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COMMERCE7039 Business Research Methods

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Brisbane City is one of the developing city of Queensland which attracts various industrial leaders across the global. In addition, Brisbane city is also notified as ‘Australia's new world city'. Along with that, the researcher would evaluate different types of research methods to explore the research proposal. Background of study would be introduced by the researcher to explain the value of Brisbane city. In addition, research objectives and research questions are also discussed in this segment of introduction. 

Background of Study

Brisbane is determined to shape itself as an exciting center for world leader attracting various industry sectors that are globally scalable in the new world economy, and claiming its name as "Australia's new world city" .  According to Global JLL research report published on Courier Mail, 2015, "Brisbane is ranked in top 20 cities globally for investment intensity indicating a high level of liquidity."  Brisbane is ranked 172nd biggest city in the world which is globally connected regarding foreign investment, competitive labour market, international student, travel and tourism. Brisbane stands alongside a group of 24 cities such as Barcelona, Miami, Oslo, Santiago de Chile and Tel Aviv, Singapore that is called these New World Cities (William, 2008). 

Blessed with 235 days of sun, some amazing flora and fauna, rainforest and top-ranked universities, Brisbane is the 3rd largest city in Australia and 30% of the world's rapidly growing cities.  The capital city of Queensland, Brisbane is also home to 75000 international students from 160 countries making Brisbane even vibrant and culturally diverse.  The purpose of this study is to examine the marketing strategy of Brisbane city council in branding the Brisbane as the Australia's new world city. 

Brisbane economy heavily relies on knowledge-based tourism.  In 2014, the estimated value of visitor expenditure from both domestic and international visitors in Brisbane was around $4.75 billion. International visitation accounts 30% of total tourism expenditure (Potter, 2016). 2011 record shows that 912,000 people visited Brisbane. The number of visitors has risen to 997,000 by 2014. By the end of June 2016, Brisbane has recorded 1.169 million international visitors.

Research Objectives

Every research proposal includes some research objectives which will be covered by the researcher to explore fruitful outcome. The research objectives of the research proposal are followed below:

  • To analyse region’s economic development factor
  • To recognise the relation between tourism and economy as branding of place
  • To determine governmental role to promote Brisbane globally

Research Rationale

This paper examines an approach of Brisbane city council under Brisbane Marketing (the region's economic development body and regional tourism organization). The finding of this research suggests how these projects have worked together with the international student to influences the tourism and economy growth while creating the name for Brisbane world marketplace(Reid, 2003).

This article analyses the relation between tourism and economy as branding of place and how the government authorities have been able to engage the international community, to promote Brisbane globally.  This article further research proposals the action plan of “Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan” which aims to implement Brisbane as leisure market.

Research Questions

The research questions are playing an essential role in the research proposal. In other words, the researcher would find the suitable answers of the research questions through various research methods. The research questions are followed below:

  • What are region’s economic development factors?
  • What is the relation between tourism and economy as branding of place?
  • What is the governmental role to promote Brisbane globally?

Literature Review

As per Michael Hitchcock (2004), the branding impacts travel and tourism divisions from the earliest starting point. It is seen that the miniaturised scale and full-scale conditions make an excellent effect in the business. The personal capacities and operations are influenced by the interior and outer elements of the earth. In the market to branding, a position Brisbane city during an era of retreat declines its cost(Kennedy, 2010). To diminish its cost can roll out an enormous improvement in the travel and tourism business. According to Mohamed Tangi (1977), the business environment of Queensland affects the growth and development of tourism segment. 

Environmental factors that are affecting the tourism sectors in Queensland

Political Factors

Queensland has presidential, legislative issues which make the nation stable. Be that as it may, the tenets and directions are especially not at all like from the UK and USA (Singh, 2006). Along these lines, Brisbane city council need to change business environment in the Queensland. Along these lines, the political element is having an awesome effect in the tourism divisions in Queensland. 

Economic Factors

According to Barry Liddle (1989), the economic topography of Queensland is not quite the same as U.K and USA. The GDP of Queensland is not as much as the GDP of USA. So the organisation can't settle the cost as they have in U.K and USA. Else they can't satisfy the necessities of clients. So in the event that they need to assemble a marketing position in Queensland, so they need to lessen the cost(Brown, 2011).

Social Factors

Each nation has their social exercises which critically influence tourism industry. Queensland is having their distinctive social culture. Queensland is primarily in view of the individuals, and U.K and USA depend on Christians. Thusly Brisbane city council ought to comprehend the inclination Queensland's economic value. Along these lines, they need to improve their visit bundles in the nation.

