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Case Study: Bounce Fitness Corporate Marketing Plan Add in library

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Describe about the Bounce Fitness Corporate Marketing Plan?


Campaign Objective

Advertiser’s purpose and objective from the campaign:

The purpose of the advertiser from the campaign is to serve the community with quality, distinctive, comprehensive and unique health service and programs (Bounce Fitness. unknown). These types of program will improve the quality of life of the participants through health and fitness service by utilising health practices and art equipments. In addition to that this health program will reflect financial viable and membership needs for all the stakeholders connected with the association. 

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The objective of the advertising campaign is to position Bounce Fitness as the most efficient physical service provider in terms of health assessment, wellness examination and fitness centre in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne CBD areas.

Campaign objectives in measurable terms:

The campaign objectives associated with Bounce Fitness are generating a 10% increase in their sales volume, increase their market penetration at every quarter and continue the image of Bounce Fitness as the long-term wellness provider to the people in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne areas.

The advertisement campaign seeks to accomplish lower cost per unit of service delivery, decrease its custom acquisition cost and holding the percentage of sales at a steady rate. Communication through the advertising campaign will ensure changing attitude of the people, increasing knowledge about the product and service offering by the fitness brand and reinforce positive disposition towards the brand (Dossa and Peter, 2002).


Ensure market objective are feasible, given time constraint, budget, product and market factors:

As previously mentioned the market objective of Bounce Fitness’s advertising campaign is to generating sales growth by 10% yearly, increase market penetration and image the fitness brand as the long-term wellness service provider. These objectives are quite feasible in terms of time, budget, product and market factors allocated to the program of Bounce Fitness. As stated in the marketing plan program of Bounce Fitness, the overall advertising campaign will take around 1 year to complete and it costs around $14,000 (Russmann, 2014). Presently the financial condition of the fitness brand is stable enough to bear this much amount for advertisement purpose. Market factors include the ratio of male-female, income of the people and targeted customers. The market trend for the last five years indicates that the interest of the people towards maintain healthy life has been continually increased, especially from the corporate employee segment. So, it can be expected that Bounce Fitness is on the track to achieve its market objectives.     

Campaign objectives factors which may affect consumer response:

Factors that may effects consumer response in achieving the campaign objectives are age, culture, affluence, life style, marital status, gender, values and disability of the people. Generally, teenage people are aware to live a active and healthy life style (Van Gorp et al. 2012). So, the size of teenage people in their targeted location is one of the most important factors that provide influence to achieve the campaign objective. Further, the affluent demographic are shows great interest to have a gym membership. The participation on gym based fitness also varies according to the marital status of the people. The married people show less awareness towards fitness activities in comparison to the unmarried people.   

Ensure campaign objective meet the legal and ethical requirements:

The campaign objectives are successfully meets the legal and ethical requirements in the marketing areas of Bounce Fitness. The objectives are fully satisfied with the anti-discrimination legislation and privacy law, which are the basic legal requirements for a fitness brand. Anti-discrimination legislation is an act to promote equal opportunity for everyone by protecting people from unfair discrimination. Bounce Fitness always promotes equal opportunities to its members. Based on the privacy law, the advertisement campaign of Bounce Fitness never asks people to reveal their personal information such as email address, telephone number etc (Coleman, 2001). Bounce Fitness has a list of ethical and legal consideration that they maintain properly to make responsible advertisement. 


Prepare an advertising budget

Client profile, purpose statement and objectives that reflect advertiser needs:

The client profile of Bounce Fitness includes corporate employees and regular clients. The CAGR of corporate employees is 35.00% and CAGR of regular clients is 15.00%. The immediate geographic targets of Bounce Fitness are located in the cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. The total targeted population of the company is around 15,800 employees. The purpose of the advertisement campaign is to increase its client base through providing wellness programs to the customers which in turn will provide positive impact opn the company’s brand image. 

