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Christian And Islam Perspective Of Health Care Add in library

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• What is your spiritual perspective on healing?

• What are critically common to all religions/beliefs spiritual components of healing, such as prayer, meditation, belief, etc.? Explain.

• What is important to patients of the faith when cared for by health care providers whose spiritual beliefs differ from their own?



The study consist a brief about comparison between Christian and Islam perspective o healthcare according to their beliefs. One of the essential components of wellbeing and health is engaging oneself with the spiritual magnitude of life. . The discussion follows the various spiritual perspective of Christianity and Islam It also criticizes all religions spiritual components on healing like prayer and meditation. The study also provides an insight to importance of the faith of the patients when they are been taken care by providers of healthcare whose spiritual beliefs are different from that of their own.

Today religion and spirituality in health care included use of pastoral counseling, prayer in healing, use of meditation evoking forgiveness and compassion involving the curiosity for death and end of life philosophy and health professionals suggestions in searching meaning of illness for patients and families.


There are differences in both Christian and Islam religion in many perspectives. According to Islam, the Muslim states that their God if Allah, but according to Jesus, he is son of God, God has send him to earth. According to Islamic religion, they deny the existence of God as they don’t agree to the fact that Jesus is the Son of God. According to Christians, God has three forms (Trinity) they are a father, a son and the Holy Spirit. This concept was adopted around 325 AD (GRIFFITH, 2009). But Muslim religion denies the trinity concept of Christianity. Muslim considers Mohammad, Jesus and Moses as messengers and prophets sent by God. These prophets are of carnal existence, and not a holy spirit to be worshiped directly or indirectly. There are many differences in opinion and religious practice but then there are many similarities also.

In almost every health care organization there are patients who belong to different religions and countries (Barber, 2012). There are mostly united in between one establishment to provide the best possible care. Spirituality and faith are very significant to patients. According to various definitions faith refers to the belief in the value, trustworthiness and truth of an idea, thing or a person (Jeffers, Nelson, Barnet & Brannigan, n.d.). The definition of belief doesn’t rests upon logical evidence. Spirituality is hard to understand for its approach of Human Experience. For a patients healing both faith and spirituality plays a significant role. Spiritual healing refers to the practices of spirituality like prayer which helps in curing an illness.

The process of healing is very significant, it happens when providers of health care tend to the spiritual, religious and physical needs of the patient (, 2015). Even if there is a contradiction between the beliefs of his or her own.


Christian Perspective on Health and Health providers:

According to Christian Genesis, Bibles first chapter states about real health in action. The well furnished view of health must manipulate the way they try to find reforms in the system. They include various health discussions they tend to comprise areas of spiritual, emotional and mental health. The Genesis also discloses that the dignity of being created by God’s image is given to mankind only. Christians believe that humans are valuable because this value is give by God to everyone. Certain intrinsic value thus confirms any attempt to measure the size, the stage of growth and intellectual awareness of various people to see whether they are suitable for the idea of “worth “ and “personhood”. Thus a suggestion generates that there must be protection to maintain human beings at the very beginning of human life when a person is at the initial stage of his or her life (Barber, 2012).

Early Christianity medicine and Healthcare:

The early beliefs of Christianity included miraculous healing and demonic possession. Christians at the very beginning of evolution believed the natural assumptions regarding disease and took care of the sick form the Roman and Greek medical treatment (, 2015). Christians believed that along with medical assistance the sick people also need compassion. They cared for those who belonged to their community as well as for those who did not belong to their community.

Islam perspective on Health and Health Provider:

The Muslims consider Prophet Muhammad as a paradigm and they try to imitate what he did, in their own lives following his path and instructions in the Quran. These teachings have influenced practices and attitudes in various aspect of life which includes death, illness and birth along with economical, social and political structures (, 2015). These factors affect the policies on shaping sub-communities of Muslims and health care about receiving treatment for medical cure from the larger non-muslim society.

