in place to ensure that the resources are utilized and hence making it possible for them to be used even for a longer time. It is also evident that the company is not having a policy used when purchasing equipment and it always buys when there is a need. To ensure that the environment is well protected, the company provided recycling bins that are utilized correctly.

Life Cycle Mapping 

Life Cycle Mapping 

All these stages are very significant as the company is assisting companies especially on leadership. Innovation is necessary for the success of every activity which is carried out in the present world. Another is decision making which is supposed to be arrived at after deep consultation.

Information. To ensure that the environment is protected from any poor practices, the companies should be guided on how they should carry out their activities. Grow consultants have been selling books which they are useful to companies.

Leadership. Good leadership in organization is another key factor to ensuring that sustainable practices are successfully implemented in the organization. Grow Consultants have been helping companies in assessing their managers.

Recommendation on Performance Indicators

To measure the performance, the indicators include the level of cleanness in the environment and the community feedback. Cleanness is something visible and it can be easily identified. Another is the feedback provided by the community. They positive feedback is used to signify that the performance has been good.


Subject Matter: Attachment Content

To Paul

Sustainability is one of the most significant things which must be given a priority in order for the company’s goals and objectives to be achieved. For this to be possible, the following sustainable policy and procedures must be followed. The company should replace most of its light bulbs with those having low energy, lights be turned off when not in use and also purchase paper products which are made of recyclable material.

Asia-Pacific Partnership

On the sustainability action plan, the organization should assign duty to each employee to ensure that every activity is done appropriately and in a daily basis. This include switching off the lights and using paper materials which are recyclable.


Sustainability practices are very significant for the welfare of the company and also the society. Having a clean environment very important both to the current generation and the future one. Every stakeholder in the organization must therefore advocate for environmental safety measures.


Subject matter: Sustainability policy and procedures

To: All stakeholders

It has been arrived into agreement that all stakeholders are going to participate in ensuring the sustainability measures in the company are taken. The outcome required for the agreed sustainability policy and procedures is to see all stakeholders responding and doing everything to ensure that the company is achieving its sustainability objectives. Clean environment and customer satisfaction are the key indicators of the progress made. In implementing all sustainability policy and procedures, all stakeholders’ feedback must be given a priority.

Developing Policy and Procedures

To enhance sustainability policy and procedures, the organization is only needed to adopt various things which include use of recyclable materials, switching off the lights when not in use, using paper materials among others. By doing so, the main objective of having a clean and sustainable environment is going to be achieved. The team has contributed a lot to such policies and procedures and also on how they should be implemented.

Action plan




May 2022

Analyzing environmental needs

Technical department

June 2022

Listening to stakeholders feedback


July 2022

Analyzing the stakeholders feedback


August 2022

Checking on other organizations

Company representative

September 2022

Identifying the good policies and procedures


October 2022

Becoming conversant with the environmental laws

All stakeholders

November 2022

Taking the best ideas from other parties

Management committee

December 2022

Leaving all unsustainable practices


January 2023

Streamlining the organization in all areas


February 2023

Recording stakeholders feedback


March 2023

Checking customers’ satisfaction



Checking on organization achievements



Subject Matter: Approval to Move Forward

To: Principal Consultant

Following the meeting which took place with all the stakeholders, it was agreed that organization activities must be carried out in a manner which does not cause any harm to the environment. For this to be achieved, each stakeholder is required to effectively play his role. It has been also found that every stakeholder is very committed to achieving such goals.

Utilizing Energy. Grow management consultants should always ensure that the energy is well utilized. To ensure this is archived, the lights should be always turned off whenever they are not in use. The study shows that there are organizations that use their power energy in the wrong way.  As a result, the organization suffers from wastage which finally leads to more expenses.

Avoiding Paper as Much as Possible. This is another policy that should be adopted at all times. Papers are environmental pollutants and they affect the sustainability plan.  It is found that papers are the most pollutants of the environment and this has therefore made it necessary for it to be always avoided (Agarwal and Kapoor, 2022). Grow management consultants should therefore use other packaging materials and mostly those which can be recycled.  Therefore, every activity which is done by the organization should be always up to the standard.

Recycling Much Waste as Possible. To promote environmental sustainability, the company should always ensure that the wastes are recycled. This is a significant policy that should be always adopted as it is making it possible for the main objective which is environmental protection and sustainability to be achieved.

Biodiversity Conservation and Environment Protection Act 1999 (EPBC Act)

Action Plan



Person responsible

1st week


Company environment manager

2nd week


Waste management team

3rd week



To promote environmental sustainability, evaluation of the company activities is going to be carried out during the first week of the process. Such an activity is very significant as the main objective of having a clean and sustainable environment is going to be enhanced.  In the 2nd week, the waste management team in the organization ensures that the recyclable and non-recyclable wastes are separated. During the third week, an analysis of the environment and the activities carried out within the organization are carried out. By doing so, then it will be possible to control all activities done in the organization and hence leading to environmental sustainability.


