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BUSHRM 702 Strategic Human Resource Management

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Jewellery Available For All (JAFA) manufactures and sells a wide range of jewellery throughout New Zealand and Australia. JAFA is one of the few jewellery retailers that have an in-house team of master craftspeople – dedicated in creating future heirlooms and keepsakes while continuously perfecting their craft. Materials are sourced from leading designers and diamond suppliers. A strong relationship with suppliers ensures only top-quality materials make it into the manufacturing processes.

At present, JAFA has 20 stores in New Zealand and 10 stores in Australia. As part of its growth strategy, the company is planning to open branches in the US and Canada.

The head office and the manufacturing arm of JAFA is situated in Parnell, Auckland. The company started out as one shop in Whangarei in 1979 and has grown progressively since then. It provides a variety of services to its customers including design and manufacture of jewellery, particularly engagement and wedding rings. Their philosophy is to craft distinct and appealing jewellery, designing timeless pieces that will last a lifetime.

JAFA employs over 250 staff throughout its 20 stores in New Zealand. There are 30 staff in managerial positions working in New Zealand including a General Manager and a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The company has a top management team of eight. It also has a Board of Directors that meet four times a year to discuss the direction of the company and strategic issues affecting the company.

The company’s corporate strategy is for continued growth, however, it is currently operating in difficult and challenging market conditions especially in Australia. So far the demand for the company’s superior quality jewellery is strong. JAFA’s business strategies include being an innovator in the design of jewellery and focusing on its customer needs.

You have been recently appointed as the new Human Resources Manager for JAFA. Up until now, the functions of human resources were carried out by each Store Manager in conjunction with the Office Manager at the Parnell Head Office. However, with its increased growth, JAFA recognises that it needs a specialist Human Resources person – hence, the appointment of you to this role.

Your philosophy, as Human Resources Manager, is to find and employ the best people to fill vacant job positions in all of its branches. This philosophy is even more important as JAFA moves to be more innovative in some of its services in order to gain more customers, save on costs and improve its market share in the New Zealand jewellery industry.

In this role, you are continually working hard to convince the Board of Directors and Store Managers about how important human resource management is - without it the jewellery stores would not be competitive in the industry they serve.

Over recent times Human Resources as a discipline has been revolutionised worldwide and the Human Resource Department, with you as its Manager, wants to be recognised as an important and strategic part of JAFA’s future.

Key elements:

  1. Development of human resource management
  2. Human resource contribution to organisational strategy and performance: planning process, strategic focus; measurement.

You, as the Human Resources Manager of JAFA, have been invited to the next Board of Directors’ meeting to discuss your vision and direction for the Human Resources department and how it will address JAFA’s vision and mission for the next three years. You have decided to conduct some research to convince the Board of Directors of the importance of the human resource function to JAFA in assisting it to achieve its corporate and business level goals.

You are to write a short report, detailing the following information, that will be presented to the Board of Directors of JAFA to ensure their understanding of the importance of human resources and of the value that a human resource department can add to the company.

1. Discuss in detailhow the industrial revolution and personnel management have impacted on human resources as a discipline today.  Justify your answers with examples relating to these concepts. 

2. Discuss in detailthe relationship between the Human Resources Department and the line managers, explaining how you, as the Human Resources Manager, can provide valueto the line managers. 

3. Discuss in detailhow strategichuman resource management contributes to JAFA’s business level goals. 
4. List anddiscuss six (6) methods of how the effectivenessof the Human Resources department to JAFA can be measured. 6 marks    
5. Discuss the impact of twocontextual factors of the internalenvironment (organisation) and two contextual factors of the external environment that might influence decisions made by you, as the Human Resources Manager, at JAFA. Provide examples to support your response.                           

6a. Name a relevant human resource planning model from the literature. Explain this model in your own words. 2 marks

6b. Apply this model to JAFA’s situation as described in the case study. Explain how your chosen human resource planning model fits the strategic focus that JAFA is following. 

Key elements:

  1. Job data collection
  2. Job profile documentation: job description, person specification 

The current Store Manager at JAFA’s Whakatane store has resigned. She has held the position for six (6) years. You need to advertise for, recruit and select a new Store Manager for this branch.  When you view the job description and person profile for JAFA Store Managers, you realise that it is out-of-date, so one of your first tasks is to update and rewrite it, as well as updating other necessary documentation before you can begin the recruitment process.

7. List 10 relevant and appropriatequestions that you, in your role as Human Resources Manager, might ask the current Store Manager(s), in order to analyse the roleso that you have all the necessary information to update the job description and the person profile for this role.  
8. Discuss two (2) appropriate job analysismethods that you as the Human Resources Manager could use for collecting data for the Store Manager’s role at JAFA. 
9. Design an accurate, relevant and appropriate job descriptionfor the Store Manager role. Your answer must followone of the job description formats as given in Rudman (2010).     
10. Design an accurate, relevant and appropriate person profilefor the Store Manager role. Your answer must followthe person profile (or specification) as given in Rudman (2010).

Now that you have the necessary documentation for the JAFA Store Manager role, you need to begin the recruitment process.

11a. Select and explain two (2) specific recruitment methods that are most appropriate for the vacancy of Store Manager for the Whakatane store. 

11b. List two (2) advantages and two (2) disadvantages for each recruitment method chosen in 11a. 8 marks

The Treaty of Waitangi is an important document in New Zealand. Businesses that are not Crown entities are not required to include the Treaty of Waitangi in their business policies and practices, though many do. In most cases, showing some regard for the Treaty relationship in employment is encouraged. Having knowledge of the Treaty of Waitangi can be useful for when:

  • Working alongside Maori
  • Working on issues that affect Maori
  • Maori protocol is recognised in your workplace

12a. List and describe the three (3) main concepts of the Treaty of Waitangi. 6 marks

12b. Choose one of the concepts described in 12a and discuss how you, as the Human Resources Manager, will ensure that concept is included in JAFA’s Human Resource policies and practices, particularly in the recruitment and selection processes. 3 marks

13. Discuss two (2) New Zealandgovernment laws that you, as the Human Resources Manager, need to comply with when recruiting for the vacancy of Store Manager. In your answer, explain why your two chosen laws are important in influencing the company in performing best practices in recruitment.
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