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CBLX3103 Introduction To LINUX

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Linux operating system is the open source software operating system around the linux kernel. In this section covered the linux operating system concepts, philosophy and usage, employ programs, tools, utilities. It also contain the file manager in linux environment and compare the five file managers such as Dolphin, Natilus, Thunar, Nemo and Caja.

Linux OS is a very common and energetic Operating System. The Linux source code is easily offered and free to use. The running of Linux is like driving a stick whereas windows is an automatic. It works like a Mac OS X and windows operating system. Linux Operating System is mainly three components like System library, kernel and System utility ("Linux with Operating System Concepts", 2018).

Kernel is the major section of the Linux OS. It offers the essential to hide the abstraction minor hardware level facts to application of the program. It is accountable of all main actions of this Operating System. It contains of various components and it relates directly with the basics of hardware (Djordjevi?-Kajan, 1997).

In Kernel mode, the code signifies a only process implements in only address space and do not require any context switch and hence is very fast and efficient. In User mode, user programs and other system programs works has no access to kernel code and system hardware (Neira-Ayuso, Gasca & Lefevre, 2010).

It is used to do specialized, individual level tasks.

It doesn’t requires kernel module’s code access rights and also it implements most of the functionalities of the operating system ("Know all about Linux Operating System with Applications", 2018).

In linux philosophy, they are 9 main principles. There are,

  1. Make each program is a filter
  2. Use software leverage
  3. Small is beautiful
  4. In each program does well one thing
  5. As soon as possible prototype
  6. To avoid captive user interfaces
  7. Choose portability over proficiency
  8. Shell script is used to increase portability and leverage.
  9. To stored data in flat file.

In every commands, a filter that makeup this program command line i.e. every command will takings an input, typically from ‘filters’ creating some changes to data stream and standard input, then it send the resultant data stream to standard output ("How the 9 major tenets of the Linux philosophy affect you", 2018). STDIO is typically called as standard input and standard output.


A software leverage means to combine things to myself. First for example of this context, it means using commands for four command lines then we are the work of leveraging the programmers those commands who was made with over a C code for 7000 lines, i.e. code that we don’t have to generate.

In every instructions in that program is lesser equally, and every program performs a particular task

The Linux is the open source software OS. The Linux distribution is also called the Linux packaged used for server and desktop. The Linux distribution is used for the different purposes such as embedded system security, location and computer architecture. The localization to specify the language, user groups and targeting. It supports the commitment and real-time applications. The Linux distribution is developed actively. The Linux OS is most use in the desktop, performance and applications, components and installation, notebooks, mainframes, servers and super computers, smart device, embedded device, gaming, specialized uses, digital security, system rescue and education. The desktop the Linux operating system is the popular OS. The single official Linux desktop does not exists rather than the various desktop environments and distribution of Linux.

The graphical user interface increasing or decreasing design guide. It gives the machine interface. It is the important role not for doing for the design. The notebooks has the many device such as Acer aspire one and Asus Eee personal computer. The Chrome operating system as a minimal Linux operating system. The important user interface is the chrome browser. This browser does not run in the non-web applications. The many games released in the Linux operating system. The system rescue is used three ways in the Linux operating system such as SystemRescueCD, Parted Magic and GParted Live (2018).

Employ programs, tools and utilities in Linux operating system

The linux job tracking and invoicing functionality access through the device. The devise include the tools for scheduling, job tracking, integration the quick books, growing the list and quoting. The employ programs is the version work for the business and management the job platform. It is enable the work flow for manage the better work space (Martis, Lopes & Kapoor, 2015).

The Linux has the many tools for many work sectors, play sector and personal. The Linux tool such as containers, version control system, text editor, IDE and diff tool. The container has many advantages such as the development environment is consistent, make it easy for build the platforms and deploy the container cluster. Version control system easy to make merging and commits code. The Git and GitHub does not use the easy to use. The Git version is used to control the system for install the Local Machine. The GitHub is a remote source and it used for the upload the projects. Text editor used to develop the Linux for challenge without the editor. The text editor is depend upon the queries. IDE is the Integrated Development Environment. It includes the set of tools for enable the developing environment (Saive & Posts, 2018). The diff tool is used to compare two file to find the different between the files. In Linux operating system using some various tools. They are,

  • Top – linux monitoring process.
  • VmStat – Virtual Memory Statistics.
  • Lsof – List Open Files
  • Tcpdump – Network Packet Analyzer

The top command tool of Linux is a performance monitoring program while it is used to frequently by Linux performance of monitor to several system administrators and also it is existing under several Unix or Linux such as operating system. The top command tool used in ordered list used to active actual time processes and show all the running processes and it frequently updates. It shows usage of memory, cache size, usage of CPU, swap memory, process PID, User and Buffer size.

