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Cloud Computing : Enterprise Planning And Implementation

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Discuss about the Cloud Computing for Enterprise Planning and Implementation.



The report is focused on the strategy implementation of a company that is related with the implementation of latest versions of Cloud Computing. The aim of the strategic implementation of the latest technologies of cloud computing are to make the systems faster while getting a faster result in the IT systems of work. The report will put emphasis on many aspects such as the ways of implementing the new systems of cloud computing into the businesses along with the risk management of the systems. It will describe about the involvement of stakeholders in the change management procedures of the company. It can be said that the implementation of new strategy requires a proper strategic plan and consulting with the officials involved in the operational team and strategic management team of the company. The processes of change management strategies in the context of the business changes are to be described in details with the consent of the responsible officials of the company. The need of adoption of strategies and the strategies of risk management are to be formulated based on the required cost and budgeting of the company that are set for the change management in terms of new systems of Cloud Computing.

Development of future state of the organization

It can be said that to maintain the competitiveness in the market, companies must change themselves and their strategies for coping up the needs of the markets and the demands of the customers. It is to be pointed out that the world of IT is moving in a fast pace with the development of science and technology. There are numerous opportunities that the organization can avail while implementing latest versions of cloud computing services like storages, servers, networking, databases, software analytics and many more. The various forms of cloud computing services that are to be implemented in the processes of Change management are PaaS, SaaS and IaaS (Grozev and Buyya 2014).

The strategic pan of the change of the IT infrastructure of the company is formulated as per the requirements of the existing clients as well as the demands of the market. The aim is to increase the client base of the company in terms of providing better service in a reasonable price. It will help in the improved customer satisfaction, which will ultimately lead to generation of more customers from them by the WOM promotion. The main reason of using different types of Cloud Computing software is to increase the productivity of the company as well as the performance of the company (Cito et al. 2015). The system of the company will be increased after the implementation of the new software in the IT department. It is important to make future strategies while considering the present condition of the different operations of the company.

It is important for the company to adopt the current trends of the market in terms of technology implementation. However, it requires a proper planning of adopting different strategies of change management in the company. For a change management, it requires to follow various steps and communication with the employees of the company. It is essential to understand the current situation of the company while formulating future strategies for the company (Grozev and Buyya 2014). The employees of the organization must have a proper knowledge about the different types of modern software that are using by the top reputed companies while attracting more customers in order to provide an improved customer satisfaction.

The steps or the approaches that are to be formulated by the company’s senior management of the company must follow various considerations. The various business departments must get benefit from the new strategies of the IT implementation processes. The new approach will be implemented after consulting with the operations officer, strategic management department, executives working at the junior level, in the service department, etc. Apart from that, the business processes of the company must be considered in terms of the IT development (Fuggetta and Di Nitto 2014).


Alignment with existing businesses’ strategies

The existing business strategies of the company are following with the business processes that are related with the expectations of the customers of the company. It can be said that the existing business strategies are based on the current systems of ERP and CRM technologies. The new strategies of the Cloud Computing software and technology implementation must align with the current strategies of the company. The existing CRM technologies are not updated enough to provide results that are matching with the quality level of services provided to the clients by the company. However, the systems of ERP that are using in the company are not yielding sufficient results in terms of quality (Chauhan and Saxena 2013). Hence, the executives are to be contacted in order to formulated strategies. However, the company will

The core business processes of the company comprises of the management department, product / service development, accounting management, technology management, process, quality and change management, employee satisfaction and development, customer strategy and relationships, customer acquisition, service delivery, external benchmark department, etc. The core business processes of the company needs the changed technologies. Alignment of the existing business operations are an important aspect that needs to be considered by the technical department as well as the strategic department of the company. The core business operations needs to adapt the technologies that will be implemented in order to achieve better services and faster quality services to the company (Hashizume et al. 2013).

The drivers of the business and the business operations are related with one another so that they can provide a better result to the customers in the long run. However, the alignment of the new strategies and the new technologies of Cloud Computing are essential so that the employees can get comfortable with the new strategies. The communication channel between the different levels of employees is mandatory so that they can get comfortable in the new systems of management in the technology implementation (Botta et al. 2016).

Strategic plan

Strategic planning of the organization is defined as the organizational process that defines strategy, direction, making decisions as well as allocating the resources to the suitable areas of business operations. The strategic management department of the organization is responsible for the formation of the new strategies that will help the company to grow its business operations in the market. The strategic planners of the company must focus on the different types of aspects of competitive advantage in terms of market needs and the rival companies so that they can make a creative strategy plan in the market. There are many frameworks or tools, that the company can use to formulate a concrete strategy plan such as balanced scorecard, Porter’s Five Forces, SWOT, growth share matrix, strategy map, etc. in terms of improved strategy for the company (Botta et al. 2016). The company will have to formulate new goals and objectives that will be aligned with the existing strategies. A total change in organizational goals and strategies will create problem in the adaptation problem of the employees associated with the organization. It is the reason, the strategic planners must focus on the concerns of the employees along with their feedback. The main feedback from the IT team and the technological department of the company is responsible for the appropriate strategy implementation. It can be formulated by following few processes like analysis, strategy formulation, goal setting, structure and control & feedback. These stages come under the formulation and implementation of the different types of purpose and values of the new forms of change management (Hashizume et al. 2013).


