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Business Operation Of OZ Supermarket

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1.Outlining an Analysis of the Business Operation Adherence to Presentation Format stated below.

2.Providing three Recommendations to process Improvement in Business Processes, substantiated with Literature.APA 6th Edition to be used.

3.Provide an Option to Improve Customer Service.

4.Providing Suggestions into Improving Business Service/Operation Offerings.



Oz Supermarket is one newly settled up retail chain that has aim to reduce exit queues at the check point. For adopting these goals and aims the organization has adopted PayWave technology within their organizational structure.

This report is encompassing the business operations of Oz Supermarket by identification of proper recommendations. In addition to this, this report is also providing some recommendations for improving the customer service with respect to specified suggestions.

1.Business Operation of Oz Supermarket

Oz Supermarket is one retail chain that operates for reducing the problems involved within the queue at the exits check out points. The organization has adopted PayWave Technology for adopting the goals they have set. This technology is dependent on cash transfers so the customers having cards are allowed to enter. The supermarket has RFID readers within each of their trolley that customers use for shopping (Ali & Sonkusare, 2014). Henceforth, when one product is selected by the customer it is made queued for payment and after removal of that particular product it is also removed from the concerned payment queue. This entire process is done through the RFID readers. In contrast with these facts, after the completion of shopping the total amount is calculated when the customer go for exiting the supermarket and this calculated amount is deducted from the card of the customer (Arora, 2015). There is one alarm that signals the user by ringing the bell when there are no sufficient balance is available within the card. There is also one alternative that helps the customer those do not have PayWave card and they can give one deposit amount in the on the counter and get one alternative card. In case of these alternate PayWave card holders they also exit the supermarket same as the way the card holders do. These alternative card holders can use the rest amount of money they have within their cards or they can return it back for getting rest amount of money remained on their card. Tagging system of every products within the supermarket helps through RFID readers helps the users who visit the store in rush and reduces the extra expense that is added (Bernal, Li & Loce, 2014). In addition to this, the shopping summary stations are helpful for the customers to identify their purchased products that are present within the trolley (Warchol, Schroeder & Cunningham, 2016). Besides these elaborations about shopping the car parking area charges the user per minute basis in case of peak seasons and there are much lower for non-peak seasons.


2.Recommendations for improving the Business Process

According to the study of system architecture of PayWave system there are three suggestions that can be suggested for reducing the queues at the time of checkouts. These recommendations are given as follows:

Utilization of Infrared Cameras: Oz Supermarket can utilize these cameras in order to reduce exit queue within it. These cameras need to be put all around the stores for monitoring all the operations going on within the stores. These cameras generally connected through asoftware to each of lanes providing exit options for customers (D'Orazio et al., 2015). This camera generally determines the numbers of lanes which are free of queues and then the customer can easily chose which lane needs to be followed. This technological advancement helps the Oz Supermarket in operating their functionalities within limited time and with the help of this advancement no customers needs to leave the queue it alternatively increases the revenues of the supermarket (Ferreira, 2015). The concerned software connected with the infrared cameras is implemented by IT heads of the supermarket and these enable the fast movement of customers.

Figure 1: Use of Infrared Cameras in retail shops

(Source: Mani, Kesavan & Swaminathan, 2015, pp- 201)

The camera indicate the effective way to exit the supermarket within limited time as well as the PayWave technology if combined with this system architecture then Oz Supermarket can easily manage their queues. The IT heads can easily implement this system architecture within their organization for managing their queue management policies and this will in terms benefit their organizational strategies (Maina, 2013). The above figure is helpful in showing the queue management system through the infrared cameras placed within any supermarket. 

Use of GPS in trolleys: According to the surveys done on the queue management system for involved within retail shops this is identified that almost 20% of the customers leave the queue due to loss of excessive time within it (Morimura & Nishioka, 2016). In contrast with these facts, Oz Supermarket can utilize GPS within their shopping trolleys in order to guide their customer for avoiding queues (Warchol, Schroeder & Cunningham, 2016). These GPS system provides automatically senses the empty lanes within the stores and indicate them through indicating light or sound sensors. Additionally if there are special offers going on the selected product depending on the user’s choice the GPS tracker also guide them to that specific zone.

Figure 2: GPS trackers for reducing queues

(Source: Mutsagondo & Makanga, 2014, pp- 440)

The user’s choice is predicted thought the study of customer purchases. Therefore, behind this GPS tracking system there are various software are working for studying the user’s behavior. The GPS tracker fitted on the specific trolleys allows the user to select their compatible check outs and also these GPSs indicates the checkout points to be opened for that particular instance (Poddar, 2014). Therefore, the study of this particular technological advance shows that this can be used for Oz Supermarket in order to get rid of the long and time consuming queues and this not only provide benefits to the customers but also it provides benefits to the organization in terms of revenues.


