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Question: Economists point out (as your textbook does) that in every case, jobs that have been eliminated are soon replaced with new jobs, even better jobs. There are also lots of less attractive jobs created as well, but the effect has always been a net increase in economic activity and prosperity?   Answer 1. The law is described by Gordon E. Moore, the co founder of Intel. The Moore law is not a type of theory or law; it is just a paper or research which is published in 1965 by Gordon E. Moore. In this paper the Gordon E. Moore was discuss some basic impact as well as effect of some IC or integrated circuits. They also describe that the small IC or integrated circuits are act like a human mind as well as faster than human mind, and they work faster. Therefore the artificial intelligence is work faster and smoother as well as they fulfill all the requirements of human being. The Gordon E. Moore was also said that the IC or integrated circuits are works according to user requirements, for that reason the IC or integrated circuits are design by base on requirements. 2. In present various types of technologies are works for various task, but in past these all works are operate or control by human being like data entry for companies, manufacturing department of any business model (Hussein Mohamed Adam. and Ford, 1997). But in now they all are operated by some system, which are design according to the business model wants. The systems are works or operate according to our wants but at first they all are design as well as done by human being. In the next 20- 30 years the artificial intelligence are works more than human being but they all are made and operate by human being.   3. According to the Ford, if US companies are didn’t off shoring or outsourcing their projects or assignments, than the job vacancies are more in US. The people of US are more interact with the companies as well as if the outsourcing projects are design as well as solve by US employees’ than the unemployed words are erase in US as well as the economy of US are increasing day by day. 4. In future, some jobs are safe for ever like sy
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These Items Act As Barriers To Intercultural Communication

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1. How do these items act as barriers to intercultural communication? Answer:  The communication barriers Linguistic, Cultural and Emotional act as barriers for Intercultural Communication as the properties that defines these three gets changed or act differently when the culture of the speaker or listener is different. His occur when a person comes in contact with another who has completely different culture. When two people from different...

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The Asch And Milgram Experiments Assignment

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A just and fair decision always reflects an objective process, however, not all decisions are fair and just because they have influences and impacts that is actually either conformity or deviance from what majority wants. There are decisions that are pertaining to an individual and his own space only while there are some decisions that require social acceptance and for those decisions there is a perceived pressure to have conformity with the op...

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Digital Forensic Case Study

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Question - Write a case study on Digital Forensic methodology?     Contents Executive Summary. Introduction.       Global Finance Background and Concern. Digital Forensic Methodology.       Scope of the Case. Digital Forensic Methodology Approach.        Investigation Process. PHASE 1 - COLLECTING THE RESOURCES.      &n...

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Professional Skills For Information And Communication Technology Portfolio

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  Table of Contents Introduction Week 3: Critical Thinking Week 5: SWOT analysis of presentation skills Week 7: Reflective Writing Week 11: Personal Ethical Framework Week 12: Successful Completion Conclusion Reference list Introduction The concept and idea applied to the information and communication technology and the modern media culture are effectively examined between sound relationships of young people and ICT. It is not...

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Role Of Information Technology On Services Of Aldermore Bank

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Question-Write A report based on role of information technology of financial corporate sector company Aldermore bank?     Executive summary The report is about role of information technology on services of the small financial corporate sector company ALDERMORE bank. There is a detailed discussion on the impact of the information technology on the financial services of the ALDERMORE bank. The report is stated in relevance to the role...

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