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Business Communication Skills: Telstra And McKinsey Add in library

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Compare and critically review two business reports of Telstra and McKinsey organizations?


Executive Summary

The report deals with the two organizations Telstra and McKinsey Quarterly. The report discussed about the strength and weakness of the particular organization names as Telstra and McKinsey. Telstra discussed about bequeath within the information which is relating to the issue of sustainability towards the industry and McKinsey Quarterly discussed about the about the strategy of business and its transformation over the period of time within their respective organizations.  The study will has given the great emphasis on stakeholder and their contribution towards each of the existing organization.


 The aim of two reports, here is to evaluate the information relating to the basic of rational, and the reports discussed about the techniques and different methods (Littlefield, 2006). Moreover, here mention some different facts in this report. In this report here they mention the Australian telecommunication of Telstra which provide information about the organization which is discussed. On the other hand they also discussed about the some different strategy related to business which will be outlined and discussed by McKinsey Quarterly. In this report he mentioned some relevant aspects and also helps to understand the feasibility of the report which is discussed by the organization to know their purpose are fulfilled or not.


Summary and Analysis of the Report Content

Findings and Analysis

Telstra here discussed some information relating to the issues of sustainability towards the firm, and also it is not good for the business to make their decisions. This report also help to develop the sustainability report of the industry and the report also mention the global sustainability guidelines that is G3, and it has been found that, as per the report of UN global compact communication and accounting principle of  AA100 standard 2008 are followed with the Telstra. Later on  it has also been suggest that the major performance of sustainability  has indicated scored gained in 2012-2013 was higher than before.  Lastly according to the last two performances he compared the scores.

Moreover, with the help of the sustainability report he explains the steps which are taken from performing the business and also help to develop the work environment in ethical way which is services to the customer. On the aspects of sustainability report company focuses on major commitment toward the organization. All the important part of commitments formulated at approach part and it was started on 2012-2013 which was outlined and the approaches adopted to attain it. Therefore, environmental leadership understood the employee involvement and describes the strategy which will help the company to develop their stakeholders (Lawler, 2005).stakeholders associated with Telstra are explained by the shareholders. Here the stakeholders are firms, suppliers, customers, media, employees etc. Later they will discuss about the process which are challenged by the organization. They mention some transparency and accountability part which is related to the voluntary assurance.

McKinsey Quarterly, they discussed about the first heading that was changed in the strategy of business which are studied over the years. Here the framework of strategy has mentioned and to match up with the strategy the industry need to be diversified with the environmental or with the change in market structure. The strategy which are expected from the industry are mentioned and outlined their so they can personally provide large benefit to the organization. On the other hand the social side relating to the strategy has been mentioned an also focused to the planning strategy related to non- rational issues. Lastly the report resolve the strategy which was aligned and organized and the business gain profit at the gaining the customer confidence via outperforming the competitors within the existing and other business.


Strengths and usefulness of report

A sustainability reports is very much useful report that helps to gain the company to promote its positive promotion among the consumers and that helps the company to stay in the apex position among the existing competitors (Bovee and Thill, 2013). Company uses various CSR report and sustainability report to bring transparency within their company and financial investors.  Moreover, the top priorities and the problem which was faced last years are also mentioned. Therefore the reports offer information which was balanced and has been taken as strength of report. Later, the report includes sustainability environment along with the some aspects of all the materials, stakeholder engagement, community involvement etc. On the other hand, Telstra one of the top priorities was to involve the entire employee in the report. Telstra also includes industry standard which are majored and also include some sustainability standard to fulfill their goals, however the Australian individual has connection with some of the environmental leaders to be sustained. Therefore they are the strength of report presented by the Telstra are mentioned all above.

They also build a strategy report which contents all the information which is relevant and also benefited to the individual or to the company. In McKinsey Quarterly, mention in his report the phase of change in the strategy that will take place over years ago. In this report they discuss about some significance gear and frameworks, which will help them, select few of the leaders and to prepare them for engaging strategy. To understand the adopted plan and change in the follow up strategy here they mention some different examples of industries (Kaufman, 2012). This example will help to understand the significance to build up strong strategy for future as well as present profit. Here they mention the five force model of Michael Porter’s in this report which will help the readers to focus on it before formulating the strategies.  Despite from that the role of technologies, industrialization, globalization etc has important force on plan changes. All the points which are mention in this report are the major strength of account are also require for policy and growth of new structure which is valuable for the business growth.


Weakness or limitations of the report

Telstra include strength which was issued by sustainability report and there is also some limitation which was arises in this report. Telstra involve the aspect of stakeholder’s engagement but in the report they mention the organization which was associated with the stakeholders. In this the report they fail to discussed about the process for appealing the different stakeholders inside the activity of the organization. Alternatively, they also fail to provide the obvious thoughtful about the viewpoint of each stakeholder’s inside the operation of the company (Harzing et al. 2013). Therefore, they discussed the point of view of the outside person were sustainability account is fewer and feasible for them. On the other hand the sustainability account does not provide sufficient information in circumstance to the channel of distribution and operation by the end customers. They did not highlight the issues relating to the social responsibility. Due to such limitation Telstra face lack of feasibility.

Like Telstra the other company McKinsey Quarterly also holds some strength together with the weakness which confines the suitability of the report to some amount. Here they mention about the strength practice but did not explain it properly which will help to understand the strategy practice to gain higher benefit. Therefore the report is not arranged properly and it’s hard to have efficient approaching of the statement. Here the vision unlike professors are not associated and also create problem of what they are saying (Farley and Smith, 2012). The report did not provide any example of core concept of strategy which will help to gain some knowledge from them. Apart from that the report talks about the strategy of business but they does not mention about the process of developing the effective strategy.


Conclusion and recommendations:

By analyzing the both report, it is difficult to prepare a report a critical task. Telstra report prepared the sustainability report in next the normal of industry along with the normal of sustainability. They outlined some different component in turn to discover the sustainability feature of the business in long-standing range. On the other hand the statement of McKinsey Quarterly discussed regarding the plan of business and its change in the organizations. The statement says about the professor who presents their point of view regarding the policy plus framework for the plan.

The two reports content power in addition to weakness, and also both the report provides effective information connected to sustainable carry out or commerce plan carry out. The account also provides the precious in turn of how to use the report and how the decision is made on the basis of the particular reports. Therefore the limitation of both the accounts addresses with no trouble and they are not a huge matter. As a result the reports give above all the relevant information so as it can be able to be accept and fit by the reader.

Thus, it can be recommended that Telstra account would live helpful for the additional organization and also help to get better result and also connect with the huge numbers of stakeholders with their customers. Alternatively McKinsey Quarterly report could also be used to resolve the affect and excess of industry house which will help to grow the efficient industry plan and the point which is mentioned by the professor. Consequently both the report content some limitation than a perfect report gained.


Reference List

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