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C000105 Bachelor Of Information Technology

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  • Course Code: C000105
  • University: Macquarie University
  • Country: Australia



Wire an essay: The original concept behind the Dark Net was to provide a secure form of communication to those who need it. Compare the pros and cons that the Dark Net provide and evaluate their value to society.



Dark Net

The term Dark Net refers to the computing network that uses a unique customized interaction protocol in order to manage the confidentiality of sensitive data. The key concept of Dark Net is to deliver a secure communication network to the companies so that the communication gaps and security problems can be managed. In this era, the rate of cyber-crime is growing quickly and most of the communities worldwide are suffering from hacking and data breach activities. Dark Net is capable to control and manage such kinds of issues from the systems and deliver more effective communication services to the companies. The aim of the research essay is to find key aspects of Dark Net in the case of the security of communication networks. This essay will focus on major three points such as the benefits of Dark Net, the drawbacks of Dark Net, and the role of Dark Net in society.

The uses of IT networks and technologies are increasing rapidly that helps to enhance organizational performance but also impact on the security of data. More than 56% of companies are suffering from data breach and security threats while using IT technologies. Dark Net is one of the leading networks that can be implemented with the computing systems in order to enhance the confidentiality of data and lead the effectiveness of the communication networks. The major part of the Dark Net is that it helps the consumers to securely perform data transmission over the internet servers and reduce the fraud and malware signals from computing devices.

Arnold et al. (2019) found that the purpose of the Dark Net is to deliver a secure form of communication to the companies by which the transmitted data can be secured and protected from the criminals. Dark Net is also defined as a dark web which is a section of the deep web used to secret sensitive data from the hackers and lead effectiveness of the websites. In this era, most of the companies like Google, FB, Amazon, and many more uses Dark Net systems and networks in the websites by which they can perform data communication in a secured manner and reduce privacy concerns. Bancroft and Reid (2016) determined that Dark Net is mainly adopted for illegal events like black markets; illegally file sharing, and transmission of illegal services such as private data and financial data. Encryption is one of the major technologies used in the Dark Net in order to enhance the privacy of communication networks.


Figure: Dark Net

(Source: Bancroft and Reid 2016)

In which the consumers need to deliver the private key for converting signals into ciphertexts that cannot be accessed by the criminals and lead the privacy of transmitted data. Most of the Dark Net websites use TOR encryption tools that help the communities to hide their identity and manage malicious and traffic signals occurred in the communication systems. Broséus, et al. (2016) found that Dark Net can be used for protecting dissidents from the third parties and enhance the effectiveness of the file-sharing in the workplace.


The major benefit of Dark Net is that it provides a way where the business communities can significantly exchange data over the internet and communication networks. Dark Net includes significant security tools and approaches by which the data of the consumers can be protected from the hackers and third parties.

Dittus Wright and Graham (2018) determined that Dark Net has the capability to hide search history in the websites by which the consumers can maintain the confidentiality of the search results. Using Dark Web servers can deliver access to sites that are not indexed by exploration locomotive such as database entries. The recent survey determined that more than 67% of the participants agreed that the involvement of Dark Net is beneficial for leading the privacy of the communication networks and systems significantly. The involvement of Tor encryption is more capable to detect fraud cases from the networks and reduce traffic signals easily so that the confidentiality and availability of data can be increased easily.


Figure: Working of TOR dark net

(Source: Duxbury and Haynie 2018)

Duxbury and Haynie (2018) highlighted that Tor encryption used in the Dark Net enables consumers and businesses communities to circumvent censorship. Dark Net is capable to enable the business communities for accessing illegal markets so that they can enhance the quality of life. Therefore, it is reported that the adoption of Dark Net-based servers are beneficial for the businesses by which the level of confidentiality and effectiveness can be enhanced easily. In terms of reliability, Dark Net is more reliable and significant that delivers appropriate communication networks to the consumers and reduces the problems and issues from the data communication systems.

The major part of Dark Net is Tor encryption that helps to exchange information from one server to another effectively and also manage the data breach-related problems from the computing devices. Therefore, it is reported that Dark Net can be used in the business communities and lead the level of organizational performance by addressing traffic signals and monitoring the performance of the communication channels. Kethineni Cao and Dodge (2018) determined that the Dark Net is a part of the internet network that needs special computing software to access and maintain the effectiveness of the web servers. It is capable to deliver more significant privacy as compared with other web servers due to which companies are moving towards the dark web.


It is highlighted that the dark web is not dark as it is bad and it is helpful for the business as it delivers privacy and security to the communication channels. The dark web is a part of the darknet which runs on the significant internet infrastructure but it is a parallel web that may not be accessed without using special computing software and tools. Because of this reason, Dark Net is popular in the businesses and helps the managers to hide details and private information on the websites. Most of the e-commerce sites are using Dark Net and dark web servers due to their potential to hide and protect sensitive data from the criminals and maintain the privacy of data so that the consumers can manage data breach and cyber-crimes in a reliable manner.

Lane, et al. (2018) reported that one of the major benefits of the Dark Net is the difficulty of blocking it so that the security of the computing networks and servers can be enhanced in a reliable manner. It is found that common forms of censorship that block the malware and traffic signals to webservers and networks at specific choke points with the internet networks. Dark Net is more resistant to surveillance by administrations and companies. Most of the communities are developing websites and communication networks using Dark Net in order to maintain security in the networks and complete the communication-related activities in a significant way. Therefore, all these are major benefits of using the Dark Net system that helps the companies to lead the effectiveness and appropriateness of the websites and servers effectively.

