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Bus301 Business Capstone Project

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  • Course Code: BUS301
  • University: University Of Notre Dame
  • Country: United States


In case of the hotel website, it is better to have the virtual lobby as it will help to create the first impression for the customer for the hotel. In the case of an online visit, there is the customer who will create the own opinion for the hotel depending on what he or she will go to the hotel website. Thus the website can be the determinant for the customers in the case of booking the room or finding the other hotels. Thereby the aim of this research is to evaluate the level under the e-commerce adoption within the SMHs in Malaysia. Thus, the impact of the internet technology within the hotel industry also forces towards the hotel managers in order to establish the websites for their own properties. There is the website which has the strong marketing tool along with some attractive information source within the hotel products along with the services. Thus the websites can have the platform of the communication between the hotels along with the customers so that the customers can make their online inquiries with the respective hotel representatives (Chiew & Salim, 2013).

Park and Gretzel (2017) have developed more than 10 unified factors for the website in order to ease of use, information quality along with the responsiveness, advertising, visual appearance, personalization, interactivity, fulfilment along with the playfulness and technology integration. In order to enhance the applicability for the evaluation criteria for the SMHs for the websites, other researchers have to adopt the of the unified factors within the ease of the usability, responsiveness for the online request form along with the security or the policy for the terms and the condition, other than the privacy policy. It also includes the information quality or the currency advertising or the hotel features as well as the promotion.

Thus the IS-approach has studied to adopt the technical factors in such a way so as to ease of its use along with the security and the privacy. The information quality is reformed as the part of the evaluation criteria for SMHs in Malaysia. In each of the IS study, it consists with the ease of use factors with the most frequently for the criteria which will depend on the navigation, searching mechanism, user-friendliness, loading speed, ease of access, web linkage etc. (Lam, Cho, & Qu, 2017) 

As per Ting et al. (2014), it is needed to evaluate the website by adopting the e-MICA stages for the promotion, grouped, processing and also the provision of the seven dimensions rather than the interactivity, online processing. Thus the evaluation will be focused upon the independent hotels under other four continents. The evaluation can be compared with the website for the four continents. Thus the findings will be arguable since the sampling for the hotels which will be clearly identified. There are independent hotels which may have the different level of the e-commerce adoption along with the comparison as well as the generalization which is so much subjective in nature (Law & Jogaratnam, 2015).

Issues and Problems that being analyzed

According to Panagopoulos et al. (2011), it is needed to develop the evaluation framework for the Chain Hotel website in Malaysia and that will combine with the dimensions like information attributes, payment, website design attributes, and quality of the content, website operating attributes, navigation along with the search facilities. Thereby the proposed evaluation method depends on the website evaluation through the users or the guests, IT professionals, hotel managers as well as the IT professionals in order to have the principal components analysis (PCA) for the estimation of the performance score under the three categories with the overall score under the website.

Thus the evaluation model for the Chain hotels in Malaysia which is the generic, standardized as well as open as it has been applied for the evaluation of the websites for the various categories of hotels, such as, city hotels, art hotels resort hotels, boutique hotels etc. Thus the website evaluation has been applied for SMHs for the website as the dimension of the evaluation becomes much sophisticated or the evaluation methods by the guest, IT professionals or the hotel managers are found to be applicable for the study for SMHs in order to increase the validity for the evaluation.

As per Ham (2015) the study of the context analysis along with the evaluation approach for the limited-service as it has lodged the properties. Thus the seven evaluation criteria can be highlighted in the study as it includes the content, timeliness of information, impression, accuracy, navigation as well as the accessibility. Thus the weakness of the study has to identify their effectiveness for the hotel website within the 25 top limited lodging of the chain hotel. Thus the study which focusses on the chain hotel and thus it will be biased as it would not focus on the other types of the ownership structure (, 2018).

