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Case Study: Patient Information Report Of Mr. Wingfield Add in library

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Question :

Describe patient information report of Mr. Wingfield.

Answer :


Patient information is crucial, as they contain crucial evidence cum facts, which are necessary for finding optimum treatment regime and suitable intervention methods. The present report is based on patient information of Mr. Wingfield (WF) who is suffering from resistant schizophrenia. WF has been utilizing the health care services at the hospital since Jan 2009 to a period of Oct 2014, since then he was transferred to Maple ward. The intervention and treatment plan was under the legislation according to Mental Health Act of 1983 (Section 3) (Scheewe, 2013).

Background information

WF was born to British family, with normal delivery, and was bought up in England. We worked as industrial cleaner for 3 years, after which he moved away from home at the age of 19 years old. He moved to Chertsey where he use to do self-work for bed and breakfast. This last for a period of one year and then he started living in hostel. Throughout this time, he had no contact with his parents and siblings. It was also known that WF’s sister is also taking psychological disorder related health services. WF was recognized with paranoid schizophrenia in 1996, after which due of negligence in medication management, he was admitted to Abraham Crowley. Since then he was denied to have any contact with friend as per the legislative norms (Section 47/49). Later he was transferred to Oaktree clinic and living in hostel accommodation under Section 136. According to the norms of Act 2007, he was picked by the police as homeless individual later (Burns, 2013).


Current admission and related circumstances

WF has a history of psychotic agent abuse like cannabis and alcohol abuse. In past he has been presented for psychiatric service, being induced with LSD. It was reported that owing to the violent and unpredictable wired behavior, he threatened verbally too to many people and at one time set fire to sofa at Caravan, which results in significant loss.  With similar wired behavior such as throwing table out of window, shouting, punching holes on doors, he refuses to take antipsychotic injection to the hospital staff members.

Monitoring of current progress

As reported above, WF was detained with Section 3 of Mental Health Act 1983. On the contrary, in recent progress report, it was found that WF has stable appearance and behavior. He can talk nicely and convey his expression and needs to the staff and peers. It was revealed that WF is still poor on focusing and concentrating. The staff also reported incidents when WF use to mummer himself. Sleeping pattern was found regular and he prepares food such as sandwich preparation. He attends community meetings and shows good sign of improvement. A reduction in hallucination behavior is also observed while having communication with peers. He enjoys watching television and listening music.


He joins community member in common event and listen to the instruction. He is regular with his medication and pays attention towards the hygiene concern. he is also attentive with the peers and health workers for routine checkups and mediation. Owing to the improvement marks, he was also left unescorted on weekly base (under  section 17) and retunrs with no negative incident. Currently he has two hours unescorted leaves on daily basis and have eight-hour regular occupational therapy, which helps in improvement regarding his health can other psychological cum physical activities.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, the present report illustrates on detail activities and patient record of WF, who have schizophrenic problem. It was found that with the regular medication and management of the routine activities, there has been tremendous improvement in both behavioral changes and regular self-habits. Concisely it can be said that the treatment and appropriate intervention methods helps WF in recovering the psychological state to normal level and continues for the wellbeing.


References :

Scheewe, T. W., Backx, F. J. G., Takken, T., Jörg, F., Strater, A. V., Kroes, A. G., ... & Cahn, W. (2013). Exercise therapy improves mental and physical health in schizophrenia: a randomised controlled trial. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 127(6), 464-473.

Burns, T., Rugkåsa, J., Molodynski, A., Dawson, J., Yeeles, K., Vazquez-Montes, M., ... & Priebe, S. (2013). Community treatment orders for patients with psychosis (OCTET): a randomised controlled trial. The Lancet, 381(9878), 1627-1633.

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