Linux virtual memory statistics command line tool is used to shows the statistics of kernel threads, system process, disks, CPU activity, virtual memory, I/O blocks and etc. virtual memory statistics command is not existing under Linux system by default then you want to install a package that is known as sysstat that contains a virtual statistics program.

List open files commands are used in several UNIX or Linux like system is used to show the all the open files and all the list of files. The open files involved a pipes, processes, Network Sockets, disk files, and devices.

The Tcpdump is the most typically used in command line tool as packets sniffer or Network Packet Analyzer program that is used to filter IP/TCP packets or capture that is transferred or received on exact interface over a network (Shrestha & Posts, 2018).


Utilities in Linux operating system

In Linux operating system utilities for Linux users which contains many system auditing, network monitoring or some alternative random commands in which can help the users to improve their productivity. There are many utilities is used in the linux operating system such as cat is used for the shows the file contents. Man is used for the view the help command. Chmod is used to change the file permissions. Pwd is used for view the resent directory. Grep is used to find the matching data. Mv is used to move the file to another location. Mkdir used for create the directory. Cp is used to copy the file from one location to another locations. Clear is used for clear the screen. Tar is used for the extract the tar files. Kill is used to terminate the process. Scp is used to secure the file. Service is used to provide the information to the system for registered user. Useradd is used to add the user to the system ("10 Useful Utilities for Linux Users | Unixmen", 2018). The sudo is used for the run the root with privilege. The whoami is used for the print the current user details. Mount is used for the disk mount in the particular path. Unmounts is used for the unmounts the disk. Vi is used for the edit the files. History is used for the list the executed comments. The top is used for the view the memory processor information. Iptables is used for the firewall on the linux operating system. The utilities commands are followed below,

The command utility is used to examine the disk space engaged by many directory and it is based on cursor version of du. For example, While if you use these command utilities for input, then it displayed a screen in the process for scanning and the output will be displaying if you press s to display order by the file size default or press n to display order by name.

In this command is one of the utilities in Linux operating system. It is used to search mount file systems and also used to alas mount and list the mount devices, or unmounts devices and when essential, it as a part of util-linux.

It a flexible and combined tool which can be used to process, network, monitor memory, or disk space performance and it is a good replacements of distaste, iostat, ifstat  and etc. It is detailed information about network, CPU and hard disk.

It is another cli based network, swap, memory, statistics system monitoring tool, provide information about disk users and much more.

Socket statistics is a alternatively good to nestat its gather directory information from space kernel and the paly fast in comparison to the utility nestat. It is based on python terminal utility that is used to display the system activity graphically and it is presented the details in a very colorful histogram.

The concept of file manager in Linux environment:

The linux file system states that how to organize a linux based computer system, track the system and store the files in the system. The file system is essentially a grouping of folders and directories that help as addresses of placeholders for another file. There is no dissimilarity among a directory and a file in linux file system because a file comprising names and to be a directory is considered of another file. Therefore all considered files such as images, software programs, texts, services and so on.

It is a Software program that supports to manage user in all the files on the computer system. In all file managers enable the users to copy, view, delete and edit the files on computer system storage devices. The recent version of Linux, windows, windows explorer is to be considered the file manager as default. Even though it supports the user in managing and viewing their files, it is the OS (operating system) and is responsible for storing and accessing the files on the storage device.

In the above figure is in file manager in linux. In this figure contain the top of the page as find, preview, split and control tab. In left of the page contain home, network, root, and traced, and also it shows who are all accessed recently in the files and which files are searched in recent days. If click home then displayed a page, that contain some of the files such as documents, desktop, downloads, Firefox, games, images and so on.

The many users used the file manager. A file management is very essential on computer system that the users at all times need to have easy and simple to use file browser or file manager but now and then having a greatly configurable file managers and rich in feature for accomplishment both complex operation such as SHH (secure shell) connection and remote access of the file is very spirited, and also simple operations such as creating, deleting, searching, moving and copying the files. Some of the file managers comprise feature stimulated by the web browser as well as back and forward navigational buttons. Whether you desire a lightweight of the file manager with the substantial file manager and fewer feature with several functionality and features, it depends all on how you work in your system. The Linux user is most attract the file manager their editor text. The reason is the Linux operating system and another desktop has the numerous file managers. Each file manager has the unique functionalities (Kili & Posts, 2018). There are many file manager used in the Linux operating system such as Dolphin, Gnome commander, Command line, Knoqueror, Crusader, Midnight Commander, Nautilus, PCMan, Thunar, and Xfe.


