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BUSN20017 Communication In Business For Email And Employment Letter

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  • Course Code: BUSN20017
  • University: Central Queensland University
  • Country: Australia


The objective of this reflective essay is to summarize what you learned from the unit and how you believe your learnings could be applied by you in your future career goals. Section one: For weeks one to ten you should identify one important or significant concept that you have learned about. You should define the concept and then explain why it is important to you in your current or future line of work. It is not enough to simply say that the concept is important, you will need to explain why. Section two: Based on your discussion of the ten significant concepts you should provide a literature review of one of the concepts. So for example, if you found that listening was an important communication concept then you should provide a literature review on the current academic understanding of the importance of listening within the work environment. Section three: Lastly, you will need to discuss how two of the ten concepts could be important to your future career aspirations. Here you will need to identify where you wish to be in 5 years’ time, and then discuss how you think these concepts/skills will help you meet your career goal.
It is important that you are specific as possible. Your essay should follow the following structure: 1) Introduction a) Opening statement that introduces the topic b) Background information that introduces the context, significance and the purpose of the essay c) Preview of the structure of the essay d) Thesis e) Transition to section one 2) Section one—identify and explain the importance of one weekly concept in terms of your work activities. a) Week one b) Week two c) Week three d) Week four e) Week five f) Week six g) Week seven h) Week eight i) Week nine j) Week ten 3) Section two—Literature review of one of the concepts identified in section one 4) Section three—Application of two of the concepts for future career aspirations. 5) Conclusion a) Synopsis of the areas discussed in the essay b) Restatement of the thesis statement c) Capstone statement that signals that the essay has ended. 6) References (APA reference style)



Communication is used for the information transformation between different sources. It has different types such as verbal, non-verbal. There are many things to communicate for some purpose. Professionalism is require a better communication for fulfill the basic requirements in business. Business communication is playing a key role in a life of professional person for their professional work.    

This essay will explain about the ethics as well as different ways of business communication for professional work. This essay also describe about different important terms of business communication as well as principles, theories of communication, model of communication and ethical communication.

This report will explain communication theories, importance of communication competence in next parts. Communication theories are providing base for professional works as well as organizational life (Adler & Towne, 2015). This report is divided in three sections that explain about workshop activities in first section. Second section will provide literature review of one week and third section will provide two applications that are beneficial for future career aspirations.   

This report will provide email, and employment letter writing in details in third section. It will conclude about the whole workshop in conclusion section in the later section.   


Section one:

Week one

In week one, I learnt about the preview unit topic, identification of effective communication, models of communications, misconceptions, identify assessment task, comparison between principles, definition of communication, purpose of communication and communication competency. 

These things are important for effective communication as well as learning and understanding. It requires for professionalism in the professional work at workplace. Effective communication makes a different image at workplace. Code of ethics is applied to all the staff members at workplace. Therefore, everyone should follow the code of ethics with effective communication. For showing capabilities in a positive way, effective communication plays a huge role in professional life (Espinosa, Nan, & Carmel, 2015).

I learnt about effective communication in the first week, which is beneficial for me. It is helpful for my professional life as well. During week one, I learnt about the different things of communication that provides confidence to me at my workplace. In general, communication is an interface to connect people. Communication is a way to change other behavior though information transformation 

During first week, I learnt about the theories of effective communication with their benefits for professional life for a person. Theories of communication are helping in professional works, such as employment latter and emails. In addition, effective communication is providing confidence in person in verbal or non-verbal communication. Effective communication is an interface that makes a relationship of people at workplace  (Fisher, 1970).

I learnt about the different purpose of effective communication during this week. Identity, social and instrumental is three goals of communication. Effective communication is used for different purposes at workplace (Forward, Czech, & Lee, 2011).      

Communication theories are having four digestions that are principles, concepts, philosophical assumption and explanations. I learnt about the Rhetorical theory as well as face-negotiation theory in that week (Kelly, 2006).

Models of communication are used for understanding about the communication in an effective way. The Shannon and Weaver introduce linear model of communication in 1949. That model is explained about the information transformation between the sender and receiver. Sender sends the data to the receiver through a communication channel in different ways (Littlejohn & Foss, 2010).

I also learnt about interpersonal and intrapersonal communication in professional life in that week.  Intrapersonal communication consider about the thoughts, internal conversations and feelings of a person.  In interpersonal communication, communication between two people is considered.

I leant about the competency in communication at workplace. Communication is providing an ability to demonstrate the appropriate things in each context. I also enjoyed the activities of that week, which are based on the professional life.   


Week two

In second week, I learnt about verbal and non-verbal communication with their advantages at workplace as well as business communication. I also learnt about identification of proxemics, theory, kinesics, paralanguage, expectancy violation, listening process, purpose of non-verbal communication as well as active listening behaviors.

Week three

In third week, I learnt about business communication with reader and writer terms with their comparison. That week provided details about the email, newsletters, communication genres, employment letter, curricula vitae, memos, reports and manuals format. Professional life is requiring all these things for effective business communication. At workplace, business communication is required and these things are providing helps to effective communication. Therefore, every employee should know about these things for betterment of their professional life (Papasolomou?Doukakis, 2002).   

