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Question: Discuss about the Business Issues and Role Of HR.     Answer: Business Issues and the contexts of HR Human resource management plays a critical role in the success of any organization. In this unit, we learnt about various business issues that organizations face. We learnt about various HR roles as explained by David Ulrich. These roles can be divided into that of a strategic partner, change agent, employee champion and administrative expert. We applied different theories learnt in this course to KSUMC which is a leading hospital. We conducted internal and external environment analysis which helps us in evaluating different stakeholder interests. We also learnt about steps of strategy formulation and implementation. As a future HR manager, these learnings would help me become better aware of the human resources required for the business. If the organization is undergoing a change, then hiring would be focused on people who can act as change agents. On the other hand, senior level employees would be hired as strategic partners. Conducting an internal or external environment analysis including Porter’s model and SWOT would also help in assessing what my competitors are doing. The step by step analysis would also help me formulate and implement strategies for the growth of the firm as an HR manager. Managing and coordinating the human resource function In this unit we learnt about various human resource functions and how can managers work towards managing and coordinating between the two. We also learnt about the pros and cons of outsourced HR and in-house HR service. Another important learning of this unit was understanding various functions of small and medium enterprises as well as large multinational organizations. As an HR manager, it is also important to evaluate the contribution of various HR functions in an organization. In order to accomplish the same, we learnt about benchmarking, balanced score cards, service level agreements and key performance indicators. I am sure as a future HR manager, these parameters will largely help me in understanding the impact of different HR functions in the organization. A critical learning from this unit was the importance of employee satisfaction. I learnt different strategies that can be adopted to ensure and measure employee satisfaction. These include employee satisfaction surveys, one on one reviews and focus group discussions. A basic understanding of these measures will help me as an HR manager to ensure employee satisfaction in the organization and hence ensure increased levels of employee retention.   Developing professional Practice This was an extremely important unit and helped us understand what it means to be an HR professional and what are the career stages than an HR professional goes through. We also learnt about ten professional areas, eight behaviors and four bands of professional competency in the field of human resources. This model personally helped me identify a large number of skills and behaviors that I possesses and will help me in my HR career. Different stages of team work were also identified and analyzed in this unit. This understanding helped me gain deeper insight about what different team members go through while working in a team during different stages. As a future HR manager, this unit helped me understand how to effectively lead a team during its different stages in order to ensure maximum output from all team members. We also conducted several activities to understand my learning style in order to enhance my knowledge. My learning style is ‘Theorist’ wherein I tend to learn from models, conclude from experience and logically analyze different ideas. This learning at this stage of my life will guide my future role as an HR manager by tracking my learning and focusing deeply on training and development. Using information in human resources In this particular unit we learnt about several issues, challenges and practices in the HR of various organizations. Findings from different interviews, surveys and literature were thoroughly conducted. As future HR leaders we learnt about the importance of leadership in succession planning for any business. A great leader would always plan his or her succession in an effective manner. I also specifically learnt about various factors that might hamper the succession planning process. These factors include resistance, foot dragging and demand for performance management. Therefore, as an effective leader I will make sure that I work towards creating a positive environment for growth of employees in the business. I also learnt that as leader it is essential to recognize potential future leaders and mentor them in order to enable them to take future responsibility. I also learnt the importance of preparing future leaders for the roles that they are about to embark upon. Specifically it is crucial that the entire succession planning process is linked with organizational goals. As an HR executive I will consider efficient use of available resources and personal as well as organizational goals of the business in order to make the succession planning process a massive success. Resource and talent planning Resourcing the right candidates for several jobs in the organization is highly essential to manage talent in an effective manner. The primary step in ensuring effective talent management involves recruiting the right candidates for the right jobs in the business. Employment contracts of different employees must also be efficiently framed and designed to legally bind employees and employers together. These contracts are aimed at safeguarding employee as well as employer rights and prevent each other from exploiting each other. We also learnt about conducting a gap analysis between the existing human resources and required human resources for the successful and effic

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