Adoption and change management

Change management of any organization is defined as the approach that is responsible for transitioning teams, individuals, organizations that used different management resources, budget allocations, business processes, and different types of operations that help in shaping the future of the organization. Organizational change management is considered to as the list of strategies that are linked with the transitional change. The tool of the change in the organizational context requires change in individual and as well as in the whole organization i.e. the business operations. The different types of teams present in the organization will not have same perspective towards the new form of strategies (Chauhan and Saxena 2013). The need of change management is essential in order to refer a change control process that is related with the scope of the strategy that is being formulated in the long run. The reason of change in the team is the constant innovation and globalization that are required constantly in a various kind of business environment. Change management is the reason of the different types of development of the company in the technological development. It should use different types of phenomena like mobile adaptability and social media that have revolutionalized the business and have an effect on the technical performance of the department of IT in the company (Hashem et al. 2015).

Change management models that are used in the organizational perspectives are Lewin’s change management model. There are three steps in the Lewin’s Change management model which will be used in reducing the effect of hindrances that are caused in the different types of employees of the organization. The three steps are:

Unfreeze: In this stage, the leader or the people associated with the change management are responsible for the determination of the cause of hindrances in the minds of the employees. It is seen that the understanding of the change that is essential for the growth of the company (Durao et al. 2014).

Change: After finding the reason of the different types of hindrances among the minds of the employees, the leaders of the organization must use situational leadership style in order to maintain a steady flow of communication between the leaders and the different employees who have hindrance in their minds. It can be said that a good leadership and a steady communication is the reason of clearance of the hindrances towards new policies of change management.

Refreeze: Refreeze is the last stage of the change management model that is used by the team leaders to implement the strategy that is being finalised in the second stage of the model. It is the time where the staffs and the leaders both are equally involved in the technology implementation of cloud computing in the organization (Fuggetta and Di Nitto 2014).


Risk management

The risk factors that are to be identified in this change management plan of the organization are to be implemented in the preventive measures.

Risk factor

Preventive measures

1.Human error in the aspect of staff

Employing best people; training; team formation; adapt new process; peer reviews

2. External components, Standard Software

Prototyping; benchmarking; compatibility analysis; review of installations; review of suppliers; benchmarking

3. Unrealistic budget and schedule

Incremental development; business case analysis; modification of budget and schedule; reuse of software (Chang, Kuo and Ramachandran 2016)

4. User interfaces do not fit needs

Description of users; development of scenarios; prototyping

5. Developed functions and requirements do not match

Prototyping; description of users; description of scenarios

6. Constant requirement alterations

Information hiding; change management processes; incremental development; increased threshold for changes (Zainuddin et al. 2016)

7. Inadequate performance, architecture and quality

Benchmarking; simulation; prototyping; modelling; tuning

8. Problems with externally performed task

Parallel design; audits; team formation; prototyping of suppliers

9. Problems in terms of legacy systems

Restructuring; Design recovery

10. Overestimation of IT capabilities

Benefit/ cost analysis; technical analysis; prototyping (Moreno-Vozmediano, Montero. and Llorente 2013)

The risk management process consists of two categories namely risk assessment and risk control. The risk assessment is again categorised into three categories such as risk identification, risk prioritization and risk analysis. Again risk control is divided into three categories such as risk resolution, risk management planning and risk monitoring (Rittinghouse and Ransome 2016).

Stakeholders Management

A stakeholder is a person or a group of individual or an organization, which can be affected by or can affect or can perceive itself by a programme. There are different types of stakeholders in the organization such as employees, customers, shareholders, senior management of the company, government, etc. They are categorized under internal stakeholders and external stakeholders. The internal stakeholders and external stakeholders of the IT organization are to be involved in the strategic formation as well as the choosing various technologies and software of cloud computing (Gupta, Seetharaman and Raj 2013). The stakeholders are to be involved because they are the experienced personnel that are associated with the organization since the foundation of the company. They will be taking responsible decision towards the organizational growth of the company. Apart from that, the stakeholders have the experience regarding market knowledge as well as different information regarding the competitors (Avram 2014). It can be said that the effective stakeholder management is responsible for creation of positive relationships with the internal and external stakeholders through different stages and its management with an agreed objective. Stakeholders management in the organization is defined as the strategy that utilises various information gathered during the common process. Few processes are to be followed in terms of conducting effective stakeholder management. They are identification of the stakeholders, prioritizing the stakeholders, understanding the key stakeholders and following key principles that engage the stakeholders to provide their input in the changes that needs to be done in the organizational context (Chang and Ramachandran 2016).


Costing and Budget Management

The budget and costing is a point of concern for the company for the technology and software of cloud computing and IOT by replacing the existing CRM and ERP softwares. The budget that will be allocated is not only allocated for buying new technologies and software. It is also for allocating resources in the implementation of the technologies in the office premises and people who will be required to run the technologies in the IT department. It is estimated that a budget of $1.2 million is to be allocated for the change management strategies of the organization i the software implementation (Oliveira, Thomas and Espadanal 2014).


It can be concluded that the Chief Technical Officer of the company has passed the proposal of the need of the strategy implementation in the company. In the proposal, it is focused that the company is not performing up to the industry standards and it is the reason of the acceptance of the new strategies in the different operational departments of the company. The company is focused on the development of various technologies and software of cloud computing that will help the company not only in providing excellent customer service but also to attract clients from the market.

The strategic management department of the company has to conduct an extensive market research on the technological part and the software that will help the department in making strategic decisions in terms of generic strategy, competitive advantage, geographic scope, portfolio management, market positioning, value chain and core competence. The aspect of cost and budget are determined in a clear way so that the whole processes of change management can be completed within the budget and in the stipulated time. Apart from that, the effect of leadership while implementing processes of change management within the organizational context is important so that the employees creating hindrances are to be handled in a proper way.



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