Technological Factors

The Foundation of Queensland is similarly lower than U.K. and USA. At the end of the day, all the more created with cutting edge foundation. Brisbane city council is continually proceeding with their business with an incredible mechanical change. Nonetheless, Queensland is not all that created the nation. Along these lines, Brisbane city council needs to face extraordinary issues in Queensland's tourism division. So the innovative issue is a vital consider for Tourism Queensland(Brown, 2011). 

Consumer Motivational Factors

According to Erik Cohen (1984), tourists and students are predisposed by the globalisation and designed for the most share of Queensland. Along with that, the changing requirements and worldwide values for new designs are rousing the customers to profit any service quality from the visit Brisbane city (Tisdell, 2013). Along these lines, there are some key components that are persuading purchaser's actions. Amongst them the most critical components are:

Service Price: benefit cost adopts an extraordinary part in inspiring a customer. The aggressive cost of service quality in the lodging and tourism industry can change a purchaser's drive. Moreover, according to the case scenario, Brisbane earned about $4.75 billion from both domestic and international customers due to high-quality service at a reasonable price (Barnett White, 2004). 

Service Quality: according to 2011 record, 912,000 people visited Brisbane, and around 1.169 million people came to Brisbane city due to high-quality service quality of Brisbane council. Thus, the service quality can change a client's developments. In any case, as indicated by the service quality and promotes clients will establish their interests (Wild, 2010).

Market Segmentation

Amanda Stanza (2001) stated that market division is must expected to make any marketing arrangement for any visit and travel organisation which are influenced by Brisbane city council. Other than that, the market portion of Brisbane city incorporates four sections, for example, geographic, statistic, psychographic and behavioural division. Along with that, geographic division incorporates natural position or topographical area for the business extension(Miller and Washington, 2016). Statistic Division covers sexual orientation, age, wage, religion, nationality and group of individuals. Also, psychographic division incorporates mental perspectives which impact client buy conduct. Moreover, behavioural division separates an extensive size of the populace as indicated by their conduct an example of basic leadership decisions. Market division can give a reasonable thought of the clients and to whom the organisation ought to target. Fragmenting can give an essential information of client's needs and their inclinations. As indicated by the clients and the market position, the travel organizations can build up their marketing procedure and make proper arrangement for the marketing. If there should be an occurrence of Queensland, the market division is in particular(Miller and Washington, 2016). 

Marketing Plan

According to Janette Deacon (2006). There are diverse sorts of variables which are included in the marketing arranging of travel and tourism industry, for example, e-marketing, a dynamic market and system structure, try models and planning and use examination. On the other hand, with a specific end goal to boost the authoritative performance, the Brisbane council ought to concentrate on the vital client connection, mark personality and marketing speculations and ideas (Bayne, 2000).

E-Marketing: with the help of the invention and IT framework, the travel and tourism industry can inspire and snatch their customers straightforwardly. Along than that, Brisbane city council incorporates influential vital marketing arranging which can increase the economic growth of Brisbane city in order to become a world city and attractive tour spot (Krishnamurthy, 2005). Subsequently, Brisbane city is in the top position in their focused adage industry. Like this, the tourism business is particularly impacted by the social, local, number and financial condition. On the other hand, an intricate marketing arranging incorporates key client linking which is a portion of the product formation. In spite of the fact that, by the support of the e-marketing idea, Brisbane city council can cooperate with clients which assess client proves, client generation esteem outline, customization of the contribution of the procedure (Krishnamurthy, 2005).

Strategic Customer Relationship: the vital connotation with the clients is providing a fundamental part in the travel and tourism industry. Other than that, according to Agha Iqrar Haroon (2002), customer relationship is one of the fruitful key marketing for deals and customers prospects. Keeping in mind the end goal to synchronise, arrange and mechanise the business procedure, innovation is playing an important portion. Although, through client service quality, marketing, and specialised support, Brisbane city council is able to find, draw in and win new clients through effective customer relationship which helps to make Brisbane city to become a world city and attractive tour spot (Darbyshire, 2005).

Brand Value:  the part of the brand of Brisbane city includes a whole significance. Besides that, Brisbane city council is one of the quickly developing agencies of the Queensland and incorporates bunches of client support. Also, the potential clients are constantly pulled in by the solid brand esteem of Brisbane city (Lebar and Gerzema, 2013). At the end of the day, the clients are continually looking for most dependable and reliable travel destination to surface a visiting goal. In addition, with the assistance of the brand esteem, Brisbane city council ready to draw the attention of more clients who viably help to build the hierarchical benefit.

