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Write a paper to present your position on sweatshop labor and provide justification.




The paper has analyzed the unethical behavior of the organizations using sweat shop labor. Sweat shop labor is a term that has been used to define the work place that has socially unacceptable conditions of working. In most cases the work is dangerous and unpaid. Workers in the sweat shop have to work for long hours without mandating the laws that provide overtime payment (Paulins & Hillery, 2009). The clothing company has been using sweat shop labor for manufacturing clothes those results in low cost of production. But the use of sweat shop labor is not an ethical practice. Sweat shop labor is increasing at an alarming rate in the globalized world. The practice of reduction of cost of production using sweat shop labor is against the legal policies that govern labor laws (O'Brien, 2001).

Sweat shop labor – An unethical practice

The usage of sweat shop labor has been increasing at an alarming rate. But the usage of sweat shop labor is an unethical practice as the workers are forced to work for long hours without overtime payment. This violates the labor laws of the country. In order to reduce the cost of production, the organizations are using sweat shop labor. There has been potential rise of sweat shop culture across nations (Szeto, 2010).

Impact of consumer demand on consumer business decision

The global market place is driven with intense pressure of price competition. The companies who are able to provide quality products at low price sustain in the market. Thus the companies are bound to cut the cost of production to remain competitive. The situation has risen due to increase in demand of the consumers regarding price of products and quality. This has put immense pressure on the business. The business firms have to adopt procedures that will reduce the cost of production without compromising with the quality. Thus the organizations have increased the practice of using sweat shop labors. The unethical practices have been increasing in all parts of the world at an alarming rate (Williams, 2006).

Role of different ethical perspectives in ethical decision making

The diverse ethical perspectives assist in ethical decision making. The ethical perspectives have to be considered in terms of salary and wages of the employees, motivation and job satisfaction of the employees. This will result in good productivity and turnover with better quality of service. It is mandatory that every organization should follow the labor laws. Violation of labor law is an unethical practice. The diverse ethical perspectives ensure that safety of the business is maintained and it abides by the health and safety rules and regulations (Baldwin & Winters, 2004).

Influence of company on the ethical environment

The organization plays a major role in preserving the ethical environment. The increase in the usage of sweat shop labor at an alarming rate is an unethical practice. The organizations are making compromises in order to remain competitive. But the organization has to ensure that they maintain safe and healthy conditions at work place. The organization must also focus on preserving the job satisfaction. With globalization, companies have focused in enhancing their operations overseas along with decentralization of the business function. This is followed by empowerment of the work force. Thus it is imperative for the organization to develop code of ethics to reduce the misconduct in the organization. An ethical environment will reduce the usage of sweat shop labor. It is thereby the responsibility of the organization to preserve an ethical environment at workplace. This will reduce the moral and the ethical dilemmas. The decisions of the business will be based on ethical grounds. The dilemmas are complex in nature and the companies are forced to take decisions that have negative repercussions on the business. This can result in bewildering moral problems in the organization. The company will tend to lose its fundamental issue related to fairness. It is the sole responsibility of the company to preserve the ethical environment at work place by reducing the unfair practices (Ciulla, Martin & Solomon, 2007).



The usage of sweat shop labor in the manufacture of clothing products has increased at an alarming rate. The sweat shop labors are used by the manufacturing organizations to reduce the cost of production without reducing the quality of the product. This is done to maintain the global competitiveness. The unethical practice of using sweat shop labor is increasing at an alarming rate. The unfair practice is a result of increase in demand from the consumers.  The organization has to strictly follow certain ethical code of conduct that will assist in the decision making of the organization.



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