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Business Process Change Document

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Question-Complete the assigned readings and conduct your own research to identify an organization for analysis for your business process change document?




Business processes are the key revenue drives to every organization. It is the fundamental of an organization to deliver the right services and products to the right customers at the right time. In order to maximize and sustain itself in the competitive market it is important to have effective processes that make the organization to perform better and work effectively. To align the current state of the business processes with the high level needs and find the gaps need a proper blueprint of the process to address the issues or gaps (accaglobal.com, 2008).

This purpose of this report is to identify the sustainability issues that Woolworths may face in this competitive market and will demonstrate how to overcome the issues by changing the process.


Woolworths Limited is the biggest retail association in Australia, enveloping numerous well-known brands including Dan Murphy’s, Dick Smith Electronics, BIG W and Woolworths Supermarket. Their mission is to give clients the right shopping experience at every single time. Woolworths Ltd has a pledge to persistent change and development all through its divisions and as an association all in all. Business Process Management has been recognized as one of the key empowering influences to accomplishing the authoritative objective (leonardo.com.au, n.d.).

Since opening their first store in 1924, Woolworths has changed the retailing face of Australian. Beginning with a solitary basement store in Sydney, they are currently a family unit name with vicinity in just about every metropolitan and provincial focus in New Zealand and Australia. By 2015 they assess to increase their stores by of 850 more, barring acquisitions.



As per Woolworths sustainability is all about what they do and how they actually do it. Sustainability strategy generally includes protecting the assets of the organization, improving the value of the shareholders and also developing their reputation. Buyers are getting to be progressively sensitive to sustainability issues, and that's becoming the challenge for the retailers to keep pace with their evolving desires. The key challenges retailers need to overcome here are buyers' value discernments, overpowering decision, the danger of expanding pessimism and inactivity to change. The hike in the prices of food worries about sustenance security and its political and social repercussions.

 The main sustainability issues that Woolworths should focus on are:

  • Climate Change: Utilization of greenhouse gas and energy discharges and Utilization of greenhouse gas and fuel and other outflows in their distribution network (trucks) and the organization autos/business travel.
  • Waste Issue: use of plastic bags and increase in packaging and also other wastes generated from various Woolworths stores.
  • Supply Chain: Inventory network embarrassments spinning around issues, for example, working conditions and child labor have stubborn the retail division lately, and markets' relations with their suppliers have been put under the spotlight in the Competition Commission's late enquiry. In the meantime, the fairtrade development has thrived in certain item classes and numerous general stores have received projects to grow mainly sourced item extends.
  • Packaging: together with customer packaging in their private labeled items and conveyance packaging
  • Sourcing of our private name items and fixings as well as different items and administrations
  • Immediate utilization of water and the impact of dry spell


Source: (Herndon et al., 2003)



Level 1: Initial Process Adhoc

Level 2: Repeatable

Process Characterized for Project

Level 3: Defined

Process characterized for organization

Level 4: Quantitatively Managed

Measurement and control

Level 5: Optimized

Continuous Improvement


Informal sustainability decisions

Proper management control and selection

Control and coordination with different processes of the organization

Realizing the value and benefit

Optimizing the sustainability process performance.


Process is inconsistent, adhoc asset plan and also unpredictable risks

Few fundamental alignments must be done to be project focused

Business based and formal criteria should be set

Project, Asset portfolios should be aligned

Ongoing priority and alignment

Information and communication

Adhoc communication, improper baseline

Time and cost should be reviewed with the stakeholders

Proper Project portfolio management will be implemented and used

Key metrics should be available on time and with proper audits

Simulation, Benchmarks and also effective corrections

Resource Utilization

Adhoc staffing and  resource planning process

Resourcing informs precedence decision

Pooled resources and PMO is optimized

Human capital of IT and also other process should be informed by assessments

Continuous improvement to meet future needs

Performance Measurement

Outputs are not as per the result and are inconsistence

Cost based outcomes

Emphasizing on enterprise and ROI views

Reviews will be used for making changes in the process

Simulation and probability will be used for making portfolio mix

Risk Management

Improper risks management

Analyze the business case

Examine the risks

Risk control techniques to be used

Identify the missed opportunities to manage risks





Company doing now:

Current Strategy

For effective sustainability process, Woolworths has various programs set up to captivate with stakeholders. Through these roads we look for data and guidance, convey in an open what's more transparent way and offer information and gain from gatherings and people who have an effect on or an investment in Woolworths. They have as of late shaped a Sustainability Advisory Community embodied pioneers in the fields nature, practicality and corporate obligation. They are also working with Landcare to reserve manageable cultivating programs via a Drought Grants Partnership. The CSIRO an exploration program that will unite fuel stakeholders from industry, community and government. Woolworths has decided to give monetary backing to the undertaking. They have started a framework for engaging the stakeholder that can be utilized over all regions of the business. They need to work with interior and outside stakeholders to comprehend their perspectives and desires around a wide go of issues identifying with our business


Woolworths estimates to increase the number of stores by 850 more within 2015. This is based on the assumptions:

  • More than 20 stores for every year in the area of electronics
  • To increase Dan Murphy's stores by 20 every year
  • To increase BIG W stores by 6–10 every year
  • 15–25 new general stores and growing existing stores

Happening in Environment:

 Key factors of Success and Failure

The key success factors of Woolworths are value for the money that the customers pay, quality, service, innovation and sustainability. The World of Difference Loyalty Program gives the business more data about what individuals are purchasing and when, and have expanded Woolworths understanding of what clients are searching for. Item extends can be custom-made all the more adequately and they can give clients with the relevant information according to their needs and ways of life. Woolworths World, a client distribution, is focused at Woolworth’s key clients – furnishing them with news and data that will be of enthusiasm to them (Digital, 2014)