Week four

In fourth week, an academic writing activity has held with the help of examples. I learnt about paragraph, referencing style, sentence making and plagiarism in that week.   It is a best to impress our senior and it will provide help in business relationship building at workplace. Academic writing is a basic need of business communication (Robbins & Hunsaker, 2009).

Week five

In fifth week, I learnt about the self-reflective essay and literature review.  Literature review is providing history about a research. It is mostly used in research work that requires background about the present work. Industry reports, conference proceedings, academic articles and publically available statistics can be used for literature review.

Self-reflective essay is useful for reflective writing and many other things. It provides self-awareness though knowledge about our learning from different experiences of life.  

Week six

In sixth week, I learnt about public speaking and different approaches. I also learnt about the analysis as well as handling of rhetorical situation. In addition, I learnt about visual aids that are beneficial for effective communication.

Week seven

In seventh week of workshop, I learnt about intercultural communication and their importance for professional life as well as related terminology of intercultural communication. I learnt about high and low context cultures differences in that week. I understood about the types of cultural communication styles. Face-negotiation theory is explained in that week and after that session, I am felling as intercultural competent.    

Week eight

In eighth week of workshop, I learnt about organizational communication and organizational structure. I also learnt about the external and internal communications that are beneficial for our professional life in term of business communication at workplace. Formal and informal communication networks are described in that week and I learnt about their types and forms.

Week nine

In ninth week of workshop, a group development activity has held and I learnt about group making and teamwork from that week. I learnt about meetings and group discussion from that week.  


Week ten

In tenth week of workshop, I learnt aggressive communication features and advantages in business compunction as well as verbally aggressive messages. In addition, passive communication behaviors are most importance in the business communication. I learnt about the assertive communication as well as supportive and defensive communication.

Section Two:

For the duration of week 3, I learnt approximately the analyzing and writing skills, which can be beneficial for business conversation. Many things are makes a communication higher in addition to offer advantages in other phrases ( Doyle, 2018). If there, is any spelling and grammatical errors inside the email than it make a horrific effect of subsequent man or woman. Files are showing professionalism approximately a person or enterprise. It relies a lot for a commercial enterprise communication. I learnt approximately increasing the competency of written business conversation. Verbal and written communications are having a huge distinction in enterprise. A letter and a conversation are having distinction. Written verbal exchange is extra static than verbal conversation. Therefore, continually assume before sending an email or some other documents to a person. I leant that continually do not forget approximately individual/target audience in my thoughts on the time of written conversation.

I leant from various things approximately the written communication, together with employment letters and curricula vitae (CV). CV is a report that highlights our abilities and skills in front of interviewer as well as showing capability personnel capabilities (Wharton, 2009).

Few things introduce us with much effect as feasible even though a report. Cover letter is first things that make it. Few things have to consider inside the cover letter, which are as:

Ø Do not forget want of business enterprise and link them together with your abilities and abilities.

Ø Proportion aspirations and qualification for precise submit

Ø Cover work ethics and character for that submit

Ø Punctuality and availability have to point out for an interview

Letter must have right use of addressing the letter to the recipient, which include ‘dear Sir or Madam’. Electronic mail is a primary manner to communicating at place of work. Electronic mail should have a chain of command and by no means leave out it on your electronic mail writing. E-mail is difficult to apprehend as properly a time eating, if they may be poorly written to someone (Haggerty, 2018).

E-mail writing is requiring concentrate on the target market. In step with target audience consumer need to divide target market based very directly to, CC, and BCC. However, consciousness at the ‘To’ discipline audience. Sender must clear approximately the purpose of the e-mail and it ought to have handiest single motive (Musumano , 2019). Electronic mail is important or the sender also knows not that. Sender have to check that electronic mail is appropriate or now not. In emails, always used formal English, which includes complete sentences, no contractions, confections, transition phrases, and signal-offs like ‘honestly’ or ‘best regards’ (Dwyer, 2009).

Electronic mail must preserve credibility of sender in addition to presentation. Always look at emails before send them. Problem line is continually having full that means of that e-mail. At the sending time, sender ought to assessment and revise the e-mail (Cullen, 2018). 


Section Three:

I learnt about business communication form that workshop. Those are useful for my professional career in future. I develop two things in myself from that week that are academic writing and public speaking.

Academic writing is beneficial for effective communication in email, employment letter and many things. It is a business communication requirement that their documents should have better communication.     


In conclusion, Business communication is requiring effective communication for different processes. It is also beneficial for professional development.  This report is described about the ten week of workshops and learning from those weeks.   

I learnt about many things from those weeks that are beneficial for my professional life. I learnt about literature review, academic writing, email, and many others from those workshops.  

Academic writing is a way to make communication better in terms of non-verbal communication. There are few things, which make us different from others at workplace, such as effective communication, and academic writing.

Finally, it is concluded that professionalism is require effective communication and academic writing for business communication.    



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