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About Jaguar Land Rover


Discuss about the Business Society and Planet.

Jaguar is a luxury automobile brand of Jaguar Land Rover.  Jaguar Land Rover is a British international vehicle producer  headquartered in Whitley, Coventry, England. From 2008, Jaguar Motors is owned and managed by the Tata Motors, an Indian-based company. Jaguar Land Rover Company is established around two prodigious British vehicle brands with extraordinary innovativeness and manufacturing competences. The company’s engineering amenities are located in the United Kingdom. Jaguar Automobiles, instituted in the year 1922, is amongst the world’s leading producers of superfluity sports and saloon cars. Since 1948, Jaguar has been engineering 4x4s. Its merchandises have demarcated the fragments in which the corporation operates. The Jaguar Land Rover Corporation provides occupations to about 16,000 people, mainly in their motherland, UK, counting nearly 3,500 engineers at two brand expansion cores, in Whitley in Gaydon in Warwickshire and Coventry and. The Company’s XJ, XF and XK brands are predominantly contrived at the business's Castle Bromwich subsidiary in Birmingham, UK, whereas the Land Rover Freelander 2 and Range Rover Evoque are manufactured at the Halewood subsidiary, Liverpool. Other models such as Range Rover Sport, Discovery 3, Range Rover, and Land Rover's Defender, simulations are all fabricated at Solihull, in UK. This firm is a renowned prosperity creator for the United Kingdom, with about 78% of Land Rovers disseminated to more than 170 nations and approximately 70% of Jaguar’s products distributed to about 63 nations. Rummage sales to consumers are carried out primarily via licensed traders and dealers. In the past few decades, Jaguar Land Rover Limited has produced vehicles for the British Prime Minister, with the most current conveyance being an XE. The corporation as well clenches royal warrants from Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II(Bailey, Kobayashi, & MacNeill, 2008).

 On the other hand, Volkswagen often abbreviated as VW, is a German -based car manufacturer incepted on May 28, 1937, by the German Labour Front, and centered in Wolfsburg. Currently, it is considered as the largest automaker worldwide, hence its name “people’s car (Price, 2003).” The Group encompasses around 12 marques from seven European nations, namely, Bugatti , ŠKODA, Audi, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Ducati ,Lamborghini ,SEAT, Bentley, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Scania ,Porsche, and MAN. Furthermore, the Volkswagen Group provides a broad variety of financial facilities, comprising of merchant and client financing, fleet management, insurance activities, leasing, and banking. Through its "TOGETHER – Strategy 2025" future sequencer, the Volkswagen is building the approach for the largest transformation route in its antiquity: the rearrangement and repositioning of one of the greatest auto-makers to emerge an internationally foremost supplier of sustainable auto-mobility. In order to accomplish this, the Company will be transmuting its locomotive central trade, and will amongst additional stuffs be introducing supplementary 30-plus completely electronic vehicles by the year 2025, as well as intensifying battery-operated machinery and self-sufficient driving as novel central capabilities. E-mobility, self-driving systems, momentum of the digital renovation, and the concomitant car conceptions– the self-propelled globe is seeing evolutionary modifications. Volkswagen Inc., which lately underwent hard-hitting periods, has recognized the epic scopes of various challenges and as such the MNC is transposing itself for the future with its products and brands. Essential concerns require idealistic responses. In initiating its upcoming program TOGETHER – Strategy 2025, this Group has launched the prime progression of revolution in its history. Its all-encompassing visualization is to turn out to be a world-leading supplier of sustainable auto-mobility. The pathway there will be subjugated by symphonic synchronicity and conversation as equals. For one reason: newfangled eras necessitate newfangled procedures of cooperation.

About Volkswagen

According to the 2009/2010 Sustainability Report, it is evident that Jaguar Land Rover is not only concerned with the internal issues surrounding their business operations, but also external concerns which might influence them or the outside parties. This Sustainability Report provides information about the performance of the company on various environmental and social issues and as well describes out the key objectives of the entire firm at a corporate level (Jaguar Land Rover Limited, 2016).

