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1. Project Goal

Auto fishing group is a fishermen society in Northern Territory. It has small office in Darwin. The main goal of this society is to increase the fish yield of the fishermen and to supply the fishes quickly to the customers with reasonable price. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is a sophisticated technology which is used to locate the school for fishes to catch the fishes without any in discrimination and it avoids over fishing. The main plan of this society is to supply the fishes directly from the fishermen to customer. Hence it needs own vehicles and distribution centers.

If the customer place the order through mobile app or over the phone, the order will be proceeded through the AG software application. This software also will help the distribution centers to deliver the orders quickly. This whole network is automated by the onboard computers in the distribution vehicles which is connected with the AG office and fishermen mobiles. This software also helps the fishermen to find the quantity fish in each category. Hence they can catch and supply the fish based on the demand.  It also has online forums and the fisherman are connected with them through the internet. AG also plans to provide online banking facility for the fishermen. Hence AG requires secured application to store different data and information. It also plans to build a training center in Darwin. This center will have managing director with instructors. A secured AG network will be designed using top down methodology. This network also includes the members of the fishermen.

The given requirements of AG will be analyzed with top down methodology. The requirements can be classified into two groups. Business goals and technical goals. The main scope of the AG network design is listed below.

- A small data centre should be designed at the central office with server to access the network at any time. A network should be designed to handle the live video streams.

- The distribution centres should be connected with the WLAN and it should be capable to handle the incoming calls of the customer to place their orders.

- The training centre should have the network facility to get the live video stream of UAV.

- The network should have interoperability to connect with the banking institutes for standard payments.

Business Goals

In network design, most important part is determining the customer business goals. Implementing the network design that support the various services and applications. The business goals are needs to be drive technology. The common business are listed below.

- First business goals is to increase the organization productivity. It is the central goal of all organization. It is used to reduce the down time. The down time relate to increase the productivity and also increasing the efficiency.

- Second business goals is to improve the customer support. All organizations are need to improving the communication methods. So here using the new online system.

- Third business goals is to reduce the costs. This business goals is used to implementing the new or redesigning the network and it involves the low capital investment (Kurose and Ross, n.d.).

2. Project Scope

- Fourth business goals is to improve the partner relationships. In many organizations are managing the associated partnerships and relationships.

In organization, the network designer gives the business constraints list. The business constraints are listed below.

- Financial issues (Budgets) - It is most common business constraints. Many organizations are develop a fixed budget for the projects.

- Personnel issues - It is the best example of business constraints. It take the various forms.

- Corporate policies - This constraints defines the procedures and policies depends on organization best practices.

- Scheduling issues - It is another commo0n business constraints. The customers are basically the schedule and defines the projects 

Technical Goals

The Technical goals are used to improving the organization includes the availability, performance, scalability, security and stream lining network management functions. The technical goals are listed below.

- Network security improvement - It is common example for the technical goals. For example, to provide the better protection by implementing the intrusion detection systems and firewalls.

- Network performance improvement - It also the common example for the technical goals. It improving the network performances and it implementing the fast Ethernet.

- Increase network availability - The implementation of network redundancy features are achieving the network availability and increasing the network availability.

- Streamline network management - It is another example of a technical goals. For organization deciding to implement the network management system by using the HP Open View. The HP Open View is the purpose of proactive management and it also considered as a technical goals.

- Increase network scalability - The network scalability suitable to supporting the new users and connections. The organization network requirement is used to increase the network scalability.

The network design tradeoff provides the following sections,

- Network usability

- Network Manageability

- Network Scalability

- Network Security

- Network Availability

- Network Performance

Technical tradeoffs is used to determine the performance calculations and it includes the  bandwidth requirements, packet loss requirements, Response and delay time requirement and jitter requirements. It achieving the optimal behavior of network such as scalability, implementation requirements and latency of the system. It has the various system protocols and properties like congestion avoidance, throughput and resource allocation.  It create the fast transmission rate and bit rate. It easily control the transmission control and propagation delay. It increase the transmission rate. It always necessary for the network design. It has the higher rate to controlling the network synchronization and communication.

User Communities

The User community is used to identifying the many groups of users and their network performance. Major user communities are listed below.

