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System Vision Document

Discuss about the Object Modeling Case Study of Collin’s Parking Car Park System.

Problem Description: The first problem can be the malfunctioning of the sensors or the sensors can get damaged. The sensors may not detect the car coming to the parking area. The sensors in the control boom gates may get damaged which can cause various issues. Another severe problem can be fault in ticket generation. The ticket generation system is s critical as it will fetch all the information of the user and verify all the data. As there will be various checks in the programming, there is a possibility that the code may have bugs. The system may print different parking fee such in Normal rate (during weekend’s 10 AM to midnight) is 10 AUD per hour but the system can print 5 AUD per hour due to some bugs. Exit barrier control pillar if get damaged then no alternative way is present for the fixed ticket holder but to pay to the payment station. The biggest problem of the system is the ticket system. The tickets may get torn or lost. In this case the customer will not have anything to do but to wait for the inspection done by the authorities.

Major System Capabilities:

The system capabilities are as following.

  1. The major capability of the system is to automatically carry out the fixed card holder requests and operations
  2. The system will be consisting interfaces in the control pillars which will instruct or inform the customers about their processes
  • The system monitories the entry and exit of the task
  1. The system support two different types of customers
  2. The system automatically generate the charge of parking based on the data stored in the database
  3. The system is connected to a secure and efficient database

Possible Business Benefits:

There are various ways of making business profits from this car parking system. The system may will have the email and phone number of the customers who are fixed holders. The system will automatically send advertisement or promotional contents to the customer email address or contact number. The more secure and effective the system will be, more customers will be loyal to the parking facility. More customers will assist in making more profits. In the interface, the system can show advertisements of other organization’s services or products. This is a very good source of income.

Stakeholder and User Descriptions:

The stakeholders of the organization are as following.

Customer: These stakeholders park their cars in the Collin’s Parking Car Park space. These stakeholders can be categorized into two parts such as ordinary and fixed. They pay for parking their cars and this is the main source of income.

Owner: The owner of the system has all the power over the parking area. The owner put resources to build, maintain and upgrade the system.

Security Companies: These organizations are in a contract with The City administration for visit at car parking are periodically.

Major System Capabilities

Product Overview: The product will be a secured system which can automatically generate ticket, accept ticket and receive charges. The system will be consisting of various sensors connected to the central system. This system will control the pillars, interface on the pillars, ticket generating and accepting system and the cash receiver system. The product will be able to identify the fixed customer through their cards. It is because the database connected to the system will have all the information regarding each of the cards. The system will have an in build clock and calendar which can be used for deciding the charges.

The car parking system will be offering various functionality to the customers as well as many functions will be automatic.

  1. The primary function of the system will be generating or reading the cards of the customers
  2. The system will calcite the duration of parking by identifying the time recorded in the card and the current time
  • The system will accept charges from the customers. If the charges are not paid then the barriers will not allow the car to exit
  1. The system input the customer request through the interface on the pillars and process them
  2. The system process the charges to be paid by the customer based on the protocols or conditions stored in the database
  3. The system records the entry and exit of the security personnel

From the above discussion it can be stated that the proposed system consist of all the conventional functions that parking system must have. However, the system does not contain something new. The system does not have sensors to identify which parking are is booked and which is empty. The system is not connected with the video cameras or other security sensors. The system does not connect to the customer through the email or messaging services.

The resources that are required for the Car parking system are as following.

  1. Interface: the interface will show messages like ‘Press Button’, ‘Take Ticket’ and few more. These interfaces are an source of interaction among the users and the system.
  2. Pillars: The pillars will be the main security feature that is connected to the system and controlled by the system. These pillars will be equipped with the interfaces.
  • Data Base: This database will hold all the information. The personal information of the customers, card details, car parking related data and many more information are stored in this database.
  1. Ticket Generator: The ticket generator is the main resource of the system. This resource will be generating tickets for the customers so that they can park their cars.
  2. Ticket Accept Slot: At the time of exiting the user will be asked by the system to enter the ticket. Based on this tickets, the system will calculate cost.
  3. Software: The operating systems and other additional patches and applications are essential for making sure that the system will process all the data properly and store it into the database.

There are various risks within the project. These risks are as following.

Low Quality Hardware: The hardware like sensors, computer, displays and many more are not always of good quality. These hardware can get damaged or stop working during the lifecycle of the project. Buying new hardware will increase the cost of the budget. If the hardware is damaged during the product lifecycle then it will not harm organization’s profit but also customer satisfaction will be affected.

Unskilled Employee: In case of projects like these, having skilled staff is one of the major factors in the project success. The developers, electronics experts and other people related to the project must be skilled and have proper knowledge. The unskilled employees will not be able to carry out the responsibilities and thus the project will be affected. To employ new expert time will be needed and the schedule of the project will be harmed.

Wrong Resource Allocation: The resources that will be predicted to be required for the project may not be shared among the activities properly. This will cause issues like extension of time allocated for a specific task, low quality product and many more. The project manager may not understand the complexity and requirements of the task and lead the project toward improper resource allocation.

Possible Business Benefits

Cyber Threats: The system will be always under the threats called cybercrimes. The hackers may get unauthorized access to the system and steal the data stored in it. The criminals can also alter the functions of the system thus leading to malfunction of system.

Improper Maintenance: As the system will be consisting of various hardware devices it needs to be maintained properly. The organization must allocate enough fund for supporting the maintenance process. If the maintenance of the system is not done properly then various parts of the system will not work properly. Suppose, the display will not work after one year and the customer will not be able to interact with the system.

The proposed outcome of the project will be a fully functional system that can effectively respond to the customer request. The system will be conceiting of pillars that will be equipped with displays, ticket acceptance device and few more devices. These pillars will be connected to the core system so that the system can automatically control the pillars. The system will be storing all the data into a database. The system will be able to efficiently and quickly process the customers’ request. The system will be able to recognize the customers through the cards. The system will not only allow the security personnel to enter into the area but also register the entry and exit time. The system will only allow the customer to enter into the parking area only after all the validations are successful. The system will be connected to the devices and database through the wired intranet connection so that the system cannot be accessed from outside.

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