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Part 1: Examination of the Job Market

This assignment is designed to further students understanding of the job market, volunteering and the current and future trends in recruitment and the tools available to find employment. 

Step 1: Identify at least five predicted career trends for the next five years

Step 2: In general which careers are increasing? Decreasing? Step 3: Discuss the expected trends in this area and comment on what is driving those trends. 

This section examines a career that might interest you in the current job market 

Step 1:  Open the The Facts' window on the myfuture site and go to the 'Occupation Video Search' link. Select a video from a paid occupation that interests you.

Step 2: Using your chosen career and additional research answer these questions:

• Give a brief description of the types of jobs you could do within this career.

This section examines volunteering work that might interest you in the current job market 

Step 1: Choose a volunteer organisation and answer these questions:

• Give a brief description of the volunteer organisation and the job you would expect to do.

• What kind of activities and tasks are you likely to undertake in this job?

• Explain what in particular attracted you to this area of volunteering?

• What training/education is required to volunteer in this occupation?

• Is there potential to have a paid position in this area? Describe what that paid job might be.

• How could the skills from this volunteering job lead you to other paid jobs or other paid careers? Please specify which jobs or careers you think these skills would be useful in.

• In your opinion, what does your chosen volunteer organisation bring to society? Support this view with evidence.

• In your opinion, what does your chosen volunteer organisation bring to the economy? Support this view with evidence. 

This section examines the current recruitment market.

Step 1: Identify the major recruitment competitors such as SEEK.COM, Adecco etc. Your answer must identify and profile AT LEAST five competitors and cannot use Linkedln (this will be done in the next assignment)

Step 2: Discuss the predicted trends for companies seeking to recruit new employees 

Step 3: Offer a strategy for gaining employment in the career identified in Part 2. You must include: 

• Which companies would you target for employment? How would you chose these companies and what research should you do on the company before applying for a job?

• Give at least three ways you could seek employment with your chosen companies.

• What would be the best of these recruitment options for you and why?

• be able to identify personal examples of key employability skills, evaluate where personal skills require development and create a plan of action to show how skills will be developed;

• be able to discuss the relationship between learning and career and life development, and apply this personally;

• be able to research, appraise and explain how paid and non-paid work relates to society and the economy;

• be able to identify personal career and life choices, go on to develop a strategy to achieve these, begin to apply them and appraise their efficacy; and • be able to modify personal career and life choices according to changes in personal and environmental influences. 

Part 1: Examination of the Job Market

Understanding of job market will help to develop the best decision to change the organizational strategy to overcome the competition among the different organization. This is generally depend on the update information towards the job as well as about the employees connected with the job. Nevertheless, these understanding are another powerful tool that reflects on the performances of the employees within a workplace here in the current assignment the vocational trends of the job market throughout subsequent five years are discussed by, identifying the increasing and decreasing the career opportunities in Australia. Apart from that, the development of the personal skill and managing skill will help to evaluate the voluntary administration of a specific organization. The recruitment competition of various software organizations is discussed and the strategy towards the achievements of the employees is described.

 The five predicted career trends include information technologies, health care service, accountancy, programming, and lawyers. As asserted by Muñoz et al.  (2015).  Among them he employees didn't get the information technologies a few decades ago as the computers, internets, as well as smart phones, recently have changed the strategy of business communication throughout the world. Hence, the usage of these technologies helps to develop the performances of the security specialists, programmers and administrators within a software organization. As commented by Hu et al.  (2013), the health care service is offered to an aging population or patients and the healthcare workers such as nurses, physical therapists and doctors meet the demand of their respective customers. Although the health care service is not largely affects by the economic downturns and upturns, the students are getting the job quickly from this domain. As mentioned by Dineen et al. (2017), accountancy help to hold the immunity card towards the digital disruption and it has a huge demand towards the professionals practice accountancy. Along with that is it required in the digital literate to continue the predicted growth of an organisation.

Figure: Identification of five predicted vocational trends for subsequently   five years

(Source: Venkatesh and Johnson 2014)

However, in Australia, there are 85000 application and software programmers and it assumes that by 2020 this will increase by 17.2 percent. As asserted by Kamil and Nasurdin. (2016), the professionals of the computer science and software engineering employees are getting more attention from the society. Again it is seen that a huge number of employers generally want to hire the software engineering students. They can improve their understanding by the applied science as well as different engineering principles to the engineering problems in the commercial sectors. Moreover, the service of a lawyer is preliminary focus on the growth of the global business trends and helps them to evaluate the experiences, knowledge as well as the personal skill of an individual. As commented by Sykes, Venkatesh and Johnson (2014), therefore their kill is increased towards the navigate areas such as tax codes, environment and work regulations, international laws and ethics of the society.