Compare the uniqueness of FIVE file managers namely Nautilus, Dolphin, Thunar, Nemo and Caja

Nautilus is the default file manager for the GNOME desktop. The Nautilus provide the feature to create problems to use and any user lacking the covering interface. In this interface is the straightforward and panel contain on the left side with common folders such as navigation, bookmark and button settings. The fedora is closely tied to GNOME development. The gnome has the Firefox for the browsing the data. The application is difficult to learn and compare the list when the user stays in this site long time (Davies, 2012). It is formerly called as Nautilus. It is simple to file manager proceeding on GNOME desktop and it is provided to user management of files and easy navigation on Linux system. The GNOME files are generally maintained on some desktop environments proceeding on a Linux system and therefore building one of the most popular and the best. It has some features in which contain,

  1. It provides files safety
  2. At the glance easy to understand.
  3. It allows to access both remote and local files.
  4. It is simple to use Menus.

The dolphin is a file manager in the KDE application and it is an open source and free file manager in which covers the application used as primarily with desktop for KDE plasma 5. It is a lightweight process. In fourth iteration the dolphin grow into default file managers for KDE desktop based on environment and termed compilation of K Desktop Environment software. It is premeditated with the humble and easy way to use. It permits the customization and flexibility. It has many features. It supports the different types of properties and style view. The dolphin supports the multiple tabs, redo and undo. The translucent network access by KIO scheme (Nelson, 2018). It could be installed optionally on KDE 3. If replaced the Konqueror as default File Manager for K Desktop Environment software compilation 4, but still default the Web browser and it can be used by power users of another file manager.  Konqueror nonstop to be advanced primarily as web browser. In the year 2014, as started work on porting dolphin to K Desktop Environment frameworks 5. This is complete now and also a framework 5 version based was released such a part of K desktop environment application for 15th August 2015. It has some features. They are followed by,

  1. In every portion of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is clickable – the Breadcrumb     Navigation bar.
  2. There are three view modes such as compact, icons and details.
  3. Previews the files.
  4. Divided the views for moving and copying files.
  5. Transparency network to using K Desktop Environments KIO slaves.
  6. Redo or undo functionality.

Thunar is a default file manager in the Xfce desktop environment and attention on using the few system resources. It is lightweight in a file manager and also it is fast to design, easy to use, and responsive. The thunar goalmouth is making the file manager is fresh and fast to use. It is intended by the startup faster. It is talented using the GNOME toolkit. It is intended to comply with ethics. In thunar file managers as one thing like about its intuitive interface and clean interface with the small number of user and important user’s choices obtainable ("Introducing the Thunar file manager", 2018). It has some features in which contain,

  1. The custom commands related to mutual extensions.
  2. It is greatly pluggable.
  3. At once rename some files.
  4. To customizable send to menus plus much more.
  5. It unseen the settings.

Nemo is the open source, official and free file manager in the cinnamon desktop environment and split of GNOME files. It is default file manager taking place in cinnamon desktop, the user of Linux mint should be conversant with it. It includes the bookmark, navigation, configuration options, terminal, and root. The toggle between the widget and path entry. (Kili & Posts, 2018). Nemo has some features in which contain,

  1. Its open in support terminal.
  2. Suitable GTK Bookmarks management.
  3. Uses GIO and GVFS.
  4. Its open as a root support.
  5. Full navigation choices such as up, back, refresh forward.
  6. It supports some configuration choices and much more.

Caja is a file manager for the MATE desktop. It allows launch the application, to start the programs, previews the files, and browse the directories to connect them. It is responsible for handle the icon proceeding on MATE desktop environment and works on remote and local file systems ("caja - The MATE File Manager - Linux Man Pages (1)", 2018). Caja has some features in which contain,

  1. It has duplicate windows and duplicate tab.
  2. It closes the others tab.
  3. It opens in the terminal as a root.
  4. It adds choices like Firefox and chrome.
  5. Open current window or tab as a root.

Rank the file managers with appropriate justification, based on your preferences as a Linux user

Dolphin is the first place and it is the best Linux file, manager. It is official file manager to the K Desktop Environment. It is standard configuration contributes the user left-hand Panel places for listing with root, network, trash, and home as default.  Dolphin supports the view splitting in two navigational areas. The main area displays the substances of present a directory as details, icons and columns. It allows navigating the two dissimilar directories simultaneously. It also has an embedded terminal in the current directory. It shows the folders in the tree view and copies and moves the file or folder from one to another place. It also supports for information file, another strength of the dolphin is that are interesting to add-ons for all varieties, containing a drop box interface, making picture galleries for DVDs with the kdenlive and converted to scanned text into plain text format with the tesseract. The dolphin interface is neat but it is packed with the feature and the rating of dolphin has 9/10.

