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Business Entrepreneurs And Critical Mistakes

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Discuss about the Business Entrepreneurs and Critical Mistakes.



The work is based on the organizational development where the chosen Accounting Software Package is QuickBooks which is mainly for the small and the medium-sized business that operates on the premises of the accounting applications. There are forms which include the cloud-based versions with the acceptance of the payment method, payments and the management of the bills. (Schiff et al., 2014) For this, there are different payroll functions which are important for the better setup of the system. There are different options which are included in the system with the versions for the manufacturers, wholesalers, where the accounting software market is also able to control the security standards. Here, the options are mainly related to the forms which include the non-profitable entities as well. There is a focus on sharing the retail units in the business accounting where the standards and the reports are mainly associated with the business accounting sales. Here, the forms are set for the batch transactions and the bill tracking in a proper manner through the automation of the reports and the smart search.

This is mainly based on the system issues which are related to the inefficiency and the errors that require to mainly focus on the designing of the system as well as uninstalling the different sets of the older versions. (Abd et al., 2015).  Here, the performance is mainly monitored through the connections with properly determining the forms of the data file. It is important to work on the issues of the network connections where the diagnosis is mainly to work on the setting up of the hardware system. One cannot locate the data files with the attempts where there are forms related to the issues to handle the copying and moving the data files. The entire focus is on the skills where the user can quickly work on the processing and handling the system tracking. (Kelly, 2017).

The system acquisition methods which are used for the QuickBooks is mainly the ERP which can work with the inventory standards as well as the payroll forms. For the implementation of the ERP, where there is a suite for the mid to the large size business to manage and integrate the components like the accounting, marketing, sales and the delivering process. It is based on the service based products and the costs for a better strategic planning. QuickBooks can work on offering the solution with the flexible and the justified cost patterns for the growing companies that will be able to make the system with integrated accounting. (Lyons, 2015). The circumventing approach of the expenses and the complexity is the company with the ERP systems. The enterprise goes beyond mainly the standard accounting software with the end-to-end solutions for the companies. This includes the financial decisions by delivering the tailored reports that reports for the customized visual representation. The enterprise solution includes the companies to manage the workflows with the intuitive and integrated environment through the advanced inventory, tracking, and the management. The advanced pricing features and the reports are set for the options of the cloud hosting where the field service management is the need with the Electronic Data Exchange. For the proper features of the ERP, the forms are set with the advanced reporting, and the inventory which includes the pricing, and the inventory forms where the payroll and the employees can work for the purchasing and the vendors, reporting and handling the finances, sales, and the customer, security and the productivity. (Phillipin et al., 2013).


Flow Chart and the sales procedure

The description is based on the vendors, customers and the employees where there are standards for the purchasing of the orders and then receiving the inventory and entering the bills mainly against the inventory standards. It also includes the entering of the bills and the payment of the bills. The customers are also for the sales orders with the estimates which are for the creation of the inventories, receiving the payments, statements, statement charges. The employees include the payroll center which includes the enter time with the payments of the employees, payment of the liabilities and the processing of the payroll forms. (Etnyre et al., 2015). The standards are based on the forms where the company needs to handle the proper banking functions as well as tracking the changes depending upon the effective manner. The modifications are mainly for the payment of the employees along with handling the packing and the item shipping process. The sales procedure is for the changes to the information related to the management and banking functions.

It includes the problems of controlling where there are thefts and the frauds which are related to the fraud and the funds embezzling in the company. Here, the transactions are also based on the data where the different employees work on the leakage of the information as well as handling the customer information as per the requirement. (QuickBooks et al., 2013). The changes are for the setup where the fraud could easily be detected by the system in a particular time where the employees tend to change the data and the salary of the employees or make the fake account or the id for the payment. With this, there is also a possibility that the entire control is on the auditing control trials which relates to the handling of the procedures for the QuickBooks. The people can easily work on the creation, modification and the deletion that relates to the system duplicity for the payment. (Lyons, 2015). Hence, for this, the management need to consider how the employees should work for the internal control. It includes the forms where there is an easy process for the cash deposits.

