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Describe about the Commonsense direct & digital marketing?


Report introduction

The enhancing use of internet and online marketing plus also potential which it brings to hospitality sector has become vital concern of the study which is undertaken here. This study proceeds initially with a concise explanation of several hotels in Australia. Next, the study describes hospitality industry and also explains the current ecology of marketing in this sector plus later it describes the SWOT analysis for the hotels taken into consideration (Bird and Bird, 2007). The study then lastly aims to explain the all facts and details about target market, positioning as well as branding, product, distribution, price and also communication of digital marketing about all the firms taken into consideration in the study.

Introduction of each company

Marriott hotel- This is a proper four star exclusive hotel plus is a leading hotel in Heathrow location. Marriott is amongst top hotels within 18 other hotels in the location of Heathrow. Because it is a hotel nearby the airport, its vital clients are generally the business guests as well as tourists who visit the place for merely relaxation and spending of their holidays and leisure time. The hotel is located near the Heathrow airport as well as is properly linked to London through Heathrow express roadway. Marriott is located in the Harington Road, UB3 5AN, UK (, 2015).

Tune Hotel, is the ASEANs first no frills chain of hotel which actually follows the Air Asia trade model carry out in hospitality sector carried through a very promising tagline: The hotel carries a tag as 5-stars stay at 1-star Price with charges of rooms starting from RM 9.90 intended for consumers who book rooms in advance via the hotel’s website (, 2015).

Grand Hyatt is situated in Melbourne and is located within heart of the city Melbourne’s. It is based on high fashion as well as fine dining plus is very famous for its lavishness as well as dependable service brilliance. Grand Hyatt of Melbourne actually offers a very wide variety of amenities plus services to gather all the needs for guests who visit the hotel. These comprise of fitness, shopping as well as dining. This hotel even offers a dry-clean service, laundry service, currency exchange, and many more for every of its business needs, then firm also offers a varied range of trade service amenities including printing, internet, fax, video callings, data processing as well as Wi-Fi connections (, 2015).


This hotel is situated in very dynamic South Wharf Promenade. The hotel actually offers very spectacular view of the city, and an extra relaxed dining as well as drinking assortments at its bar and restaurant. It also has a very stylish and safe space for any private event to be organized, and even a very unique meeting offering along with partner named Melbourne Convention plus Exhibition Centre (Group, 2015).

Park Central Hotel- This hotel was built during the roaring 20th century, Park Central Hotel is in New York. Today in this hotel the guests are wholeheartedly invited to totally escape self from the busy life of city in change for serenity which awaits these guests at Park Central. The hotel has been recently renovated (, 2015).


Overview of the current marketing environment





Schengen agreement actually has provided tourists with a new and extra opportunity which is easier to travel from sole country to some other. This agreement also has enhanced the quantity of probable customers for these hotels and the hotels are facing more tough competition from each other. 




A variety of social elements affects the hotel industry and this includes budding trends within consumer lifestyle, demographic elements, impact of the role models within decision making of consumers, and also population’s growth rate. All this intends these hotels to develop both technologically and physically so that more and more accommodation is possible and attainment of better profit is ensured by them.




Additional financial factors which affect the hotel industry might include extent of the expected as well as real economic development in UK




An in general development and growth of the technological infrastructure is actually related to the hospitality sector and this might have vast impact upon the hotels situated in the location.


As per the Schengen agreement intended for USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand visiting Schengen area in reality has been made possible without any visa, yet there is some time limit for about 90 days. But visitors coming due to this provision stay in the area for longer period and this creates a need for hotels and extra exclusive services.


Growing numbers of youthful consumers from budding economies such as China as well as India who visit UK for business and personal reasons also enforces development of hotel technologically and on digital basis.

Though above five years have actually passed since international financial as well as economic crisis which was in the year 2007 to 2009, nationwide economy within UK is yet facing a cluster of major challenges plus a danger of some other economic catastrophe might not be far away.

Additionally, hotel bookings also have become extra sophisticated as compared to what it was before. Development of various online services and also several catering services and booking through internet has affected this industry vastly.

Government at times charges very huge tax from hotels from luxury category and therefore this has vast impact on political alterations that occur. 

regulations are inevitably increasing the levels of operational costs for the company



Source: (Bishop, 1998)






This hotel can attain great potential within the emerging markets through applying several novel techniques in management of its resources.