On the other hand, there are many people who are found to be devoted within the tourism as well as they prefer the taste within the local food for their same time, then they found to stay at the hotel which becomes the favourite tourist lodge. In that scenario, the construction of the hotel information is considered as the imminent. As per the advent for the big data era along with the integration for the global economy, the customers of the hotel become more diversified as those hotels will face fiercer of the international competitions within the same industry as well as the other industries. Thus it means that there are varieties of customers who need along with sharply decrease the hotel profits. So for that reason, it will enhance the profits of the hotel as they have their requirements for using more effective information system in order to improve that competitiveness within the hotel in order to decrease the labour costs as well as the operating costs or for the increase in the profit range of the hotel. In that respect, the hotel may have more money so that they can invest into the researchers, their development of the new products, development of the customer satisfaction support module along with the management and the service personnel training etc. (Geller, 2013) 

Detailed Analysis of the identified issues

For the evaluation of the e-commerce issues and the online website application, it is needed to determine the e-commerce adoption within the SMHs for the researchers who have to propose the stage model under the e-commerce adoption amongst the SMHs in Malaysia.

Thus the proposed stage model for the e-commerce adoption within the SMHs is depending on the six levels of the E-commerce Evolution Stages Model as proposed by Chen & Mc Queen (2012) as well as the purpose of the study. Thus the elements of the website will be evaluated the criteria which can be developed by the researchers to find out the purpose of this study (Chiew & Salim, 2013).

Stage 1: The static informational website

At this stage, SMHs can develop the relatively low cost for the development of the static informational website as it includes the basic information about those hotels with the preferred location, their features along with the other contact details. Thus the website will provide the very limited photos and will not have the interactive photo gallery. In this scenario, there are no online reservation facilities for the email as it will provide the room for the preservation. Thus the website would not provide the online customer service support along with the no online request form. Therefore, the website would not be multilingual as well as the website content as it has been updated. At this stage, there is no privacy as well as the security information (Scaglione, Schegg, & Murphy, 2015).

Stage 2: the simple Interactive Website:

Thus the basic online reservation for the key characteristics for the e-commerce applications can be found at this stage.

As there are other SMHs it could not afford for developing the own reservation system and thus the online reservation has found to be linked in order to help in the outsourcing the hotel booking engine. At this stage, there is the information about the hotels which is more detailed compared to the stage 1. Thus the hotel can be offered very few offers along with the information through their web pages (Shergill & Chen, 2016).


Stage 3: The Interactive Website:

Thereby, at the stage of three, the SMHs may have their own reservation system where the customers can able to make the reservation, cancel or modify their reservation within the electronic payment within the use of the credit card, electronic fund transfer, debit card as well as the electronic cash.

Thus the website can also provide the customer service support for their inquiries within the customers. Thus the hotels will respond the customer inquiries as usually through the email for other preferred contacts. Thus the websites will be more interactive along with informative as there will be the provision for updated hotel picture as well as the promotions (Shuai & Wu, 2016).

Stage 4: The Fully Interactive Website

Thus in this stage of four, it has the potential for acquiring all kind of benefits as it will display under the previous stage or it will provide the relationship for the marketing along with the customers as it will facilitating the full range for marketing the exchanges. Thus the customer loyalty program can be available in the case of the website. Thus the website will also provide within 24 hours through the online customer service support as well as the online chats so that the visitors can get the response to their inquiries in an immediate manner (Ting, Wang, Bau, & Chiang, 2013). 

Further for the development of this kind of website, there are some evaluation criteria those are required to meet. Thus the development of the small and the medium-sized hotel's websites in Malaysia as it will develop the five websites for the evaluation categories:

