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BSBWOR301 Organize Personal Work Priorities And Development

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Assessment overview

required to complete the three (3) mandatory assessment tasks included in this unit in chronological order.

By completing these assessment tasks, you will be assessed on your knowledge, and your ability to:

  • Use business technology to create and use systems and processes to organise and prioritise tasks and commitments
  • Measure and maintain personal work performance including assessing competency against competency standards and seeking feedback
  • Maintain an appropriate work-life balance to manage personal health and stress
  • Participate in networks
  • Develop a personal development plan which includes career objectives and an action plan
  • Develop new skills

The assessment methods used in this assessment strategy include:

  • Assessment: 9 Short answer questions
  • Assessment 2: Scenario with five (5) questions
  • Assessment 3: Project with three (3) parts

Each task must be completed according to the requirements described in the individual assessment instructions to be deemed satisfactory.

Assessment 1 – Short Answer Questions

Instructions for student

Your task is to carefully read and consider each of the following nine (9) questions. Answer each in their correct order and submit your responses to your assessor.

Question 1

Answer the following two (2) questions:

  1. List four (4) sources of information that explain your work goals, objectives and key performance indicators.
  2. Explain the SMART goal framework.

Question 2

Why is it important to prioritise tasks? What factors do you need to consider when working out your work priorities?

Question 3

List five (5) time wasters that may impact on your ability to meet your work goals and objectives. For each time waster, explain whether they can be dropped, delegated or done more efficiently.

Question 4

List five (5) types of business technology you can use to manage and monitor your time more effectively at work.

Question 5

Answer the following questions:

  1. What can you do to self-assess your performance in the workplace?
  2. How can self-assessment help you complete your daily work priorities and develop your personal competencies?
  3. What is a training needs analysis?

Question 6

List three (3) people that you can seek feedback from about your daily work performance and ongoing personal development. What do you need to do to ensure you are prepared to receive and take on board feedback?

Question 7

What is a quality variation? Why do you need to report variations to your supervisor?

Question 8

Briefly explain the following legislation that you need to comply with on a regular basis in the business services sector:

  1. Work health and safety legislation
  2. Privacy legislation
  3. Anti-discrimination legislation

Question 9

Explain the principles of Covey’s Time Management Matrix, including the use of urgency and importance in assessing jobs and tasks. 

Assessment 2 – Scenario

Instructions for student

Your task is to carefully review the information regarding the Global Star Enterprises (GSE) simulated workplace according to the Background Information provided below. Answer each of the five (5) questions in their correct order and submit your responses to your assessor.

Background Information

You are working as an Administration Assistant for Global Star Enterprises (GSE). It is 9am Monday morning and your manager has given you the following workload that must be completed over the course of this week:

·         Responding to an urgent customer complaint

·         Planning your day ahead

·         Logging into the phone system

·         Following up a customer complaint

·         Moving a set of records to the archives

·         Socialising

·         Writing feedback for a one on one

·         Writing a non-important report

·         Reading junk mail

·         Confirming tomorrows set of client appointments

·         Planning for a one on one with the supervisor

·         Logging a system error with IT

·         Fire evacuation

·         Calling your friends

·         Completing online learning activities

·         Catching up for coffee with a mentor

·         Adjusting your workstation correctly

·         Having the right information before taking a call

·         Reporting a WHS incident

·         Emailing customer feedback to your TL

·         A co-worker asks for your input about a sensitive internal issue

·         Calling a client to reschedule a meeting in 2 days time

·         Thinking of ideas for the next team building event tomorrow

·         Organising the files for today’s appointments

·         Reporting an error in the company website

·         Multiple coffee/ smoko breaks

·         Attending an urgent product review meeting 

Question 1

Your task is to categorise each activity into a specific quadrant using Covey’s Time Management Matrix. Design a basic table with two (2) rows and two (2) columns, so that your table has four (4) quadrants. Write the activities in the quadrant that you believe fits best.

Question 2

Based on the quadrant three (3) and four (4) tasks you have identified in your table, explain what you can do to ensure these tasks have minimal impact on the achievement of your work priorities.

Question 3

Over the course of the week, explain how you would monitor your performance to ensure it is up to the standard required in the workplace?

Question 4

Throughout your week, explain five (5) time management techniques that you could use to ensure your quadrant two (2) tasks do no fall into quadrant one (1).

Question 5

You are currently working on an urgent and important (quadrant two (2)) task when your manager asks you to complete an important but non-urgent (quadrant three (3)) task within one (1) hour. How would you negotiate a successful outcome?

Assessment 3 – Project

Instructions for student

Your task is to carefully read and consider the details outlined below for this project. Complete the project with three (3) parts according to the requirements set out below and submit your responses to your assessor.

IMPORTANT: If you submit a project/case study that is not appropriate or complex enough for the assessment, there is a possibility that your assessment will not be accepted. If you have concerns or would like advice regarding your choice of project/ case study, please use the Contact form to request a trainer contact you to ensure your chosen project/case study is appropriate.

Question 1

Project Part 1 – Conduct a Training Needs Analysis

To complete this project task, you will need access to the Training Needs Analysis Template located on the GSE Intranet > Policies & Procedures > Human Resources > General > Training Needs Analysis.

Your task is to self-assess your performance by conducting a personal training needs analysis. This may be based on your existing job role, or your next desired position or career aspirations within an organisation. You must complete the template provided and note down a minimum of three (3) learning needs that you need to develop.

When conducting your TNA, consider the following learning needs areas:

  • Knowledge
  • Attitudes
  • Skills

Upload once complete.

Question 2

Project Part 2 – Develop a Performance Development Plan

To complete this assessment task, you will need access to the Performance Development Plan located on the Global Star Enterprises (GSE) intranet > Policies and Procedures > Human Resources > General.

Your task is to create your own performance development plan for the next 12 months that focuses on your core competency needs as identified in your competency assessment. The aim of the task is to ensure you develop a competitive edge in your current or future organisation.

Your performance development plan must include the following information:

  1. Learning/ career objectives – The targets (SMART goals) explaining what you hope to achieve
  2. Focus areas – The gaps needing improvement such as specific skills, knowledge and attitudes
  3. Actions to improve your competencies – the learning opportunities that you will participate in the improve in the focus areas
  4. Indicators for success – The performance measures that explain how you will know whether you have been successful in meeting your objectives

Question 3

Project Part 3 – Personal Stress Management Plan

Based on as self-assessment, develop a personal stress management plan that describes the common sources of stress, signs of stress and methods of dealing with stress, including building your personal resilience and stamina.

Your personal stress management plan should document the following items:

  1. A minimum of five (5) personal and five (5) occupational stressors
  2. The common behavioural, physical and emotional signs that indicate you are feeling stressed
  3. Five (5) short-term and five (5) long-term stress management strategies

Ensure you complete all project criteria for this part. The contents must be proof-read, edited and formatted. Upload once completed.

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