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Describe about the Business Law.


The TPG organization was providing the internet services and also engaging in multimedia advertising campaign. The company had the obligation to provide the customers with a favorable price for the ADSL2+ service which it was offering. The service was using a home telephone line so as to provide the broadband internet connection that was having no data download limit. The ACCC found out that the service and the advertisements it was engaging into were against the law and defective. The business was supplying the internet services to the consumers at a high price. The cost of the service was twenty nine dollars every month. Moreover, the ADSL2+ service was only available to the individuals who bundled it with their home telephone service. The TPG organization also provided the landline technology for a cost of thirty dollars where one had to commit themselves for six months. The telephone charges were also expensive as one had to pay a setup fee of one hundred and twenty-nine dollars and also deposit twenty dollars. The ACCC found out also that the adverts were misleading and deceptive as they had attractive prices that it did not qualify. The organization was advertising the ads on various platforms and ACCC found no clarity in them (Thampapillai et al, 2015).

In addition to that, the Full Court used other approaches to determine whether the TPG advertising was misleading. It made various investigations to check whether the advertisements’ contravened the law or they were misleading. It reduced the maximum penalty that it differed from the primary judge. It also ensured that the Trade Practice Law was followed by all the organizations that provide the customers with goods and services. The first and second adverts were scrutinized to ascertain whether they met the required criteria (Tuner & Trone, 2013). 



Thampapillai, D., Tan, V., Bozzi, C., & Matthew, A. (2015). Australian commercial law. Port Melbourne, VIC, Australia : Cambridge University Press

Turner, C., & Trone, J. (2013). Australian commercial law. Sydney: Lawbook Co.


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