Advertising objectives in measurable terms:

The objective of the advertisement campaign seeks to generate yearly 10% increase in the sales volume of Bounce Fitness and decrease its customer acquisition cost by 4% in every two quarters. Based on the sales forecast, it can be said that Bounce Fitness will successfully achieve its sales target in the following year if the advertisement strategy works properly. Further, if the advertising campaign is well optimised, it will decrease customer acquisition cost per sharply.    

Competitive factors and the market situation facing the advertising brief:

Before five to ten years, there was a huge incident of impending health crisis such as obesity. This was highly correlated with the unhealthy health practice in Australia especially in terms of poor food choice, preference for the fast foods and so on (Prior, 2001). However, health concern among the Australian people has changed significantly during the last few years and presently the percentage of active people has increased to 43%. More and more people are going to the gym to keep them fit and healthy. This implies huge market demand for fitness centre over the last few years. The three major competitors of Bounce Fitness are Community fitness, Forever Fit Gym and Better Bodies. These competitive firms has already captured large demographic in Australian market. Thus, the advertisement campaign of may face threats to promote wellness strategy in facilitating personalised health program and thereby enhance sales volume.  


Summary of the targeted audience and legal and ethical consideration:

Information on the targeted audience may include lifestyle, attitude, demographics, social factors, cultural factors and existing product usage by the clients or customers. On the other hand, legal and ethical consideration in advertisement brief may include some code of practice issues by some legal authorities such as Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Commercial Radio Australia, Advertising Federation of Australia and Free TV Australia (Wattenberg and Brians, 1999). In order to make the advertising campaign effective, all these factors needs to be included.

Brief contains a budget allocation and schedule of activities to obtain client/product information:

The overall advertising campaign will be implemented in two parts and each of the part with 6 months time length. For advertising campaign #1 the total allocated budget is $8,000 and for advertisement #2 allocated budgets is $6,000. In order to obtain comprehensive client and product information, first it is crucial to identify targeted audience and understand their needs and requirements relation to the healthy life and fitness activities (Brians and Wattenberg, 1996). After that, a unique massage and advertisement add needs to be specified. In final stage a media type has to be determined which acts to spread advertisement message to the targeted audience.

Schedule for proposed advertising activities

Campaign length and timing:

The time length for overall advertisement brief will be 1 years, in which advertisement campaign #1 will continue from 1/1/200X to 30/06/200X and advertisement campaign #2 will continue from 1/7/200X to 31/12/200X.  


Identification of Service Provider:

Fitness Australia is one of the best service providers that provide advertising service through direct email marketing and monthly eNews to promote fitness products and services to over 29,000 industry representatives (Fitness Australia. 2015). This advertisement service provider mainly provides information about market trend and research, range of services, education and valuable insights about fitness products. Fitness Australia generally charges $1000-$3000. 

Choice of service provider on merit and value for money and requirements:

A contract needs to be defined with the advertisement service provider under which the service will be purchased. It is essential to ensure value for money considering the service quality against the cost (Maciej et al. 2010). The choice of the service provider must be based on the ethical and legal requirements. The advertisement campaign should be based on the provision of equality, i.e. does not allows any kind of unlawful behaviour in the business or involvement in unethical situation.

Time allowed in the schedule to meet creative, media and advertising objectives:

As mentioned previously, the time overall time allocated to achieve advertising objective is 1 year. The 1 year advertisement plan is not sufficient enough to meet all the objectives (Liu, 2009). The 1 year advertisement plan may be effective enough to generate 10% increase in sales yearly as the previous market trend of Bounce Fitness shows that they already have reached 11% increase in yearly sales volume. However, the objective related to market penetration cannot be gained through 1 year advertisement campaign as the fitness brand huge problem to develop large client base. 

Milestone for monitoring progress:

Milestones for monitoring progress are important to ensure campaign effectiveness. Range of milestone for the advertisement campaign will include media advertising, web marketing, and direct marketing. Advertisement in commercial channels reaches million of customers in a short time. It will cost around $5000 (Auger, 2011). On the other hand, web marketing campaign also can be used to ensure effectiveness of the advertisement campaign. Web marketing is an essential to minimise customer acquisition cost. Advertisement through web marketing will cost around $7000.



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