Use of Self- Scanning option: Self-Scanning other technological advancements in managing queues within supermarkets or any retails stores with respect to different user and customer demands (Qiu & Zhang, 2013). In addition to this, this solution will also be very helpful for Oz Supermarket in as this will allow the customers to be controlled through the purchasing process within the retail stores.

Figure 3: Self-Scanning in retail shops

(Source: Sawant et al., 2015, pp- 278)

There are generally RFID bar codes within each product within any retail shops. Therefore, the self- scanning options will be beneficial for the customers in neglecting the long queues that is consuming their time (Sharma & Lambert, 2013). These self scanning options will allow the normal and alternative card holders to do their billing and also they can also pay their bill with the help of payment option through cards. The above figure depicts the system architecture of self-scanning option and provides effective access to the payment system. Therefore, this option will also be beneficial for the customers.

3.Option for improving Customer Service

An additional option for managing the long queues within Oz Supermarket as well as the customer service is given as follows:

Application of Smart Application for Shopping: This is one of the signified technologies that are helpful in managing the queues involved within any store that manages long queues involved within stores. In addition to this, the supermarket should place one smart phone application for customers. This application will work as follows: when the customers enter the supermarket the phones are tapped at the counter of the shopping market and after this tapping the phones are allowed to take entry into the market (Warchol, Schroeder & Cunningham, 2016). Therefore, these mobile applications can be used as one of the best solutions for managing the customer service effectively with the help of keeping connected the customers to the system shopping culture of their premises (Soteriou & Stavrinides, 2013). The customers not need to be concerned about the directions through surveillance cameras and also they don’t have to be concerned about their billing amount and purchasing details. All of these aspects are recorded to their mobile application they just need to follow the instruction that their phone gives them. These technical advancements improvised the customer services and also keep the customers satisfied with their offerings.

4.Suggestions for improving Business Service or Operation

The customer services that are managed by operational team of Oz Supermarket can be improvised further with the help of few more suggestions. These are given as follows:

Improvisation of customer interactions: The improvisations of customer interactions with the help of efficient employees are very important for managing the organizational structure as well as work culture involved within store (Warchol, Schroeder & Cunningham, 2016). This aspect incorporates more number of interacting sessions of the operational heads of Oz Supermarket with their customers for knowing them in better way. This aspect impacts on the increase of number of loyal customers within Oz Supermarket with respect to their business objectives and goals. There are various options available for making efficient customer interaction with the operational heads of the store. Arrangement of launching sessions and meeting with prioritized customers for improving loyal relationship with them are great options for Oz Supermarket in solving issues with long queues and customer service related issues involved within the organization. Customer interactions are managed and adopted by the organizational members in order to increase the organizational performance with respect to their organizational objectives and goals. Customer interaction management is helpful for the Oz Supermarket in managing the growth structure of the organization with respect to their norms and values that are incorporated within their organization.


Customer requests prioritization: The prioritization of customer request will leads to the management of customer feedbacks that are the essence behind developing the operational excellence within Oz Supermarket. In addition to this, correct customer support results into the development of the organization with respect to providing values to the loyal and regular customers within Oz Supermarket. The checking of prioritized customer requests helps the organization in understanding and indentifying the urgent tasks involved within their operational structure (Warchol, Schroeder & Cunningham, 2016). Customer relationship management is one of the best information systems that helps in managing the operational features of customer services involved within Oz Supermarket. Therefore, the organization needs to implement this functional measure in order to grab attention of their loyal customers with respect to their goals and objectives. This CRM system provides customer service reports that are helpful in analyzing the backlog areas of the system architecture in order to improve their system architecture within the organization. The organization can easily manage their quality of service with respect to their customer demands and needs being evolved within the market.

Digitized communication measures: The communication among the staffs of Oz Supermarket is very important for managing the system architecture and operational excellence of the organization. In addition to this, this advancement can be maintained by the organizational heads and operational members with the help of various mobile applications for employees and contact to walky-talkies for communicating in faster way that helps the organizational members in understanding the customer demands and needs that are variable with respect to various situations and conditional aspects involved within the system architecture of the organization (Yang & Takakuwa, 2017). These effective communication measures are helpful in solving various critical aspects and issues that are being raised by the consumers within the organization for managing the system architecture of the organizational culture and structure. Digitized measures will be helpful to the organization in achieving their goals and objectives towards establishing effective organizational structure by reducing long queues in exit points as well as improving their customer services to their loyal and new customers. Use of mobile applications and mobile phones for communicating with each other are best solution among the organizational members to mitigate the issues among their customers and employees.



This can be concluded that PayWave technology is proved to be helpful for Oz Supermarket in managing their long queues in exit checkouts. In addition to this, there are various recommendations that are provided to the organization for improvising their functional areas in managing customer services and long queues. Therefore, this can be stated that all of these solutions are helpful in making the organizational structure and culture improvised with respect to their goals and objectives.



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