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BX3173 Strategic Entrepreneurship

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Topic:  The Asian street food

Personal Journal


The journal is to assist in focusing on being entrepreneurial and gaining the skills set to be successful in business. The journal gives focus by self-questioning your current traits, where they originate from and where need to improve. It also informs on what complimentary skill sets you should look for to build a formidable business team. It assists in inspiring by talking about a potential entrepreneurial hero you admire or wish to emulate and take a look at why their business is successful by understanding their business model.

The journal also assists in understanding and developing the skills for discovering and understanding a market, developing a value proposition that a market will want, learning how to build a business model towards developing a successful entrepreneurial business and building a personal understanding of the lean agile process that is creating successful businesses world wide.


First Personal Journal Entry Set

  1. Discuss how do you stack up against the five dimensions (e.g. achievement drive, creativity, desire for autonomy and internal locus of control) place your GET 2 survey questionnaire results as an Appendix to the journal.
  2. Discuss what the survey findings suggest you need to develop or improve? What factors (education, peers, family, experience ) in your past or character may have led to these results. These should include negative and positive influences.
  3. Discuss your scored personality type.
  4. Can you recognise some of these behaviours in yourself? Does this assist in understanding why you see and act in certain ways.

Your Skills & Experience

What do you bring to a team; what skills, experience, knowledge, networks that you believe could be of use and value to your entrepreneurial venture. Discuss.

Are you the: Hipster – The idea creator

Hustler – one who can acquire resources and sell

Hacker – the engineer, the builder

Herder – the project manager, keeps all focused on task, on schedule and on budget 

Second Personal Journal Entry Set

  1. Your Poster Entrepreneur

Profile an entrepreneur that interests or inspires you. It may be an individual or team from history or current era. Use published sources and print media. Consider their personal characteristics, backgrounds in terms of family and social economic situation, education, experiences and skills, the type of venture and the business and economic climate when launched their venture, their management style, if possible, what is their vision and belief in what they are attempting to achieve, their outlook on life & future, what drives them? What is their philosophy for business? How does this lead to the innovation they brought to their company that created the differentiation from their competitors for their customers?

Link to either Kurakto’s entrepreneurial behaviour or Daviddson’s Model of Motivation for Entrepreneurial Activity.

  1. Discuss your personal reflections on the reason you chose this entrepreneur and what inspires you about this person. (The entrepreneur maybe well-known, public or local hero. This person (or team) maybe living or dead, maybe current or historical. They may be successful or not but something about them is a source of inspiration for your journey).

Third Personal Journal Entry Set

  1. Your Poster Entrepreneurial Company

Discuss a business this entrepreneur has developed (it maybe a current business, a past, historical business or business they have sold). In your discussion, tell what the business does, what is it offering, what is its mission and vision. Discuss its origins and beginnings up to current. Give its history and performance. Its employee relations and its company culture.

  1. Discuss why you chose this company. What appeals to you about what this company is doing, acting and trying to achieve. State & discuss what you would take away from this company to emulate and why?

Forth Personal Journal Entry Set  

  1. Poster Company’s BMC

Using the company in Set 3; and the Business Model Canvas from Text, develop & draw this company’s Business Model Canvas. Discuss the 9 building blocks of the canvas with respect to the company. Provide evidence where possible to justify your understanding of this company’s business model. In your discussion, determine the Business Model Pattern used (see text). (Example: see Nespresso Model pp236-7 text)

Attach the BMC in the appendix along with any supporting evidence.

  1. Using the SWOT Assessment in Text (pp216-223) Assess this company’s BMC. Discuss your assessment. Attach your copy of the Assessment survey in Appendix.
  2. Using Blue Ocean Strategy (pp228-231 text) can you re-invent or improve your assumed company’s business model. Discuss your steps and give your final adapted canvas.

Fifth Personal Journal Entry Set (Reflective Overview) 

  1. What have you learnt or gained during the reading of the text and delivery of the subject, both about yourself and the nature of entrepreneurship and innovation? What did you personally gain from the subject, discuss? What did you find beneficial? What areas do you believe were of little or no benefit? Discuss.
  2. Have any changes occurred since Session 1 day 1, in terms of your own perceptions of whether you might seek to be more entrepreneurial or innovative?
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