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Commercialization Of Professional Football In The Global Market

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Discuss about the Commercialization of professional football in the global market.



The research proposal aims to evaluate the impact of commercialization of professional football through various marketing and promotional activities in the global market. The proposal will allow for understanding the need for marketing and advertising of the professional football and make it successful in the global market (Brunk 2010). The research will discuss how the commercialization through social media involvement can create awareness among people about the sports and through word of mouth promotions; the sports will gain more popularity and become successful in the global market. The advertising and promotions of the professional football have not only influenced the behaviors of people, especially the young adults who consider the football stars as their role models (De Bosscher et al. 2015). The management of marketing activities also improves the level of engagement with the customers and improves the brand emotion and brand extension among the people who support different professional football clubs (Grundy 2004). With the use of internet, it will be much more convenient to manage the branding promotions and advertise the professional football on televisions, newspapers, articles and on internet websites along with the individual football club websites to spread awareness among people and increase their love for the sports (Grundy 1998).

Research aim

The research is conducted to focus on the impact of commercialization of professional football on its success in the global market.

Research objectives

  • To identify the impact that has been created by the commercialization of professional football on its success in the global market
  • To evaluate the extent to which the professional football commercialization enhances the awareness among people and influence them towards acceptance of the sports
  • To assess the ways by which the professional football is marketed and advertised in the global market
  • To recommend necessary measures by which the craze among people for the professional football sports can be increased through commercialization approaches

Research questions

How can the commercialization of football through social media involvement and other promotional techniques influence the behavioral intentions of fans and make the sports successful in the global market?


Theory and context

Commercialization of professional football ensures managing the right marketing and promotional activities for raising awareness among people and influencing the behavioral intentions. This is essential for improving their love for the sports and watches their favorite football stars play for pride and joy (Wilson, Plumleyand Ramchandani 2013). The commercialization not only helps in gaining huge amounts of profit for the football clubs, but also helps in making a mark among the people who love this sport. There are many English football clubs who have prioritized on the advertising and promoting the sports to reach more people and influence them to watch the sports events (Relvas et al. 2010). With the commercialization, the brand exposure for the football clubs increases and it has created enough scopes and opportunities to sustain in the global marketplace.

According toGrundy (1998), in context of the European football industry, the commercialization has created a positive impact on the share price because of the system where the players are transferred from one club to another club. The transfer of player affects the share price and there are recent trends of purchasing and selling players quite often for a significant amount of money, also referred to as the transfer fee (Meier 2007). The commercialization of professional football has changed the way players are being purchased and it created a connection between the share prices and transfers, which impacts the youth development program for the club too (Biyanwila 2018). The commercialization of professional football not only enhances the exposure of the sports to more people, but also has increased the scopes to enable internationalization within the global football industry (Brunk 2010). For increasing the boundary of any industry, it is essential to manage commercialization and utilize the right marketing and promotional techniques to reach the global market segments and ensure that more and more people are influenced towards the acceptance of the sports (Frodl 2015).

Based on the statement provided by Meier (2007), it is evident that the sports celebrities have influenced the young adult consumers largely and made their behaviors inclined towards the acceptance of professional football. From various literature sources, it is found that the endorsements done by the celebrity football stars have greater influence on the young adults and enhanced their love for the game, furthermore made them purchase the products associated with the sports (Kennedy and Kennedy 2012). This not only enhances the brand exposure, but also has created positive mindsets among people, created positive word of mouth promotions and establish a sense of loyalty and trust about the brand among the clients.

According to Daniel (2012), the commercialization of professional football has established a god connection between the emotions of people regarding the brand and extension of brand for the individuals who have been supporters of the professional football. This has enhanced the level of support among people as well as improved the marketing techniques’ efficiency for increasing their love and interest towards the sports. It is mainly done for the purpose of making the professional football popular among the local market as well as the global market (De Bosscher et al. 2015). The professional football commercialization has also facilitated the corporate social responsibility strategies and made sure to create a positive impact on the customer based brand equality. It has allowed for enhancing the brand performance of the football clubs and even made sure to use the right strategies and become socially responsible (Petrovic, Milovanovic and Desbordes 2015). The CRS strategies are improved with the help of commercialization and through investments, which has created scopes in the international market to promote the sports among young individuals (Bouchet, Hillairet and Bodet 2013).This has assisted in providing education in rural areas, opened options for accessibility to water and making it convenient for them access the sports merchandises and products.

During the commercialization, the financial capital has an important role in promoting the sports and it has enhanced the ability of professional football clubs to keep the fans happy by making the sports event successful while staying solvent and not focus on maximizing the profit (Winand et al. 2013). The global media platforms and social networking websites have served as effective platforms for attracting the viewers and generated income from broadcasting activities, merchandising and sponsoring the products.  The professional football has changed the entire way of managing the customer oriented services and improved the income structure for the football clubs (Evens, Iosifidis and Smith 2013). Nowadays, with the advancement of technologies and extensive marketing approaches, the revenue has been generated mostly from the sources of broadcasting, commercial sources like sponsorship and merchandising and while transferring players with a significant amount of money (Dolles and Söderman 2013).

