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COIT20249 Professional Skills In Information Communication Technology 3

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  • Course Code: COIT20249
  • University: Central Queensland University
  • Country: Australia


The report is to be based on the following case study scenario about the use of Augmented Reality in Education.

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology which enhances a user’s real-world view/environment by superimposing computer generated content in real time. The computer generated visual object is superimposed/overlayed on the real world object in such a way that it appears as if they co-exist in the same space as the real world environment, in real time. These visual objects can be images, video or animation. Although augmented reality has existed for quite some time, it is an evolving technology and there is huge interest in AR as of past few years. The application of Augmented Reality ranges from the retail, travel and tourism industry, gaming, education, engineering, manufacturing to the medical field, among many others. Business experts believe that usage of AR would attract more customers/users for business, without high operational cost. One of the advantage for business in using augmented reality is that, some of the platform/hardware (i.e., smartphones and tablet) that are used for AR application development are easily available. Using iPhone or Android AR application, users will be able to try on clothes without actually wearing it or to check if the furniture fits the interior before even buying the furniture. However, there are challenges as well, many business leaders are reluctant to change their business models and there is a skill shortage for AR in the industry. Ethics and security issues need to be looked into as well.

You are the Chief IT Consultant for a consulting company. One of your clients, XYZ University (XYZU), wants you to advise them on the possibility of using emerging “Augmented Reality” technology in their teaching method. Here are the details of your client:

XYZU is a large educational institute with multiple campuses in five different cities (Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, and Sydney) with the main campus in Canberra. It provides undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in all disciplines, with a student cohort consisting of both domestic students and international students from all over the world. XYZU, one of the largest educational institutes in the country, has noticed that their student enrolment number has decreased for the last few terms. So, XYZU is looking into all possible areas of improvement to increase their enrolment numbers. As a part of this strategy, XYZU is thinking of improving their teaching methods by incorporating some cutting edge technology, instead of traditional teaching methods. Recently, the management team has heard of augmented reality technology and believe that it might improve the student learning experience, but they do not have expertise within the organisation. Management have also heard that usage of augmented reality might also reduce operational costs (for some disciplines) and they think that these savings can be used to improve student services, which will increase their students’ satisfaction ratings. XYZU would like you to investigate the technology involved with augmented reality and the challenges and opportunities of AR. XYZU is also interested to know the infrastructure/hardware/physical setup and training required, and costs involved in incorporating augmented reality in their teaching.

You and your team need to gather information about augmented reality, and as the chief IT consultant, your task is also to critically analyse the suitability of augmented reality in teaching for your client.

You have to complete this investigation and write a report for XYZU in the next three weeks. Since this is an initial investigation, the report does not require in-depth technical details (the report is aimed for both technical and non-technical stakeholders).

Your research and the subsequent report should cover the following tasks:

  1. Definition of augmented reality and the up to date developments in the field. This investigation must consider at least four different types of industries (except education) that use/can use augmented reality. You should provide detailed examples for all four cases.
  1. Investigate application of augmented reality in education industry. Based on this findings, propose three disciplines (for XYZU) that could incorporate augmented reality in their students’ learning process. Provide details of your proposal explaining how AR will be incorporated in the teaching for the chosen disciplines. As part of this analysis, you might consider any two of the following topics (or you can choose other topics as well):
  • The potential advantages and disadvantages of the applications,
  • The infrastructure/hardware requirement, and
  • costing involved to incorporate augmented reality in their teaching.

Please provide your recommendations at the end of the report.

  1. Based on the information that you gathered, analyse critically how augmented reality could meet your client’s goal. Your analysis should also include potential advantages/disadvantages, costing, and ethical and/or security issue that your client needs to consider in this case.



Augmented Reality (AR) has emerged different technologies and it uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for providing a superimposed images and videos of real things for better understanding. In this report, AR technology will discuss with their uses in different fields as well as how it is beneficial for education system. AR is a latest technology, which is highly used for understanding of different things. It provides a better view of a real thing in superimposed image, which is beneficial for understanding. XYZ University is having five campuses at different cities of Australia. It is a large education institute, which is having many domestic students from different cities as well as international students. It provides degree in all disciples at graduate and postgraduate level. This report will explain about opportunities of AR-devices for XYZ University. It will explain how AR technology is beneficial for their reputation globally. Students are required motivation for their learning. Therefore, new technologies will helpful for their motivation for learning as well as they also more satisfied from it (Andujar, Mejías, & Márquez, 2011).