Islamic medicine in Pre-Modern era:

In Quran there are no specific codes for treatment of physical illness in medical terms. According to the Islamic view health and illness is perceived as imbalance or balance or the Humoral theory (, 2015). Quran is sought as the healing source in times of psychological and spiritual distress according to the Muslims. In case of Physical illness, different traditions of medicinal practices and rituals have been practiced which also includes non-Muslim practices (Purnell & Paulanka, 2003). In time of illness the following statements were made by prophets to encourage proper treatment to the patients:

  • No disease created by Allah exists, except those of whose remedies are also created by Him.
  • The right of the body is to take appropriate care of one’s health.
  • Along with inviting expert physician the Prophet also instructed sick people to take medicines.

Spiritual Perspective on Healing:

Spiritual healing Occurs by connecting to the consciousness by the grace of God (Geikie-Cobb, 2013). It is not supernatural phenomenon or a miraculous act; it is performed by people sometimes unknowingly or sometimes knowing about it (Cheraghi, Manookian & Nasrabadi, 2014). A regular practice on spirituality by praying, meditation increases health awareness automatically.  

In many cases there have been found that the body heals faster for a high spiritual person than a low spiritual person. It mostly depends on the willingness to recover. If spirit tends to recover fast then the body supports, but even if the body has recovered and the spirit has not recover the body tends to fall back to its place. Today medical conventional practice also agrees with the healing of a body spiritually. A positive outlook and increase in energy can only be attained if a person practices positive actions, meditation and prayers. These helps in reducing depression, improved efficiency, increase in immunity and elevation of moods.

The common components of healing in all perspectives:

There are several common components for spiritual healing according to the diverse religion. Tools such as meditation, healthcare, self confidence and practice of helping others are the main components that are practiced in every belief (Passarella, 2011).

In every religious belief prayer helps a soul to heal and prevent itself from negative effects. Prayer is not a means to ask for what one wants; it is a means of thanking the creator and a praying for a support from the Maker Himself (, 2015). Daily prayer gives an opportunity to share all facets of life to with Creator. Prayer is also a platform of confessing sins and asking a way out to overcome the Sins (Curtis & Werthel, 2012).

Religions were created to bring a system in living, to punish the guilty and to reward the brave. Every religion believes that they are protected by their maker. But due to the degree of rigidity of some religions, people parted from there and made another religion. In fact in the name of religion the weak people were exploited and outcaste in the name of God. Every religion supports humanity (Carson & Koenig, 2004). To care about humans is also a part of every religious practice.


Patients of the faith when cared for by health care providers of different beliefs:

The religious and the spiritual beliefs are an important part in their lives. Even the medical practitioners and physicians often find it difficult as to when they will address the religious issues (GRIFFITH, 2009). The medical professions require that the doctors and the physicians do not impose their personal religious beliefs on the patient who are vulnerable when they seek help from the doctors.

It is often seen that the patients of Islam religion often find it difficult to use the alcohol based hand rubs in the hospitals. But it should be kept in mind that those hand rubs do not cause any intoxication to the patient and can be used for life saving treatment, though the sentiment of the patient and their family should be kept in mind (Young & Koopsen, 2011). In Christianity also the patients often request rosary or a scapula near their head during the time of treatment. The doctor may find it affecting the patient so can ask for a non metal substitute (King, Dimmers, Langer & Murphy, 2013). The important thing is that the patient should not give the spiritual aspect much importance which can cause them harm.



In your conclusion, describe what you have learned from the research and how this learning can be applied to a health care provider. 

Through the research it can be stated that every religion emphasizes the importance of healing from spiritual perspective. Islam and Christianity both comprehend the importance of healing human. The health care providers believe that not just medical treatment but spiritual healing is also important. The study has also focused on the importance of a patient to react accordingly if their health provider belong to a different belief then the patient must accept the help received from the provider. In various traditional beliefs, it was agreed that in every religion, irrespective of Islam or Christianity, spiritual cure is acceptable from consulting other beliefs also. Thus the emotion of the patients should be looked after by the health care provider though he may not be of the same religious belief.



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