  1. E-Marketing: Through this scenario, the online marketing or the e-marketing can have the potential for providing the distinct value for the hotel as it will be used by the websites. Thus the website will have the platform for the hotel in order to offer the online information and thus it can be established the communication as well as the exchange of the communication for conducting the online transactions. There are other researchers who will identify the seven important variables under the e-marketing criteria about the hotel features, social media as well as the visual material for the promotions and the offers in the case of small and medium-sized website evaluation.
  2. Usability: Thus the issues related to the usability along with the effectiveness can be crucial. There are the criteria for the evaluation of the SMHs websites usability for the multilingualism; use of website along with the currency of the website can be found.
  3. E-Customer Relationship Management: It is needed to adopt the E-CRM by the companies as it will increase the customer loyalty within the customer in retention through the improvement of the customer satisfaction. The features pf E-CRM has been found among the many other factors in contributing to the success of the e-commerce websites, thereby the E-commerce Relationship Marketing tool for evaluation (Yolal, Emeksiz, & Cetinel, 2016).
  4. Online Reservation: As per Gardini (2015), the success of sales of the websites has relied on the abilities of the owner for their professionalization for the online process. Thus the reservation status along with the confirmation may cause the major drawback for the sales efficiency. In that fashion, the reservation could not be confirmed by the small amount of the time. There are the other problems in the cancellation fees in order to decide the factors for the customer as it would not be able to make the real-time of reservation, the cancellation of the reservation or the modification of the reservation. In this fashion, it will need for the acceptance for the online payment within the several types of the payments methods, like PAYPAL, debit card as well as the credit card etc. (Zafiropoulos & Vrana, 2016) 

Recommend solution and suggestions

Some of the recommending processes for website evaluation have been discussed as under:

  1. E-Marketing: the total of the 59.5 percent for the small as well as the medium sized hotels can be provided for the interactive map along with the simple directory for the hotel website. This is very significant that for the hotels it is needed to provide the map along with the directory for the website so as to evaluate the same in very easy formats for the customers in order to find out the hotel locations. In that scenario, the customer will open the hotel website along with the other hotels that will provide the interactive map customers as they could not connect within the GPS navigation as it will be very helpful for finding out the hotel location. As there are other SMHs hotels those are being provided with the contact details as it will include the full address, email address, the telephone number as well as the fax number. Thus the one and small as well as the medium sized hotels will have their own toll free number, sales department, hotel reservation number, and also the specific emails among the reservation departments (Hashim, Murphy, Purchase, & O'Connor, 2010).
  2. Usability:

In the other terms of ease for the use of the website, there is 48.7 percent of SMHs those are easy to access but that has no sitemap along with the search engine as it would not be provided within the website. For only 5.4 percent of the websites it has been rated with the excellent as in the terms for the ease of use for the website, thus the total of 83.8 percent for the SMHs websites within Malaysia it is the English language. There is the total of 8.1 percent of the SMHs websites for Malaysia as it will use for linking with the Google Translate, thus the only few of the SMHs of the websites can have the multilingual and thus they will provide the languages like Arabic, Japanese or the Mandarin etc. thus the total of 40.5 percent of the SMHs websites will be ranked as good in the terms of the currency for the web content.

  1. Online reservation:

Thus from the research, it can be observed that there is 97.3 percent of the hotels will have the websites that will provide the online reservation service. Thus, it is 78.4 percent of SMHs in Malaysia for outsourcing the booking engine. The SMHs and other independent hotels can be utilized for the outsourcing of the booking engines for the hotel reservation system as it will cost much cheaper as compared to the development of the hotel reservation system. Moreover, it has been found that most of SMHs in Malaysia may have less than 300 rooms and along with that they will contact directly develop the IT system.

Customers will make the online payments that will a variety of the forms like the credit card, PayPal along with the debit card. Those hotels have the online secure payment facilities in according to online booking (Kim, Ma, & Kim, 2014)

Limitation and Future study

Therefore, this research study has been scanned of the SMHs within the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Thereby the evaluation results can contribute with the better understanding about the challenges for the adoption of websites among the SMHs, but it will use to improve in some of the insufficient performance for the websites. There are the other SMHs websites which have been used for advanced in terms of the technology of the application like it has the mobile of hotel reservation and in some of the other hotel websites, there is a very poor issue which is found to relate with very basic as well as the unattractive website. Thus the research is limited in order to have the website evaluation along with the analysis of the data.

Also, the researchers can justify the level of e-commerce for the adoption among the SMHs in Malaysia. Other than this, the evaluation of the hotel websites has found to form the perspective of the customers. In that case, the marketers can know the importance of those websites as it will depend on the evaluation from the customers. The researchers are needed to plan in future for conducting the in-depth interviews with those hotel managers and thereby, the observations, as well as the case studies, can be identified with the adoption of the e-commerce among SMHs in Malaysia (Brown & Kaewkitipong, 2015).

Reference List

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