Part 2: Examination of a Paid Occupation

Among the vocational trends, the information technologies and the health care services are providing more opportunities to the students in their career. As commented by Ralston et al.  (2015), accountancy, programming and lawyers are not giving much career opportunities. Again, it can observe that the information technology domain principally drives the innovation and promotes success within a business territory. Hence, the IT students can implement the innovative ideas to the organization that can reflect on the evolution of an organization. As commented by Kamil and Nasurdin. (2016), this creativity and innovation of the employees develop the systematic management and offer instant support towards their respective consumers. However, in the healthcare service the nursing and the medical students can fulfill the target pharmacy and clinical internship within an organization.

The students can develop valuable work experiences and can achieve the huge range of opportunities for their future. As asserted by Stanton  & Stanton  (2016), although there are opportunities of the accountancy trends in the business territory no such recruitment process as accounting deals with a simple record to show the financial position of a company. The lawyers have also the opportunities but law school is little expensive as well as nowadays the lawyers are facing client's pressure to execute their responsibilities. As commented by Sykes, Venkatesh and Johnson (2014), moreover although the programming is a technology driven and well-paid job due to huge competencies, the outsourcing positions of different companies are running in lower wages.

Discussion of the expected   trends and comment on the responsible factors to driving these trends

 The expected trends are information technology and health care services that provide more career opportunities to the students. As opined by Perelli-Harris et al. (2014), the information technology as well as the health care institution and different hospitals enhance the job opportunities and recruit fresher for their organizations. Private healthcare sectors also provide the facilities management scopes to develop the personal skill of the employees by implementing the empowerment of their staffs.

The IT service also promotes job satisfaction of the employees and they can prepare their career by increasing their potentiality within the workplace. However, different software companies support the employees to develop their innovative ideas as well as make them efficient by conducting training. Nonetheless, the healthcare service principally gives the decision thinking opportunities regarding their service within a healthcare organization.

Software Industry is the one of the highest grossing industry in the 21st Century and it has a strong impact in modern era as well as modern economy. Few things are described below regarding the Australian Software Industry.

Part 3: Examination of an Unpaid Occupation

  Nowadays Software Industry has become a super power industry and it has major two types of job categories like

  1. Technical
  2. Non- Technical

As opined by Ahmed et al. (2015) last one to two years the software industry reached in such a position where not only technical students are taking parts as well as non-technical also. Different types of job roles are present like administrative accounts section related.

Technical jobs are widespread in this mother Industry. So many designations are present in this section like

  1. Infrastructure Development
  2. Designing
  3. Application development
  4. Integrating
  5. Data and analysis
  6. Risk Management (Clarke, 1992)

 In this industry, the employee has to evaluate system models, database designing and software applications. Most of the employees are expected to work as contractors where software development procedures are of prime importance. However, Perelli-Harris et al. (2014) are of opinion that even the academia sector has bright future for software engineers in Australia. Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple has founded a work culture where the engineers can work from home or at weekends thereby never taking holidays.

Verner et al. (2014) stated that software industry needs those professionals who are technically sound as well as those who have fluent speaking ability, a strong personality because technical knowledge is insufficient to become a good IT professional. It is proved that those people who are very bright in academics are not very good in workplace just because of lack of professional approach.

Figure 1: Training for job role

(Source: Trytten et al. 2016)

Beside these some technical knowledge is also required like front end - back end development concept, good programming logic concept, database concept, web development, Mobile development, cloud based technologies.

The average income of an IT professional is $85000

National Average


Sydney area average


A biggest salary increment has been seen in the 2017 in every job roles in software industry, which is minimum 30% and maximum 40 to 45% in different sectors (Trytten et al. 2016).

An employee can work for HR department if he/she excels the workflow and the nature of working. All people are related to some extend with a team or group of people. HR transformation is the best for an IT professional coz every IT industry has its own HR department so from that angles it is very much helpful for him and he has a vast knowledge regarding HR.

Software reached everywhere in modern society and its impact is very much noticeable. Now days software introduced so many things which is very much helpful and reduced the human work which is obviously profitable for our society .They are

  1.  Automated system
  2.  Cloudbase works
  3.  Net banking System
  4.  Security purpose
  5. Communication System

Part 4: Examination of Recruitment

Knight et al. (2014) stated that one of the primary economic contributions lies in providing more jobs in the market. ICT has ensured a 1.4% increase in GDP in emergent markets of developing countries. Software industries have also gave way to online services off varied public services.

  • Governmental project
  • Social networking
  • Banking industry
  • Security

Different activities and tasks to undertake the job

In Australia, Xero offers the unpaid service to execute the system analysis, programming and design the information to evaluate the project limitations. As asserted by Ahsan & Khan (2013), they also recruit employees to modify different existences software and to rectify various errors for development of the programs to perform different projects. The applicants must be experienced for more than one year, as they have to consult with respective customers regarding the functioning of the equipment and measure the expected outcomes (, 2017).