Moore and Rid (2016) argued that Dark Net includes the internet servers and communication networks that cannot be protected from the criminals and data breach issues can occur. The major drawback of Dark Net is that it is limited to control and address the security concerns due to which the companies can suffer from advanced cyber-attacks and risks. From the recent literature, it is found that the deep web-based on the Dark Net does not work as smoothly that can produce problems for the companies, and performance may be affected in a negative manner.

In terms of speed Dark Net, based webservers are slower as compared with the normal networks as it includes high-level programming servers and networks that take more time to perform operations in the systems. Therefore, it is reported that the development and implementation of Dark Net can produce speed-related concerns in the computing networks by which the consumers may face communication and access related issues. Mörch, et al. (2018) supported this argument and highlighted that the uses of Dark Net can increase piracy in the business communities due to which it is not much popular and included in the workplace.


In this era, the rate of IT is growing quickly that helps the companies to enhance performance level but also produce security concerns. In the case of Dark Net, hackers can implement malicious based webserver that can lead to hacking and data breach-related issues effectively. Therefore, it is reported that the implementation of Dark Net can enhance the level of hacking which can negatively impact on the performance and sensitive data of the companies. It is determined that Dark Net includes is a prison for illegal activities that mean by using Dark Net-based webservers, hackers can perform illegal activities and produce data breach issues in the workplace. Therefore, it is significant to evaluate and understand the limitations and illegal activities performed by hackers through dark web networks.


Figure: Disadvantages of Dark Net

(Source: Mörch, et al. 2018)

The dark web is a major network where processor criminals, safety specialists, and other absorbed gatherings encounter to discover, study about, skill in, presentation, and place a halt to numerical attacks and corruption. Therefore, consumers do not always transfer binary records from untrusted foundations because they could be a canal for hazardous new straining of malware and other crimes, and darknet is a major example where such kind of activities can be done. Norgaard Walbert and Hardy (2018) determined that some of the greatest general and harmful malware have affected numerous processors through the dark web earlier dispersal to other machineries via other systems and circulation approaches.

As a consequence, only knowledgeable processor workers should glance the dark web and Dark Net server, as solitary they are adequately conscious of the risks like worms using the Javascript postponement that lurk nearby the system. The Tor network is the greatest general submission adopted for retrieving the dark Net. But by that one, it is not completely safe and private. Over the ages, companies have understood much vulnerability that pretentious the safety of Tor’s operators and its protuberances. It is determined that the Tor Darknet system does not deliver total concealment or safety, and operators should not trust solely on it to protect themselves.

The darknet in certain gears can also be harmful to an operator’s mental state. Certainly, particular subversive societies can be a foundation of extremely unlawful resources, such as pornography and medications. Coming into communication with these resources can have undesirable consequences on certain business communities and people. As the darknet system is not simile to the common web network and it is extremely nameless so it’s a residence for infamous criminals and cyber-attackers. Consequently, flattering a goal of such an object is very probable when using the darknet based servers and communication channels.

According to Nunes, et al. (2016) Tor leaves a sole name on glancing data and may be noticed by internet facility provider and it is not lawful in certain spaces of the ecosphere. For the regular Internet operator, the dark net-based systems may be an unsafe place. Browsing its concealed places without defenses might be likened to annoying to become securely through a community infested by Ebola. Secrecy often inspires illicit actions counting the auction of drugs, arms, false IDs and visas, and taken microchip technology. Computing servers on the darknet advertise facilities of criminals, forgers, and hitmen. At a similar period, numerous web servers in the darknets are imitations to entice susceptible victims or recognized by law implementation to recognize and path real and possible criminal action. Since secrecy exists on both flanks, operators can certainly not be 100% sure about confidentiality. Therefore, all these are major limitations and drawbacks of the adoption of Darknet systems and communication networks.


In the case of society, the darknet plays a major role that helps the consumers to securely operate communication networks and webservers without requiring additional systems. It is more reliable and significant that it can help the users in society to protect data from the hackers and also deliver communication networks based on the encryption technique in order to make confidentiality and protect data of the consumers. Therefore, it is highlighted that using dark web networks can reduce financial losses and data breach concerns so that data communication-related activities can be done in a reliable manner. Consumers within a closed society and suffering from extreme censorship may adopt the dark web in order to interact with the consumers outside the society and transfer data from one server to another in less time. Moreover, such kind of webserver can help the government authorities to access the private signals and servers securely and manage the confidentiality and availability of sensitive information.

Pergolizzi, et al. (2017) determined that the major way that darknet based webservers are unglued out after the superficial net is encryption technique which is able to provide secured communication networks to the users in society. Many darknet servers include the Tor encryption apparatus to support them for hiding their individuality. Tor permits persons to hide their position, seeming as if they are in a dissimilar nation. Tor-encrypted systems need that person’s usage Tor for vesting them by which operators in society can protect data from the criminals. When persons adopt Tor, their IP networks and other classifying info is likewise encrypted. It is not problematic for a consumer to admittance the darknet as extended as they have the correct encryption apparatuses. But it may be durable to regulate who shaped convinced websites on the dark web. Therefore, it is reported that a darknet is valuable for society, and users can significantly share data from one network to another easily.

From the above identification, it may be concluded that the darknet is a leading computing network that has the ability to enhance confidentiality and privacy of data while accessing web servers. This research essay determined and reviewed the key aspects of the darknet system and also examined the limitations of integrating darknet networks in the businesses. It is found darknet is capable to hide the search history in the computing servers that helps the companies to protect data from hackers and maintain the privacy of data effectively. This research examined that the darknet is not much secured as it includes the less effective networks and servers which can lead to illegal activities in the businesses. The included points of the other writers helped to address the research aims and provided a way to enhance skills in regards to the darknet systems. Therefore, it is suggested that companies should implement dark net-based websites and servers so that the proper communication networks can be implemented and the confidentiality of data can be increased effectively.



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