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Case Studies Legislation, Negotiation And Recruitment Add in library

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Describe about the Case Studies of Legislation, Negotiation and Recruitment?


Case Study 1


There are few issues in the case study which needs to be addressed. Few of the issues are discussed as follows: -

1. There is a dispute between the two men and the female in the office.

2. All the three people belong to different community, culture and age groups and hence, their thought process may not be on the same line.

3. Emails are private and the privacy policy is not taken into consideration while the man is sending across emails to everyone.

4. The female is emotional harassed with emails that she isn’t comfortable with and also emotionally.

5. It can also be stated that she is sexually harassed.

6. All people will be stressed if the manager takes any further action (Werner 2014).

Relevant legislation and agency guidelines

• Work and Health Safety ACT 2011
• Discrimination ACT 1991
• Workers Compensation ACT 1951
• Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation ACT 1988
• Brodie’s Law (June 2011)
• Fair work ACT 2009
• Sex Discrimination Act 1984
• Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Act 1986
• Charlotte’s Law

Roles and responsibilities of the manager

First and foremost, I will inform all the respective line managers so that they can ensure that nothing happens on the work floor. I will talk to all the people who are involved in the case. To start with, I will talk to the young lady so that I can understand the things that create stress. Accordingly, I will talk to the males involved in the case. I will try to explain the stress that they are creating to the young lady. If this doesn’t work then I will have to take help of the higher authority and also the legal bodies.

Steps in resolving the situation

1. I will talk to the manager and inform her that one of the manager’s on the floor has raised a concern about her situation. This has risen to breach of privacy policy in the office.

2. I will also make the feel safe and ensure her that she can share the problem with me.

3. Will talk to her about her importance in the team and then will explain her, the various laws that are in place to support her.

4. Will offer her employee assistance program for free of cost so that she can feel secure and safe in the workplace.  

Challenges in the scenario

1. There are possibilities that the lady may say that there is no problem at all

2. All the people involved in the dispute belong to different culture and hence, counseling each one of them will be complicated.

3. The manager will have to confirm if they will have to take someone else’s help to resolve the case.

4. In the next teaming, the manager will have to discuss about the code of conduct, sexual harassment policy and also the privacy policy so that further such cases can be avoided (Foelker 2014).

Case study 2

Managing the situation

John and Fiona will have to work cordially so that results can be delivered. I, as a manager, will look for ways by which the situation can be dealt with a win-win situation. I will also help John and Fiona to undertake an employee assistance program so that they can understand the responsibilities as a manager.

Disciplinary process

To start with, I will fill resolution form as that the employees can be aware of the problem that is going on at the workplace. I will also bring to their notice that there is a breach of privacy policy. I will also bring to their notice that there is a problem with their performance due to this internal conflict.

Strategies and mechanism

1. All the employees in the organization should be clearly briefed about the appraisal process so that they can get an idea on the various grounds, they can get promotion.

2. The management structure of each department will be made clear so that such conflicts can be avoided (Munteanu 2013).


Case Study 3

Job Analysis

I will hire 6 people in all so that the requirements of the client can be met. 5 support staff will be hired so that they can work with people who have disability. Apart from that, team leader will be hired. It will be responsibility of the team leader to prepare reports regarding the outcome.

Recruitment process

1. The HR team will be informed about the requirement and they will also be informed about the qualification and salary.

2. HR will prepare a job description and take approval.

3. Once approved, the job description will be shared with the existing employees so that they can refer people whom they know. Emails will be sent to the employees and they will be informed about the last date for sharing the resume.

4. If the HR is not satisfied with the resumes received then job posting will be done on various job portal.

5. Appropriate candidate will be called by the HR professional.

6. The candidates will be asked to come down for an interview (Seidmehdi 2014).

7. Appropriate candidates will be offered.

Position description for team leader role

1. Good communication to interact with the client via email and calls.

2. The candidate should be good with Excel and word so that they can prepare reports efficiently.

3. Should be passionate to achieve the target that has been set.

4. Should motivate the employees to achieve the target.

Consultation for job description

1. Accounts team to ensure the billing amount received from the client.

2. Line manager regarding the expectations that the line manager has from the client.

3. Human resource manager regarding the availability of resource.

Processes to allocate work

1. Consider the qualification of the workforce.

2. Needs of the workplace and also the client

3. Organize the routine work that will have to be managed on day-to-day basis (Louw 2012).

Ensure all the employees are inducted

1. Induction will given by the HR on the day of joining of the employee.

2. Orientation regarding the work will be given by the manager so that the employee can be aware of the work culture.

Supervision, support and development opportunities

1. All the supervisors will be given instruction regarding the supervision that they need to undertake regularly in the workplace.

2. All the information regarding training and qualification of the resources will be maintained.

3. Employee Assistance program will be provided to all the employees who need it (Chen 2004).


1. Team responsibilities can be communicated during the team meetings.

2. Individual responsibilities can be elaborated through supervision or through individual meetings with the team member.

Addressing the poor performance of the resource

Meeting with the resource and highlighting the problem area in their performance. The manager will ensure the resource that they are always available to help the resource.

Challenges of the team member

All the staffing members are new and at the same time, the team leader is also new. Managing the new resource and understanding the requirements of the client will be difficult.

The team leader should involve the team members in the planning so that the team members are more than happy to be associated in the particular team (Darvish 2012).



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