Xero will provide training to the volunteer employees to improve their performances as well as make them more efficient as much as possible.

As mentioned by Perelli-Harris et al. (2014), according to the performances of an individual the company will offer them expected salary and provide proper guidance to develop their programming and critical thinking skill within the company. The administration also monitors their performances to evaluate their activities towards their responsibilities.

The organization will conduct training sessions to make the employees more responsible towards their performances. As influenced by Ahsan & Khan (2013), the training or education will help to develop their interpersonal skill and motivate them to design and improve the software system by analyzing the information. The software application training will increase their talent by developing the potentiality of the employees and reduce their absenteeism and turnover.

Xero also offers increment according to the performance and potentiality of their employee. Moreover, this training will help to evaluate various factors like cost constraints and reporting factors of the company. As opined by Gledhill et al.  (2015), the company will conduct partnership performances to distribute the burden of the workload among their workers and they will consider as the paid employees within the organization and become permanent. Along with that, they will increase the cost of the employees, as this will enhance their job satisfaction.

Xero also ensures the applicants that this job will develop the leadership skill and help to improve the project management planning within the company. As commented by Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault (2015), this skill will reflect on their performances and increase the productivity of the business. Nonetheless, the inventiveness, as well as the problem-solving skill of the employees, will enhance their creativity by making them focussed and disciplined towards their activities.

 The Software organization helps to develop the communication and the innovation of the information technologies generally having huge effects across the various domains in the society to resolve the issues regarding the economic productivity and intellectual property of different communities. As opined by Siegel (2016), the impact of the IT in the cost structure of this firm can be illustrated on electronic commerce example. This area of the cost reduction may carry out the organizational success and focus on the scientific knowledge to meet the societal requirements. The communication among the employees as well as their involvement with the stakeholders will reflect the socioeconomic status of the business (Xero Official Website, 2017)

The economic perspectives of Xero generally concerned with their no quantifiable as well as the indirect effort towards attractiveness of the country. As mentioned by Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault (2015), the company will help to analysis the economic performances of the organization by considering the qualitative and quantitative growth of the company throughout the year. Moreover, it is observed that by accessing the affordability of the services reflects on the socio economic status of the internal as well as external stakeholders of the company.

Step 1    identification of the recruitment competition 

Acquiring as well as retaining the high-quality talent is very critical towards the organizational success. As commented by Manroop and Richardson (2016), in the recent years, the job market has fetched quite attention as more and more of the applicants are applying online for their jobs. The employers on the other hand also seek these websites looking for the right candidate. Seek has gained immense popularity in the country. Guan et al. (2014) have pointed out that in the year 2014/15 almost 26% of the jobs were governed by this website. Recently they have also undertaken the markets of neighbouring New Zealand and Singapore. However, they also have stiff competition from other domestic websites such as Jobtree, Australian Job search and MyCareer. Almost 48% of the recruitment happens through online portal and social media websites and remaining 18% happens through news papers and other recruiting agencies.

In order to recruit new employees, an organization needs to provide proper advertisement mentioning the required qualification and age of the applicants.  As per the advertisement, the applicants have to fill the application form through the online or offline mode of the application procedure. Nonetheless, they have to make payment for the application if it mentioned in the advertisement. As asserted by Dineen et al. (2017), the interested applicants need to submit their curriculum vitae and within that, their qualification and experiences should be mentioned. As commented by Uller (2015), an organization will select the application according to their qualification and they will call the applicants for further procedures. Interview or writing skill can be verified to examine their efficiency for the particular business domain. Here IN Australia, it is observed that SEEK is also facing the recruitment issues as it had many competitors like COM (SEEK Official Websit, 2017).

Career development does not happen overnight and therefore career goals can signify the strategies for achieving success in this field. Guan et al. (2014) have shed light on the following strategies:

  • Stretch assignments can ensure enhancement of skills and growth at a certain field. Some of the employees look for leadership placements while others explore other options. This particular strategy would help in getting jobs out of the comfort zone.
  • Regular discussion of the career goals can highlight innovative ideas in performance reviews.
  • Career coaching programs are excellent start to make a mark in this sector and get employed


From the above discussion, it can conclude that five predicted career trends involve information technologies, health care service, accountancy, programming, and lawyers. Among them, the IT and healthcare service provided more opportunities to the students to develop their interpersonal skill and make them efficient towards their performances. However, an organization has to develop their training procedure to improve the employability skill of employees by promoting their experiences in the business territory. In Australia, Xero offers unpaid service and they will conduct training to motivate their employees to increase their potentiality as much as possible. However, it is seen that SEEK is facing recruitment issues as it has many competitors in Australia. Hence, the organization ought to follow proper recruitment process to select an efficient employee for their company.


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