Marketing Research

Keeping in mind the end goal to actualize proper marketing arranging, the service quality of an association needs to concentrate on the present market openings. Along with that, the ebb and flow market openings are confined through appropriate market research. On the other hand, according to Dean Maccannell (2002), there are different sorts of marketing research procedures are clarified in various books and diaries, for example, quantitative and quantitative research. In the quantitative research prepare, the service quality of an association gathers the essential data from the clients through the meeting, email, and telephonic meeting (Cant et al., 2013). Alongside that, in the meeting procedure, the researcher ready to gather the essential data with the assistance of survey including different answer decision. Aside from that, the subjective research prepare incorporates the data of auxiliary assets, for example, books, diaries, articles, reports, and the web. According to Eric Neumayer (2004), these two imprinting research process would be executed by the members of Brisbane city council keeping in mind the end goal to expand the brand value of Brisbane city in order to become a world city and attractive tour spot (Cant et al., 2013). Discussing the division of travel and tourism, the successful marketing research process is quantitative information gathering. In addition, the Brisbane city council needs to set up the survey incorporates marketing points and destinations(Raju, 2009). Alongside that, with the assistance of this survey, the research who selected by Brisbane city council Group can gather the reaction of the clients. Subsequent to gathering the reaction of the clients, the supervisors need to investigation the gathered data for precise information. Other than that, the directors of Brisbane city council Group dependably require giving careful consideration to the inclination of the clients(Raju, 2009). Subsequently, the client conduct is additionally an essential component which is affected by social, law-based, financial and geographic components. Every last component of the client conduct is interrelated with marketing research and marketing data. As indicated by social variable, the majority of the clients might want homes like service quality from the visit and travel organizations. Thus, the service quality and tour spots are based on the social prerequisites of Brisbane city. Other than that, Yoel Mansfeld (1994) indicated that geographic component like hill station, the clients lean toward comparable encompass condition for a visit to Queensland. Along with that, the economic component is one of the basic issue confronted by both the tourism sector and the clients on the grounds that the majority of the clients need choice service quality at a low cost. As such, the clients essentially value delicate in this way, the service quality offered by Brisbane city council also provides a careful consideration to the cost of service quality offered by Brisbane city(Killer, 2015).

Research Methodology

The research methodology is one of the remarkable fragment of research. In addition, research methodology conducts distinctive inspirations driving business region sensibility. Thus, the methodology covers diverse types of speculations and structures which contribute to making the project successful. Moreover, research methodology is a regulator of investigating the methodologies for the research (Sachdeva, 2009).

As indicated by a correct setup of quantifiable, research is appeared by the research methodology which contains a few sections, for example, research approach, research philosophy, research design, data collection methods and data analysis. The researcher has picked reasonable research techniques and its points of view for focusing regarding the matter of the research proposal. Research methodology will give reasons for intrigue the diverse strides that gotten together for the research question other than the subjects taken in contradiction of finishing the errand. Along with that, the researcher utilises hypotheses as a bit of care to make the fitting outcome of the fascinating course of action. 

Methods Outline

As demonstrated by Vanderstoep and Johnson, research methodology provides the focal technique of strategies utilised as a bit of education. Also, the researcher is a traditionalist and uses positivism research philosophy, deductive research approach, and descriptive design. However, collected information have been framed from secondary and primary sources. Thus, the methodology provides a basic support and its effect on the general corporate division of research. Research morals, dependability, and industrious quality play as dynamic parts while gathering system gets reactions from the respondents (Sachdeva, 2009).

Research Onion

It is fundamental to unfurl each coat of the research onion includes information for the research proposal. In addition, research onion’s infers difficulties to conduct the research proposal. Other than that, information gathering and investigation coatings that are masterminded as the most significant layer and main stride of carrying out the research proposal. Recollecting the first target to varnish the research build up the researcher utilises the theories of research onion. In addition, research onion is indispensable as per each research meander since it surfaces up various layers of investigation device and systems. Along with that, the research onion could be utilised by the investigator to portray the informational index technique for the constrained research proposal, and the informational index is placed out in the onion of research.

Research Philosophy

A gathering of models and stages are understood through the research philosophy, and it is particularly key for the research project. In addition, three kinds of research philosophy are utilised as a piece of research, for example, interpretivism and positivism (Cazeaux, 2009). The research philosophy finishes up the update of research and portrays the strategy for the research proposal which at last delineated out by the researcher. Moreover, philosophy of research is worried in each time for the research from beginning to the finish. Diverse kinds of philosophy of research are talked about beneath:

Positivism: here is about critical approximation merged interested in the positivism, for example, valid learning, instigated fitting and change perception. Thus, the researcher includes some impediment with a specific genuine goal to gather the information and interpretative them done by different approaches, and research achieves this positivism. Thus, the researcher examines the primary information with straightforward frameworks of positivism by various objectives.