At Jaguar Land Rover, sustainable development is vital to the manner the corporation functions. This forms the fundamental value which motivates the long-term success of Jaguar. It is a common believe that it is important to conserve the robust repute of the firm brands, safeguarding the license to function, providing growth, as well as recalling the trust of every stakeholder. Jaguar Land Rover embarks on acting conscientiously and ethically towards dealers, suppliers, employers, customers, shareholders, and towards the environment and the general public– in every business maneuver across the globe (Rover, 2014). Jaguar Land Rover aggressively trails industry-leading maintainable modernization across the entire commodity life cycle that is from design and production to performance and clearance – to supply merchandises which benefit the consumers and ultimately lead to a more viable society. In addition, Jaguar is devoted to safeguarding its feasibility by capitalizing on its people as well as in research and expansion, proactively controlling its environmental and social influences and scheduling for the changeover towards a low carbon world.  The Company's strategy is to attain or even surpass legal and supervisory necessities in all of its undertakings and prove its answerability to stakeholders by intermittently reporting on its performance in a crystal-clear and transparent manner (William B Werther; David Chandler, 2011). 

On the other hand, Volkswagen Company has set itself the go-getting aim of emerging an international leader in the delivery of sustainable auto-mobility (Benaya, 2015). By so doing, the Company is consolidating its sustainability administration further and simultaneously endorsing a culture of deliberation. As a response to the forfeiture of trust instigated by the diesel predicament, Volkswagen is as well altering its sustainability communications by evidently reinforcing open and crucial negotiation with external specialists and representatives of the major stakeholder groups. Together with the conformist sustainability report, the current sustainability magazine Shift provides a space for a critical review and appraisal of both present issues as well as the forthcoming necessities for sustainable mobility. Unlike, its counterpart, Jaguar Land Rover, Volkswagen backs up community projects which endorse art and culture, science, education, sport and health (Manfred Pohl; Nick Tolhurst, 2010). This is so because the firm believes that as a corporation with international operations they have an obligation of accountability towards the whole global society which can hardly be contended by just applying charity. In contrast, Volkswagen takes individual and in particular long-term commitment. The Company's strategies concerning responsibility and sustainability focus on the 21st-century challenges, and above all conservation of resource and climate fortification, alongside Intra- and intergenerational justice. The projects the firm selects unlike Jaguar replicate a fundamental and philosophical principle based on two central rudiments: these are applying continuousness instead of just adhering to the state-of-the-art fashion, and endeavoring to generate sustainable operational developments at their sites as sources of social and economic incentive and opportunities for interested parties (Volkswagen Company, 2017).

Employment Opportunities

As opposed to Jaguar Inc., every CSR project which Volkswagen starts and backs up globally should gratify a number of vital guiding principles, ensuring that:

  • All of them are in line with the Company’s central beliefs while addressing explicit domestic or regional matters.
  • They demonstrate the multiplicity within the Group in addition to the communal environment within which the undertakings transpire.
  • They instigate from a powerful stakeholder exchange of ideas with native players, those proactively involved in undertaking realization, and
  • Their project administration occurs domestically and is the duty of the units active in that particular locality (Volkswagen Group, 2016).

As pointed earlier in a previous section of this paper, Jaguar Inc. is managed by Tata Motors; an Indian-based International Automotive. Therefore, the above CSR differences can be explained in close consideration of the location of host countries that is Asia and Europe. With regard to various rudiments, Asian companies appear to be doing less than their counterparts in Europe (Helen Sharmini Nesadurai; Joseph Soedradjad Djiwandono; Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.; S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies., 2009). Nonetheless, there exist some noteworthy exemptions to this especially when it comes to essentials allied to trade. Furthermore, some substantial dissimilarities in priorities can, to some extent, replicate issues which are recognized as more significant in particular nations. Even though European corporations are often up ahead of Asian establishments with respect to their CSR programs, there is a great opportunity for businesses to learn and pick up from each other (Alfons Sauquet Rovira; Mette Morsing, 2011).   

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has emerged a vital trade conception over the past few decades (Ethical Corporation., 2011). Nevertheless, majority argue that this concept has not been adequately defined. This means that organizations can interpret it in accordance to how they see appropriate, and, therefore, some maintain that it is perceived as something that is added on to a corporation’s essential processes without altering in any substantial manner exactly how that business functions. However, maybe one ought to not be searching for a solitary description because social issues are extremely debatable, and dissimilar rudiments can be exceedingly conflicting.

