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Clinical Symptoms Of Osychiatric Disorders And Technology

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Discuss about the Clinical Symptoms of Osychiatric Disorders and Technology.



The report will discuss in detail about the impact of IT on the media industry. Digital based technologies have modified the industries of media for better as well as for worse, however, how this impacts media industry to win the battles or struggles of employees against decreasing wages, layoffs and stress. There are collective actions as well as reaffirmation from various sources where skill plays an important role (Taylor et al., 2014). The discussion is a way to understand that media industry is under so much influence of IT and everything is associated with it. The expectations are infinite which are created by digital-based technology since there is no horizon or no one is waiting to ride or solve issues of media modifications. This is based on the fundamental review of what has taken place in the present so called the digital based revolution in the industry as well as media-based industry (Taylor et al., 2014).

The report discussed in detail about the company called Dish Network which is also termed as dish since 2012. The company is a US based direct broadcast satellite-based service providers. The organization also provides the number of services like satellite television, internet access through satellite as well as number of different audio based programming. Also, there are many interactive television-based services for residential as well as commercial users specifically in the US. In the year 2016, the company had managed to provide services to almost fourteen million TV and more than five lakhs broadband subscribers. Presently there is approx sixteen thousand workforce. Headquarter of the company is in Meridian which is located in Colorado (Miller and Skinner, 2015).

IT in media industry

The primary meaning of bringing digitization has always meant to move away from tools based work. There is audio as well as video based editing which can be done on reporter's desktop or in some cases producer's desktop. The videotape doesn't need any lighting or sound support from technicians. A studio can easily be changed by a big desktop base which is called s Parkervision which required just one switcher and the rest can be easily automated. It is very easy to use digital based tools now, and this led to many sets of expectations on how people function and the job titles are blurring along with job descriptions (Wagner et al., 2014). Then there are editors or other video based journalists at different networks, and it is important to understand that actual job titles have modified with the fact that many employees in the industry are functioning a huge range of technical work in addition to other basic work. For instance, reporters at one press are expected to file report besides a voice based report for some radio-based clients, and at the same time, many of them shoot video as well. There are some examples where the work is done online, and the development in various online departments has not made up for the major amount of losses for a number of traditional work (Wagner et al., 2014).

In last twenty years, technology has modified the manner in which people communicate with one another, and it also changes the way people are using the internet for shopping, research, and most importantly the way business functions. In the present time, technology has become the center of the success of many businesses, and it covers security, as well as marketing and many business operations, also initiate in the current digital based world. The participation of IT is so important in businesses these days in all kinds and sizes of businesses, and it is creating a variety of opportunities. There are just a few ways in the technology that has transformed the face of modern business. Technology has simplified the process of communication, and this has become an important base for the companies especially media based companies. For some businesses, IT is a key for impactful internal as well as external interactions (Trainor et al., 2014).

Requirements to apply IT into Dish Network

The set of expectation is changing of what people can, in reality, think of in one day. As a wire service provider and broadcasting companies, it is always about a minute or a second. Technology is only making it faster and gone are those days when the deadline times were between 12 noon to 5 evening. In the present time, expectations are set in audio, file and print kind of platforms. It is always about getting the new fast or adopting the technology as soon as possible and also the overall pressure is based on beating the other kind of news or broadcasting services present online (Rosen et al., 2013).

Another best example for the same is based on how methods of digitization have provided an infinite capacity for immediacy which comes once again from a number of ways. The workforce has to become agiler in releasing as well as pumping the news for the financial kind of market within few minutes (Boyd, 2014).

Dish Network must base this while formulating the strategies, especially when producing live events or shows. Since the being lives on an event is not sudden, and there is also some demand for some extra added color on different social media platform which is rapid.


Dish network is a broadcasting company, and it is important for it uses social media in general which has become a powerful tool to link the variety of people in a proper manner. In connection with externally based communication which is discussed above, marketing of many companies is now digitally. Dish Network is all about digitalization and communication is an important part of the company since it helps in many functions like marketing and others. Marketing these days is largely associated with technology which supports various teams to execute and also completely troubleshoot many types of software (Rosen et al., 2013).

A very talented team of IT is needed for the success of any marketing plan dependent on technology. The concepts like website management, SEO, social media handling and everything else needs some expertise with the proper knowledge to provide some consulting. The process of success and option is also a simple process by utilizing software that is specifically designed to store marketing based metrics over a period and also this further permits organizations to adapt, plan as well as develop.  The process of technology also helps in streamlining the process of decision making within the parameters of business. There are so many methods to keep a proper track of a number of resources like financial or market-based conditions as well as customer satisfaction (Siemens, 2014). With a proper IT based plan, one will have to see the data in the easier manner. This further makes it more convenient for the organization to understand different steps that one takes to make some improvements and also reach objectives.

Risks of IT in Dish Network

The world is moving very fast because of the fast changing technology as well as expanding markets. There are issues of rapid consolidations and various upcoming business based models along with rising demand of consumers. All these issues are taking the main position and generating a lot of turmoil in the media industry, and Dish Network is also in this vicious circle.  The industry is moving fast, and when one tries to innovate with the help of technology, it is important to understand the risks one is facing and how a company must handle it (Andriessen et al., 2013).

There is also rise in mergers and acquisitions, and private based equity companies brought more speed to the process, and there are some companies that have started to voice the issues and started highlighting the importance of traditional based art and strategy based rationale. These methods are providing a way to have more focused financial kind of engineering.

There are a number of methods to maintain as well as monitor IT in Dish Network. Media stories and other issues on various media platforms are the reflections of society, and it plays an important role in uncovering the base for education, promotion as well as dissemination of data.  At the same time, media also plays a crucial role in organizations to maintain an ethical based culture. It is important to understand for the company that there are the number of stakeholders from the market as well as non-market culture and one of the most valuable groups of stakeholder for a company is this industry which becomes a crucial part of much non-market culture (Straubhaar et al., 2013).


The media industry is filled with a number of advanced technology based tools which help in filing as well as reporting the stories from any part of the world. Different platforms help in reaching the audience in no time. In fact, a video can be digitized in no time so all the workforce in a company can access any video anytime and services like Covertly is based on to do the press conference with the help of cyber-based space since there is no longer a requirement to go to any meeting. Therefore, it becomes a big job in itself and it is important to make sure the particular skill set in the work can continue to be more valued. This can also able to fight against the generic based media model where each one of us can do anything about the  current situation (Straubhaar et al., 2013).

The effect of getting information from any media platform is that it permits companies across the world an informed decision. It helps in deciding the prices level or developing a new product. It is important to be socially responsible company and also use data to decide where one must help the community.



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