During the inspection, it was found that the organization has not avoided disposable items.  This is a big threat to the environment and must be addressed.  The study shows that a large percentage of the environmental pollutants across the world are made up of items that are disposed of by most organizations during their production processes (Agarwal and Kapoor, 2022). This has therefore resulted in the pollution of the environment which is against the good practices of sustainability.  The organization should also go for renewable energy. By doing so, a lot of it is saved and hence making it possible for future generations to have it also. Therefore, it is clear that the organization is not using renewable sources of energy, using items and there are no proper measures which they have been taken to ensure that the products are of the right quality.


To all staff,

Following the inspection of the organization, it has been found that renewable sources of energy have not been fully embraced. This has resulted in a high cost of operations and it has to be addressed so that the solution can be found.  Energy is a significant factor for every organization and in most cases, the expenses come from the amount used. High costs of production have made it hard for the organizations to make maximum profit and this is therefore affecting their goals and objectives as they might not be achieved on time. To promote sustainability, the organization should therefore adopt such sustainability practices at all times.

Sustainability Register

Recording reported opportunity

Action to be taken




Renewable energy

The organization should adopt renewable energy practices.

The manager should be the one in charge.

At all times

The cost of expenses is saved.

Use of disposable items

Coming up with a proper plan


During production process

A clean environment is created

All these practices should be adopted as it is the only way to result in maximum output. Sustainable practices are very important and they must be always embraced at all times. Having a clean environment is one of the most important things which it is being advocated for across the world (Agarwal and Kapoor, 2022). Through a clean environment, even health and safety are enhanced. And this is only possible through the use of best practices which all organizations must adopt.


Subject Matter: Summary of Attachment contents

To: All staff

Following the Assessment of the

Record Template

Following the assessment on the sustainability practices and the way which they have been implemented in the company, the following information was found.



Is the company utilizing energy


Are the recyclable materials used


Are all employees participating in enhancing sustainable practices


Staff Memo,

All the company staff are hereby notified that they should be at the forefront by ensuring that sustainable practices within the organization are well implemented. Each staff member is thereby required to ensure that all the sustainability practices and procedures are complied with.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act Regulations


Sustainability Register

To ensure that every activity is done in an appropriate way, the following activities must be done.



Using environmental friendly materials

Every time

Employees be thought on sustainable practices

Once per month

During the implementation process, the company decided to use renewable energy sources.  This has been very beneficial as the cost of expenses is saved. Cost of operations is one of the most significant features which it must be always given a lot of concern before making any advance. The research shows that organizations' large percentage of the cost of operations is mainly resulting from energy. Therefore, through the use of renewable energy, the operations are going to be expanded since the cost is made low with maximum output. The procedure for this is simple, and this is done only by adopting the renewable source. Using renewable energy sources is one of the most important ways in which they are going to assist the company in achieving its success. They are very useful as there is no struggle on what it is going to be used in the future since everything has been already gathered for.

The second is to start using disposable items.  One of the ways of ensuring that the environment is well sustained through the daily operations of the company is through the use of disposable items. Such items are considered to be very effective when their use is implemented. Items that can be disposed of will make it possible for the environment which is clean to be created. After the implementation of such practice, making the environment even cleaner is made possible and that is the main objective. The procedure of implementing this is simple and this is only through the acquisition of disposable items.

Another sustainable practice that is supposed to be implemented by the organization is by ensuring that water is utilized. Without water, no activity can be carried out as it is the main factor of all processes. The company should therefore ensure that proper measures are put in place for wastage to be reduced in a huge margin. The organization's water wastage has been resulting from leaking pipes which most of the time has led to a lot of wastage. Also, some of the staff members have been leaving the water running without taking any necessary action. This can be resolved only by adopting the right procedures which include closing the taps after use.

Sustainability Policy and Procedures

In order to enhance clean and sustainable environment, the company is going to ensure that proper measures are put in place. Among the factors which they are going to be implemented in order for the clean and sustainable environment to be enhanced, are going to be of great significance.  They include the use of recyclable materials, switching off lights when not in use and ensuring that paper materials are also going to be used. Clean environment is not only important to the current generation, but also to the future.


Subject matter: Report content

To: Stakeholders

Following the sustainable environmental practices which they must be adopted in the organization, several actions have been taken to ensure that everything is implemented as needed. The first action has been to use renewable energy sources. Through the use of renewable energy, a lot of costs are going to be saved and this is making it possible for the maximum output to be achieved since the cost of operations will be below. Cost is a very significant factor and every activity which is done should be the one that is not a burden to the company. Through cost-saving practices, the goals and objectives are going to be achieved in time.

Also, the organization is going to use disposable items. This is one of the ways of ensuring that the environment is always clean with the proper measures being taken at all times. Items which are not disposable are risky to the living organisms which they are found in the environment and this must be therefore considered at all times. For this to be achieved, the organization must come up with proper plans with all stakeholders participating as the implementation is done. 


Agarwal, A., & Kapoor, K. (2022). Analysis of barriers in green human resource implementation for enhancing organizational sustainability: a DEMATEL approach. Transnational Corporations Review, 1-15.

Alshbili, I., Elamer, A. A., & Moustafa, M. W. (2021). Social and environmental reporting, sustainable development and institutional voids: Evidence from a developing country. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 28(2), 881-895.

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