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Case Study Analysis Of Nokia Vertu Add in library

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Prepare a case analysis for Vertu Nokia’s Luxury Mobile Phone for the Urban Rich?



This assignment helps to analyze the case study of Vertu. It is a brand of luxury phone manufactures that is operated by the Nokia. Vertu offers various types of luxury phones those have manufactured by utilizing luxury products, like diamonds, exotic leather and sapphires. It was founded officially in the year of 1998 in United Kingdom. During the time of its launch, it has sold many luxury phones in various countries of world (Vertu Official Site,2015). Therefore, this assignment conducts the SWOT analysis of this company.

SWOT analysis on Vertu:


• Exclusive ranges of luxury phones, attractive series of Signature, Symbian etc

• Phone technology Microsoft Windows

• Cost advantage compared to other companies of luxury phones

• Rich people of U.K are the targeted customers of Vertu

• Associated with the brand name of Nokia which is a popular multinational company of phone and related equipments


• Limited to one specific market sector

• All systems are not user friendly

• Application of these phones have become outdated

• Phones are high priced

• High price but the features are not high like other smart phones



• Promoting the brand within some untouched areas

• This company has started to enter into several new market sectors

• This company can manufacture products for low as well as medium price market

• Vertu should expand its marketing activities to various developing countries


• Emergence of new technologies in mobile phones, like android phones, Apple smart phones are counted as immense threat for this luxury phone

• Level of increased competition

• Lack of better software in this luxury phones

• Lack of better gaming facilities and other updated applications

• Many companies are coming with extra as well as updated version of mobile and phone technology with extra ordinary and effective application

Table 1: SWOT analysis of Nokia Vertu

As stated by Schrempf (2011), Vertu has expanded its business area in many countries. However, the business activities of Vertu are still missing in the developing countries. It has operated its business activities within United Kingdom and other countries. The main focus of this type of phones is the rich people of the market. Therefore, it has operated its effective business within one specific sector of market. New technological evolution has become and various types of mobile phones, like apple, android and Smartphone has come to the market with effective and updated features. However, Vertu has to face immense competition as because the new technological advancement is lacking in this phone.

On the other hand, Langbour (2011) criticized that, innovative capacity is missing in this company. This brand slowly accepts the new technological advancement. The software application needs to be updated. 


Case study analysis of Vertu:

Vertu, the company that is operated by Nokia, has produced luxury mobile phones that are manufactured by utilizing many valuable materials, like silver, gold leather etc. Vertu has launched the first luxury phone ever in the market. Attractive craft of these phones are very popular feature of this phone. These phones are generally made from gold, ceramic, diamonds, sapphire, exotic hardwood etc (Vertu Official Site, 2015).

This luxury phone manufacturing industry has the potential market of rich people of different countries. Major rich customers are located in Germany, United Kingdom, United States, Japan etc. On the other hand, Schrempf (2011) argued that the economy of the developing countries has been increased. Therefore, several companies like Gold Vish, Tag Heuer, and Christian Dior has entered within the market sector of luxury phones.

Therefore, Vertu has suffered from lack of new technological advancement within the technology of the phone. Therefore,  Doz and Kosonen (2011) stated that, the mother company Nokia has also faced several internal issues, like accountability, internal collaboration, leadership. The capacity of producing innovative luxury phones with high technological devices has been decreased.

There are various new types of phones, like Android, Apple and other Smartphone has entered into the market segment of luxurious phones. This company also offers some value added services like, online facility, CNC facility etc. However, Vrontis and Thrassou (2013) stated that, Vertu is lacking from different innovative idea for producing this type of phone.  Vertu needs to expand its business into the developing countries. This company also needs offer those luxury phones at a low cost and with high technological devices in order to attract the customers of all levels of market.


This assignment has discussed some drawbacks of the company of luxury phone, Vertu. This company does not acquire new technology that will help to compete with the apple, smart phones and other android phones of the mobile market. However, this company has produced many attractive series of luxury phones.


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