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Discuss about the Importance of Leadership Management for Maintaining Organizational Productivity.


Problem Identification and Analysis:

The performance level of Brini campus was not at the expected level at all. Jack has noticed Brini campus was not following the guided practices in Australian campus. UAus have faced negligence at the time of conducting meeting with local organization and government. No arguments were documented properly, which has created chaos in the management process. In fact, the regional manager Kevin have mentioned that local people does not believe documentation process. Therefore, it has created communication gap between Jack and other senior managers of Brini campus.

Moreover, the performance level of the employees has not improved over the past one year. Jack has evaluated that major section of the team is not committed enough towards fulfilling of organizational responsibilities. It has created challenges like irregular attendance and lack dedication towards management. Jack has estimated that campus had enrolled only half of the estimated number. Here, Jack have identified that there is no connection between the academic and administrative personnel within Brini campus. Moreover, UAus is facing challenges with the leadership style, as majority of the employees have not been directed or encouraged. The overall communication structure in Brini campus was completely broken that has affected the business performance in a major way. The senior management of UAus have identified the number of Brini campus were only 10% of the prediction. The senior manager Ted and Leo have not provided clear information about sales objectives and financial goals to the team. There is no proper competitor analysis or forecasting strategies conducted in the market, which also has created massive impact on the overall business management. Hence, the entire workforce at Brini campus was completely de-motivated that has created massive adverse impact on the business performances.            


Statement of Major problems:

As per the article by Verbeke (2013) majority of the businesses have go through several challenges simultaneously. Therefore, it is critical for UAus to focus on assessing the prime problems in an effective manner. Proper identification of the major problem can allow businesses to increase the efficiency level of the initiated strategies in a major way (Bentley, Omer & Sharp, 2013). As mentioned earlier, the business project of UAus in Pacific Island nation has not turn out to be a success like its previous business. Several factors have combined to reduce the growth rate of Brini campus in a major way. For that reason, Brini campus needs to segregate all the risks based on its significance.

In case of UAus, commutation gap between all levels of employees can be regarded as the prime issues with Brini campus. The local managers of Brini campus has not only provided clear goals and objectives to the executive teams but also has not informed anything to the Managing Director Jack. As stated by Cavusgil et al., (2014) communication with the senior and peer groups is essential for accomplishing business goals and objectives. It eliminates any possibility of confusion regarding the roles and responsibilities of each employee at workplace. Here, the case study has highlighted that the entire business development team of Brini campus was not aware about the financial goals and objectives of the organizational management. Therefore, it has directly affected the overall commitment level of the employees.


Secondly, inefficiency in maintaining effective leadership style is another prime challenges that affected the overall business level of Brini campus. As described by Wild, Wild and Han (2014) development of supportive leadership style is critical for encouraging employees to give their best at the workplace. The regional manager Ted and Leo has not taken any special initiatives to create disciple within the workforce. In fact, they have not communicated with each employee appropriately regarding the target, market size and competitors. Without the help of leaders, employees have not able to provide required level of effort for the organizational management efficiency.

Generation and evaluation of a range of alternative solutions:

According to Buckley and Ghauri (2015), businesses need to focus on evaluating different alternative solutions for enhancing the effectiveness of decision-making procedure. For that reason, UAus also needs to evaluated several alternative strategies to gain success in the Brini campus. The alternative solutions for the selected prime problems of Brini campus is provided as follows:

Integrity theory:

The implementation of integrity theory is one of the major solutions for resolving the issues faced by briny campus. The primary purpose of integrity theory is combining the proposition as well as social control. A particular organization is possessed with the people of different cultures and geographical backgrounds. Therefore, the responsibility of business leaders should be implementing integrity policy with the help of which every single employee can provide their co-operative outlook towards each other instead of having cultural, religious and psychological barriers and constraints. The leaders have to take the prime responsibility in maintaining a constant team rapport. Therefore, integrity theory enables to motivate the employees for maintaining a proper bonding the management.


Alternative solutions for the communication problem:

Effective utilization of workplace communication is essential for accomplishing several business goals and objectives (Schrader, Freimann & Seuring, 2012). The present business scenario of Brini campus is not at the perceived condition. There is no clear communication structure within the senior management and with the employees at Brini campus. Now, in order to construct clear communication structure, UAus can focus on conducting weekly meeting with all the employees and managers. It will allow the entire team to discuss all the potential target and goals of the organization in a major way. As per the article by Casson (2013) proper utilization of team meeting can allow employees to understand perspectives of each other. Moreover, it will set to formulate clear organizational goals and objectives, which will ensure entire operational process move forward towards right direction (Robbins et al., 2015). In addition, weekly meeting will allow managers of UAus to listen to thoughts and perspectives of the employees. Therefore, it will help the managers to assess the kind of challenges they are facing in accomplishing their business goals and objectives.

