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Business Ethical Decision Making Process

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Describe about the Ethical Decision Making Process?




Health care industry plays an indispensable part of the humans’ life. While performing the health care responsibility even you a service provider, manager or administrator, the responsibility performed should reach the highest level of satisfaction. Concerning this issue the health care providers, managers and administrator are facing with a variety of ethical issues. These issues range from right of life and abortion to right to die and physician assisted suicide (Kraft, 1996).

The ethical culture of any health organisation is based on the workforce which is performing the tasks. While taking concern of the care of patients, it should be based on sound judgement ( i.e taking the right decision according to the health condition of the patient). Some of this judgement should be based on judgemental things like making a difficult decision. With an efficient thinking and intelligence required to overcome those difficult situations and conditions.

While concerning the issue of the guidance to the health care workforce the NMC code should be chosen as “code of ethics”. The proper guidance to the workforce will help them to take efficient and effective decisions that will further help in building the confidence of the patients that they are taking care of them properly.

Health care ethical issues:-

There are various issues which are concerned in the health care sector. Having a keen eye on these issues the following issues are the most eminent, which are faced by the healthcare leaders today are:-

Quality care and efficient balancing:-

The care provided by the health care workforce is quite a major concern issue because how the patients is being cared, how they are being treated and understanding the patients mental condition and even when the patient is in the worst situation when he/she is unable to express what it is needed to them. These are the major challenges that the health care industry is facing. This is quite an eye catching thing that how the balance of healthcare quality is maintained and how it is being performed.

Making improvements in providing health care:-

Providing health care at very affordable prices and easily accessible is still a major concern of the health care industry. The continuous improvement will make the healthcare system to provide the service better. But many ethical practitioners show a major concern and said that “lack of access” to the medical services is still an issue. Let’s take an example of the worst system of healthcare “there was a small child who was suffering from pneumonia and his parents do not have that much money to provide ailment. They don’t have that much money to take him to a good doctor to take the medicine. If by anyway they take him to the doctor who is very good in his profession but have high consulting fee, then the medicines he assisted are very costly and that is the worst part of it”. That means even living in this 22nd century we even do not have affordable way to get our child or ourselves feel to get well soon than its shameful thing for us.

Setting up a sustainable workforce of the future:-

There is a continuous need of healthcare workforce for building the standards and sustainability of the health care industry. In the coming world, when there is an efficiency of 3 lakh children birth after every second, the things which strike the mind that who will be the persons that will take care of us when we got ill, who will be the part this workforce, who will devote their time to those helpless people who are seeking someone’s help, who will listen to their problems, who will take care of them (Trevino, 1986). Countries are trying to fulfil their needs by offering jobs to the people outside their country.

Concerning end-of life issue:-

This problem is rising with every inch of a second. The End-of-life issue is growing as the population ages. From the earlier times now the condition is improved with the day to day development in the countries. But as the population of the countries is rising indispensably there is a proper judgement of the finances and the services provided to the people by the concerning government. The proper planning regarding this issue is required as well as improvement.


Issue concerning the limited medication and organ donor:-

When there is concern of medication limitation there is an issue of economic incentives for the manufacture and even to the country or states in which this problem arises. Taking as an example the availability of the generic medicines in the market will face a scare because people are less aware about these kind of medicines and their importance and difference from other expensive medicines. The generic medicines are those which have the same salt as it is there in other branded company medicines but they are less expensive than those of the branded one (Gresham, 1985).

Now a days there is major lack in the donor of organs because people are less active about donating their organs to the needy people. There is always a problem even from the family members of the donor and even the scariness of the donor. There is a need to encourage the people to make them donate and telling them the pros and cons of it.

Ethical decision making process:-

Ethical decision making is the important aspects in making the system sustainable, reliable and encouragable (Jones, 1991). Making an ethical decision prove that how capable you are with you skills and judgements for the particular situation. Now to make an ethical decision the following things which are need to be considered:-

The situation when you have to judge what is right and what is wrong for that particular situation.

Choosing what are the better options for that situation.

Deciding whether to do something or do nothing.

Keeping a keen look and analysing the decision you have made and their implementations and actions taken under it.

And the most important aspect to clear the dilemma and making a difficult choice.


In concluding  all the above said aspects we came up with the point that making an ethical decision need skills and to make that decision you need confidence and to gain that confidence the system should be on your side. This will ends up in better decision which will help rising the organisation and even productivity of the country.

“let us the ones who say we do not accept that a child dies every three seconds simply because he does not have the drugs you and I have. Let us be the one to say we are not satisfied that your place of birth determines your right to life. Let us be loud, let us be bold.”

By Brad Pitt, famous Hollywood star.



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