Research methodology

Research philosophy

For conducting a research, the researcher adopts a certain philosophy. These are positivism, post-positivism and interpretivism. Through the philosophy, the researcher enhances the knowledge of the readers regarding the subject matter of the research. This viewpoint is essential in terms of gaining an insight into the researcher’s opinion towards the materialistic world (Mackey and Gass 2015). As a matter of specification, the philosophy adopted by the researcher reflects the strategy and the methods adopted by the researcher to executing the research. In this research, positivism philosophy has been selected by the researcher. This is in terms of establishing the real and scientific knowledge related to the commercialization of professional football in the global market. Positivism would assist the researcher to study the impact of commercializing football in the global market in a scientific manner. Along with this, positivism philosophy would assist the researcher to evaluate the effectiveness of hypothesis (Flick 2015). This evaluation includes the principles of deduction, helping the researcher to apply the thought processes. Utilization of the sources in an effective manner would be the epistemological approach of the researcher towards enhancing the knowledge of the readers about commercialization of football in the global market. Proposing hypothesis is the ontological approach exposed by the researcher for enhancing the knowledge about the research subject (Panneerselvam 2014).


Data collection

The data has been collected in the research through primary and secondary data collection procedures. The data collected during the conducting of the research include both quantitative and qualitative. In primary quantitative, surveys are conducted for collecting the responses of the samples on the subject matter of the research. In qualitative, interviews are conducted for gaining the responses of the managers (Mackey and Gass 2015). On the other hand, in secondary methods, inclusive and exclusive criteria are used for collecting data. Inclusive criteria refer to the inclusion of sources, which are not older than 10 years. Exclusion criteria are the exclusion of the sources, which have been published 10 years ago (English 2013).

The nature of this research can be considered exploratory. This is in terms of enhancing the awareness regarding the various market scenarios, which can act as an obstacle in commercialization of professional football. Qualitative research technique would be used for collecting the opinion of the consumers regarding globalization of football (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, M015). This is in terms of discovering new parameters to the already established facts regarding the commercialization of football. Focus groups of 15 players would be selected by the researcher for completing the process of data collection. Gaining the responses of the players would help in gaining an insight into their approach towards the manufactured footballs and the other essentials. Survey questionnaires would be distributed to the players for collecting their opinions (Flick 2015). The questions would be based on the following aspects:

  • Impact of commercialization of professional football on its success in the global market
  • The extent to which the professional football commercialization enhances the awareness among people and influence them towards acceptance of the sports
  • The ways in which professional football is marketed and advertised in the global market
  • Recommendations for enhancing the enthusiasm of the audience in professional football through commercialization approaches

The managers of the companies producing football and other related products would be interviewed for collecting their responses on the prospective markets. A moderator would be allotted the charge of controlling and recording the responses of the samples. The samples would be provided with open ended questions, which would be assessed for aligning with the identified objectives (Winand et al. 2013). Both these form would enrich the preconceived knowledge and skills of the researcher regarding the aspect of commercializing football within the market.


Data analysis

Once the data is collected, it needs to be analysed. This is in terms of getting an insight into the anticipated results. In a research, the data is analyzed through primary and secondary methods. Within these methods, there are subdivisions of quantitative and qualitative. In primary quantitative, the collected data is analyzed through the means of excel, charts, graphs and SPSS tool (Flick 2015). On the other hand, in secondary method, themes are developed for analyzing the collected data. In thematic analysis, relevant themes related to the subject matter of the research are developed. The theories and the objectives are linked for deducing new conclusions about the research subject matter (Mackey and Gass 2015). In this research, both SPSS tool and thematic analysis would be used for analyzing the collected data. This is in terms of gaining new insight into the commercialization of football within the global market. Usage of charts and graphs would enhance the awareness towards the different markets, into which the football companies can penetrate for expanding the scope and arena of their business.

Ethical considerations

Ethics reflects the behavioral approach of the individuals. Adherence to the Code of Ethics is crucial in terms of conducting a research for achieving the trust, loyalty and dependence of the samples. The researcher is ought to protect the individual rights of the participants. In this research, the researcher would maintain the standards and ensure that the protocols of Data Protection Act (1998) were properly managed (Panneerselvam 2014). This is in terms of preserving the privacy of the personal rights of the samples. For this, the researcher would assure the respondents that their responses would be used solely for the purpose of researcher rather than commercialization. Along with this, the researcher would adopt a liberal approach towards the needs, demands and requirements of the samples (Biyanwila 2018). The samples would be allowed to be taken from the survey process once they could be comfortable and had been engaged without any bias through random and convenient sampling techniques. Apart from this, the researcher would avoid visiting the sites, which needs subscription. This is in terms of averting the instances of plagiarism and collusion (Flick 2015). 



The structure of the research proposal is designed to facilitate the accomplishment of the dissertation and present the ideas and views regarding the research. The structure is as follows:

Cover Page



Contents Page


The Scope of the research

Dissertation Structure

Literature Review

Research Methodology 

Findings and Analysis






From the research proposal, it is clearly understandable that the commercialization is a major aspect that has created positive impact on the professional football and how it has been a success in the global market. Not only has it enhanced the awareness among people about the sports, but also has generated a lot of income through sponsorship, merchandising and broadcasting. The research proposal will be useful for managing the dissertation, furthermore ensure that the impact of commercialization has been a success for the professional football in the global sports industry.



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