- Data center admins

- Email users

- Network Administrators

-Network designers

- Network engineers

- Other staffs

The user communities is a collection of workers and it use the particular applications and set of applications to implement the network design. It has the set of department and corporate department. The user communities are characterizing the traffic flow and it requires the major data stores. The user communities contains the user community’s chart. The user community’s chart contains the network application name, traffic flow type, Quality of Service requirement, data sores and protocols name. 

3. Design Requirements


The logical topology diagram of the Auto fishing group is given in the above diagram. Here the distribution centers are connected with the router. The Network is separated into server network and user network. The core block contains core switch 1 and core switch 2 with one router. Two switches are connected with the overall management network.

The routing protocols are classified into seven types such as RIP (Routing information Protocols, IGRP (Interior Gateway Protocol), OSPF (Open shortest Path First protocol), EGP (Exterior Gateway Protocol), EIGRP (Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol), IS-Is (Intermediate system to Intermediate System) and BGP (Border gateway protocol).

- RIP-Routing Information protocol

This protocol is used in wide area network and local area network and it sends the update the routing messages to the routers.

- IGRP-Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

This protocol is used to exchange the data within the single system. It maintains the one or more metrics for every router and also maintains the band width, MTU, reliability and delay load.

- OSPF - Open shortest path first

This protocol is used for internet protocol. It is the one of link state routing protocol. The big business organization are using the open shortest path first routing protocols.

- EGP - Exterior Gateway Protocol

This protocol is also used for internet. It is one of the distance vector routing protocol.

- EIGRP - Enhanced interior gateway routing protocol

This protocol is depends on IGRP. It is the one of the distance vector routing protocols. It optimize the processing power and bandwidth.

- BGP-Border Gateway protocol

This protocol is used to maintain the routing table information.

The Physical network diagram of the Auto fishing group is given in the above diagram. The network is designed with internet, firewall, router, switches, server network, user network, tunneling, core switches and distribution centers. The internet is connected with the firewall through router and it is connected with the route and core switches. Core switch 1 connects the MPLS provider and Distribution centers. Tunneling is used between the core switch 1 and MPLS provider. Core switch 2 connects the server network, user switch and switch 1. 

Cisco Switch 6




Cisco Router




Cisco Server




Cisco Core Switch




User Requirement

The user requirement classified into four types the such as,

- User

- Application

- Device

- Network

The user requirements is the collection of information gathered from the users. It contains the some general requirements such as functionality, security, timeliness, future growth, adaptability, reliability, affordability, supportability and interactivity.

The business requirement relates to the organization business goals, vision and objectives. It provides the business scope and determine the business problems. It also provides the business information and it help to ensuring the project needs. It mainly focus on the stake holder group like suppliers, clients, employees and customers.

The security requirement consists of the two requirement such as security procedures and policies. The security procedure is used to implementing the security policies. It define the network login, audit and configuration. It maintain the network processes. The security procedures contains the security administrators, network administrators and end users. The security policy includes the access policy, authentication policy, computer technology purchasing guidelines, privacy policy and accountability policy. It involves the authorization of data access in a user network. It control the network administrator. The network security requirements are covers the different computer networks (NETworking, 2013).

In top down methodology the design specifications are start from the Top level. The top level of the design is classified into two types. They are major tasks and subtasks. Each major and subtasks is divided into a smaller subtask. This top down methodology is also called as design analysis. It starts from the grouping of attributes with relations. These relations are analyzed collectively and individually. This top down methodology formulates the overview of the system. It refines each sub system in detail and reduces the specifications of each element. This top down model is specified as a black box and it is manipulated easily.

In AG fishing group network has distribution centers with WLAN access.  The network should be accessed at any time. The network should be flexible to handle the live video stream. It is also important for the training center. The AG group also wants internet banking for the fishermen to get standard payments. Hence it is important to provide a good internet access for the fishermen. Top down methodology is best for this environment to satisfy the technical and business requirements of the AG group Networks. 


Kurose, J. and Ross, K. (n.d.). Computer networking. 1st ed.

NETworking. (2013). 1st ed. [Hong Kong]: Regional NET Coordinating Team, NET Section, CDI, EDB.

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