Innovation within customer services can be made through making customers’ serve themselves without anyone’s  help



Better interiors can be done through renovations and this can be promoted through several digital media


This hotel always has a fear of entry of many international brands with strong hold on digital marketing and social media marketing



Increasing plethora of several channels also has made it very complex for the hotel to optimize its marketing mixes.



The firm thinks only on ‘Channels’ whereas  there are several other sources of digital marketing

Tune hotel

With an aim to gain competitive market as well as become the market leader within the industry, Tune hotel could try to attract extra customers through improving their real marketing strategy and indulging some digital marketing plans in their tactics effectively towards gaining customer’s satisfaction as well as their support plus buzz marketing as well.

Heavy Competition amongst the competitors is the biggest fear for the tune hotel towards sustaining in market in future.



Outsourcing is even being done through digital sources by several firms in the sector and Tune hotel has not yet adopted this trend

Grand Hyatt

Till date there is not big competitor for this hotel as it is a five star hotel yet the hotel must try to enhance more and more so that it become capable of forever maintaining its position in the market


Building of long run relations with the suppliers and marketers the hotel can attain better benefits


The revisiting and loyal guests could be sent personalized mails and e-letters through which they can be given special offers and good deals

 Substitutes can be brought in greatly penetrated in the market through digital marketing. These substitutes can be comparable services as well as standards like resorts, lodges and many more offering lower rates

It already is an expensive brand and expanding more on digital services and marketing can increase the ultimate cost for the hotel, rivals can take a chance of such an action



This hotel can try to offer a variety of distinguishing and many dedicated services to high end visitors as well as high rollers like

• Wedding hosting plus planning

• Personalized cards

• Personal event managers

• The hotel can even try to expand to cruise ship which is something more than merely a hotel and this would float on a river. This type of hotel can be easily promoted via emails and social sites

The personalization of people’s choice  and enhanced demand of  unique experiences may drive the a trend to an independent hotel, therefore bringing in a threat for hotel chains like Hilton


Sending mails and personalized messages to the customers for enhancing digitization of the hotel can cost high for the hotel

Park Central

Developing contacts with online travel agents can have advantage for the hotel towards retaining entrepreneurial mindset of hotel, attached with less overhead costs.


Through digital marketing new possibilities intended for hotel can be developed to forge deeper touching bond as well as loyalty with guests.

Some trusted brands can be bigger threats even if Park employs any strategy be it digital or anything else




Source: (Carvell, 1996), (Wind and Mahajan, 2001) 

Strategic Analysis 

Marriott Hotel:

Target marketing



Branding and positioning



Digital Marketing Communications

The hotel caters to demographic sets of executive and very matured customers


The hotel has been serving several nations based on geographic segment like USA, Argentina, Netherland, Thailand and many more


The firm also tries to maintain relation with customers who are loyal visitors on the behavioral basis of segmentation



Marriott hotels plus resorts


JW Marriott hotels and resorts


Renaissance hotels


TownePlace suites


Vacation clubs

Marriott International actually is well known like a large situate to work as well as for its promise towards diversity, communal responsibility as well as society engagement.



It has constantly been named as Fortune’s lists of majority admired firms, and also best places to stay.



Marriott also has been built very highly regarded ethnicity that also emphasizes on importance of hotel’s people plus recognizes value that they bring to firm. 

Marriott’s viewpoint identifies customer’s expectations on the basis of service quality, though theme is money value intended for accommodation.


Marriott actually has very extensive as well as clarifying site on internet.


The site carries all the data and information about types of rooms, accommodations, rates and many more



Buyers here can purchase through internet as well as travel agencies, intended for purpose of assisting meetings, conferences, plus other business stays. Therefore, buyers purchase while via business week. 

Source: (Gilbert and Kapur, 1990), (Taylor, 1997)

Tune Hotel:

Target marketing



Branding and positioning



Digital Marketing Communications

The hotels targets security-aware female voyagers with proper assurance of a reception which is staffed with 24*7 services and an also electronically locked and safe entrance.



This hotel supplies services that are orientated to idea of no frill.