  AR devices are having many advantages for education system. It has different functions for different areas, such as retails uses different application for shopping. It is also providing visualization for different areas especially for medical science. It will change teaching methods as well as update the teaching style according to student’s requirements. This report will explain about uses of AR technology in XYZ University. This report will provide recommendations for XYZ University to use AR technology in their system in the later section.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is providing different types of virtual images and animations for better understanding of real things. It is different from Virtual Reality (VR). VR is completely replacing the real environment with simulated environment. AR is a mix-up of two different things, which are mixed reality and computer –mediated reality (Akçay?r & Akçay?r, 2017).

AR takes real world components and brings them into digital world. It is an integration of immersive sensations. AR systems were invented in the early 1990s. U. S. Air forces were developed Virtual Fixtures system in Armstrong laboratory. It is used in gaming and entertainment as a commercial purpose (Billinghurst & Duenser, 2012).

In present era, many industries are getting interested in the AR systems for different purposes, such as educating, knowledge sharing, and retails business. Education industry is highly interested in this technology, as it scans an image and it provides much information about that image. It is also used for display information as an example construction workers uses AR helmet (Chi, Kang, & Wang, 2013).  

AR is used for understanding different situations and it offer-enriched experiences. It takes help of object recognition and computer vision. It uses information about the environment, which is used for overlaid the object of real world (Di Serio, Ibáñez, & Kloos, 2013).

This technology is requires different hardware components, such as input devices, processors, sensors, and display. In present, smartphones and tablets are having all these things include a camera, GPS, and many other things, which make it suitable for AR systems.   For display system, it uses different things, such as monitors, optical projection systems and handheld devices worn on the human body (Evans, 2013).

A head-mounted display (HMD) device places images of virtual objects and physical world over the display. HMD device is worn on the forehead. It uses tracking devices for different purposes. It is also supporting networking for different uses, such as information collection. It is having different input devices, which are uses different approaches, such as speech recognition system, gesture recognition system (Fade, 2019).   

AR is used in different areas, which are having different hardware and technologies for their operations. Following areas are using AR for their work (Furht, 2011).


Augmented Reality in Commerce:

AR applications are highly used for shopping, which provides a superimposed image of real product. Retails are having so many benefits form augmented reality applications. They are highly increasing visitors in store. Interactive technologies are attracting customers. It is a best way of customer engagement (, 2018). It provides better print media, which is better for retails. It provides all details of products. Therefore, customers are satisfied with their dimensions and it reduces product return rate. AR applications are providing better customizable content. AR devices are providing images and video for particular thing, which is not require any language to understand about them (Heltzel, 2018).    

Augmented Reality in Medical Science:

Medical science is having many things, which requires a clear image for better understand a problem in an object. AR Applications are providing a 3D image of particular image, which is beneficial for doctor as well as for better treatment for patients (INAP, 2018).

Augmented Reality in Gaming World

Gaming world is highly updated with the technologies, such as virtual reality, augmented reality. AR-based hockey is famous game, which is based on the Augmented Reality technology ( Marr, 2018).

Augmented Reality in Tourism:

Tourism industry is having so many advantages from AR-based applications. AR-devices are providing extra information about the sightseeing and museums, which is better for traveler.  


Role of AR in Education

Education industry is having many things to manage from technologies. Teaching style is one of them. Augmented Reality is a better way to manage teaching method. Students can learn about different things of their study through AR-devices and applications (Kesim & Ozarslan, 2012).

This is an advanced learning technology, which makes more satisfied to students. It also motivates them for learning from different things.  XYZ University is having all disciplines for graduate and postgraduate degree programs. Therefore, it is a way to introduce new technology in education field and make a reputation globally. It provides them a competitive advantage form other universities (Lee, 2012).