For instance, a survey carried out by Welford, 2004, proved that in the Asian companies there is a lesser devotion to freedom of association and preferment of workforce improvement and professional enlightenment. A strategy on the fortification of human rights within the corporation’s peculiar maneuvers (human rights 1) is prevalent in 54.8% of the European multinationals responding but by only about 10.9% of the Asian-based organizations. We may uncertainly propose that while staffs in European companies are more likely to be considered as ‘human capital’ workforces in Asian firms are more probable to be viewed as just ‘a factor of production’ (Welford, 2004).

Both Jaguar and Volkswagen corporations have been evaluated by use of the social accounting methodology according to (Zadek et al., 1997) that sketches the fundamental principles to be applied whenever measuring the eminence of social accounting. Inclusivity, as defined by (Zadek et al, 1997), is a transparent give-and-take conversation amongst the stakeholders (Andrew Crane; Dirk Matten, 2016). Jaguar Inc. of late has been involved with participants whereby the company has been able to initiate strategic environmental maintenance approaches. Similarly, the firm has been taking back to the community through backing up the hunger afflicted regions by offering relief food (Stertkamp, 2008). On the other hand, Volkswagen has involved the interested parties through the use of the social media in whereby the firm is continuously active consulting all their participants on various issues, particularly concerning the products. Correspondingly, the corporation has been able to uphold sustainability whereby it has been able to spread its facilities to supplementary countries (Stitz, 2010). Both businesses have been able to gather feedback from their key shareholders which has been able to modify the management undertakings of the multinationals. There has been a development in the public accounting which has improved the companies’ ability to revolve the administration policies that fit both corporations and have made them have a healthier interface with their participants. Both multinationals have shown a sturdy capability to control their business structures and strategies as they have incorporated the shareholders more than before. Being international corporations, they both employ the Global Reporting Initiative while giving out their reports (Øyvind Ihlen; Jennifer Bartlett; Steve May, 2011).

Sustainable Development and Innovation

The stated values of Jaguar are Integrity, Understanding, Excellence, Unity, and Responsibility (Jaguar Company, 2016). It is a common believe in Jaguar Motors that corporations should operate while ensuring fairness, honesty, and transparency. As a result, everything the firm does always stands the test of community scrutiny. Besides, the company attempts to respect, sympathize and depict humanity through, say, caring about their consumers and colleagues all over the globe. According to Jaguar Inc. ‘Good enough' is at no time good enough. As such the business aims for the premier standards and criterions possible in the manner, they function and in the quality of their vehicles, products, and facilities. Jaguar acknowledges that success is an outcome of initiating robust, equally advantageous relations with one another, associates as well as clienteles all over the world. The Corporation is often accountable for the nations, publics, and places they work. Their primary goal is to ensure everybody benefits from working with the company (Mann, 2015). On the other hand, Volkswagen, according to the values guiding principle, is more than the employer. They are accountable to their stakeholders, the society, environment, and generally the global economy. Employees in this firm assume social accountability by taking part in voluntary activities. Responsible, collaborative, and sustainable thinking underlies all activities undertaken by the company (Volkswagen company, 2017). These values as discussed beforehand are replicated in the sustainability reports provided by these two corporations. They both work in different intercontinental CSR projects towards making the international economy more sustainable and nondiscriminatory. Annual progress reports document the undertaken projects (Tina Grant; Cengage Learning (Firm), 2007).


Multinational corporations (MNCs) such as Jaguar and Volkswagen have a fundamental role to play in the process of endorsing well-being and impartiality in our contemporary society. As depicted in various sections of this paper, there are different categories of ‘role' and ‘scope' which these companies can play in combination with several domestic and intercontinental firms such as the UK agencies, local government, as well as NGOs in the host nations. One of the most protuberant contributions from transnational corporations to the host nations Is Corporate Social Responsibility, often shortened as (CSR). Various sections of descriptions of the two MNCs ratify that MNCs have to prove their unremitting determinations to support the host countries. Every ‘decent’ MNC should look cautiously at the manner their organizations are involved, contemplate on what more they can do to exterminate scarceness of resources, and thereafter take action. As validated by the arguments in this paper, we can terminate poverty (by 2030); and TNCs in developing countries ought to work collaboratively with the host governments to make this matter a reality. There are companies, such as Toyota, which have entrenched such concepts as CSR within their creativities as well as sanctioning them. By way of generating something sustainable, these establishments are backing up the international weakening which individuals cannot just overlook. In addition, they encourage ecologically friendly epitomes and movements since we do source from the surroundings to produce stuffs- it is only appropriate to do so in a rational, not detrimental manner.

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