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Challenge Faced BY Modern Accommodation Manager

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Discuss about the challenge Faced BY Modern accommodation Manager.



Modern accommodation agents and companies in the contemporary global world are facing various challenges. The issues related to contemporary accommodation problems can be linked to market demands, increased competition, technological advancements and customer needs (, 2017). Another global challenge that seems to be a major problem for accommodation agencies is the lack of sufficient availability of resources and utilization of the same resources.  For instance, agencies may require adequate resources to build on the best satisfaction of their clients' needs. Accommodations department may also lack adequate support for management of their resources thus leading to mismanagement of the company available resources when resources are mismanaged especially in an entrepreneurial accommodation industry, other areas or departments within the organization are also likely to be affected since accommodation often entails several packages that are interrelated to each other. The aim of this assignment is to address factors related to accommodation challenges. The paper shall also discuss remedies for proper customer service in the accommodation industry.

Out Sourcing In Accommodation Industry

Outsourcing is a business strategy that entails duty or role sharing among companies or organizations.  Outsourcing process occurs when an organization or an individual company takes the role of performing or providing products and services on behalf of other businesses (Wuyts, 2015).The most organization often applies the outsourcing strategy in the verge of saving costs.  Outsourcing can be both beneficial and non-beneficial. Outsourcing may prove to be cost saving when properly utilized.

Outsourcing Viability

Outsourcing is the most appropriate measure that hotel managers can take into consideration in ensuring that their customer needs are met. Outsourcing in hotel management is viable as it is aimed towards ensuring that clients get access to quality services from experts (Johnson et al. 2014). Outsourcing makes hotel management easier as it attracts more customers to the business chain because outsourcing is more often than not based on professional rather than just poor practices (Langer, Mani, and Srikanth, 2014). Large accommodation industries should consider adopting an outsourcing practice in the management of their business. This is because outsourcing will help the hotel cooperative to develop effective customer relations, maintain stability and increase the hotel income earnings.


Departments That Can Utilize Outsourcing

Departments that can use outsourcing in the hotel management industry are as follows;

  1. The interior and exterior design departments; the interior and exterior design department should be outsourced to architectural design industries so as to ensure that the hotel presentation match that of the market demand. Quality interior and exterior designs are likely to attract customers.
  2. Another department that hotel managers can outsource is the employee professional development staff. Employee professional development department is the department that is aimed towards helping employees grow their career skills (, 2017). Hotel managers should outsource experienced professional experts to train their employees on hotel business management strategies.
  3. The procurement department is a crucial area that hotel manager should consider outsourcing. Outsourcing procurement services to various industries ensure the provision of better services to clients (Sparrow, Brewster and Chung, 2016). This is because procurement managers will not be limited to particular supply chain thus giving hotel managers an easy time in selecting or buying of only quality services.
  4. IT department should also be outsourced so as to ensure the efficient connection between the hotel management and customers.
  5. Benefits Of Moving To An Outsourced Organization

Outsourcing is an important approach to hotel industries; hotel managers should adopt outsourcing practices due to the following reasons.

First, outsourcing enables managers to focus on primary business in the given department. Managers adopting the outsourcing practice perceive it as a more appropriate practice as services can be partially shared among specific qualified individuals or company thus ensuring quality (Gunasekaran, 2015).

Secondly, outsourcing is an open approach as hotel managers can choose to delegate an entire or partial duty to an individual or other organizations. Nevertheless, partial outsourcing is often more encouraged in hotel industries so as to avoid disappointments in the delivery of services (Lacity and Willcocks, 2014). For instance, a hotel that conducts or connect to their customers via online platforms should consider outsourcing more than one IT system company; this will enable the hotel managers to maintain customer communication balance in case of failures of one of the departments.


Thirdly, outsourcing helps hotel managers in establishing proper on-site assistance for employees thus leading to better performance. for example outsourcing of outside professionals to enhance employees professional skills promotes better and improved performance among the trained employees.

Fourthly, outsourcing help bridge employees gap within the organization while at the same time saving on the capital costs. For example, partial outsourcing of services to other agencies helps reduce the work load of employees within the hotel. Outsourcing also helps in covering up for organizations that have few employees and ensures that employee’s workload is not overstretched (People matters. in, 2017)

Fifthly, outsourcing in the hotel industry is a sure way of fulfilling customer demands satisfaction (Research, 2017). This is because outsourcing often involves engagement of qualified personnel in given areas thus promoting quality delivery of services to clients.

 Finally, outsourcing ensures efficient operational services as it exposes the organization to different specialized vendor systems this allowing the hotel managers an opportunity to choose from the most preferred provider service.