Development and Adoption

The application origin of accounting software mainly in 1959, where the first generation of the report was mainly to allow the users for the easy storage and the access of the data in the accessible format. For this, different forms of the relations have been set for the database with the proprietary accounting systems. It has been mainly to define the requisitions which are for the jobs as well as handling the systems which have been done in the batches. The capability is primarily for the development of the better ideas which will lead to the flexible functionality of the system with the major focus on the SAP RF development. It includes the wider range of the business operations of the faster forms of the transactions and the decision processes that are including any forms of the limited intermediaries. (Drew, 2015). The forms are set with the wider range of the business formats where there is a faster reach of the financial decisions along with working on the limited forms that will enable the users to work on simplifying the data process and the stores. With this, there are also different forms of the expansions that are for the integration of the office suit formats with the spreadsheets that are for the word processor. The applications for the Intuit is mainly to work on the user interface wherein 1993, there are other forms which included the Delaware launching a striking accounting package. (Neely et al., 2015).

For the accounting standards, there are standards which include the formats of the Australian accounting software packages. The study is mainly related to the conducts which involve the market size of approximately 1622 smaller business people who are found in Australia. There is a proper adoption process that includes the working of the system along with reducing any forms of the tedious paper word. The characterized forms of the errors of the omission and the commission, time waste, and the costs directly lead to the characterisation where the accounting mainly starts with the process of the different ledgers, sales as well as the purchasing ledgers. For this, the manual accounting also involves the paperwork where there are different forms of the bookkeepers. (Van Almelo et al., 2016). The accounting setup is based on forms and the standards which start with the manual accounting that involves the paperwork and the bookkeepers. The accounting software system can work on the quick usage and need the inputs mainly for the correct accounts. The reports are graded automatically, with effectiveness and the efficacy of the system. The accounting software is primarily for the growth of the business.


Leaders & Competitive Advantage

Here, the competition is to handle the increasing forms of the Accounting software market, where there are the largest number of the customers who are working on these packages.

The consumers are mainly of the small and the medium-sized companies who can handle the use of the cloud computing. Xero is considered to be the leader in the accounting software marketing share in Australia, where the major focus has been on working on the different business patterns. The company is also able to provide the best help to the people and support. The company has been able to identify the gaps with the desktop accounting software. (Drew, 2015).

There are different challenges which are accounting to the collection, processing and handling the maintenance of the accounting books. Here, the focus is on working with the desktop accounting software where one could not easily reconcile with the reports as well as the other departments mainly due to the incompatibility of the system formats and the duplication process. Hence, for this, the focus is also on working on the compatibility issues and the distribution formats in an easy manner.


The annual accounts are set with the time consumption, errors and the inconsistency.

The company can work on the packaged accounting software that is not entirely restricted and varied depending upon the processing of the financial data as well. (Winstead et al., 2015). The providing of the financial modules, as well as the other forms of the managerial processes, will help in the advancement of the technology long with working towards the growth and development in efficientive manner.

The competition in the market is growing where the forms are set to handle the Trusted Computing framework along with the information system as well. The accounting software packages are facing the issues related to the computer languages, where the system works on the handling of the small, medium and the large scale organizations. Xero is the leader in the market which operates on the different forms of the authentication process with saving the data from being stolen by the employees. The company also has to work on the encryption and the firewall setup so that there is no loss of the data with the approach mainly extended to the data characteristics and the credentials.



Here, the major focus is on the SaaS setup which will be best for the third party vendors. This will also help in providing the better applications as well as the unified process for the ledger in the cloud. SaaS can work on the users with the applications that could easily operate depending upon the faster time to market and access. The security measures through the encryption and the setup of the firewall are also useful for the users as they are not feeling completely secured for the cloud issues with the cloud computation as well. The data needs to work on the different measures of the information-centric security with the approach to control the data factors as well as the other forms of the self-defending standards in the computing environment. (Abd et al., 2015). For this, one needs to handle the security arrangements with the future cloud development that is versatile for the system with the competitive advantage and the system accuracy, information security, and the cost effectiveness.



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van Almelo, J., Ketterings, Q.M. and Cela, S., 2016. Integrating Record Keeping with Whole Farm Nutrient Mass Balance: A Case Study. Journal of Agricultural Science, 8(6), p.22.

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