XYZ University is having campuses in different cities. Therefore, AR-technology is also providing video conferencing and meeting using Internet. It reduces cost of different things (Martín-Gutiérrez, Fabiani, Benesova, Meneses, & Mora, 2015).   

AR has been used to explain about textbooks, flashcards and other educational reading through superimposed images and animations, which are in curriculum of student. AR-devices are providing extra information of textbooks through different multimedia formats, such as animation, images, and videos. This technology is evolving in education system and it makes students to participate interactively (Wu, Lee, Chang, & Liang, 2013).   

In postgraduate level, Construct3D allows students to learn concept, geometry of mechanical equipment’s in details. AR is providing applications for chemical engineering in which students can understand molecule structure in a better way (NBN, 2017). AR applications are also providing virtual demonstration of laboratory instruments working. In medical science, students can better understand anatomy through AR applications in which they can explore each part of human body in three dimensions (Newman, 2018).   

Augmented Reality system is available for students learning in low costs from different vendors. Google provides AR-devices for 30 students in $9999 only. There are many vendors for implementation of AR system as shown in figure 9.  XYZ University should purchase Google devices for their students. Every campus is requiring AR devices for their students and it will be enhance their enrollment numbers in upcoming years (Pradeep, 2014).

Advantages of Augmented Reality

There are many advantages of Augmented Reality in education system. Few advantages are best for students as well as university. These are the benefits of AR in education industries:

  1. Individualized learning

Not every student can get attention of teacher in a classroom because of time and resources. Therefore, Augmented reality is providing an environment in which teacher can provide detailed information to each student (Radu, 2014).

  1. Motivation

AR is making classroom work more attractive for students. It converts the content of classroom and provide to students in a visual mode, which is motivate a student to learn more. It makes thing live and it can be much more appealing ( Towers-Clark, 2018).

  1. Savings

Sometimes cost of instruments is a barrier for learning. AR-devices are providing same things to all students in a low cost. It saves money of students and university.

  1. Fostering the learning processes

AR system enables students to learn from different things and experience it. It is fostering them to learn more about something in a better way.

  1. Extend thinking power

It can be applied to all kind of disciplines in XYZ University for their students. However, it will provide more benefits when it comes to practical.

  1. Creativity and curiosity

Students’ learning is different in classroom according to their perspective. AR is providing a vast field for exploring about something in which they are intrested. 


Disadvantages of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is also having few disadvantages for education system. It is having a huge cost for implementation and maintenance of complete system (Van Krevelen & Poelman, 2010). It is so sensitive and it requires care of device in a proper way. Student’s point of view, it makes them less social. As they learn all the things from technology and they will miss real things ( Scott, 2018).    

Ethics and security issues are still present in this technology. However, vendors are providing tested devices. AR is having a bad example, which is Pokémon Go game. That game takes so many lives (, 2017).   


It is concluded from the last parts of this report that AR systems are beneficial for XYZ University from different point of view. It will provide more satisfaction to students. Students are getting motivation from new methods of teaching style as well as their learning is also increase. XYZ University can get competitive advantage from AR system. This report is explained about role of AR in different fields with advantages and disadvantages.

This report is concluded that AR- devices will improve teaching quality as well as number of students for their different campuses. AR system is having many advantages for different fields, such as retails, education, engineering, tourism, medical science, and gaming.

This report is providing advantages of AR technology in the education industry. It will helpful for students learning, motivation and satisfaction. It also explains about disadvantages of AR system in favor of students, such as less social. AR technology is making a base of student, as it is providing present, past, and future of different study materials.

Finally, it is concluded that XYZ University should go for AR systems, which will provide a huge change in their growth. It is also beneficial for student’s motivation and learning.   



There are few recommendations for XYZ University to improve their reputation in market and increase enrollment numbers.

  1. Develop a AR system for teaching methods
  2. Establish a learning system through AR technology that helps to use innovative teaching style.
  3. Design student development program considering the needs of student’s profiles.
  4. Provide training program for students and teachers for integration of technology for learning and teaching.
  5. Establish centralized technology center at main campus in which teachers can get help from IT professionals to improve teaching style.
  6. Provide professional and systematic support to teachers as well as students.    


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