Drawbacks Of Moving To An Outsourced Organization

The first drawback of outsourcing in hotel management is the quality alteration. Sometimes outsourcing may not prove to be the best approach for managers who wish to maintain service quality to customers. This is because partial outsourcing to different organizations may differ regarding quality thus creating a different version of a given product and service rather than creating consistency.

The second drawback for outsourcing is that it may lead to employees’ layoff due to its cheaper costs (Dolgui and Proth, 2013).  Some employees may end up losing their jobs in an instance where an organization decides to employ an outsourcing approach. For example, the hotel management online payment approach may lead to losing of jobs for cashiers and accountants. Outsourcing is also associated with labor issues in instances whereby employees from different organization lack sufficient knowledge of what is expected of them.

The third drawback of outsourcing is the ignorance to legal compliance and security. Some managers often assume acquiring formal legal documentation of the outsourcing process thus leading to conflicts in cases of breach of contracts or agreement. It is important for investors to ensure that the outsourcing process is legal and that both concerned parties retain a copy of the agreement.

Another outsourcing problem is that it may not solve all the customer needs especially in a situation whereby outsourcing is granted to a different nation with dissimilar interest to the organization in place (Carruth et al., 2013).  For instance, giving a call center to a country that speaks the different language to that of several customers may lead to customer demand dissatisfaction.


Contributing Issues to Planning and Controlling Influences of Accommodation Management

Influential Planning Issues in Accommodation Management

Accommodation management planning sector is influenced by three main factors which are; priority, company resource and forecasting  (, 2017).

Most accommodation industries often aim at generating revenues thus altering the planning process of other projects within the industry. For instance, an accommodation agency may give more priority to customer satisfaction and ignore investing in active planning processes that will enhance customer satisfaction.

Lack of sufficient company resources may prevent accommodation managers from achieving their planned goals. For example, an organization may have an intention of expanding its customer capacity and capital butt lack enough financial resources to do so.

Inappropriate forecasting in accommodation management makes it difficult to plan for the success achievement of the accommodation services (Pereira, 2016). For instance, a forecast in the change of the accommodation material prices may interfere with the accommodation agency planned budget.

Issues Contributing To Controlling Influences In Accommodation Management

Some of the issues contributing to controlling influence in accommodation management are; culture, financial administration, and customer service

 Culture influence on accommodation management is prevalent in global accommodation services whereby people from the diverse community would prefer other accommodation services to others due to various cultural services offered (Ali & Amin, 2014).

Customer service provision is a major controlling influence in accommodation management as it determines the incomes earning of an agency. Proper handling of customers enhances better accommodation agency growth while poor customer service limits an agency controlling influence for growth.

Financial management determines the controlling influence in accommodation management.  Proper financial management enhances the strategic development of the set goals while poor fiscal management makes it difficult for an organization to control their expenditure.


Handling Customers In Accommodation Management

importance Of Handling Your Customers And Your Customer Needs

The first importance of handling customer and their needs is to ensure that client's grievances are heard and appropriately addressed thus ensuring customer satisfaction with the service offered to them.

The other relevance of handling customer needs id to enhance the better relationship between customers and an enterprise. A well-developed customer relation promotes a company brand as it creates trust a feeling of allegiance among customers to the enterprise.

Addressing customer needs and handling customers contributes to organization stability as happy customers often have a trend of coming back for better services. Therefore, addressing customer needs and managing customers in a friendly manner will contribute to the increase of organization net incomes. Handling customers with respect is also a method that an organization can use in popularizing their brand as customers are more likely to give positive feedback on the services they have received. Positive feedback, especially in business scenario, has the capacity of growing organization segmentation as positive feedback attracts more clients (Cambra-Fierro, Melero and Sese, 2015)

  • Steps That Accommodation Managers Can Take In Ensuring That The Hotel Is Meeting Customer Needs
  1. Broadening customer management team
  2. Establishment of a customer service centers both online and offline where customers can address their concerns
  3. Ensuring that the services offered at the accommodation service fit the global standards
  4. Setting up customer friendly prices and ensuring that the services offered are worth clients money
  • Steps That Accommodation Managers Can Take In Creating Positive Customer Experience
  1. Training employees on customer management practices
  2. Allowing customer to suggest on services they desire
  3. Observing hygiene on the accommodation surrounding
  4. Adding other services such as recreational and entertainment services to the accommodation package
  5. Inventing a promotional methodology i.e. offering price  discounts on loyal customers and for every referral


Accommodation is one of the most delicate departments in the service industry, overcoming accommodation challenges needs the manager to address issues dealing with planning and proper customer management as these are the two largest contributors to accommodation challenges (Berman, 2015). An alteration of resource within one part or department of the accommodation industry may thus cause interference of the entire unit.



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