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Refer to the story of CERA relating to work design in Topic 2. Using the information in the topic and at least 10 additional sources published in the last ten years, provide advice to Rachel Amaro on how to design jobs in her area to support innovative behaviour.

What limitations are evident in CERA’s individual performance measurement, taking into account its organisational strategy and recent developments in this HRM practice as reported in professional literature provided in Topic 4?
Recommend two alternative measurement approaches and indicative methods within each approach that you believe could work in CERA to address the limitations.

Study the business rationale for diversity management and the debates surrounding this using the information in Topic 3, and at least 10 additional sources published in the last ten years.

Are you convinced by the business rationale argument for diversity management? What argument would you make to Mark French regarding the business case for focusing on diversity management in CERA?

Consider the story of CERA as it relates to individual performance measurement in Topic 4 (note that this does not include the operation of the bonus scheme). Then, answer these two questions, using the information in Topic 4 and at least 10 additional sources published in the last ten years. At least five of the additional sources must be academic journals or books/book chapters.

What limitations are evident in CERA’s individual performance measurement, taking into account its organisational strategy and recent developments in this HRM practice as reported in professional literature provided in Topic 4?

Role that Diversity Management Plays at CERA

CERA is a firm, which is working on very vast scale throughout the globe. This study observes significance of management of diversity at the firm and explains relevancy of diversity at the place of work. This also needs to involve a culture of proper diversity management whilst establishing the organization. It must promote culture in a form in which each and everyone could view the entire reflection of diversity within firm’s culture as well as processes. CERA has also been actually working till date upon a very traditional model of recruitment of personnel but there is a necessity to keep the doors opened for people from several dissimilar upbringings with an aim to accomplish the cultural differences.

It is suggested to Mark French to inculcate principles of diversity management at the place of work with an aim to highlight all the vital aspects of management of human resource. Several facets of management of diversity can be recruitment, performance, selection, training and development and also appraisal. Firms require depicting a full pledge towards diversity as well as must attempt to integrate properly flexible conditions for working for its staffs with an aim to gain balance and equality at workplace1. However, diversity at workplace and its management ensures building of a robust relation with the society or community that also helps in increasing the general productivity of the firm. This procedure even helps in enhancing the quality of the programs as well as delivers a very effective and efficient service or product. CERA also needs to involve a management program for cultural diversity management while carrying the business. It must also promote the culture in a format that each and everyone could see and might be able to analyze the diversity within their culture and process2. Success of the firm depends on the capability of the business to adopt changing ecology and adjust in the diversity as well as its ability of realizes the advantages of such diverse situations and flexibility. With an aim to ensure selection of diverse group of talent it is always suggested to enhance the firm’s HR policies that would create sufficient opportunities for the business. Manager of HR must make sure about the recruitment of well-organized staffs from several different groups of people via practicing appropriate management of diversity at place of work. Selecting people from several different teams would enhance overall output3. Furthermore diversity management at the time of recruitment as well as selection has been proven to be not a difficult task at all. Reexamining firm’s HR policies and rules time to time as per competitive ecology throughout the globe is recommended to attain the aims and objectives smoothly4.

Present Issues with Diversity Management

Management of diversity within the firm focuses upon assembling g of the values in the firm and also practices of strategy with an aim to develop business’s strategy and vision pertaining to needs of the firm. Diversity management involves equal opportunity of employment for each person at the workplace. This would make sure incorporation of people with several viewpoints as well as background to perform under one top5. CERA requires developing policies and strategies emphasizing on promotion of management of diversity. It requires developing compliance-oriented approach with an aim to promote workplace diversity. People of the firm are source of its strength and its competitive advantage. Diversity management actually has several impacts on the firm while considering complications that are faced by the business6. It would help in supplying a competitive advantage to CERA by keeping the doors opened for people from several diverse backgrounds. This procedure would help the firm acclimatizing effectual planning at office. This would also help in refining and enhancing innovative exercise at place of work, which would later increase firm’s overall output. CERA needs to develop a consistent ecology which supplies a chance for the firm’ growth through pushing several different facets7.

Multiculturalism is the part and parcel of diverse ecology for working with people from several dissimilar strides of life. Management of diversity looks on problems at numerous levels whilst positioning tactical, managerial as well as operative functions and practices. This practice could merely be motivated if a firm imbibes these operations within their culture8. There must be an appropriate coordination amid senior as well as lower management with an aim to properly build and maintain a synch amid information. Executives of higher level are provided with accountability to handle all the multi cultural ecology. This would help the firm to enhance scope of the business (Wrench 2016). CERA needs to endorse a proper environment, which is multi-cultural through evaluating its HR plan. Policies of HR that are conventional in nature would just end up in troubles. Such practice has to be attained via building a properly cohesive ecology in the firm. Differentiated teams within place of work could help the organization to manage all serious problems in very easy way9.

Success as well as competitiveness of any business totally is dependent on its capability to embrace the diverse situations and realization of the benefits of such situations. All the firms handling diversity problems at place of work have been be developed as per the needs. Beneficiary of diversity management is the firm that grabs the opportunity of expansion of the business because of being in a diversified cultural ecology. A firm, which boosts up proper management of diversity helps the employee to get inspired in the firm and keeps them motivated10. This also provides them with a chance to tackle diverse issues at the workplace and implementing all the plans and practices carefully. Management of diversity within the firm would supply wide varieties of skill as well as experiences to the firm, which will help in later providing a varied range of services that are customer oriented11. Diverse ecology would benefit the firm by pondering variability of perspectives given by staffs while mounting business plans and polices. This would later ensure the attainment of strategies of the business while escalating several chances12. Diversity at workplace is helpful for staffs as well as firm. It enhances chances within the market, recruitment plus creativity as well as it helps in completing problematic tasks smoothly. Management of diversity helps in generating bendable business ecology with an aim to attain anticipated results. CERA requires initiating more with an aim to obtain advantage of diversity within the place of work whilst crafting a differentiated ecology13.