The second place is the nautilus widely supported. It allows the remote access or local locations and support sorting. It does not have many functionalities such as not start multiple actions, cut, copy and paste. The moving image folders or files are very slow. It does not update recurrently and another view is spacial mode. It shows the contents of the directory in compact view, icons or list, to access through the drop-down menu. To zoom out or zoom in, select on two small buttons to sides of the existing zoom level. You are capable to select between double or single clicking to open a file in which thumbnails must be toggled on or off and also distended. The rating of Nautilus has 8/10

The third place is the thunar because of minimal dependencies and easy to set up custom actions. It simplified the action bar. The image mode and tree side pane do not use. The search option is not integrated. The top-most menus cover nothing much more than the view, edit, file and go to entries. The mounted entries and bookmarks are displayed in icons as the left pane or in a tree to view in which present directory shows either with the breadcrumbs into thunar styles or in text box editable in toolbar styles. The rating of thunar has 8/10.

The Nemo is the fourth place because easy to open file location in the terminal, open as root, and extendable. It cannot sort the way of dolphin. Dragging and dropping file share in the different programs and it gives the inconsistent result. It is not practical for changing the font type or color of the background for customization. Nemo supports for bookmarking. It is good for networking choices. The rating for thunar as less than 8 out of 10.

The Caja is the fifth place because the script extension is more useful and configure is very easy but mostly unconfigurable. It is very slow to transfer the multiple small files or folders. It permits you to access the local or remote location. It is often very slow to transmission many small files. The rating of Caja has less than 8 out of 10. (Nelson, 2018).

The area of improvement dolphin file manager

The dolphin is an open source file manager for the KDE applications. It has the many applications used for the KDE desktop. It is based on the KDE desktop environment. It is reaction the two functions divide into several applications. It has many features such as rename the variable number, Baloo integration, grouping and sorting the files by type and name. It supports the different types of properties and style view. The dolphin supports the multiple tabs, redo and undo. The translucent network access by KIO scheme. There are three mode views such as details, compact and icons. It is also has the embedded terminal in the current directory. It show the folders in tree view and copy and move the file or folder from one to another place. The dolphin is the first place because the dolphin support the view splitting in two navigational areas. It allow navigate the two dissimilar directories simultaneously. It is commonly predictable that the dolphin is perhaps the powerful File Manager for Linux or GNU with the number of improvements and features to make the workflow as quick, informative and simple as possible ("KDE - Dolphin - File Manager", 2018).


The Linux OS is most use in the desktop, performance and applications, components and installation, notebooks, mainframes, servers and supercomputers. The Linux has many tools for many work sectors, play sector and personal. The container has many advantages such as the development environment is consistent, make it easy to build the platforms and deploy the container cluster. The many users used the file manager. The Linux user is most attracting the file manager their editor text. The dolphin is the best file manager in Linux and also it is the first place because the dolphin supports the view splitting in two navigational areas. It allows navigating the two dissimilar directories simultaneously. It displays the folder as a tree structure. In same pane, it is very easy to reach for copying and moving a file from one folder to another. The dolphin is very easy and fast compared to other file managers. It is automatically mounted and identifies the flash drives. It follows the K Desktop Environments philosophy of presence configurable and extendable. It can be simply customized and configured via plugins. It is easy to spread with plugins.  It is fast at to opening the graphics folders that image preview with or without being selectable and optional at the click of the button. It enables changing or adding toolbar keyboard and button shortcuts. It supports various protocols like KIO for ssh, sftp, fish and so on. Therefore, the dolphin is the best file manager in Linux operating system.



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You have demonstrated a good understanding about the technical requirements of IoT. It would have been useful to have specific examples of IoT in use, for example in industrial settings such as a warehouse for supply chain operations or in hospitals ...


User Id: 259199 - 05 Jul 2020


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According to what with the request. Great work has been done. I will definitely ask again. Thank you very much.


User Id: 409054 - 05 Jul 2020


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The first assignment I received did not answer any questions and looked like someone who did not speak English had written it. I was so appalled , I have never felt more ripped off in my life. I ended up having to quickly do the assignment myself wit...


User Id: 427879 - 05 Jul 2020


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Under limited time, my research proposal was reasonably well writings. I really appreciate;)


User Id: 436898 - 05 Jul 2020


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