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Business Process Modeling Management Add in library

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Question :

Write portfolio on the topic which includes 5 subtopics. Each portfolio should contain one pic related to that subtopic with intext reference and one video link from youtube related to topic and we have to tell why we choose that very pic and video. Please also give refrences in haward style.



Answer :

1. Business Process performance management

                                                                             Figure 1: Business process performance management

                                                                                                (Source: Mauch, 2010, pp163)

Video Link:

The performance of the business process is measured with the help of Business process performance management system. Glykas (2013) opined that the process measures the business performance by modeling, execution, monitoring and improvement. This process promotes business integration and improvement in the business activities. The use of the performance measurement metrics like accountability, alignment, relevant information, standardization, transformation etc the business is able to measure the performance accurately. The first stage includes the monitoring of the individual process followed by the improvement of the process.

The picture and the link focus on the process of performance management that can be used by the business for the effective controlling of the individual and overall performance of the business.


2. Critical success factors (CSF)

                                                                     Figure 2: Critical success factors for business performance

                                                                                           (Source: Han et al. 2009, pp96)

Video Link:

The CSF is the factors that are necessary in business to measure the performance level of the business. They indicate the key factors that should be achieved by the business or organization in order to make the performance level up to the benchmark. According to Glavan (2011) the business can make those factors as CSF the attaining of which becomes central to the success of the business. For instance the general factors which may act as CSF for a business are the effective new product development process, good distribution channel, effective advertising. For a total business process to be effective the organization will have to take into account the fulfillment of the CSF like proper communication with staffs, proper training provide to the employees, to ensure that a proper performance measurement system is present and to make the employees aware of the system.

The video show the tutorial of the 9 important CSFs and the picture shows the combined CSF for business performance measurement.


3. Total Quality management (TQM)

                                                                                        Figure 3: Process of TQM

                                                                                    (Source: Lauras et al. 2011, pp96)

Video link:

In the recent years it has been seen that significant improvements in business can be achieved through TQM implementation. The TQM process ensures that the overall activities within an organization are continuously monitored and improved so that the quality can be controlled. The use of TQM places a strong emphasis on process measurement control using various statistical analysis methods to monitor process behavior and individual defects. The TQM model is regularly updated so that the process of the business can be effectively controlled. According to Yadav and Sagar (2013) TQM implementation will help in internal benefits like improving quality, enhancing productivity and getting better profit levels for the company. TQM can also effectively increase the organizational knowledge and help the business to attain desired performance level. The link and the picture show the process of TQM.


4. Lean performance principle

                                                                                    Figure 4: Lean performance principle

                                                                                        (Source: Goetsch et al. 2010, pp58)

Video link:

The lean performance principles of business performance management help the company to measure the performance of the company based on the reduction of the defects of the organization. The lean principles deals with making the process free from all defects making the situation zero defects and attaining perfect quality for the process. The performance level can be increased by waste minimization, continuous improvement, pull processing of customer needs and flexibility of the products and relations between suppliers (Yadav and Sagar, 2013).


5. Performance improvement model


                                                                             Figure 5: Performance improvement model

                                                                                     (Source: Goetsch et al. 2010, pp-75)

Video link:

According to Yadav and Sagar (2013) this method incorporates the three different levels based on Human performance improvement. The levels are namely organizational level, process level and the Job or performance level. This model helps to improve the three different segments of organization separately thereby making an overall improvement in the performance level. The organizational level focuses on the development of all organizational factors followed by the process level that incorporates the tools to improve the business process. The job level makes improvement in the individual performance of the employees by catering to their job expectations, providing effective performance feedback and also providing them with more skills, knowledge and incentives to make the performance better. 


Reference list


Mauch, P. (2010). Quality management. Boca Raton: CRC Press.

Goetsch, D., Davis, S. and Goetsch, D. (2010). Quality management for organizational excellence. Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall.


Glavan, L. (2011). Understanding Process Performance Measurement Systems. Business Systems Research, 2(2).

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Yadav, N. and Sagar, M. (2013). Performance measurement and management frameworks. Business Process Mgmt Journal, 19(6), pp.947-971.


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