All time available help desk specialized for girls



Electronically locked main gates and entrances


This hotel has been spreading itself as a safe and secured place for people to stay and specially safe for ladies who are frequent travelers


This hotel is considered as market leader when it comes to no-frills budget hotel



Tune Hotel has privilege to supply low cost along with welcoming service standard as well as known among every budget traveler.

This Hotel runs promotion via advertisement within Air Asia Airline website, and newsletter, as well as newspapers,




Tune Hotels’ marketing is also concentrated upon the sites of social media like Face book plus Twitter.



Hotel’s official website as well as social networking marketing also is used by the hotel.


An ongoing taxi promotion push and media planning as well as buying for campaign.

Source: (Miller, 2012), (SIGUAW and ENZ, 1999)

Grand Hyatt

Target marketing



Branding and positioning



Digital Marketing Communications

Grand Hyatt is totally focused upon targeting distinct consumer segments which each of its brands serves as well as support needs of hotels through thorough analysis plus application of information and analytics.

Hyatt Fast Board


Hyatt E-Concierge



Signature Breakfast Menu 



Hyatt Express Check-in booth



Hyatt Wi-Fi everywhere



Hyatt 24/7 Gym


Hyatt Grand Bed

Hyatt’s Sales throughout the globe and all its marketing teams struggle to build the brand preference plus also drive profits to its hotels.


The sales plus marketing strategies also are rooted within a complete understanding of the customer segments



Higher-priced hotels in the major cities as well as destinations for holidays


Luxury hotels with premium pricing

Electronic channels for distribution are the main contributors to the Hyatt's reservations. 



The hotel continually works to properly optimize marketing effectiveness and the brand experience as well as booking efficiency for the website for ultimately assisting online purchase procedure and driving the revenue. 





Source: (Muller, 1989), (Sandler, 1997)


Target marketing



Branding and positioning



Digital Marketing Communications

Business persons



Families who move for vacations







Hotels plus Resorts 




Apartment hotels 




Spa and saloons


Smaller shops


Laundry services



It does not matters if the client is budget-worried or a business traveler otherwise a family coming for vacation all can find facility towards meeting their personage needs in the Hilton.


Hilton’s full-service skillfully serves the business as well as leisure guests similarly by supplying state-of -art gathering facilities, good-appointed lodging, fine cuisine plus an in general higher benchmark of service.


Hilton merely offers a five star plus four star rooms thus is capable of charging its customers a very premium price because beyond core product, the hotel also ‘sells’ cluster of indefinable benefits like a feeling of achievement, luxury and high status.

Hilton enjoys very dedicated promotional group.




Advertising plus promotions of the Hilton is completed majorly via internet.





Public relations plus publicity also has been provided a vital role to make sure that promotion mix is properly realized.

The firm’s digital marketing is facilitated via broadcast advertisements within much selected channels on television.

Source: (O'Connor, 2008), (Ryan and Jones, 2009) 

Park Central

Target marketing



Branding and positioning



Digital Marketing Communications

Based on demographic segmentation hotel has targeted youths and professionals



The hotel chiefly targets visitors who come for relaxation and spending holidays.



The hotel features some interactive actions like internet facilities for customers



Even organizes some events for specialized guests



High quality restaurants and best quality foods



The hotel is positioning itself as extra family oriented and business oriented hotel with great spirit of family as well as fun for children.



Parks and spa services and regional restaurants also attract many food lovers and couples as well.




The hotel is a luxury brand and charges higher price from its customers.



Taxes and charges and VATs are high in the hotel

The hotel has its chain all over the globe and all its functions are decentralized.



It works as per the culture and social acceptance of the nation where it operates

Advertising by this hotel includes TV commercials, and movies as well as celebrity endorsements.



Other marketing features fall into the association of the promotion programs along with the partners of travel industry, airline firms, banks and many other big business who can supply appropriate customers to the hotel

Source: (, 2015), (Renaghan, 1981)


Several theories till date have been brought in to describe what actually online marketing means and also that how the hospitality sector is being affected through development and growth of digital marketing plans and strategies throughout the market. Though all the literatures available cover a varied range of theories, this study has focused upon evaluating role as well as effectiveness of digital marketing within the hospitality industry establishing all the utilizations of online marketing techniques and tools through which both managers as well as hospitality guests are benefited.



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