Interpretivism: the researcher can quantify the different strategies aimed at the humanoid enthusiasm with the assistance of philosophy. Thus, this sort of research philosophy is fundamentally deliberate on the additional viewpoint. In order to audit the research interpretivism close some basic approximation, for example, mind, progression, shared aftereffects of numerous people and most in a general sense the tools which used to do the interpretivism think about. Also, essentialness of numerous defendants and different strategies for the study is reproduced by the interpretivism research philosophy.

Cause of positivism philosophy selection

As a positivist, the investigator made feelings after the collecting primary data from respondents, and other secondary information to at long last get assumption of key affiliation composed. Besides that, the researcher has selected positivism approach for this research proposal to make change open passages confidential the general business separation. Additionally, positivism approach is more spoke to the significant specialist in nature. In any case, positivism is a degree of creative energy and musings which restrain the appropriate response to the research proposal(Cazeaux, 2009). The conclusion replicated from picking the approach is careful as guaranteed, and experimental that wanted not conceivable had the research chose interpretive approach for this research proposal.

Research Approach

To meet the research goals and targets, research approach suppors the researcher to analyse learning and take a meeting with various people (Nespolo, 2016). In direct words, the research approaches are methods by which the investigator can collect pieces through different mechanical assembly and structures of the research. Also, the researcher requires communicating the learning happens with the assistance of research approaches. Research techniques are isolated into two sections, for example, Inductive and Deductive.

Inductive Approach: This sort of the research approach is utilised to collect new speculations to define target by motivations in the research subject or historical theories, yet those are occupied from substitute points of opinion counting the inductive approach facilitates a suspicion survey. A specific genuine target to give unnoticeable segments the thin degree can gauge research (Nespolo, 2016). In other words, the investigator can utilise the inductive approach with a specific genuine reason to look at the theories from the collected information data which were collected by the researcher in the research. Be that as it may, the inductive approach utilised the secondary information while the researcher assembled the data from the respondents. On the other hand, the researcher can accumulate the information to complete the research through inductive approach. Discussing the information gathering strategies implemented the investigator can self-ruling choice the customers to conduct the research.

Deductive Approach: recollecting the correct target to gather the primary information, the researcher utilised the deductive approach. Thus, the research will set up in a context with the help of deductive approach. Likewise, quantitative data is utilised as a bit of this deductive approach includes the genuine goal to develop the rate of data of the investigator. Assuring to investigative all points of view the investigator can make decision for a specific research proposal. In addition, deductive approach is especially useful for the researcher who will plan to accumulate the data from different recourses.

Causes to Select Deductive Approach

The investigator will deliberate the back and forth movement syntheses and for the most part look at them (Andreas, 2012). In addition, deductive approach comparatively supports the investigator in presenting to the information collected in quantifiable and graphical manner. The researcher will in like way collect primary information for looking soundness of the speculations. The researcher accomplishes affirmation for the research proposal by applying deductive approach. As the investigator is not assessing another contention and judging the comparability of the stream standards and stream condition deductive approach is more sensible for the research proposal. Although, the deductive approach is utilised for quantitative research proposals, and a few sections compulsory in the methodology are outdoor the ability to regulate of the investigator. Moreover, the deductive approach is selected by the investigator in research proposal (Andreas, 2012).

Research Design

The research design provides a proper structure to the research project. Additionally, research design is divided into three parts such as exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research design. Moreover, with the help of research design, the researcher can measure the colceted information properly. On the other hand, the research design is picked on commencing of learning of the researcher concerning the research focuses and objectives. When in doubt, three sections of research design are used for driving an insightful or communal research, specifically, exploratory, descriptive and explanatory.

Exploratory Research Design

The research design is appropriate for statistical research paper. Other than that, this research design is used for enhancing the investigator's knowledge. Along with that, this design is reasonable for exploring decisions and responses for a topic and perceiving the issue, choosing an ideal information accumulation strategy, and the primary motivation behind the research(Omair, 2015).

Descriptive Research Design

It expresses to all the piece of attempt totally and draws out the fitting consequences statistical data can be pointed out with the help of this model, for instance, time used research proposals, and offence contexts thus forward striking design reliably comes after the exploratory design. In addition, this research design does not inconvenience the genuine structure of research and keeps running by the research as unequivocally it is by all accounts(Omair, 2015).