Clients hope to discover the right item, just where they require it and at the ideal time – this remaining parts one of Woolworths greatest difficulties and a key center for the business. Through a committed head office group, upgrades are constantly made to arranging and appropriation frameworks and we accept that clients will soon begin to discover a greater amount of what they're searching for, in the ideal spot at the opportune time. This is the main factor that might drag the organization down in the competitive market. (Digital, 2014)

 Capabilities and limitations of Competitors

The major competitor of Woolworth’s is Coles that is owned by the Wesfarmers Group of Australia. Coles has been massive in implementing the best marketing strategies like “There's No Freshness Like Coles Freshness” that tells about the fresh food offered by Coles. Coles has been about expanded brand notability by monstrous publicizing, for example, its '$10 dinner arrangements and without hormone hamburger activities have been exceptional to the brand'. Coles Myer has a far reaching conveyance framework and powers its extensive scale of operations further bolstering addition good fortune. Solid brand image and extensive variety of private names help Coles to separate store pictures and higher net revenue (Coles.com.au, 2013).

Coles Myer not concentrate on client, "it is more agonized over keeping them glad than keeping clients cheerful" (Food News, 2006). Numerous clients grumble about the client administrations, long line and few open looks at. Monetary issue and higher cost on logistic framework likewise has an effect on the Coles benefit and cost focused.

Governmental and societal changes

Fears over the intensity of basic need costs in the market segment were laid out by the ACCC in 2008, which proposed Woolworths and Coles confronted more aggressive dangers with more forceful valuing methodologies" (ACCC, 2008a: xvi). Keith (2012) contends that the retail market is currently united that the focused anxieties to lower costs is not enough, although rivalry in the middle of Woolworths and Coles may have been keeping costs low for the purchaser.

Woolworth represents that it used a likeness 1% of pretax benefits on supporting the groups for the achievement of supporting associations, projects and activities in the regions of significant to their business destinations, qualities and aptitudes (Woolworths, 2012).

Strength and Weakness

Woolworths offers various products to the various different segments of the customers. This help to increase their customer base. The execution of the organization's stores division, which includes general store stores, alcohol stores and fuel stations, was extremely solid in the coming years. Proceeded with effective performance of this division, which represents almost 87% of incomes, would reinforce the monetary position of the organization.

The working edge of the general stock gathering has declined structure 6.8% in 2001 to 2.9% in 2005. The decrease in working edge of the general stock gathering is huge because of shopper gadgets sub division, whose working edge strongly declined from 7.4% to 5.1% amid this period. Proceeded with feeble benefit of the general stock gathering would unfavorably influence general productivity (Woolworths.com.au, n.d.)


Company should do:

Present strategy

The present strategy of Woolworths is to engage the stakeholders in making the best decisions for the business and sustain in the competitive market.

Course of Action

  • To build up proper value proposition for the customers
  • To develop an effective sustainable process that recalls the previous process and removes and adds products from the distribution centers and stores.

Best Alternative

Multi-options has been a need methodology for Woolworths running its retail business through multi levels of the product offerings and geologically dissemination, and has made a certain online deals portion establishment in New Zealand and Australia. 



Process 1:

 process 1


Source: (woolworthslimited.com.au, 2007)


Process 2:

 process 2

 Source: (ceowatermandate.org, 2013)




Sustainability quality is one of our key centering ranges as a business and is incorporated into the vital arranging cycle and adjusted scorecard process. Both the graphs guarantee that consistency over our operations, each specialty unit has a set of good business venture destinations against which they are measured twice for every year. These diagrams will convey methodology and innovation arrangements that expand the imparting of our insight and together convey genuine quality to all stakeholders included in or influenced by what organization do. This thusly will prompt improved, measurable changes all hands on performance of the organization. On the off chance that the above rules are respected in a advantageous investment of time and assets, each individual change activity will have a shot of being achievable without the majority of the standard issues and delays that typically connect with technology and process change.

Once these diagrams are drawn the processes can be redesigned easily as per the requirement. These diagrams help to understand the present process capabilities and also understand the limitations that the organization is facing with the current process and what changes can be made to make the performance of the organization more effective. These two diagrams suggests that the board is mainly responsible for fulfilling itself yearly, or all the more much of the time as obliged, that administration has created and actualized a compelling danger administration skeleton. Nitty gritty deal with this errand is assigned to the Audit, Compliance and Risk Management Board. It is in charge of managing administration's activities in the distinguishing proof, administration and reporting of material business dangers.

Change is a necessary piece of every business system. Woolworths' vision of change is interpreted into methodologies furthermore particular targets and arrangements which are checked and administered by the Board. Change targets and arrangements are reflected in the administration and other important representatives' execution objectives. The organization additionally ceaselessly develops a group of change champions over the business. These change executors are empowered, upheld what's more incentivized to drive change inside their loop of impact (woolworthsholdings.co.za, 2012). The future diagrams helps to effectively identify the risks and manage those risks by improving open doors and minimizing dangers, so that together they can attain their basic objectives – developing their business economically, upgrading worth for clients and shareholders, helping our groups and putting resources into the fate of every nation they operate (woolworthslimited.com.au, 2010).

Using both the present and the future process diagram process, Woolworth’s can identify the strength and weakness of the organization and also add extra value to various other operations and process in creative ways and also leverage its expertise for enhancing the flexibility of its operations with proper coordination and close integration of various activities and also. As the organization is thinking to broaden its operation in various other nations, the models and the diagrams will benefit to entrench the organization as one of the dominant players in the retail industry and also preserve their sustainability.



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