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Importance and Value of Strategic HR Management

 1. What is the importance and value of utilizing a strategic approach to human resources management?

 i .Examples of utilizing a strategic approach as a Healthcare Administrator in human resources management

 Strategic human resource management has a different aim of involving a future-oriented process. Here based on the future expectations and long-term objectives HR programs will be developed and planned so that the future goals are easily executed with precision. For example the CISCO talent cloud, this an internal system that gives the managers insights into the skills of employees hence they can organize the best team that fits the goals needed, at the same time the employees can see their skills and raise a request for training and development in areas so that they can advance in their career. This approach increased productivity and employee loyalty by a huge margin.

  1. What is corporate culture?
  2. What is Workforce composition
  3. What is Organizational design
  4. What is Corporate Culture? Why is it vital to the success of an organization?
  5. What is a Developmental strategy

Organizational culture or corporate culture is the combination of values, practices, and expectations that a company has over a period that guides the employees and sets up goals and methods of working. The culture is vital because it helps in providing values and direction to the entire workforce and a guided path based on which they perform.

Composition is the combination of the total of workers in terms of their skills and specialty employed by a company for a special project, department, or specific job, etc.

Organizational design is when the HR team changes the organizational structure or a part of it aligning it to specific objectives intending to massively improve the efficiency and effectiveness for better performance and execution of ideas towards the final goals.

Short term and long term that aims at developing the workforce so that in return the performance of the company in desired areas will develop is referred to as developmental strategy.

3. The purpose of the Federal Labor Standards Act (1938)

Federal Labor Standards Act (1938) determines and provides guidelines over minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and child labor standards that overall will affect the private sector as well as in the federal, state, and local governments. It also determines which employees are exempted from this act and which are not. This provides the basic legal guidelines that are to be followed and provides a fair, equal, and safe working atmosphere for the laborers.

 4. Why is desire more important than experience in a hiring process asan administrator?

 5. Examples supporting your theory

Using Strategic HR Management in Healthcare Administration

Experience is the key factor when the job requires heavy decision-making at top management on which major changes will take place, however with experience comes age, and with age comes degradation inactiveness at work. So a job that requires a fresh more creative mind with energy would often ask for more passionate people. For example: hiring an employee who is passionate about coding will naturally dedicate long hours and even will be fidgeting with codes at home and come out with better coding for the job.

5. Why should we be concerned about the usage of the internet/social media in human resource management?

The internet and social media can be very influential, in respect to HRM the topmost concern should be rumors. Internet and social spreads like wildfire so any kind of rumor related to the inside matters or outside matters of the brand can lead to negative effects on the working atmosphere and in extreme cases the business in general.

 6. The importance of the Health Care Quality Improvement Act (HCQIA)

HCQIA provides a very powerful act that protects from various kinds of liability under the federal and different state laws for all the members of any professional review body along with their staff. This act allows the secretary of health and human services to set up many voluntary guidelines related to assisting professional review bodies.

 7.What is the purpose of the Joint Commission

The joint commission has the purpose of improving patient safety and the overall quality of health care in the community of all kinds by offering and improving education, publications, various advisory services, and international global accreditation and certification. They are the global drivers of quality improvement. Through the best-unmatched knowledge and expertise combined with high standards, they help organizations to take care of their employees in terms of health.

8. Why is ? Leveraging HR's role in major change strategies vital as administrator?

At any given point of time for any kind of major changes in the organization be it their policies or structure or something else the involvement of administration will be crucial. The HR department will be the only department that will work closely with all departments and will have the connection building duty hence leveraging will be important as the entire balance and harmony of working together depends on them.

9. Define the elements of a profession, with an understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of the healthcare professions in particular

Purpose of Federal Labor Standards Act (1938)

Essential elements of the healthcare profession are:

Humanism – the employee must have basic empathy and compassion, they should be encouraging. Show support and love towards the patient as well as their colleagues.

Accountability – one of the most necessities in every job is accountability, employees must own up and be accountable for their actions rather than blaming or evading.

Altruism – Putting the patient first at all times, providing a full commitment to the patient, and avoiding any financial biases that can affect the relationship with the patient.

Integrity – Be a very principle-based person, always be fair and treat all patients equally. Never abuse the power or position. Behave with all patients in a good manner and always be conscious of not hurting their feelings.

Punctual – Always be on time as time is of great importance in this field life or death can be decided by a fraction of a second.

 10. Importance of credentialing in health care with examples.

It is important as it acts as a protection for the patients from unlicensed physicians and also proper credentials for the patient's case will make insurance and other matters smooth and easy. For example, the correct credentials of doctors will make sure that they are in the right medical team and serving the correct patients and correct patient credentials will make sure that they receive insurance support and other medical support correctly.

 11. Pros and cons of Privileging 

The pros of privileging are that certain advantages are not given to other common people that will only be provided to the specially privileged people it acts like an exclusive pass that is given to the selected. The special services will be available to that specific person only. Another Pro is that everywhere they take the privilege prescription they will get the priority in terms of prescribed medicine and treatment especially when it comes to psychology. Con is that there may be insufficient knowledge on the relevant matters as there is no need for it. Another con will be that the ability to tackle problems would reduce hence they might easily give in to the challenges.

12.Why is Cultural fit in human resources management crucial?