Rationale of Business for Diversity Management

Human resource is a vital part and parcel of a successful firm whilst focusing upon business strategy. Managers understand the significance of properly trained employees with an aim to motivate other staffs. Managers of business are responsible to communicate concept of organization to subordinates14.

CERA has till now been following traditional process of recruiting staffs. Inculcating novel policies and practices would enhance growth chances. Alterations occurring in the firm require to be addressed in a way, which is needed in developing firm’s strength. CERA is presently functioning in diverse nations having differentiated ecology of working15. Under such condition it is recommended that CERA must make its practices and policies accordingly so that the firm could seek the competitive advantage against rivals. Strategies of business require to b e built considering the structure of recruitment. A firm with a vigorous workforce performs extra efficiently as compared to all the others. CERA moreover has involved a proper multi-cultural workforce nonetheless is recommended to establish more people within it with an aim to accomplish growth16.

It is compulsory to give appropriate representation to minority whilst managing the diversity within stakeholders in current business scenes. It plays a vital role in today’s world, which is extra competitive. Management of stakeholders and consultation has now become enhancing prevalent in current situations of business17. It supports in building optimistic relation with an aim to shape very positive and resulting job profile for staffs. It also is vital for the firm to properly address its interest and several priorities with an aim to form the major priorities and make proper list of the same. It would help the firm in recognizing the anticipations so as to attain the anticipated result. Attainment of some valuable insight as well as data would help the firm’s stakeholders in accomplishing eminent goals18.

Below are few essential suggestions and recommendations for the firm as per its present HRM policies and the role that diversity management plays at a workplace.

It is suggested to CERA to employ few people belonging to different backgrounds with an aim to gain and attain its aims and goals. For achievement of sustainable growth in future the firm must inculcate some systematic alterations in its overall recruitment policy and selection process as well. It would later help the business in establishing an efficient and resulting work ecology. Diversity in a firm upholds to be one-size-fits-all strategy.

Initially the firm is proposed to include every person in the firm who takes firm’s responsibility and manages the diverse conditions properly. From top-level management till the bottom level management each one must be accountable for managing diversity within the workplace.

Current Beneficiaries of Management of Diversity

CERA must measure the progress towards attaining diversity within the firm workplace via management of realistic aims and goals through evolving proper metrics. Matching the set standard as well as the actual result might help the firm to assimilate anticipated results within a set time frame. CERA is now opined to properly measure each and every goal upon an anticipated parameter that has to be set by firm’s management beforehand.

CERA needs to put its entire fiscal as well as HR resources at one place with an aim to incorporate all its policies whilst altering the necessary operations within the firm.

CERA needs to initiate all its planning from basic level so as to practice and involve proper management of diversity within the firm. Integrating diversity management actually is a very threatening work for any firm at primary level yet management of everything within a properly systematic manner would help CERA to attain sustainable outcomes.

An appropriate system is necessary for CERA to be well prepared in advance for management of diversity within the firm. Acquisition of talent refers to attracting best out of a group of people. Once the firm’s real needs are at place, it becomes very simple to decide on what to choose, whom to choose and why to choose, for a specific post or job. This would later enable the firm to inculcate multi-cultural ecology within the workplace.

Educating and informing people about the role that workplace diversity places will help the firm in processing needed aims and goals. It is even obligatory for CERA to offer appropriate information to its staffs regarding the part that diversity management plays within the firm so as to attain the set results within provided time span. Training therefore is required to make people absorb the changing culture within the firm.

It is essential for a firm to get support from its top-level management so as to articulate its functions smoothly. Diversity in CERA like any other firm signifies the its cultural value where everybody is given equal value regardless of place, religion, color, creed, caste etc.

In a nutshell, CERA needs to decide well in advance all its processes via which it will fill its available positions within the firm. The present unoccupied positions are all allied to posts of senior engineer and graduate engineer. Firstly, it is very much essential for Mark French to choose candidates from amongst the received application, because the post is to be filled with a person having mandatory qualification required for the post. It also is suggested to CERA’s HR manager Mark French to properly short list most suitable application and then to begin process of the interview. Every single shortlisted applicant must be called up for a proper formal written as well as personal interview so as to judge his or her skill and knowledge.

From among the selected applicants a final interview round must be carried with an aim to make sure that the best and disserving one is chosen. Offer letter needs to be given to that candidate who will be selected by the interviewer.

Lastly the selected candidate must be requested to provide the firm a final approval about the specific job that he or she has been elected for.


Mark French must focus upon recognizing the appropriate standard of the firm whilst enhancing its processes for selection. Diversity seems to be much wider than what its actually is thought of by several firms. Any firm’s HR department always must promote and endorse wide varieties of plans and policies not just in process of recruiting a proper and diverse workforce but also in implementing an efficient as well as effective process within the firm. It is also essential for CERA to apply such policies within the firm that can help it to perform unexpectedly through obtaining a group of efficient staffs from all around the globe. Varied staffs and diversified workforce helps the firm to attain set results, which would ultimately help CERA in its success in the long run and proper growth in coming future. CERA with help of good diversity management plans and policies can perform amazing.


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