Justification for Descriptive Design Selection

The researcher can analyse each part of the research with the help of descriptive design. Additionally, the unmistakable design is appropriate for composed and official scholars and provides the degree of a top to inspection and the researcher can gather solid and significant data for driving the focus beneficially. And in addition, the research proposal is also certain by time obligation, and the investigator had directed cross-sectional diagram that is reinforced by clear design. Besides that, vital characteristics of solid design are that it outfits the researcher with a more remarkable extent of customers for get-together primary data and masterful design cannot plan to upgrade or regulate the points of view originate in the research proposal.

Sampling Method

All things considered, approaches have been organised into two parts to be particular, probability case and non-probability testing methods. In probability examining, the researcher preferences the respondents arbitrarily yet the researcher must guarantee that the case addresses the whole people of the research. Besides that, the respondents are not chosen self-emphatically but instead on a purposive start in non-probability case (Csatar, 2014).

For this research, the researcher uses bunch inspecting as the investigator is meeting primary research from a different social event of customers like a commercial investigators, authors and experts. The exploratory sections the various social events of individuals, be that as it may, examination the data collected shrewdly.

Data Collection Methods

The quantitative (primary) and qualitative (secondary) research are main two parts of the data collection method. In addition, data collection technique is an efficient and deliberate strategy of inspection, interesting. In order to investigate the accumulated data to find solutions to the research questions, research questions are exceptionally remarkable for this research (Csatar, 2014).

Primary Data Collection Strategy

In like manner, scan for more interesting data with the use quantifiable investigation and every researcher must require a huge time and data. Quantitative or Primary data collection incorporates the utilisation of arithmetical and precise figure to quantify data. It can also be called as first-hand resources. Also, from an assortment of individuals having curious natures and master life to execute this technique that will be for the most part a result of the principals of deductive approach. And additionally quantitative investigation is potentially used for an expansive scope of research purposes, it is essential for speculation testing (Boslaugh, 2007). 

Secondary Data Collection Technique

Secondary data collection incorporates the usage of informative trades to count the data. Consequently look for additional clear statistics with the use of gatherings by the help of this collection framework the investigator will be adroit to assemble secondary data done a grouping of web day by day papers, diaries, books, magazines et cetera. Besides, the investigator should analyse this strategy as equal basic of quantitative technique. Thus, as by the help of this infers the investigator will get impartial statistics about the investigators. Also, these are starting at now being coordinated by respected faultfinders and qualified specialists(Nellam, 2010).

Justification for Primary Data Collection Selection

The researcher will evaluate the primary data collection method in this research because the information would be collected form the students and tourists who visit Brisbane city.  

Research Methods

There are two kinds of research strategies as qualitative and quantitative research can be used for separating the material of investigation. However, quantitative data is utilised for dismembering the first data assembled after the part. The researcher also get benefited data result which helps to conduct a successful research. 

In this research proposal, the investigator will use all the techniques for research for looking at the appropriate response of the individuals which will support the examiner in evaluating both illuminating and uncovering viewpoint of the research project. The part can see the scholarly perspectives with the quantitative research besides welcome the flow conditions in the keeping money commercial with quantitative research(Nellam, 2010). In this research proposal, the investigator will use both kinds of data collection techniques for surveying the research attempt, goals, and request. The investigator will collect the primary data from the cases by scattering research surveys, and the secondary data will be assembled from books, journals and the internet. In any case, the research proposals were arranged freely as shown by the group regardless and the study is considered on the response provided by the workers, chiefs of the nearby organisations.

Research Ethics

The investigator had distinct that the safety of the defendants and the primary data accumulated for the research proposal. Other than that, each one of data gathered was used only for the informational reason. Additionally, the researcher had circled the studies with the objective that it doesn't shelter the emotions or conviction of the customers and genuinely taken after the code of gauges gave the establishment of cutting-edge instruction (Souza, 2010).

Research Limitations

The researcher is a substitute did not consume a correct of the area to various beneficial resources which might have assisted in previous the research proposal. In spite of the fact that, limits of the research depict the inconvenience the route toward driving the research proposal. For this circumstance, the points of confinement occur subsequently of the time and money necessities. Additionally, the legitimacy of the appropriate responses given by the respondents is another control of the research (Souza, 2010).


This research proposal is based on Brisbane city development. Besides that, the researcher found that, the government of Queensland influences the tourism development. Moreover, with the help of the research proposal, the city council had gained the idea and concept to develop the cultural of Brisbane into a branding city.   


In this research proposal, significant research objectives and research questions are discussed with proper justification and arguments. Besides that, critical literature review is also discussed in this proposal. Moreover, a well-structured research methodology was also explored by the researcher to develop a successful research proposal.   


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