Cultural factors are an extreme necessity for human resources to monitor and make changes along the way that is related to it. Cultural factors later become a part of the heritage of the company. Human resource directly or indirectly develops and maintains the culture and ethics of an organization both of which goes hand in hand. This is important as without a proper culture there will be no guidelines or system which is always harmful to the company.

Why Desire is More Important than Experience in Hiring Process

13. The significance of  Diversity and Inclusion in human resources management

Diversification and inclusion in any organization in all departments are important. Diversification brings new cultural aspects to the game as well as different ideas and skill set to the team in general which helps in the overall growth of the organization. Also provides a wide variety of skills and knowledge that can be added to the organizational values. Inclusion in human resources also adds value as it teaches employees to accept each other which increases team chemistry.

14. Why should employers focus on Job descriptions?

Importance of the job description in the hiring process

List examples of good job descriptions

The job description is that part that completely describes a specific job as in their responsibilities, the requirements, the skills that are required, and the role that the selected candidate has to play. The importance is such that for both the parties the process is easy and refined as the candidate will have a proper idea of what is expected then they may reject If they think it does not meet their standards and for the recruiter, the candidates will be more refined so not much difficulty in selection.

Example of good JD

Company – IBM

Job Role – Senior Data Analyst

Experience – 2 – 5 years

Job Description

Candidates will be expected to have control and knowledge on the following

Java, BlueJ, C++, SQL, Python

Candidates qualification minimum BCA, MCA, or equivalent

Daily responsibilities will include coding for the clients, managing the database, and creating reports every week.

  1. How can administrators assist in reducing nurses' burnout, improve Turnover and retention?

The medical professional can be expected to burn out easily as the pressure and stress from critical medical cases are massive. The way this can be reduced is shift allotment, the shifts that each nurse has can be adjusted. Night shift allotment can be done on an alternative basis so that they have enough resting hours and shifts can be done carefully so that no nurses have too many consecutive shifts. Proper salary is also something that can easily reduce turnover and retention.

  1. How can you improve fundamental challenges for human resources?

The most important fundamental challenge that every HR team focuses on is attracting top talents and employee turnover. To attract top talent from other companies or to make sure that the current workforce stays with the company they can provide essential employee benefits. Along with that, an easy method is to provide a proper salary package and good hikes or appraisals along with fair employee treatment, these are by far the best solutions to solve the fundamental problems.

  1. The importance of diversity, inclusion, and belonging to the success of a healthcare organization

Concerns About Internet/Social Media Usage in HR Management

When it comes to the healthcare industry diversification is always a must include a factor for the organization. For example, having only cardiac specialists while patients with multiple causes cannot be cured hence multi-specialist as in diversified professionals are important. A medical facility with nephrologists, urologists, and other kinds will give more options to the medical facility to treat all kinds of problems for the patients.

  1. Show the understanding of the relationship between a diversity strategy and an organization's mission, vision, values, and strategy

The mission statement of the company is a brief explanation of the company's ulterior motives and the reason for its existence. Meanwhile, the vision is something that is supported by the mission statement the vision statement creates a future image that the brand wants to achieve. The value statement will create the core values and culture based on which the employees are to achieve the vision and mission. The diversity strategy makes sure that all the vision and mission along with the value statement are fulfilled with diversified methods that may touch upon all the mission and vision statements.

In 1636 the first strike occurred which lead to the need for labor laws as it was understood that a set of rules and regulations are needed that the laborers must follow at the same time a set of guidelines that are to be followed by the employers.

US 1964 the act gave various federal law enforcement agencies that will prevent all kinds of racial discrimination in terms of employment, voting, and also the use of public facilities.

Title VII of the civil rights act of 1964 states that it is unlawful and unfair to discriminate against any individual based on their race, color, national origin and sex, pregnancy, orientation, or religion.

The age discrimination act 1975 prohibits all kinds of discrimination based on age in various activities of healthcare or general receiving of federal financial assistance.

  1. Meaning of vicarious Liability
  2. Purpose and Examples of vicarious liability

Vicarious liability is that situation where one party is accountable and held responsible for the unlawful actions of another third party. A very common example is when the employer is held liable for all the unlawful actions of the employee.

  1. List what needs to be in place to manage employee stress and burnout along with retaining and rewarding low performers?

Stress management is the first step that is to be taken in terms of managing such situations, the HR can organize sessions or seminars also provide employee support such as counseling and psych evaluation to all those in need. Once the reason is found maybe sending them on vacation or advice to take leave or other employee benefit supports can help in the reduction of stress and burnout. Once again once these are complete employee satisfaction will be at its peak along with good salary packages employee retention and low performers can be fixed.

  1. Why is Barriers. Important in healthcare?

Barriers act as a breakthrough in research and technology and sometimes act as an advantageous scenario in terms of increasing the concentration of the medical professional's focus. For example, if there is a barrier then they will not be disturbed much during a medical procedure that may help in completing the procedure with more efficiency.

  1. Common issues HR Leaders are facing in 2022 and how can they be improved?

The main problem that HR is currently facing is post-pandemic stress, work from home when discontinued employees are facing a major challenge to come back to the work from office scenario. At the same time as observed, there is a significant increase in stress in every industry. So helping employees to cope with the stress level and post-pandemic situation of coming back to the office. Plus a majority of people have gone through a crisis so offering psychological support is also a major problem.

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