Secondly, UAus can focus on utilizing employee feedback technique before initiation of any strategies or policies. Employee feedback procedure would help senior management to understand the kind of facilities or help are required to provide proper support to all the employees. Thirdly, UAus management can also concentrate on conducting different group activities, which will include all levels of employees. According to Berthon et al. (2012), group activities allow businesses to increase the bonding among the employees coming from different cultural and geographical background. Now, UAus has consciously included employees from both host and home country for accomplish all their objectives. Therefore, group activities can increase the communication possibility among the different cultural employees in a major way.   

Alternative solutions for the leadership problem:

Over the years, several studies have highlighted the significance of initiating appropriate leadership style for fulfilling business goals and objectives. For that reason, UAus have also focused on initiating different strategies for enhancing the present quality of leadership. As per the article by Blackburn, Hart and Wainwright (2013) businesses can focus on providing proper training and development facilities to all the managers so that they can able to deal with multiple responsibilities. Here, Ted and Leo has not concentrated on assessing the perspectives of the employees, as they felt no need for understanding. Training and development facilities can allow managers to understand the best way to communicate all the necessary information at workplace. Secondly, top management of UAus will have to provide clear information to all the managers of Brini campus regarding the business goals and objectives. In fact, the management need to highlight the significance of sharing goals and objectives of the businesses to all the employees in an appropriate way. Therefore, it will help to reduce the communication gap across several levels of employees. Thirdly, management of UAus can focus on using monthly performance assessment technique, which can provide an idea regarding the amount of impact each strategy have made on overall business performance. As per the article by Forsgren and Johanson (2014) continues performance measurement is critical for any organization to recognize all the hard work provided by the employees. Hence, it can allow management to provide proper reward and recognition to all the employees, which will in turn create positive impact on the overall motivation level (Wilkins & Huisman, 2012). Now, the motivated workforce is likely to give their best for accomplishment of business goals and objectives. For that reason, it can reduce the present level of challenges for the Brini campus in a major way.       


Appropriate selection of one specific solution is critical for identified two major problems of UAus. In order to minimize the communication gap among the employees and managers, Brini campus can focus on utilizing employee feedback process. Many studies have highlighted several benefits of conducting employee feedback strategy. Firstly, it offers employees the opportunity to share their concerns and thoughts related with jobs responsibilities. Hence, it allows management to provide proper support and guidance to the employees. Therefore, it will in turn create positive impact on the overall satisfaction and motivational level of the employees. Now, Peterson, Arregle and Martin (2012) have stated that motivated employees are likely to give maximum effort for accomplishing all the business goals and objectives. For that reason, initiation of employee feedback strategy is likely to create positive impact on the overall performances of management. On the other hand, business experts are able to take an effective decision based on the feedback sent by the employees.


In order to enhance the leadership quality of business managers it can be recommended that the managers should maintain a dignified personality at the workplace. Employee performance is highly dependent on the efficiency and leading quality of a leader. A business expert while dealing with the persons should maintain a professional behaviour so that employees can respect the personality off that individual. At the same time, it is also undeniable that over aggressive attitude towards the employees can demolish the performance level. In this kind of situation, both the business managers as well as the productivity of management will get hampered. Therefore, leaders are recommended to use democratic form of leadership style with the help of which the employees can get the opportunity to share their own point of view regarding the success of business. The business leaders after making a collective decision from the employees can take business strategic decision. Automatically, the decision becomes favourable for the employees. Therefore, automatically the business leaders would be able to enhance their leadership quality after making collective decision. As per the point of view of Bharadwaj et al., (2013), employees are able to reach the business target only after working under an efficient leadership.


Action plan for implementing solution 1:

Action plan



Making interpersonal communication with the employees

The business experts can make an interpersonal communication in order to collect direct feedback from the employees at least once in a week.

45 minutes

Collecting employees feedback

Business experts can circulate manual feedback sheet. Here the employees can provide their own opinion regarding the performance level of business leaders without disclosing the name.

Once in a week

Evaluating the decision as per employee feedback

Based on the employee feedback form as well as conversation the business leaders will like to use interactive method for reducing the communication gap.  

50 minutes

Collecting employee feedback is highly important for evaluating the business progress. Employee feedback can be collected on different ways. Employees can be provided a feedback form with the help of email where they can provide their necessary feedback regarding the organizational strategy and policy. In this particular process employees may have to face challenges if they intend to provide any negative feedback. In addition, one other method can also be implemented in this particular process.

Action plan for implementing solution 2:

Action plan



Enhancing professional skill

In order to establish this plan the organization should implement training and development session of the employees in order to enhance their communication skill as well as technological skill.

Once in a week

Using the experience in practical field

Business managers would be driven in the practical field in order to after receiving the training and development session.  

Thrice in  week (initially), daily basis (later on)

Providing efficient trainer for grooming them up

Human resource managers should hire the outsiders for executing the developing in order to avoid biasness.

Once in a week

As per the second solution, the leaders should develop their professional skill for keeping a constant control over entire management process. The employers should invest sufficient amount of money of the purpose of training and development session. The organization should provide an efficient trainer as well with the help of which the business leaders can get a proper guidance. Without having sufficient budget this particular plan cannot be implemented. Therefore, the business employers should focus on investing money for the purpose of training and development session.



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